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As Lindsay lay in her bed, wrapped safely in her comforter and in the arms of a lightly snoring Nick Andopolis, she wondered why she had taken things so far. When she had first started dating Nick last year she was so worried that he would rush her into bed, but last night had been all her. She had no idea that he was also a virgin until right before the moment of truth when he hesitated, unsure of whether or not he was ready for that next step. For some reason, knowing that he was just as inexperienced as she was made Lindsay feel better about the entire situation. She knew that there was no one else he could compare her to and that this was a special moment that belonged completely to them and no one else. When Lindsay looked over at the clock on her nightstand she immediately jumped out of bed and slipped into her jeans, put on her discarded bra, and threw a random shirt over her head haphazardly. It was nearly two in the afternoon and Kim Kelly was due to come over any minute. The sudden rush of activity awoke Nick who blinked a few times in confusion and rubbed his eyes.

"What's the matter?" he asked cautiously, afraid that Lindsay might regret the previous night and send their relationship spiraling back into the tension that had been there before.

"Kim is gonna be here any minute!" Lindsay practically shrieked as she threw Nick's pants at his head. He did not understand why Kim knowing they had sex would be such a big deal, it was not like she would not find out by the end of the day anyways, but Nick did not argue and just shrugged his shoulders before putting his pants and t-shirt back on lazily, he was just finishing buckling his belt when they both heard a knock at the door.

Lindsay hurried to open the door and smiled sheepishly at Kim who immediately knew that something was different. The blonde arched an eyebrow and gave her best friend a slight smile as she tried to put her finger on it.

"Did you do something different to your hair?" Kim asked innocently as she brushed past Lindsay and made her way over to the sofa as if she lived there.

"No," Lindsay replied shyly and tucked her hair behind her ear sheepishly. Kim was about to guess again when Nick emerged from the hallway and gave her a slight wave.

"Hey, Kim," he greeted nonchalantly. Kim Kelly's jaw dropped and she turned her attention from Nick to Lindsay and back to Nick again.

"Hey…Nick," she regained her composure quickly and masked her complete shock at his presence. Kim knew that Lindsay knew better than to make up a lie about what had happened. There was no way that Nick would have been up early enough on a Saturday to have already come over to Lindsay's house and be ready to leave before Kim showed up for their scheduled "girl time". Besides, she was almost positive Nick had been wearing the same clothes the night before when she saw him at band practice. After an awkward few moments Nick ran his fingers through his hair and let out a sigh.

"Well, I had better get going, I think I'm supposed to be shooting hoops with Daniel," he made up an excuse to escape the knowing looks Kim kept sending his way. Her perfectly sculpted eyebrows pleaded for him to leave so that she could grill Lindsay for every little detail and the last thing Nick wanted was to give Kim an excuse to drop the subtlety and straight up kick him out.

"Oh…okay, well…I'll see you later then?" Lindsay asked as her fingers fidgeted with the hem of her shirt nervously. Nick gave her a sweet smile before kissing her softly on the temple and giving Kim a polite wave as he walked out the door.

"You slut!" Kim laughed and jumped up from the couch to hug Lindsay tightly. "I want to hear all about it," she beamed. "Was he a sensitive lover, Lindsay?" she teased, making Lindsay blush a deep shade of crimson she had previously thought impossible.

"Kim!" she gasped and gave her friend a playful slap on the shoulder. "I don't want to talk about it," she replied in a hushed tone even though her parents were miles and miles away from the conversation.

"That bad, huh?" Kim asked with a mock pout and fell back onto the couch like a sack of potatoes.

"That's not what I meant!" Lindsay quickly corrected and sat down beside Kim, facing her friend slightly. "It was just…it was…did you know that Nick was a virgin?" she sorted through all the things she wanted to tell Kim.

"Psh…yeah!" Kim rolled her eyes. "Wasn't it obvious?" she asked with a slight sneer that Lindsay would have found offensive if she did not know her friend so well.

"Well…I didn't know," Lindsay confessed shyly and shrugged her shoulders as she focused her attention on her chipped red nail polish. "I think it made it more special…being a first time for both of us and all," she shrugged her shoulders. "Does that sound dumb?" she asked nervously as she looked up at Kim, her eyebrows furrowed in concern.

"No way," Kim gave Lindsay a reassuring smile and wrapped an arm around her friend's shoulders. "So tell me everything that happened. I want all the gory details. I'll know if you've left anything out," she smiled brightly and waggled her eyebrows. Lindsay smiled shyly and chuckled nervously before recounting the events of the night before starting at the phone call and ending at the moment Kim knocked on the door.

At about the same time, Nick Andopolis found his friends at the park playing basketball. Well, Daniel was playing basketball and Ken was sitting on the picnic bench watching Daniel shoot hoops.

"Hey, guys," Nick greeted cheerfully and shoved his hands in his pockets.

"How'd it go last night, Loverboy?" Daniel teased and passed the taller boy the ball.

"I'm wearing the same thing you last saw me in, right?" Nick confessed sheepishly as he tossed the basketball through the hoop before recounting the events of the night before.