Prompt: Bill

All in Due Time: Great Expectations

Hiei grunted as he landed back on his feet, his sword held in front of him as he relaxed and nodded at his opponent. Mukuro had assigned him to train a small unit of demons since he had gotten back from Spirit World, which suited him just fine. Patrolling the borders would give him too much time on his hands for too much thinking about too happy ferry girls. So he'd spent a majority of his time training the brutes Mukuro gave to him, and he trained them hard - day and night. Even now, they were panting tiredly around him, waiting for the rare respite he might mercifully grant them. For once they were in luck, because his sword nearly fell out of his calloused hands when he felt the change in atmosphere around him.

Sensing the dainty aura which could only belong to one person, he quickly ran off to find her, leaving his trainees behind, surprised and relieved to catch a break. With his agile speed, Hiei made it to the woman in twenty second flat. When he found her, Botan was humming what she though was a catchy tune as she flew along the path she knew was to Mukuro's fortress, about five suitcases hanging from her oar, barely paying attention to the road in front of her. When Hiei magically appeared in front of her, she squeaked in bewilderment and brought her oar to an abrupt stop, a couple of her suitcases spilling to the ground.

"Hiei, you scared me!" Botan scolded him as she scrambled to pick up her belongings. His eyes widened as he looked at her mess of things, not expecting to see the troublesome woman for at least a few years, let alone see her in Demon World again, carrying who knows what in her ridiculous suitcase.

"You're staying," he deadpanned, watching as she finally got her things in order again and turned to him with a wide smile and bright eyes.

"That I am! I received an important mission from Lord Koenma and I'm not to leave until I've finished. I've got everything I need, so I hope you've got space. I brought the money I was provided, clothes, food, my communicator, a couple of important files, and of course the latest issues of my favorite magazine, Spirit Weekly."

Of course she would just march in and expect him to keep her around and have room for all of her useless crap.