Suzuka Asahina sat, her eyes closed, in a pool of sunlight, relaxing. It had been a long day, as Fuka had been troublesome, making lots of noise and throwing things. She had also helped to clean the bath, and had made a mental note to apologize to Yamato for teasing him about how long it took him to clean it, when they were younger. She smiled, remembering that it was the baths which had brought them together at the first, when she had stayed too long in the sauna, and passed out. Yamato, even though he'd only known her for a few hours, and hadn't been well treated by her, broke down the door to save her. Suzuka giggled slightly as she thought of how angry Ayano had been afterwards, as soon as she had been out of danger. Yamato had been working that one off for a long time. As she thought back, she remembered the many times he'd done things for her, how he'd made so many mistakes, but through it all, he had struggled to be with her. How, after finding out that he had made her pregnant, he'd discarded his former life, throwing it all away for her. To be fair, she had, too, but she'd had to, once they'd decided to keep the baby. Yamato, however, hadn't been required to take responsibility, many boys left pregnant girls in their wake, but he hadn't. He'd cared for her the entire time, forgetting everything he'd set his eyes on, for her. It made her sad sometimes, that Yamato hadn't even gone to college, and neither had she. That the two of them had become parents before they were fully-fledged adults. But then she thought of how much Yamato had done for her, and how much she loved him, and those regrets flew away. Suddenly, a pair of hands came down on her shoulders, and Yamato hugged her neck, kissing her temple gently.

"What're you doing, Suzuka?" Suzuka shivered, blushing slightly. Yamato was still awkward in public, but he'd become much more assertive when they were alone. It wasn't a bad thing, she rather liked it, but often-times, it startled her. She was so used to dealing with the awkward Yamato, she barely knew how do deal with this one. They were exact opposites, she mused. He grew more suave in private, and she grew shyer. He grew more awkward in public, and she became more bossy and bold.

"Maybe, maybe," she thought, "Maybe opposites really do attract."

"Well?" Yamato was still waiting.

"Oh, nothing," she said. "I was just thinking."

"About what?" Yamato was unstoppable.

"About how you've changed my life, in both bad ways and good. Yamato?"

"Yes, Suzuka?"

"I love you." Yamato's smile widened into a full grin.

"I love you too, Suzuka. Always have."