CHAPTER FOUR: Making plans
Meilin was shocked to see Ark, alive and well - yet not having aged at all.
"W...What happened to you?"
Ark lowered his head. "I'll explain. The entire life I led before coming here, I was victim of an illusion.
The city which I came from was a mere creation, to prepare me for my dangers that would lie ahead of me.
Then, when I resurrected the Earth, piece by piece, guided it and everyone on it into prosper and defeated the Dark Gaia, my job was done.
It explains why I haven't aged at all while every living being on the planet grew and flourished.
There was no more need for me -- so I was to disappear in a semi-eternal sleep until trouble would arise again.
And here I am now, five years later, to be pitted against the madman that rebuilt Beruga's lab.
I came here to see how you were doing... but also to ask of your help."
Perel looked up. "How are we supposed to help against a man wielding such power?"
Yomi frowned. "Come on now, don't tell me you forgot all your skills? Perel, you used to be the fastest one around, with your board. And Meilin, your illusions would be incredibly useful as well, if you're up to it."
Perel and Meilin looked at eachother, then smiled.
"Sure thing, man!" Perel said. "I'm a much better skater now. You see, a while ago, the town of Freedom was visited by some guy named Tony. He's proved to be a FAR better skater then I am, which obviously convinced me to polish up my skills."
Ark smiled. "And you, Meilin? Do you feel like going along as well?"
"You gotta be kidding!" she said.
Ark looked confused for a while.
"You dare to even DOUBT me about that? Of course I'll go along!" she said, with a wide smile. Laughter occurred.
While getting themselves ready for the trip, Ark suddenly thought of something.
"Hey... did you guys ever happen to see Fyda, or Royd? Did they even survive the airship crash?"
Perel shook his head. "I have no idea what happened to them... I haven't seen either of them, at least."
Ark lowered his head. "I see... And what about Princess Elle?"
Meilin smiled. "She's doing well. She's responsible for the renovation of Sylvain Castle, you know."
Ark's eyes widened. "She had that creepy place renovated?!?"
Meilin nodded. "Yup. I for one was glad to see it collapsed, but that stubborn girl...
She lives there now. I have no idea why, but she does."
"Weird...Ohwell. Whatever floats her boat, I guess." Ark shook his head, and checked his spear for any damages.
Suddenly, the group heard a series of explosions. "What was that?!?" Yomi exclaimed.
They rushed outside, to see Louran's airport lit ablaze, crumbling to the floor.
People ran in terror, as they tried to avoid the fire, and falling pieces of debris.
"Holy Crap!" Perel yelled. "What the heck happened here?"
Ark frowned. "I don't know, but it seems we'll be unable to take the plane now...I guess we'll have to use the boat."
Mere moments after those words escaped his mouth, planes flew overhead.
They seemed to be heading west, towards Lhasa, the general direction where Ark and Yomi left the boat...
"Oh great. You and your big mouth..." Yomi sighed.