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Haigha frowns as he is thinking, his hands busy with a knife. He nods and states, with clear exasperation, "I suspect that during that time, I will be enduring another lesson. So with that in mind, I need to head to my rooms to freshen up." He bows to them both and walks away, grabbing his sword as he grabs past, checking the blade absentmindedly.

Alice watches him and then looks up at her fiancé. "Hatter, what is it?"

Looking down at her and kissing the top of her head again, he tells her, "He is not all that I thought he was. I think both of us has learned something this time."

Smiling, Alice replies, "And if you don't learn something, then life is not being lived. C'mon Hatter, we need to start my lesson, and let our Companions in our secret. Then we both need to 'freshen up' before the meeting."

He nods and they move off to the horses, looking forward to having them help them see how far Alice's revelation actually goes. It may make the all the difference in whatever is coming.


In Wonderland, the morning sun appears, spreading its light over the landscape of Cassia. The light is looking forward to seeing the Mates of the King and Queen of Legend, hoping today is better than the days before. With this, the light leaps from hills and treetops with a glee that has been missing in the land for thousands of years.

When the light bounces into the room of the King and Queen, it plays on the bed of the two lovers, hoping to see them awake before it needs to go to the next destination.

Hatter slowly wakes up, his body wrapped around Alice's. He pulls himself up on the bed, then pulls his love closer, her head resting on his chest as he gazes lovingly on her. His mind turns back to the night before and the rest of the shocks after the equestrian lessons and the revelation that Alice's Talent had unveiled has both made his life easier and harder.

It will make it easier, because this revelation will be an ace in the hole for them, only known to their Companions, Chess, and Alice's Knight. Per the conversation with the Companions and Chess, since now that Chess is Alice's, his normal curiosity is even worse, they do trust Santi and Charlie, but those two are the two most vulnerable in their new government. So to try to keep them safe, they will not be aware. Haigha is being told only because of his position and what it means to be Alice's Knight.

However, it will make their lives harder now, because he has to keep secrets from his high council. It won't be hard, but it will be difficult to find the time for the group that knows to talk. Aneesa finally came up with Alice and Hatter will need to talk to Haigha more, since while he is Alice's Knight, he is also Hatter's if something comes up in that regard. He isn't just Alice's personal bodyguard and advisor. She offered the use of the paddocks since both the Companions can keep watch and let them all talk.

Returning to the here and now, Hatter strokes his Mate's back softly as he thinks of the other things, mostly of their new jobs; taking the time he had before the busy day starts for them. His mind is flowing from item to item, solving what he needs to, or pushing it aside as either needing to be discussed with Alice, or it is something for Alice to handle. Hatter is not insane to think he can rule their Kingdom without her. It is their Kingdom. Quite bluntly, he thinks Mirana is nuts doing it all herself. But then her Kingdom has been under her command for a lot longer. And he knows his Fa and Mum do help out.

And make no mistake, he knows he has a great group of people working under the two of them. By the time Alice and Hatter are down structuring their Kingdom, everything will move much smoother. But right now they have all the issues of being new to reigning that any new monarchy has, plus putting together the Kingdom they are going to rule. There is no one to fall back on, no advisors that have been under the previous rule to help. The closest they have is Charlie and he was a child at the time. Even then it was not the Kingdom it is now.

Hatter closes his eyes in amusement when he realizes that the only official room that has been used so far is the throne room and that was for Haigha's arrival. He has no idea where the council room is or even if they have one. It's all part of the information he is sorting through his head.

Alice slowly wakes up, enjoying the feel of Hatter's hands as he strokes her skin. If she could be, she would be purring with pure delight from the emotions coming from their Bond as well as having the joy of her Mate with her. She nuzzles him saying softly, "Good Morning."

Looking down, Hatter's face stretches in a loving smile after he bestows a kiss on her head. "Good Morning, luv." He pulls her up so he can gift her with a more intense kiss, loving the way their Bond allows them to bounce their love back and forth to each other.

The two of them snuggle, enjoying being themselves, not being any of their many roles. But as usual for them, a knock sounds on their doors. Hatter pulls up the blanket higher as he waits for the stone knights to announce who was at the door. His eyes close as he tries to not let his irritation with Haigha and Chess out. Couldn't they leave them alone for just a little longer?

Shaking her head at her Mate, Alice murmurs, "If it wasn't important, they wouldn't knock." She slides out of his arms and laughing, quickly walks to their bathroom, throwing out over her shoulder, "Grab me something to wear." She knows he will never let anyone in their rooms if he can allow it unless she was dressed. Giving how possessive he is, she knows that is one thing she will never have to worry about.

Hatter looks after her, his face showing his discontent on having her leave his arms. He sighs as the door closes, getting out of bed. He tells the knights, "Tell Haigha and Chess hold for a minute." He watches the Stone knight darken, passing the message. Moving over to the wardrobe, Hatter grabs clothing for the two of them and takes them to Alice.

Sitting on the chaise before her mirror, brushing her hair, Alice is smiling in the mirror. For once, there is no doom and gloom feelings. No need to hurry, besides the people needing them, but then she thinks that they will probably be awakened for awhile as the Kingdom and their people get used to them.

Her eyes meet Hatter's as he enters the room, their Bond reflecting the love the two of them have for each other as he hugs her from behind, then takes the brush from her and finishes brushing her hair. He quietly says, "Luv, I think tonight we should spend some time together. Even if we need to go to the oasis, but I would enjoy some peace and quiet." His hands are lovingly trailing after the brush.

Watching him, Alice quietly comments, "I too would like that. I'll let Chess know and he will pass the word. If we get into this habit now, it will only make it easier later."

Hatter smirks. "Oh I believe that will never be an issue, Alice." With that he reaches around and places the brush on the vanity in front of her, helping her stand so she can dress. The two tease each other as they dress, commenting lightly on different things. Finally Alice is seated on her bench putting her shoes on. Hatter comes up and bows before her, saying, "If Milady would favor me with her hand, I will gladly escort her to the waiting room for our guests to arrive."

Alice laughs as she gives him her hand, he bestowing a kiss upon it before helping her to stand, tucking her hand into his arms as he grins at her, his eyes twinkling at her. They both laugh and go towards their duties for the day.

Leaning against the wall, arms crossed, eyeing the stone knights in front of him, Haigha is semi-patiently waiting for Alice and Hatter. He was woken by Chess this morning with nothing more than a riddle about Crowns and Companions. Saying he is not amused is to be saying it lightly. But it made him feel somewhat better that they had woken the Monarchs' of the Kingdom also.

When the stone knights lighten, they tell them they can enter and the slight blur to their door is gone. Haigha moves off the wall and as he moves towards the door, it opens, allowing them both to enter.

Chess drifts over to Alice's shoulders and wraps himself around her. He purrs a "Good Morning" to his Alice and both Haigha and Hatter laugh at the Cheshire Cat as he blatantly and unabashedly acts like a normal cat. Alice just rubs his head and sits on the couch with Hatter sitting in the corner and she resting on him. Cheshire huffs and allows room for Hatter to hold his beloved to him and ends up wrapping around the two of them. His reward for doing this is Hatter rubbing his head.

Watching their body language tells the newly named White Knight that these two are completely at ease with each other. He nods to them both, sitting himself on the edge of the chair, leaning forward with his hands clasped in front of him. Waiting for whatever the reason was for the Cheshire Cat to have gathered them for this meeting. While in the back in his head, he acknowledged that most mornings would be starting in this way. The five people in this room are responsible for quite a bit in the new Kingdom.

Thinking as she pets her Cheshire, Alice asks, "Chess, I guess this is your answer to the need for a private meeting for us?" She is glad that Hatter picked up those loose pants for her again. It allows her much more comfort in being herself. She shakes her head as she realizes that the wardrobe probably came up with these, knowing her preferences. If she has her way, until Wonderland is done sending these alerts to them all, she will not be wearing a dress or heels. She ran all around Wonderland once like that, and if she can help it, she never wants to again. Swimming in the boots? Not fun!

Chess's head pops up from his lazy position on Hatter's shoulder, "I figure, luv, that we need to lay things out. But of you and Hatter's secret? That was told to him. What you need to talk about is Haigha's talent." He settles down with a pleased look to him. Chess loves nothing more than secrets. He is a Cheshire Cat! THE Cheshire Cat for that matter!

Hatter just raises an eyebrow, waiting for Haigha to tell them. His arm is wrapped around his Alice, holding her close, his other hand resting on the arm of the couch. He gives the impression of what he is, a man very much in control, but relaxed.

Haigha clears his throat, "Right. So my so called talent is quite worthless most of the time. But I guess you would call it I just know shit." Haigha has no way to explain it any better.

Alice laughs in shock. "Excuse me? You just know shit? How is that different from my whatever you want to call it?" Her eyebrow lifts as she waits for a response. The one thing she has understood is that Talents do not repeat. So how does his differ from hers?

Smiling at his Queen, he tries to explain. "Information just pops in my head, random stuff sometimes, relevant other times. It will tell me for instance; that the White Queen has extra buttered fingers in her pantry one minute, then tell me that Dodo is sitting in his office by himself stewing. There is no rhyme or reason, except when my life is in danger; it will give me the information to save it. I can't deny it hasn't been handy, even letting me know some information for the future, but it's not reliant. Not like yours has been. Your Talent figures out things from what I understand, all the facts are there, you may not know that, but you have something backing up the conclusions that you come to." He is frowning, trying to explain his talent is never easy. Plus he knows that the more that know about it, the more chances that others can get around it.

Cocking his head to the side, Hatter weaves this information in his head, commenting, "That is how you sometimes just happened to know when the Suits were going to appear somewhere." He nods as the oddities he had noticed in the past now make perfect sense to him; along with the information that this needs to never get out. If it is a secret, then Haigha can protect his Queen better.

Nodding his head, Haigha tells him, "Aye, at first I was careful about letting that information out, but later, I couldn't not do something that allowed me to save lives." His eyes meet Hatter's as he says this. The other nodding as they both flash back to how hard it was to try to keep everyone safe.

Hatter's left hand negligently pets Chess as he assimilates this new information. His mind is turning everything over and he frowns as he shuffles things around.

Alice just asks, "You understand what Chess told you earlier and why we want to keep it under wraps?" She can feel Hatter working through the Bond and will do what she needs to give him time. Her hand moved to his and their fingers automatically entwine.

Haigha settles back in his chair, agreeing, "It is a nice edge to have, and I am all for anything to keep you two safe. From what Chess is telling me, everyone is on edge, Wonderland is warning everyone as well as my knower telling me something is coming. But for now, I understand Alice needs to make a journey to the Red Kingdom?" His voice left no doubt that he knows how much of a chore this will be. And that he will be there for his Queen.

A growl sounds from Hatter at the reminder of the expedition. "Not only does Alice need to make a journey. Dodo needs to answer for his attack on the two of us, plus we need to get Owl and Duck out of there. Those two can stay here and be caretakers over the library here. Once Dodo is taken care of, then we will see what happens to the Great Library." What isn't said is that they don't know what the Great Library will do. The least is stay where it is, and if so, they will need to get people in it as soon as possible to get it back in working order. Or who knows, maybe the Library will do it itself?

"We also need to reopen the Looking Glass for all the people who wanted to come back. Tarrant told me that if we do that today, that Wonderland will make it as though there was no gap for those who want to come back. But I have to stay there since I do not trust Jack enough to leave the Stone of Wonderland there without supervision." Alice states. No way is she going to let the Stone out of her grasp. And not for the same reason as the prior Red Queen. No, she is worried how everyone, except she and Hatter, seem to lose their minds around it. She had already seen Jack get lost in the Stone when he had come for her in this Kingdom.

Haigha sits there, going through the options he can think of before he finally asks, "So how are we going to do this? We all want a piece of Dodo, and you have to let the Knave know you are going to going to take him out. But with Alice needing to be in the Looking Glass room for an undetermined amount of time, well someone will tip off Dodo that you are there, and the chicken he is, he will run." This is said as matter of fact, something that everyone there knew. And he also is voicing the issues that they have had because of this. Both Alice and Hatter want Dodo. But they have a duty to the new Wonderlanders that are coming.

Alice asks Chess, "Can you apparate him out of there?" It is an easy fix, but she is unsure of what abilities her Cheshire Cat has. Something tells her that he will not tell her all either. It didn't bother her, he was a cat at the most basic.

Still purring from the petting he is receiving from the two Bonded, he answers her, "Sorry, luv, the Great Library doesn't allow it." He closes his eyes, his head turning in impossible ways to get Hatter's fingers where he wishes, all the while, his grin is growing, and his tail is weaving around the three of them. It all defied the laws of nature, but when doesn't a Cheshire defy them?

The five sit there, trying to decide how to handle this, throwing odd suggestions out as they debated. Hatter's hands make fists as he works through his anger to be able to think. He really needs Dodo. He dared to not only attack him, but he almost caused the death of his Alice. For that, Dodo needs to answer for his crimes.

Feeling frustrated, Alice finally asks Chess, "Can you please get Santi and Charlie. If we are going to do this, I take it we are going to have to do this as King and Queen of the Kingdom, not as Alice and Hatter." She can think of nothing, and more heads may help. She is not really thinking of how she said it.

Haigha couldn't handle the laugh that bubble out of him. He looks over at Hatter and asks him, "You mean she doesn't know?" He grins as he can't believe this woman in front of him doesn't understand one of the basic tenants of Wonderland.

Sighing, Hatter stops petting Chess and rubs his face. "It's hard to explain to her. She may be a Wonderlander, but she doesn't know things. There hasn't been time to sit with her." Time he knows that they need to take, but not tonight. Tonight is for them and they will need it after dealing with the clusterfuck that is the Red Kingdom these days.

Looking back and forth between the two similar men, Alice finally asks, "Ok, what am I doing wrong now?" A slight sound of exasperation is heard in her voice. There are times when you just get tired of being wrong all the time. The time that she wasn't couldn't come fast enough in her estimation.

Haigha shakes his head. He leans forward, trying to explain it to his Queen. "Not what you are doing wrong, Alice. It is how you are thinking. There is nothing different from acting as Alice and Hatter and acting as your Royal Majesties. You are your royal selves at all times. Miranda never has a time she isn't the Queen of Wonderland. It's the Land Bond. The Kingdom and Wonderland are connected to you at all times, so at all times you are the King and Queen." He hopes this makes sense to her. And he can understand Hatter and how hard it is to know your Mate is a Wonderlander and have no knowledge that the rest of them just seem to have.

Staring at Haigha, Alice finally says, "I don't get it, there is no off time?" No time for Hatter and her to be just themselves?

Looking over at Haigha, Hatter mutters at him, "See?" He rubs his face again and tries to explain to her, "Alice, it not be that there is an off time, there is no on time either?" It just is. They are the monarchy and the monarchy is them.

Chess humphs, telling the two men, "Hopeless. Thankfully this is why there are Cheshire cats for Alices. Alice, it is not like a job, you are the Queen. If there is no you as a separate being, there is no Queen persona. Simple, but so complicated. Neither Wonderland nor the Kingdom wishes you to have a persona for the Throne room and one outside it. You are the Queen no matter when or where you are." He just hangs in front of her, waiting for her to understand. The problem with the two men is that they instinctively know this. But Alice has been taught differently, and that is why he is here to explain it in ways that she can understand. He has no idea how it actually works, its just part of the magic of Wonderland and Cheshire Cats.

Shaking her head, Alice is just shocked. "So when I was in the Red Kingdom and confronted Jack-" Her hands cover her mouth as she realized that she could have caused a huge problem…

Hatter answers, "You did it as Alice and the Queen. Technically, you outrank him now, and then also. And since Mirana has declared that we rule Wonderland with her, you will always outrank him." He rubs her shoulders, sending calm in the Bond. It did not matter; Hatter supported her then, and will always support his Mate. Even if it sends them into war.

Haigha holds out a hand, "Wait a second; Mirana is sharing the ruler ship of Wonderland with you two?" His eyes wide and his head is cocked. How could this be missed in all the updating and lessons he is going through. It is a major point!

Nodding his head, Hatter told him, "She made the announcement when it was recognized officially who we were." He is relaxing as Alice relaxes. He continues to send her adoration and calm.

Haigha jumps up out of the chair and starts pacing, his hand running through his hair as he mutters to himself. He stops spins and states, "Then why haven't we left for the Red Kingdom?"

The three of them stare at him. Hatter asks, "Come again?" as his head cocks to the side, his face questioning.

Haigha advises him, "If you share ruler ship, then, we grab Dodo first. You don't have to say anything to the Knave. And if there is a problem with apprehending him, then Alice and I will head to the Looking Glass to open it as you head the search." It seems so simple.

Hatter stares at him, then asks, "Why you with Alice instead of me? You make more sense to head that part, if he hides, who better than the one that was head of security for the Resistance to find him?" It only makes sense for them to split that way if they need to split.

Haigha bluntly asks, "You would trust me that far?"

Chess just laughs. "You question if he trusts you to apprehend Dodo, not that for you to guard his life?" He just hangs upside down, the humor plain in his face as his grin stretches wider than any being should.

Hatter shakes his head, frustrated and grinds out, "Chess, you're not helping. Haigha, though he is right, it is not for how he stated it. You see, after yesterday, I do trust that you will guard Alice. You have gained some of my respect for how you have acted since we have become reacquainted. But for me to let you lead the search for Dodo? That is a no brainer." This is one of those times he wishes he could silence the Cat.

At his shocked look, Alice tells Haigha, "You are my Knight. Hatter knows he has to trust you, and needs to let everyone know that you are trusted with the one thing most important to him, me. But like he said, you of all people would know any place to hide if we cannot find him right away. Afterward the Looking Glass has been taken care of, we will rejoin you." She smiles as she feels as though she might actually be getting the hang of all this.

Hatter nods. He comments to himself, "If I could, I would have us take care of the Looking Glass then Dodo, that way I can announce to others who you are to us. Since you will be Alice's right hand man, just as Santi is mine." He is already planning what needs to be done and by whom. With any luck, Dodo will be in their hands by nightfall. And the man sitting across from him is the one who can make this happen. One less threat to his Kingdom.

Chess supplies the missing clue to the bewildered Knight, "But unlike Santi, as the White Knight, you will always be privy to more than he is. You have to be, to make sure the Queen is always safe."

Alice gasps as the pieces fall into place, and she looks up to Haigha, as she slowly smiles. "Just like us, you have always been meant to be the White Knight." She is openly grins as she goes over the information that her gift just presented her.

Wonderland's pride pushes on all of them, letting them know that they have another piece of the puzzle.

Hatter looks up into the air as he just asks, "Can somebody just bloody tell us these things. I really wouldn't mind." He holds his Mate close to him as he kisses her neck as he tells her, "Great job, my luv."

Laughing at his expression, Haigha comments, "Hatter, you know Wonderland won't ever just tell us anything, it don't work that way."

Alice then smirks as she slyly clarifies, "Are you so sure of that Haigha?"

He stops laughing as his knower goes off, "No, no, no, no." He is stumbling back into the wall as he realizes what Alice is saying.

Hatter then laughs in delight. "It's true! You are supposed to be our White Knight, like we are supposed to the King and Queen. And just like Alice's talents are perfectly suited as the Queen of Knights, your talent is perfect as the White Knight. Oh Boy what a merry quintet we make." He feels the mirth from his Mate and figures it is the word he uses.

Haigha is pointing at him, his mouth not working at first, then he asks, "What about Chess or you?"

Still chuckling from everything, Hatter tells him, "I was raised to rule here. My talents are for swordsmanship. But I can use the same talents that had been trained in me for a century to allow me to rule here. Chess, well he is the Cheshire Cat, in charge of the rest, in addition to being my alice's Cheshire Cat. His talents are to be whatever Alice needs as well as his natural talents that make him to be the one in charge of letting Cheshire Cats into Wonderland. Basically he is tied to Wonderland and Alice in ways that none of us will understand." And can protect her in ways none will be able to estimate. That was what is more important to him. Anything to protect his mate.

Chess just chuckles. "Actually I am tied to you too, David. Because of the Bond you and Alice share, as well as the Bond to Wonderland. But make no mistake. I am Alice's first and foremost, even above Wonderland." He rubs his head on Alice, marking her as cats do.

Haigha just looks at Alice's face as she just stares at the Cat and tells her sympathetically, "I know it must suck, but think of it this way, Alice. With so many claiming you, loving you, you will never be lonely. And as much as I may complain and make smart aleck comments, when Hatter was there at the Resistance, I never felt bored or lonely. Now is even better, with both of you and a wily ex-Knight and the rest of this group of people. And being bored or lonely that is a very real problem here in Wonderland, why so many decide that it is time for the final Sleep. Now, there is no way I will give up the tutoring until I literally fall asleep on the table, the training sessions or any of it. Because this literally gives my life meaning. I am part of something, and I have a big feeling that life will never be boring with an Alice in it, as a friend." He smiles at the woman in front of him. This is why he pledged to her, the feeling he had as well as his knower telling him to at the time.

Hatter chuckles, "Believe me Haigha, life is never boring with me Alice. But it makes you appreciate those quiet moments so much more. Makes life worth so much more." Then he gives Haigha an appraising look as he then states, "I think, in time, we may be friends. In the past I had to hide too much of me to be able to make friends. In fact, I needed to push away everyone so no one would ever guess who I really am." He smiles at the Knight.

Sighing, Haigha looks out the windows before he tells them, "I too hid who I was from everyone. Not for the same reason that you did, nothing so dramatic. Just a general sense of not belonging. And as you know yourself, Hatter, that you learn not to trust anyone. Teas can make anyone talk. Well almost anyone, I heard that the Doctors had you and you didn't talk." He gives a look at the King.

Shuddering, Alice is grateful for Hatter's reassurances and for his arm to pull her into his body. She never can think of that time without feeling those emotions from that time. The actual feel of everything slipping from her, the belief that Hatter was gone.

Kissing the top of Alice's head, Hatter frankly told him, "Ya didn't have the training I did in case it ever happened. That training allowed me to keep it together since I needed to keep an eye out for a way to escape." He holds Alice to him, trying to erase the echo of the feelings from her.

Haigha and Hatter's eyes meet, and they both nod after a look at Alice. Haigha understood and will keep with Hatter the secret that he had suffered more so he could save Alice.

Chess sighs, unwraps himself from Alice from when she had shuddered and he gave his own reassurance to her. He asks them, "Do we need to go now, or how do you want to do this?"

The four start to discuss how they were going to capture Dodo and introduce the rest of Wonderland to the new White Knight. It is time for Wonderland to realize the Kingdom of the Knights is becoming a viable and powerful force in the Kingdoms.

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