A/N: This idea has been in my head since, well, the season 1 finale and I had to get it down before I lost and/or it drove me crazy. Also, I wanted to get the beginning of this story written before the season 2 premier because if I waited until after the 21st, I would have a harder time writing what came before if it was not already written. Make sense? Good. :D

It's a Metaphor, right?

Rachel thinks about the past year, specifically the egging incident. She comes to the conclusion that it was not an act of hate or a funk-ified prank, but a metaphor. And metaphors are important. Rachel-centric/Finn/Jesse/Shelby

Rachel lay back with a sigh on her pillows that she propped up against the headboard of her full-size bed. The hot, July nights made doing anything in her house nearly unbearable as her fathers only turned on the A/C once in awhile. She reached over to her iPod dock at the side of her bed and selected some show tunes to blast in her room. Satisfied with her choice of Defying Gravity as the first song to play, she sat back against her pillows. Closing her eyes, she reflected on her loneliness. She needed to find someone to spend time with for the rest of the summer. A few weeks into summer vacation and Rachel Berry was already looking forward for the school year to start. She had thought with Finn's declaration of love at Regional's and her new-found closeness with the others in Glee, she would constantly be busy hanging out with all of them during the summer. As it turns out, she has been spending her days alone. Of course, she keeps busy with her dance and acting classes as well as vocal practices, not to mention her weekly MySpace schedule, but as soon as she comes home or completes her weekly video, she is alone again.

For the first few days after school had ended, Rachel figured that everyone was catching up on those much-needed hours of sleep as she was doing that same thing too. Waking up extra early to go through her morning exercise ritual before getting ready for school really takes its toll after so many days. Rachel relished in the extra hours of shut-eye before starting her exercise routine for the summer. At times she would sit on her bed like she is doing currently, her cell phone by her side, waiting, hoping that it will beep with an incoming text or even a call. No such luck. Not one person from glee has contacted her. When she reached out to them, no one responded, not even Finn. Rachel had thought that they would be able to start the summer off as boyfriend and girlfriend and then go into junior year as a new, better than ever, couple. It seems as though meeting for glee club after school was the glue that kept her tied to all of the members.

She sighs. What is wrong with her? Why doesn't Finn, of all people, want to be with her this summer? She knows for a fact that the football camp he and Noah are attending does not start for another week. He is still in Lima completely available to hang out. He is avoiding her. If only she knew why. After giving her lip for going out with Jesse and claiming that he will be a better boyfriend who will be there for her, he's not being very consistent. Fooled by Finn not once, but a few times to help him out, Rachel thinks she deserves at least a response to her messages. He was the one who said 'I love you' to her before they performed at Regional's. Does his lack of response mean he takes it back? Is he upset that she couldn't say it too?

"Of course not!" Rachel found herself saying aloud, shaking her head defiantly, "he loves me. When you love someone, you don't have to spend every minute with each other. He must love me if he forgave me for the Run Joey Run video. I have to cut him some slack too if this is going to work. "

Still, Finn was the only one really making a big deal out of the video. Puck got over his initial shock of being triple cast quickly as he realized what she had done was not nearly as risqué as the things he has done in the past. Even Jesse, her boyfriend at the time, forgave her before Finn did. He eventually came to the conclusion that the video was all about expanding her skills. As an actress, she must be able to take on many different roles and work with people that may or may not get along. He understands because he has similar goals. He just… gets her.

"Jesse and I were going so well!" Rachel exclaims aloud after mulling over her thoughts of the boys in her life, "We both have a passion for singing and performing and of course, we both tend to be over-dramatic. He helped me find my mother even if she left me again. After all of the good times we had, all of the sentiments that we shared, why did he have crack an egg on my head?"

Rachel began to run through the memory of being in the McKinley High parking lot. Since the incident, she has played it over and over in her head, trying, and failing, to comprehend Jesse's motives for what he did. She thinks it over again.

"What could he have possibly meant?" Rachel asks herself to the emptiness of her room where only her plush beanie babies that were scattered in various places among her furniture and her stuffed bear sitting at the foot of her bed that she received from Jesse a few months ago, can hear her.

"Do it. Break it like you broke my heart," Rachel said defiantly, willing her eyes to stay open and not let her tears be released.

Jesse raised his hand up slowly, painfully, allowing Rachel to watch his every move. He placed his egg-filled hand up to her forehead and pressed it gently against her flesh, but hard enough to break the shell. The deed was done. Jesse's eyes flashed down from the broken egg to her eyes, so round and innocent. He looked deep within them, willing her to understand.

"I loved you," Jesse said dramatically as the yolk dripped down Rachel's face.

He stared at her a few seconds longer before turning on his heel and following the rest of Vocal Adrenaline to their cars. As he placed his hand on the handle to the front door of his car, Jesse turned his head again to look at Rachel. Standing in the middle of broken eggshells and the insides of the eggs, she looked so broken and defeated. He saw her lift her head ever so slightly to catch her tear-filled eyes with his. He needed to show her what she meant to him, but he couldn't just shout it out for the rest of his team to hear.

Jesse decided to do the one thing he knew would allow Rachel to understand... eventually. He distorted his face into the biggest, cheesiest, most sparkling, show face he ever let grace his gorgeous features. It was the fakest smile he ever put on, but he knew Rachel would eventually figure it out. She just… gets him.

That smile… his smile… that bright, show face smile. How could she have missed that? Sure, when Jesse is on stage he smiles so optimistically that it can cure cancer, but that day in the parking lot his show face was not the same. It wasn't optimistic at all. Looking back at her memory at what feels like the millionth time, Rachel thinks she's an idiot.

"How could I have not realized it before? It is so obvious now!" Rachel exclaims throwing her hands in the air before letting them drop down to her sides dramatically.

"The increased force of his show face, the way his eyes focused solely on mine when he looked back at me that last time, the hesitation when he… he cracked the egg – gently! He broke it gently! – on my forehead and told me he loved me. He hesitated…" Rachel trails her voice off into the hot air of her room letting it hang still among her possessions.

"It was not meant to be an act of revenge because I'm a vegan. No!" Rachel suddenly says to herself defiantly shaking her head, "That is just the literal interpretation to fool the others in Vocal Adrenaline so they would think he is still with them. What he was really saying was that—"


It's her dad's voice. Rachel stops herself mid-thought to listen, but not before grimacing at her revelation being cut off.

"Daddy just finished taking our dinner off the grill, come downstairs so we can eat! It smells delicious and you know how much I love Daddy's barbeque cooking," she hears her dad chuckle as the door opens and he steps outside on to the patio deck.

"Okay, Dad, I'll be right down!" Rachel shouts, looking toward her door as if that was the direction where he was standing.

During each bite of her veggie burger and baked fries, Rachel continues to mull over her contemplations about Jesse and his egg. Was it just a prank out of spite to dig her deeper into a funk? Or did he truly, honestly care for her and was forced to put on that show face for his Vocal Adrenaline peers? Rachel is still not sure. Her revelation when she was upstairs in her room is still floating around in her mind, confusing the hell out of her. She needs to talk to Jesse. She must. Tonight.

"Dad, Daddy?" Rachel asks her fathers sitting across from her at the table.

"Yes, sweetheart," Her Daddy answers as both he and her dad put their forks down to give their daughter undivided attention.

"You know how I was going out with Jesse from Vocal Adrenaline, right?" Rachel starts and they nod. She had not told her fathers that it was Jesse who had egged her in the parking lot. When she had arrived home that day covered in egg remains, her fathers were still at work so they never had to see the damage in person. When they got home, Rachel was already showered and had changed into clean clothes. Just as she was about to tell them about the incident, she chickened out. Her fathers were very protective of their only daughter and she wanted to spare them the agonizing worry over spilled eggs that she was ultimately able to take care of herself.

"Well, you know that I'm no longer together with him anymore, but I was hoping that I could go over to his house tonight. We didn't exactly end on the highest note and I wanted to go over to talk to him and make things right. Can I go, please? I promise I will be very diligent about the time and be home before it gets too late. And if I know that I won't be back by midnight, I'll call you so you don't have to worry." She explains rationally so that her fathers can see her perspective without knowing too much of her real reasoning for talking to Jesse.

Both men look at each other with an inquisitive gaze before nodding at the other. They knew and trusted their daughter to make the right decisions and how can they say know when she had the whole thing planned out and organized, as per usual? It is Rachel's daddy who answers as dad nods in agreement.

"Sure thing, honey, We know how uncomfortable it can be to leave a relationship on bad terms. Take all the time you need, but call us by 9:30 so we don't have to worry about where you are, what you're doing, and we will know when you'll be home, alright?"

Rachel sends them a warm smile, "Thanks dad, daddy. I promise I won't be late. I just really need to talk to him." Finishing her sentence, Rachel returns to finishing her meal before clearing her plate and heading to her room to grab her bag and car keys. As she descends the stairs and then gets into her car and starts the engine, Rachel can't help but stop and think about what she is about to do.

"Jesse, if the egg incident before regional's is not the metaphor that I discovered, you are truly a soulless automaton. Metaphors are far too important to be taken lightly," Rachel says to herself as she pulls out of the garage and into the street, ready to face what has been consuming her thoughts all night.


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