Vampire's Bride

5:00 PM

It was a gloomy day in England. Their prized celebrity Ian Kabra had just been killed in a car wreck. His fan girls weeped at the sight of him in his coffin, all the way to after the funeral. However, one girl who was at the funeral did not cry. Okay, maybe she let out a few tears now and then, but she wasn't going to bawl like the other girls did. She knew better.

Amy approached Ian's grave as soon as everybody left and, when no one was looking, left a beautiful red rose on his grave.

"I guess we're even now, Ian," she whispered to the tombstone, "Good luck in heaven." With that, she left and did not look back.

11:56 PM

A glooming, white figure stepped out of a tomb and walked through the cemetary. Nothing about him particularly showed, except for his vampire fangs. He stops in front of Ian's grave and notices the rose. Knowing who it was from and knowing the receiver would want to see this for himself, the vampire set the rose aside and started to dig. At 11:59 PM, he completed digging out the grave and opened the coffin. Then, he waited. At exactly 12:00 PM, midnight, the seemingly dead Ian Kabra's eyes opened. He stretched and cautiously stepped out of the coffin. He yawned as the vampire said,

"Morning, sleeping beauty." Ian smiled with his glittering white vampire fangs and both walked out of the grave.

"I'm assuming you slept as well as I did, Aldon. I've never felt better in my life." Aldon smiled, picked up the rose, and remarked, "Welcome to your afterlife." And he showed Ian the rose. Ian cautiously took the rose, careful not to touch the thorns. Ian took a good long look at it as Aldon said,

"Just try and guess who you think it's from." Ian looked from the rose to his friend. Aldon smiled knowingly and Ian caught on. "Amy?" he asked. Aldon nodded and Ian grinned evilly. So, he pocketed the rose and grew out his bat wings. This is a new thing for vampires. Instead of turning into an actual bat, all you need to do is grow the wings themselves out from your back and you're on your way. Ian looked at the rose one more time, and then said to himself,

"I think it's time for Amy to officially become...mine." Aldon, who had grown his wings, had heard Ian and grinned. Ian grinned back, and both flew to Ian's next accomplishment...his vampire bride.