Disclaimer: If you recognize it I do not own it. This is my first foray into fanfiction because I am obsessed with the Nick/Lindsay pairing and I was so unhappy with the open-ended way the series ended with them.

Chapter Soundtrack: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros- Home

Lindsay Weir had to give credit where credit was due. The only reason she was still alive at the end of her first day back in Chippewa was because of the pure genius and acting skills of Kim Kelly. After having a minor meltdown in the van and second guessing her decision to ditch Academic Summit for a glorious two weeks of following the deadheads, Kim had devised a plan to keep her best friend from getting into trouble at the end of the trip. The group stopped by a payphone about ten miles outside of town and the burned out blonde called The University of Michigan posing as quite a convincing Jean Weir, informing the directors in charge of Academic Summit that poor Lindsay had come down with mono and would be unable to attend. Lindsay had come up with plenty of stories to tell her parents about what was sure to have been an extremely boring two week confinement with the brightest teenage minds in Michigan, and was shocked when she turned in for the night and her family was still none the wiser about how she had really spent the first part of her summer vacation. As she lay in bed Lindsay stared up at her ceiling, thinking about her last conversation with Nick. This had become a regular occurrence over the last few weeks and she bit her bottom lip thinking about what he thought of the letter she had written him the week prior or if he had even read it. When she had settled down to pour her heart out onto the wrinkled loose-leaf paper, the words she held in her head would not pour from her pen for fear of rejection. Nick had moved on, he was with Sarah now and he had even stopped smoking pot for her. She wanted him to be happy, and just could not bring herself to write down the entire truth. Instead, what had come out was a two page letter about how happy she was for him and how much she missed him and thought he would enjoy life on the road, going from city to city and meeting people from anywhere and everywhere.

At that same moment, not too far away, Nick Andopolis sat in his basement and re-read the letter Lindsay had written him for the millionth time. As far as he knew he was the only person she had even attempted to contact during her brief escape from suburban monotony. He grimaced for the millionth time as he reached the part in the letter when she describes how happy she is that he found Sarah. Things had not been going entirely pleasantly the last few weeks and Sarah's clinging nature had begun to grate on his nerves. He supposed it was only karma that he would find someone like that…treating him the same way he had treated Lindsay during their brief relationship. It made Nick realize what he had done wrong in the first place and he only wished that he could go back in time and repair the damage he had done to his chances of ever being with Lindsay Weir again. He would have never snuck over to her house in the middle of the night just to see her face, he would have just kissed her like he wanted to instead of singing her that stupid song, and now he was even thankful to Ken for smashing his guitar when he almost performed the now infamous 'Lady L' for her. He wondered if she had returned home yet, apparently Kim had shown up on Daniel's doorstep that afternoon which had caused his friend to bail on their plans and proceed to, what Nick assumed anyways, have a passionate marathon of makeup sex.

The following morning, Lindsay awoke feeling a sense of melancholy at finding herself in her warm bed and not in the back of Sam's van or under the clear blue sky. She welcomed the hot shower and alone time she was able to enjoy for the first time since she had left home and all reservations she had once harbored about returning home on time melted away. It was late in the afternoon and she was a quarter of the way through Kate Chopin's The Awakening which she had been assigned as summer reading when she heard the phone ring and her mother's cheerful voice piercing the silence informing Lindsay that Kim was on the phone.

"Hey, what's up?" she greeted as she picked up the phone in her room and set her book to the side.

"Meet us at the park, some shit is going down and you do not want to miss this," Kim practically beamed through the payphone before hanging up on her best friend. In an attempt to be intimate, Sarah had reached her hand into Nick's back pocket and found what she had initially assumed to be an old cheat sheet from school, but on closer inspection realized that it was a letter from none other than her rival for Nick's affection- Lindsay. Initially, he had tried to downplay the letter. There was nothing particularly damning about anything Lindsay had written to him. If anything her confession at how happy she was that Nick and Sarah were together should have made the revelation a good one. Where the situation took a turn for the nasty were any of the circumstantial reasons he would be carrying it around in his back pocket. The hushed argument had quickly escalated into a full out screaming match with the queen of disco crying and beating the taller boy's chest with her fists furiously as he tried to restrain her.

By the time Lindsay had reached the park, the scene was over and Sarah had run home after melodramatically telling Nick that she hoped he would die alone. When the group, which consisted of Daniel, Kim, Nick, Ken, and Amy, spotted the mathlete turned freak the air became thick with tension. The only person not sitting awkwardly at the picnic table was Kim Kelly who smiled brightly at Lindsay.

"Hey, slutbucket!" the blonde greeted cheerfully with an over the top wave of her hands as Nick buried his face in his hands.

"Hey, guys, what's going on?" Lindsay asked shyly, giving the crew a slight wave as she sat down next to Kim.

"Disco Bitch just had a conniption over your little love letter," Ken replied in his usual deadpan tone and rolled his eyes. He was thankful that Sarah was finally gone, as far as the curly haired singer of Creation was concerned, the month Nick had been with Sarah had been a month too long for him. Lindsay slapped her hand over her mouth in shock and immediately turned her attention to her ex-boyfriend.

"It wasn't a love letter! I'm so sorry, Nick! I didn't realize- I would have never-" she stuttered, finding it difficult to find the words she truly did not mean. It was true that Lindsay was sorry for causing Nick to break up with the one girl who had proved to be a positive influence on his life, but that was where the sympathy ended. "But…I sent that letter a week ago, why did she freak out over it now?" Lindsay arched an eyebrow as she did the math in her head, completely missing the idea that Nick would have actually carried her silly little note on his person.

"Forget about it, really," Nick shook his head and smiled sadly up at Lindsay. "You did me a solid, actually…" he trailed off, unsure how to even complete that thought. "I was trying to figure out how to break up with her all night," he muttered his confession more to the table than any of his friends.

"Well you certainly got her off your ass now," Daniel chuckled as he wrapped an arm around Kim's shoulders and pulled her into his chest playfully.