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Title: Summer Vacation Disaster.

Summary: It's summer vacation, so Koori went back home. At home, when he entered his room he saw a maroon pentagon box which had three crystal buttons. Somehow by accident he pushed one of the buttons and it sent him and his mom, Zero to another dimension. However when he got there, his mom was nowhere with him.

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Kaname leaned up, releasing his hold on Zero. "I'm sorry for the long wait." He said. He looked guilty but somehow Zero felt it was something that was not to worry about.

"For what?" Zero blinked, clearing his eyes from the tears that started to flood.

"This." He said, kissing Zero's lips. It was a brief kiss before Kaname pulled away, gazing into Zero's eyes. His mouth moved and Zero's heart skipped a beat.

"I love you."





Zero was crying. Kaname was really startled to see the tear running down Zero's eyes so easily and a lot too. What did he do to make the proud prefect to break down? Did he say something offensive?

"Zero?" Kaname tried to reach out to him but it was slapped away by Zero before the younger teen pushed him away.

Kaname fell behind in his confusion and Zero got up and yelled at him. "Don't joke around, you big jerk!"

Then he ran away, grabbing a yukata on his way out.

Meanwhile Kaname was frozen in stupor, blinking in confusion as he watched Zero got away from him. He didn't understand what was going on but after a few seconds, Zero's words finally sipped in and he chased after his mate, grabbing a yukata to wrap around his naked body.

"Zero?" Aidou called in confusion as the silver teen ran out of the bath house in a rush while wearing the yukata so loosely.

"What happened?" the blonde asked as soon as he didn't get a respond from the running Zero.

Akatsuki raised his shoulders.

Then a few moments later, Kaname ran out of the bath house and stumbled into Aidou.

"Sorry." The pureblood apologized and hasted away into Zero's direction.

Aidou got up and looked at their direction. He looked at his cousin then. "Did something happen?"

Akatsuki gave him a look. "How should I know." He said and left.

Kaname arrived at his room and tried the door. It was lock and unfortunately Kaname forgot his key in the room. He leaned his head against the door while still holding on the knob. He could hear Zero's cry from the other side of the door. Zero was leaning against it.

"Zero…" He called while knocking. "Open the door please."

There was no respond.

Kaname bit his inner cheek. "You don't believe me, do you?" He asked.

There was a moment of silence and Kaname took it as a yes.

"I really love you, Zero." he said again.

Zero choked a bit.

"I know you may not believe after what I had done but I love you Zero. I've always love you, ever since we first met."

The other side was silent. Kaname heard the sniffed and after a while, a trembled voice answered him. "Liar. You hated me with passion."

"I'm sorry. That was…I …I was jealous." Kaname told.

"What? I tried to kill at first didn't I?" Zero asked.

That was not the first time they met but it was after his memory was seal. "No… that's not it. Actually I was enraged at first when you tried to kill me but there was something about you… which attracted me. I also didn't know why I was angry when you didn't seem to acknowledge me when we first met. I felt like I knew you from a long time but you didn't seem to and you despise me from the first moment."

Zero grumbled. "Where is this going?"

Kaname inhaled. He, himself didn't really know what to say actually. "Just listen. Yuki is actually my younger sister." So he started with the truth.


"She was separated from me when we were little and was turned to human under some dangerous circumstance back then. I always wanted to protect her and she was the most important person to me but when I met her again, she liked you more. She spent more time with you. She doesn't even remember me."

Kaname paused. "However surprisingly I was not jealous of you for having her but I was actually jealous of her for having you. It was confusing. According to my memory I should like her but the moment I saw you I adored you more, a stranger."

"You didn't seem so."

"Yes because I was confused, I denied the feelings and treated you badly. I also made you into my chess piece to protect Yuki as an excuse for you to pay attention to me, even if it was only hatred. At least I'm always in your head."

"But as soon as Koori appeared, I lost sight of you. He was the first prior for you, you thought of him more and you ignored me. I became more jealous. First it was Yuki and now some guy I don't know going to occupy your thought, decreasing the already little time of when you thought of me."

"But Koori is only like a brother to me." Zero protested.

"Yes, but at that time I didn't realize it. That was not all, you began to hate and ignore Yuki for some reason and Koori was like your everything. More and more you forgot about me and I snapped because of that and I raped you."

Zero flinched and Kaname knew it. "I'm sorry. I'm really sorry."

"It's hurt really badly." Zero told. His voice had no expression in it. Kaname felt guiltier by this.

"I'm sorry. You were getting further away from me and I was really scared of losing you. I'm sorry."

"That's not the way of showing your love, Kaname. You're really sick."

Kaname felt hurt but he ignored it as he was now afraid. He was really, really afraid of where the conversation going.

"But why do I still love you after all this shit?"

Kaname lifted his head, startled.

Suddenly the door was open and Zero's lilac orbs greeted him. "I'm must be sick too aren't I?" he said and smiled a bit.

Kaname smiled, reaching towards Zero as he leaned and kissed him. "Maybe." He mumbled in between kisses.

The sound of hard breathing was the only thing that echoing in Zero's ears. Sweats glided down his naked body as more heat registered in his body. His body heaved heavily while his face flushed red and his eyes filled with raw lust.

His half-lid eyes made its way towards the older pureblood, gasping when Kaname ran his tongue along Zero's tips before sucking it. Zero mewl was choked back, screwing his eyes shut as his fingers curled around the mattress under him.

And then he felt something touching his hole, and he glanced down. Kaname's finger was circling his entrance, and he had to keep himself from moaning. Kaname pushed a finger in as he sucked at one of his balls.

"Nnh…" Zero squirmed.

Now the pureblood had two fingers in Zero, scissoring his tight hole. The fingers however brushed against his prostate for a second, and he almost sobbed.


Kaname seemed to notice it and without a word, his lips were around Zero, taking him in deep, head bobbling. Zero held his mouth closed with both hands, back arching off of the bed.

There were three fingers inside of him now, fucking deeper and deeper, slamming into his prostate each time. "Aah!" he cried, accidentally escaped from his mouth.

The sound encouraged Kaname to move his arm quicker, sucking harder. Zero's chest was heaving up and down, his hip subconsciously starting to rise as he rode the pureblood's hand, pushing the fingers even deeper into him, hitting his protest more quickly. The older vampire could feel as Zero's balls tightened, signalling that the younger teen was close. Giving a few more sucks and thrusts of his fingers, Zero cummed in his mouth.

Kaname swollen as he climbed up the bed, going on four above Zero. His eyes wandered over the exhausted silverette, cheeks reddened and panting. Kanamme brushed Zero hair out of his eyes, to have a good looked of his eyes. He looked completely spent.

Kaname leaned in and kissed his forehead gently. He smiled as he pulled back and gave him a peck on the lips. Moving down Kaname started on Zero's neck, he kissed and nipped lightly at his throat. Zero suddenly stiffed and Kaname stopped as he realized the younger vampire was trembling under him.

Kaname could sense Zero's fear.

"Zero, do you want me to stop."

Zero blinked, meeting Kaname's eyes in silent. Zero cursed inwardly. He suddenly remembered the night Kaname raped him and lost control over his blood (the jealousy over Koori's incident) when Zero felt Kaname was near his neck. Now he was shaking out of fear and Kaname already caught a swift of it.

Zero saw the guilt dragging Kaname down. Also at the same time, he was being sincere, respecting Zero's feeling.

Zero smiled as he took a shuddering breath before slowly shaking his head. He wanted this.

Just as much as Kaname did.

Wrapping his arms around Kaname, he smiled as he pulled the pureblood down into a kiss, tongue tangling with each other before Zero break the kiss. "Please… Kaname. I want you now." He breathed out.


Soft lips travelled to his lips, kissing it lightly, ravishing it before it turned deep. Zero moaned into the kiss, already feeling light headed. Suddenly Zero gasped when something hard was pushed into him.

"Aah—aa!" his voice choked back into sob as he struggled with breathing and willing the pain away. It was only the head in but Zero already having trouble accepting it in.

"It's ok, Zero… breath…" Kaname's gentle voice assured him as he caressed Zero's hair back, showering him with light kisses.

Blinking the tears out of his eyes, he nodded. Inhaling and exhaling evenly and in a minute, his body was relaxed and he was breathing normally again.

He moved his hips, encouraging Kaname to move. Leaning back, Kaname thrust into Zero to the end. Zero grabbed Kaname's arm tightly, body squirmed uncomfortable on how deep it had been into him.

"Are you ok?" Kaname asked, breathing a bit heavy.

Zero nodded. He evened his breath and soon enough he was adjust to it. Kaname took that chance to move into an even pace.


Kaname angled himself at Zero's prostate gland easily as he had found it earlier. Zero cry out every time Kaname hit the spot that sent him into a fit of pleasure.

Koori was still crying. Although he was tired and drowsy, he was afraid of falling asleep. Adult Zero caressed his son hair, carefully and lovingly. If this going to be trauma to Koori, he is going to kill Yuki.

"Don't be afraid, Koori. We're going back soon." Zero told him and Koori nodded, snuggling into his laps.

Zero stirred from his sleep, staring dazedly at the wall as he sat up. The memory of a few hours ago rushed back to him and he blushed a shade of red. He hid his face in his palms and sighed. He better pulled himself up or Kaname going to see his embarrass state.

Suddenly he noticed he was hungry. Not hungry for blood but human food. Now that he thought about it he hadn't eat since morning. He was too busy feeding Koori and forgot entirely about himself. He glanced around, it's already dark and when he glanced at the clock, it was almost time for dinner.

His stomach growled, demanding for food and Zero caressed it. He turned to Kaname who was still asleep with his arm around Zero's waist.

Zero nudged him, shaking him awake. "Kaname… Kaname… get up."

Kaname stirred, opening one eyes. "Erm… what's it?"

"I'm hungry. Let's go eat. It's almost time for dinner and tonight is the feast." Zero told as he slipped out of bed.

Kaname sat up and grabbed his cell phone on the night stand. He glanced at the time; it's almost time for dinner. Then he noticed he had a new message. He clicked it and realized it was a message from Koori's mom, saying Koori would be attending dinner at the hotel.

"Zero," he called.

"Kyaa!" Kaname heard something fell down and glanced down beside the bed where Zero was, rubbing his back.

"Kyaa?" Kaname asked.

Zero blushed, pouting. "I can't stand up."

Kaname held back a snicker. "I can see that."

Zero glared at him but it was too cute with his red cheek and sulking expression. Kaname chuckled and lifted him up.

"So, where to my princess?" Kaname teased.

Zero smacked him across the chest before wrapping his arms around the pureblood's neck. "To the bathroom."

"Yes, your highness." He obeyed and headed towards the bathroom.

Akatsuki sighed. "What are you doing this time, Hanabusa?"

Aidou beamed him a bright smile. "Nothing."

It was clearly Aidou was lying. "You do realize I know when you are lying, right?"

Aidou blinked, acting innocent but Akatsuki just looked at him with the knowing eyes. After a moment the blonde sighed. "Alright. Alright. Here." The blonde pushed a bottle of strong sake at his cousin chest.

"Sake?" Akatsuki took it in his hand. "What are you going to do with it?"

Aidou looked away. "I don't know…" he looking everywhere but at Akatsuki. "Getsomeonedrunksotheycanhave sex?"

Akatsuki face-palmed. "This is not the way, Hanabusa."

"I know…" The blonde pouted but then he realized something. "Eh?!" Aidou's bright blue orbs widened. "You understood what I said?"

"Of course. How long do you think I knew you?"

"Since forever?" Aidou tried, grinning.

"Yeah, that right." Akatsui replied then glanced at his wrist watch. "Anyway, isn't it time to meet pick Koori up at the lobby?"

Aidou glanced at his watch. "Oh, shit! We are five minutes late already. Zero-san is going to kill me." Aidou said and ran.

Akatsuki shook his head and ran after his cousin.

Kaname helped Zero dressed up in blue white kimono which the hotel prepared for the guests. Kaname also was wearing the same outfit but Zero noticed the pureblood looked fit and handsome in it while Zero—he glanced at the mirror—looked fragile.

"Are you sure you can walk properly?" Kaname asked as he studied Zero. Even standing up properly took a lot in the silver prefect.

"I can…" he said as he tried walking but stumbled. Kaname caught him.

"You know, we can still get the hotel staff to send food to our room. We can stay in here for you since you can barely walk without falling."

"I don't want to. I want to see Koori." Zero pouted and Kaname chuckled inwardly. "Come on, lend me your arm." Zero said as he snaked his hand around Kaname's arm.

Zero stabled himself and Kaname walked slowly so that Zero could follow up. They left their room and get in the elevator. They stood in there alone and comfortable together until Zero noticed that Kaname was smiling foolishly to himself.

"What are you grinning for?"

"Nothing… just feeling happy."

Zero blushed. "You're so cheesy." He mumbled and Kaname chuckled.

"You're late." Koori pouted at Aidou and Akatsuki. Together with him was Ruka, carrying him.

"Sorry." Both the noble said. Aidou then looked around. "Where's Zero-san?" he asked.

"He said he needs to prepare something so he went back." Ruka told as Koori played with her hair.

"Ruru is so soft…!" Koori squealed.

"Oh… thank god." Aiodu sighed.

"Also, he said give Koori the antidote." Ruka said again, wincing a bit when Koori's little fingers got tangled in her hair. Koori was not happy anymore. Akatsuki went to her side and help Koori got his hand free.

"I can't." Aidou replied.

"Why?" Ruka asked as she ran her fingers in her hair, fixing it while Koori climbed into Akatsuki arms, going for the tall noble's shoulder.

"Kain-rarin is so high. Not like Mad-hana." Koori giggled.

Aidou glared at the kid but the boy just laughed it out. "He need to eat something first." Aidou turned his attention to the boy. "Hey, kid. Have you eaten yet?"

Koori shook his head. "Mad-Hana. Koori's hungry. When is dinner?" the boy moped on top of Akatsuki's head.

"Oh…" Aidou glanced at his watch. "It's time already. Let's go." The blonde said and lead the other to the dining room which reserved for Cross Academy's student.

When they arrived, everyone was already there. There was two long table, served with a lot of food especially sea food. Koori got down from Akatsuki's shoulders and went running to Zero and Kaname, hugging both of the vampires.

"Mommy, Kana-chan!" he squealed.

Zero hugged the boy. "Koori. I missed you." He then kissed the boy on the forehead meanwhile Kaname patted the boy's head.

The other came to hug Koori too since the boy was simply too cute to be left alone and he had no fever anymore, so they can pamper him in any way they wanted. Then they settled down. The dinner started and everyone said Itadikimasu. Koori was sitting in Kaname's laps. Zero was beside him while on the side was Takuma. In front of Takuma was Senri and beside him were Rima and Ruka. Aidou sat beside Zero and Akatsuki in front of his cousin.

Cross and the other teachers were sitting on the other table while the day and night students mixed around, sitting with who they were comfortable with.

However Yuki was nowhere in sight. Zero leaned back and asked the chairman who was sitting behind him.

"Chairman, where is Yuki?" Zero asked.

"She's asleep. She had her dinner earlier in her room."

"Oh…" Zero made a sound and turned to his table back.

"What is it?" Kaname asked, seeing his mate was spacing out.

"Yuki is not here. That's all."

Kaname studied Zero and wandered into his own thought. Knowing Yuki, she won't want to see his face for a while now.

Somehow twenty minutes later, the dinner had gone wild. Someone slipped alcohol in and not only the teachers were drunk, the students too except for those who can tolerant alcohol like Kaname, Zero, Touga-sensei and most of the Night Class.

Meanwhile Takuma seemed to have too much of it and now is kissing everyone in reach. And the one who was in reach was Shiki and Rima. Poor them or maybe not.

Then about another hour, those who can't handle alcohol had lost conscious, sleeping so peacefully. Zero glanced around. Touga-sensei had left. Cross past out already. Takuma still conscious mumbling something incoherently while Rima and Shiki was listening to him.

Somehow, Ruka was dragged into it too by Rima and Akatsuki was trying to prevent the blond from having any more alcohol. Koori was still eating and Kaname was drinking. As for Aidou, he was rummaging a bag which he brought. He seemed a bit panicked.

"Alright! I found it finally." Aidou sighed, wiping the sweat that formed on his forehead with one hand while the other was showing them a bottle of strange colour liquid.

"The antidote?" Kaname inquired.

"Yeah, it's the antidote for Koori." He nodded and walked towards Koori who had stopped eating and was holding a big glass of ice lemon tea. He sucked the straw while looking at Aidou.

"What's that? Medicine?" Koori made a face. He really hated medicine.

"Yeah, to make you all better." Aidou answered which earned him a smack from Ruka who escaped from Takuma. Aidou whined in pain and raised an eyebrow at his childhood friend, demanding an explanation of the reason he was hit.

"Koori don't want it."


"Fool." Ruka sighed.

"But you have to drink it. Your mom would get angry at me if you don't."

"Don't wanna. Medicine is icky." Koori looked away as he continued sipping his ice lemon tea.

"But—But you have to!" Aidou exclaimed. The panic was on his face back. "If you don't you can't go back."

Koori gazed at him and tilted his head. "Koori don't want to go back. Koori have Kana-chan and two mommies." At this, the boy put down his glass and clung to Kaname.

Zero didn't get the conversation anymore. What do they mean by going back? Is it going back as in going back home? If it does, then why Koori don't want to go back?

Ruka came in now since Aidou couldn't convince the boy. "Don't be like that Koori. Remember what you promised mommy?"

Koori pouted. He seemed sad as he glanced down to the floor. He opened his mouth but closed again. He nodded and looked up at Kaname. His eyes were shimmering and his lips trembled as he hugged Kaname tightly around the neck.

"Bye-bye, Kana-chan. Koori is going home." The child mumbled as he kissed Kaname on the lips. "I loved you, remembered that." Kaname whispered as he hugged him back and pat his head before Koori was pulled in Takuma laps.

Takuma whined. "Eh… going home already? But you just got here…"

Koori chuckled before kissing the blonde on the lips just like he did Kaname. "Bye, Taku-taku. We'll see each other again."

He then moved on and did the same to Shiki and Rima

"I'm gonna miss you." Shiki replied, hugging the boy. This is because after the trip, there's the golden weekend holiday. They won't meet for a month.

"I'm going to missed you too." Rima said as she too hugged the boy.

"Koori also going to miss Senri-rin and Ri-chan too." Koori sniffed and moved to Akatsuki; he didn't say anything but pat his back, then to Ruka who showered the boy with kissed and lastly Zero.

"Bye, bye mommy. Koori's going back home today." The child said. He was at the brick of tears but he held it as he kissed Zero. Zero pulled him in a hug. He didn't know why but he felt strange. This parting felt weird. It was like he won't see Koori anymore.

Tears started flowing down his cheeks and he knew he was crying. Koori too seemed to be affected.

"I love you, mommy." Koori confessed between sob.

"I love you too." Zero gave him a last tight hug before releasing him. He wanted to see Koori off at the front entrance of the hotel but Aidou told him not to since Koori's mom wanted no one to see his face.

It was hard to accept but considering Koori's household situation, Zero could understand.

The child took Aidou's hand and turned to everyone, waving. "Bye-bye…"

They left and that was the last time they saw Koori.

Zero knew something was odd when Koori kissed him good bye the other time at the hotel. It was the last time he saw the boy.

It was already a two month since the trip and Koori wasn't coming back. They wanted to search for him but there was no record of him. He vanished just like that. Just like when he came out of nowhere, he disappeared into nowhere.

Zero missed him and he was not the only one. Ichijou, Shiki, Rima and a lot of more missed him. Even Aidou who was always in argument with Koori seemed affected by Koori's leave. But then, Aidou, Kaname, Akatsuki and Ruka seemed to know what happen to Koori.

Zero remembered they said not to worry about it since they'll meet again in the future. It was weird.

Anyway, aside from that Yuki also had pulled a disappearing act. She was around for couple of weeks after returning from the trip but then disappeared one day. The last thing she said was.

'This isn't over, Zero.'

Zero tilted his head. What's Yuki planning?

Ichiru was gone in his quest again. He was actually tracking Yuki. He said he had a bad feeling and if he going to protect Zero from harm, he need to be sure Yuki isn't a threat.

Suddenly the wind blew and Zero look into the breeze. Kaname and he got together. Kaname doesn't seem like he remembering anything from the true past. But he acted more like Kana-san now. He's gentle and loving. Zero guessed he never changed. Just the denial part caused him to act like someone else.

Zero smiled. Finally, he got the confession he was waiting for. And finally, he's back with his mate… soul mate.

'Thank you Koori. You're a miracle boy. I hope you're happy where ever you are.'

Unconsciously, Zero rubbed his abdomen. It felt warm.


Koori groaned. Again he fell off from the sky. That really hurt, you know? Time travel suck. But luckily this time, something broke his fall… his house.

Koori sat up from the floor of his room, coughing as the dust got in his system and brushing himself off of the dust. He glanced up and saw the two big holes in his roof and ceiling. That was going to be hell to repair.

'BAM!' a broken wood fall on his head.

Koori whined in pain as his eyes water. "ITAAIII! That's hurt…"

"Are you ok?" a deep voice asked in concern and in record time Koori's head snapped up.

Lilac orbs met dark wine orbs. Koori's eyes budged, his mouth gapped.

Kaname chuckled. "I took that as yes."

"Dad—dy?" Koori said disbelieved. He should be in his time now right? He's not in the past anymore, right? Is this an illusion?

Kaname crouched down and tilted his head. His wavy brown lock moved elegantly in the light. He smiled at his child. "So, did you have a nice trip my son?"

The End.

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