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Hello all! Since I can't seem to get motivated at all to finish my one-shot or chapter story at the moment, I decided to attempt to get myself into writing again by doing a drabble series. These will all be based off of prompts from a livejournal community called Writer's Choice, and should be updated every week (no promises).

Before we get started, for those of you looking for some great Hiei/Botan stories to read, I urge you to check out Mystikoorime's profile. I love her and her work.

Prompt: Summons

All in Due Time: Of Evil Whistles and Ferry Girls

Hiei wanted to kill her. That's all there was to it. If he heard that obnoxious whistle one more time while he was trying to sleep, it would be the end of that idiot ferry girl. He didn't appreciate being expected to serve her or that toddler prince's every need and whim. Growling, he flitted to her position in the forest to meet her, while covering his aching ears.

"Hn, are you trying to get yourself slaughtered again, woman?"

Smiling as always, Botan shook her head. This annoyed him, as always, and he managed to snarl out a demand to know what she wanted instead of giving in to the temptation to strangle her – as always.

"Err… Oh jeez, I'm so sorry! I've completely forgotten!"

Yes, Hiei wanted to kill her.

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