It's about time!

With no interruptions, we finally kissed! It felt like the kiss someone would wait their whole life for, or a kiss you only see in movies. All i know right now is that it felt amazing.

His lips were slowly moving over mine and Eli placed his hands on my waist while mine were resting on his chest. I slowly moved my hands up his toned chest and up into his lusious dark chocolate hair and he pulled me closer. This was the perfect moment...

Stupid lungs, I need air.

I broke the kiss, inhaled loudly, and looked into his eyes. Damn those things, I always get lost in them.

Some common sense came over me after what seemed like hours of staring in Eli's eyes, taking this all in. I was light headed and I noticed the position we were in. It felt...right.

"S-so... where do we stand now?" I asked completely out of breath.

He smirked. "Hmmm," then he looked around. "by a waterfall?"

I rolled my eyes. "Seriously Eli. Am I your...girlfriend?" I asked

"Well I don't know..." He said leaning in to kiss me again.(1)

This time his warm tongue grazed over my bottom lip. I have no experience what so ever in kissing so I let my instincts just take over and I parted my lips and his tongue hungrily pushed past them.

I melted when he explored my mouth and played with my tongue.

Sadly, he broke the kiss this time and said, "What time do you have to be home?"

Dang it. my parents would be worried sick- Wait they decided to leave me looking dumb at home by myself for the rest of the week. "Who cares my parents aren't home anyway."

"Okay perfect, let me take you somewhere else." Without a reply, Eli pulled me through the woods back to Morty.

"Eli," I said sitting in Morty.

"Yes Cl-aa-re?" He practically sang stretching my name.

"You never answered my question."

"... What question?"

Wow. I mentally rolled my eyes. "Am I your girlfriend?"

"Do you wanna be?"

"Umm.. well, kinda..." YES! SAY YES! "Yeah."

"Okay then, is that a suitable answer, girlfriend?"

I blushed and he smirked.

"Yes, boyfriend."

"Well sinc-" His phone vibrated he pulled it out. "Here it's Adam, answer it please I'm driving."


"Clare? oh wow that explains it. You guys ditched and left me at school. Wonderful." Adam said sarcastically.


"Well now you HAVE to make it up to me. I'll think of something later but I kinda need Eli's help right now. Tell him to come to the Dot ASAP!"

With that Adam hung up the phone.

I faced Eli and said "Adam wants you to meet him at the Dot ASAP."

Eli rolled his eyes and made a U-turn.

"This better be good," He mumbled.

When we got to the Dot, we spotted Adam sitting at a table in a nearby corner.

"It's about time!" He impatiently said.

Eli rolled his beautiful green eyes. "Well, we're here now so what would you like?" He replied sounding irritated.

"Geez, I need help...girl advice..." The two boys' eyes wandered over to me.

"What?" I asked.

"I'm thirsty, here." Adam handed me a five dollar bill.

"Well Mr. Rude-ness if you want me to leave just say so." I said snatching the money.

"Root beer pleeeease?" Adam sing-songed and batted his eyelashes.

I rolled my eyes. "What about you Eli?"

He just shook his head and flashed me a smirk to die for.

I walked away from the table and ordered Adams root beer. While the waiter was getting it, I glanced back over to our table and noticed Adam blushing, and looking at something, or shall I say someone whose name is Fiona Coyne. She was sitting on the opposite side of the restaurant doing something on her laptop.

All of a sudden I remembered that embarrassing crush on her twin Declan...But after all that died down we hung out a few times and she turns out to be a really cool, down to Earth person. Not some arrogant rich kid like most people think.

Awe! Adam likes Fiona!

Well this Longer than any of my chapters... I tried... Sorry for taking forever... I don't like this chapter all like that so let me know what you think !

(1) You see how I did that ? Lol.