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Title: Summer Vacation Disaster.

Summary: It's summer vacation, so Koori went back home. At home, when he entered his room he saw a maroon pentagon box which had three crystal buttons. Somehow by accident he pushed one of the buttons and it sent him and his mom, Zero to another dimension. However when he got there, his mom was nowhere with him.

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Years ago, a dimension game was invented by scientists and game masters. The purpose of the game was to send players to another dimension, a game world; however it turned into a disaster. The player that was supposed to enter the game land; somehow ended up in another dimension where what happened to the players was never discovered as there were many deaths on their return back to the real world. The death rate tolled higher thus the game was banned and destroyed by the government. Although the government made the decree, there was one game that survived and was kept by the scientists for further investigation. They wanted to find the cause of the games' malfunction and improve it into a gadget for great discovery.

However, many years later of trying to perfect the game, it was stolen, disappearing without a trace. The police believed that the gadget had either already been destroyed or was sold into the black market. The search lasted 5 years before the economy crisis disabled it from continuing. Soon after this the gadget was long forgotten and was never spoken of ever again.

A pair of lilac curious eyes watched over the object in his pale hands. He turned the object over in his palms a few times, inspecting it.

"I wonder what this thing is?" mumbled the silver haired teenager. The thing in his hands was a solid maroon pentagon box which when slid down, contained crystal buttons. There were three crystal buttons which were bluish/lilac in colour. Koori ran his fingers over it and felt the hardness of the crystal. It felt spongy but before he could inspect it further, his mom called from outside his bedroom door.

"Koori…what are you still doing in you school uniform?" asked his mom, Kiryuu Zero. As guessed his mom was a guy and his dad also was a guy so asking how it was possible, the little boy wouldn't have a clue. His mom had said he was too young to know about it even though he was already 16 years old. His mom was a vampire hunter and his dad a pureblood vampire. His dad was a forbidden topic to talk about in the house as he and his mom were not living with him. His mom had stated that she 'hated' his dad. Koori had never met him before but he knew that he looked like him. He knew this because of his uncle Ichiru who once told him that he was a splitting image of his father other than the eye colour which he inherited from his mom.

Coming back, Koori had now just broken up from school and was now on summer vacation thus being back home from the prestigious school of Cross Academy. Turning around he faced his mom who was leaning against the door frame.

"Sorry, I'll change later…" Koori replied "Anyway mom…do you know what this thing is?" asked Koori, holding out the pentagon solid towards his mom. It was small, as small as his palm.

"Hm?" voiced his mom. His interest seemed to peek when he saw the object. Walking nearer, he sat down beside Koori and took the object into hands. He looked it over with the same curious eyes as Koori had. However after seconds had passed, a frown embedded itself on Zero's face. Turning back at Koori, he held the object at an eyes length.

"Where did you get this?" asked Zero, the frown still present.

Koori was lost at this point as he didn't understand the reason behind the frown which was etched across his mom's forehead. "It was here in my room when I got back. Weren't you the one who left it in here?" Koori tilted his head to the left, looking confused.

Zero also looked puzzled with Koori's response and shook his head a little in return. "I didn't" he said.


"I don't know" again Zero answered with a shake of his head.

"So… what is it?" Koori's curiosity was rising. His mom seemed to have figured out what it was minutes ago.

Silence suspended the room before Zero finally decided to speak. "It's a dimension device. It can send you to another world…" Zero stopped engulfing the room in silence again; Koori could see that his mom was hesitant about something. Was it too difficult to tell him? It was not like he was going to use the thing…maybe…

Koori waited and waited… when the silence was dragged along long enough, he opened his mouth to say something. "And…?" urged Koori.

Zero sighed; Koori was going to find out about it anyway but he was worried that maybe Koori would think of the device as a toy or a play thing. It was originally a game and Zero knew that Koori was a game freak; considering it was now summer vacation, Koori was bound to find something to play with and this would excite him. Though the device was not dangerous for someone like Koori who could protect himself from danger, Zero was still worried.

"It was originally a game but rather than sending the player to a game dimension, it sent the player to another dimension where reality exists, having the same people you know. Many people die playing this because they think it's a game but some of them have gone crazy before going missing. The game was destroyed and there was none left."

As soon as the word game registered in Koori's mind, his eyes sparkled and his skin gained colour, shining in excitement. When Zero saw this, he began to sweat drop and pulled the device further away, out of Koori's reach. Better to be prepared before Koori attacked him for the device.

"Koori… this is not a game. It's reality but in another dimension. You can't play with it." Zero said firmly.

"I know…" Although Koori said this, the interest and excitement was still ever present on his face.

"So… what's with that face?" asked Zero.

"What face?" Koori touched his face before he chuckled. "There's nothing wrong with my face… anyway although I'm interested in it, I'm not going to play it." 'However I do want to know how it works.'

Zero made a pouting face which Koori understood as a question while he knew his mom was worried.

"Of course" replied Koori with a smile.

Now if Zero wasn't Koori's mom, he would have already been tricked by the innocent smile Koori displayed. Zero knew behind that smile, Koori was planning something.

"…Here… Don't get in trouble." Zero said as he held out the device towards Koori. He gave up, Koori was going to use it anyway no matter how much Zero said no. It was summer vacation, so he shouldn't have to worry about Koori missing school.

A genuine, bright smile formed on his lips which to Zero was beautiful and sincere. Zero really loved Koori's smile, especially now. "Thank you, mom" said Koori.

Koori reached out his hand to take the device from his mom but made a mistake. When he touched the device, he accidentally pushed one of the crystal buttons, causing the device to vibrate in his mom's hand.

"Uh oh…" them both mumbled before bright light surrounded the box, making them close their eyes in pain.

"DESTINATION: CROSS ACADEMY. SEPARATE COMPANIANS. PREPARE FOR TAKE OFF" a voice said, coming from the box before everything went blank and they were no longer in Koori's room.

It was night time at Cross Academy and the guardians were on duty, patrolling the school grounds. They were to make sure that the night class, which consisted of vampires, were in class. They also had to make sure that the day class students were not sneaking around the school grounds, disobeying the curfew rules.

A teenager boy with unusual silver hair and a pair of lilac eyes ran through the forest. He was on his patrol on the school grounds when he suddenly heard a loud sound of a splash coming from the forest, around the lake area. The sound had startled him and made him run towards it. He didn't know why he was running so fast but he did. Although he didn't sense danger near, something in his gut told him that something really bad would happen if he wasted time not checking it out. He couldn't tell whether the presence was human or vampire which worried him more. He sensed it was something that was familiar to him but more powerful. Whoever it was, was as strong as a pureblood vampire. 'How can that be? Why would a pureblood come to the school without informing the chairman? That sounds a lot like an enemy. But if he's an enemy, why would he make his presence noticeable. Anyway, let's check it out first.'

Seconds later, he arrived to the lake as he was nearby. He had been doing a patrol separate from his brunette partner thus not being together. The boy knew that she would be there soon.

Pulling out his weapon, he hid behind the nearest tree. Hiding behind the tree gave him a clear look at the scene before him without being seen. With his bloody rose ready in hand, safety still on, he peered at the scene. A teenager boy in day class uniform entered his vision. 'A day class student…' The boy's unique silver hair was soaked with water, shining under the moon light. His pale features were also like his hair, soaked and shining under the light of the moon. The boy was soaked through as he had fallen into the lake but looking at him, the water came up to his waist showing that it wasn't deep.

The boy was silent just as his surroundings were. There was no sound, no sound at all as everything had gone still under some kind of frightening aura. The prefect looked closely again towards the boy and noticed the boy was looking up towards the sky with his back towards the prefect. Then he noticed that the boy was trembling with both of his arms wrapped around his slender body. Was he cold?

The prefect watched the boy for few more second to make sure that the boy was safe enough for him to approach as his alarm signals kept alerting him to keep up his guard. Again the prefect noticed something about the boy. The boy looked exactly like Kuran Kaname from behind, though the boy's colouring was different. 'Is he a relative of Kuran? Wait no… I don't think he has any relatives left that I know of. So who is this boy?'

The prefect decided to step out of hiding and when he did, a sudden wind coming from an unknown source blew, ruffling his hair and spreading his scent. The prefect held up his weapon, a silver gun with 'bloody rose' engraved across it, and pointed it at the boy in front.

'CLICK' the safety was off, making the boy turn at the sudden sound.

The sound of the safety lock coming off did alert Koori to someone else's presence. Moments ago he was thrown out of a portal from the sky and landed in the lake. Although he had been there for a while now, he was content in observing his surroundings where he realised he was on school grounds. He knew he raised suspicions as to prevent from getting injured; Koori used his vampire powers which made a loud noise and destruction to his surroundings.

Koori was calm for a second before realising his mom was nowhere nearby. He scanned his surroundings with the probability that maybe his mom fell in a different location. But he was wrong; his mom was nowhere in sight and he couldn't sense him. Did his mom go to another place? When the thought of him somehow losing his mom in an unknown place entered his mind, he became worried. Soon the worry turned into panic and finally made him unstable.

When he sensed danger behind him, the clicking of the safety lock, it was natural that he released his deadly aura to scare off the enemy. He didn't want anyone to disturb him at that point and being at gun point was annoying. Why was he always being pointed at by a gun? 'Can't you at least use a sword or another weapon?'He was getting tired with the gun anyway….

Koori was under the impression that the enemy would leave once sensing his deadly aura but the person did not. It put him on guard and his attention turned fully to the presence. Koori was amazed, not many humans could stand his deadly aura. It always sent them running, crying or making them sick. That was what happened to normal humans anyway but this person was different. If it was a vampire, they would leave him alone.

"What do you want?" Koori asked without even looking back. He was not in the mood for fighting.

The enemy growled and tightened his grip on his gun. Koori sensed that the enemy was feeling irritated as his aura increased. "That's my question. Who are you?"

Koori tensed, the voice sounded so familiar, really, really, familiar. His aura faded instantly, his face brightening and eyes shining. He turned around to come face to face with his mom.

As quick as lightning strikes, Koori was out of the water and straight into his mom, arms wrapping around the older, hugging him close. He sighed in relief when seeing his mom was ok. "Thank goodness, you're safe…" Koori mumbled tiredly before falling unconscious. He had used his power too much in one day, he was mentally tired.

When the other prefect, Yuki arrived, she was surprised by the scene in front of her. Her beloved Kaname-sama was hugging her 'brother' Zero. However as she stepped closer, Yuki realised that it was not Kaname who was hugging Zero but someone who looked very much like him.

"Zero? What happened?" she asked.

Zero turned towards her, holding the unconscious day class student in his arms. "I don't know. He suddenly fainted before I got any answers out of him." replied Zero. He picked up the boy bridal style, and started walking towards the chairman's office while Yuki followed.

"You know him?"


"He looks like Kaname-sama though" Yuki said, taking a peek at the boy's face.

"Yeah…" 'Even I made that mistake just now...'

Yuki turned to Zero next. "So… are we going to the chairman?" asked Yuki curiously

"Yeah... I checked to see who he was but, he didn't bring his student ID with him…. So I don't know who he is or his dorm room number." replied Zero calmly.

Yuki nodded in understanding and followed Zero in silence as she watched over the unconscious boy in Zero's arms. Walking into the forest again, they walked towards the direction of the chairman's office building in silence.

To be continue…..

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