I'm so sorry about the wait! I've had this sitting for a long time but just wasn't sure if this is how I wanted the end to go. Eventually, I decided to quit mulling over it and just post what I have. This has been a good, long run and thank you everyone who followed, reviewed, or just read.

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Prompt: End

All in Due Time: The End

"I'm gonna miss you so much!" Botan cried as she tried to resist flinging her arms around Mukuro, but in the end doing it anyway. Mukuro rolled her eyes and peeled the over-emotional woman off of her. The ferry girl wiped at her eyes dramatically as Mukuro told her, "You act as if you're never going to see me again."

"Stop making a scene," Hiei grunted, pulling Botan away by the back of her kimono, putting an end to her antics.

Botan smiled at him before patting his head like a child, "There, there, Hiei. Don't be upset. I'm just displaying enough emotion for the both of us."

"Hn. It's time for you to go, the portal is here," he said as the portal appeared in the distance, offering his hand out to her, and turning towards its direction, walking to it without letting Botan finish her excessively theatrical goodbyes. Botan turned to wave one last time at Mukuro, but she was already walking the opposite way with her back to them.

Walking hand in hand towards the portal, the sun shining brightly ahead of them, Hiei tightened his grip around hers and she smiled at him once again. It had taken years of running, hiding, denying, and fighting - but they found their way to each other all in due time.