CHAPTER ONE: Re-Resurrection of the Hero

It was a rainy night. A small, round pink creature was flying as fast as it could.
He passed through a thick forest, dodging the snapping jaws of various vicious wolves.
At last, he reached a bridge. The bridge was broken, but because the creature could fly, he easily passed over it.
He arrived at Storkolm, a small village in the woods.
The small creature went inside the first house he saw, flew through the rooms, until he reached a small room with a bed in it.
"Yes... This is it..." he mumbled to himself. "Here's the place where Ark disappeared."
The pink ball closed his eyes, and concentrated.
A white glow came off him, and went towards the bed, engulfing it in a bright light.
When the light was gone, a blonde boy had appeared. Next to the bed, there was a red box.
The boy slowly woke up. "Where... Where am I?" he asked, to no one in particular.
The pink creature flew in front of the boy's face, smiled, and spoke.
"Ark! You're back!"
Ark blinked, and rubbed his eyes. "Huh? Y...Yomi? Is that you?"
"Of course I am!" the ball said, with a smirk. "I came here to wake you up!"
Ark got out of the bed, staggered to his feet, and looked around.
"Yeah, I remember now... Crysta... Storkolm... The resurrection of the Earth..."
He paused for a moment.
Yomi's face went serious. "Ark, listen. Five years have passed, and trouble is afoot again. I was sent here by Light Gaia to wake you up. Earth needs you. Again."
Ark looked slightly annoyed. "Huh. It only took five years for trouble to arise again, huh?"
Yomi nodded. "You'll be surprised how quickly this world has advanced. But here's the thing. Some madman has found the ruins of Beruga's laboratory, rebuilt it, and improved on it in every way possible. The place is an impenetrable fortress now."
Ark smirked. "And I suppose you're gonna ask me to go out and risk my neck to save humanity as we know it. Again."
"That's right!" Yomi said, smiling nervously.
"Well, guess I don't have much of a choice, do I? I mean, I -AM- the legendary hero." Ark said, with a smile. "Well, let's get going!"
"Hold on." Yomi said. "There's more you need to know..."
Ark turned around and faced Yomi. "What's the matter, then?"
"Well... I spied on the guy for a little while, but I wasn't able to find out much - not even his name. However, it seems he's obsessed with Beruga's old work, wants to improve it, and use it to control the world..."
"WHAT?!? You don't mean... the Asmodeus virus?"
Yomi slowly nodded. "He's gonna wipe out everyone he doesn't seem fit to live."
Ark let out a small cuss. "That's horrible... We have to stop him!"