This chapter is a reposting.

I have had some people be very upset when reading this story due to the fact that they were unable to guess as to what type of story this might be when reading the title. So here goes.

This is BDSM story. It is slash. It is Gryffindor and Dumbledore bashing. It will be graphic. They are OC I suppose. It is YAOI, meaning cute, defenseless, some ways helpless Harry with a Severus who is very dominate and controlling but, truly in love with Harry and will treat him the way Harry needs to be treated. Harry grew up without love and was expected to be an adult and save everyone. He needs someone who will just let him be and will take care of him. He has to be forced to see that or else he won't accept it. So this is my warning.

If you do not like this type of story, please turn away now. If someone likes my writing but would like a tamer version, if I get enough requests I will do one.

Thank you to all who like my story and to those who gave it a try, but found it was not for them. That is all I ask.

The Order including the Golden Trio was sitting in Dumbledore's office staring at the man who had called them. Dumbledore looked gaunt and tired as his age showing through. The Tri Wizard tournament had not turned out as expected. Voldemort was back though none believed Harry. Fudge was trying to pretend it wasn't real which only made things worse.

Finally Dumbledore spoke. "Harry, we have an issue that needs to be resolved and I'm afraid only you can. It is also why I asked your friends here along with the Order, to give you support. As you know with Voldemort returning information about his movements is more vital than before. Professor Snape has agreed to again spy for us…. But on condition this time….. That is where you come in I'm afraid."

Pausing to gather his thoughts as the best way to say this, Dumbledore looked around the room, each person nodding as they made eye contact. They didn't like doing this, but they needed Snape. Harry would understand.

Harry watched as each person nodded to Dumbledore. Which meant they had decided and were going to try and sway him to their way of thinking; the muggle saying 'The road to Hell is paved with good intentions' came to his mind. But what really upset him was Ron and Hermione nodded too, which meant they knew what was going on and hadn't told him. They were setting him up to be pushed over and overwhelmed to agreeing. He was tired of people expecting everything from him. All they did was take, asking him to rise to the occasion and then be a good child when it suited them. He was expected to take care of them all and sacrifice everything while they couldn't even give him the truth.

"Please get on with it; I have a potions essay I need to write."

Hermione began to berate him for being rude and trying to rush the meeting.

Clearing his throat Dumbledore interrupted her. "It's quite alright Ms. Granger we should encourage interest in our studies."

Pausing Dumbledore took a sip of his tea before continuing.

"Harry what Professor Snape has asked for is Legal and Magical custody, by the customs of Old Blood, of you."

At first Harry couldn't believe what he had just heard. He began laughing and couldn't seem to stop, he was gasping for breath and tears were running down his face before he was able to get control of himself. Looking around the room he began to sober, but it was the sad look in Dumbledore's eye that let him know it was real.

"You're not joking. I'm being sold so you can know what color robes Voldemort is wearing? And what's custody of the Old Blood any way?"

"We aren't selling you my Boy. And by the Old Blood means that until Severus agrees to release his guardianship or you marry another with his blessing Professor Snape shall be your guardian. Meaning that he has complete say in everything and there is no age limit. It was used by the Head of the House in wealthy families to control who gained what and who was marrying in. It is a practice that fell out long ago due to the total control it gives, but I feel that Severus will…"

Interrupting Harry laughed but without humor.

"I refuse. The man hates me, goes out of his way to make my life living hell and you're telling me he will be nice? What about those blood wards you go on about? Now that Voldemort is back aren't they more important than ever? If you can take me away from there now, why did you ever put me with those people to begin with? And I'm not your boy."

"Harry please be reasonable."

"It's always be reasonable when it something you want huh? I think I am and you're just trying to snow me over like always. Forget what I want, what I want isn't important so long as I do what you want."

"That's not true Harry. I have always tried to give you what you want and take you into consideration."

"Then stop asking this of me right now and never bring it up again. If Snape doesn't want to spy then fine, he won't. That's his choice, that's his life. But this is my life and my choice. The answer is no."

"Harry I'm sorry, but it is done. Your relatives signed the papers last week. Regardless if you agree or not this is happening so please accept it. I only hope that you can understand why this is for the best someday"

"No I don't think I will. Don't ask anything of me again. I don't think you'll be able to meet my price."

Turning around Harry left the Headmasters office ignoring the shouts of the people behind him. He was turning a corner when Hermione and Ron caught up with him. Yanking on his arm to stop him, he was shoved against the wall. Ron was the first to go off as usual.

"Stop being such a child Harry. It's all for the good of the Wizarding world! We need him and if he wants something as simple as custody of you then what's the big deal? Stop being so selfish, damn!"

"Really Harry, I fail to see why you had to act like that up there. It was embarrassing. Everyone has to sacrifice in this war and you throw a hissy fit. Headmaster Dumbledore wouldn't have agreed to this if it wasn't for the best. Just because you can't understand it doesn't mean you can question him. You act like such a child at times."

Harry couldn't believe what he was hearing. No one had sacrificed more than him in his entire life. He was about to respond when someone beat him to it. The deep, smooth, dark whisky voice he would know anywhere.

"It is so nice to see Gryffindor loyalty at work. No wait, that's the trait Hufflepuff is known for. Run along and go bother someone else why I get to know my new ward."

Harry watched the two leave as Severus watched him, appraising him. Give a sharp order to follow Snape turned and preceded to his quarters deep in Slythern territory. Upon arriving Harry was surprised it was a normal door, not a portrait. Following Snape in he stood in the living room unsure of what to do next. The room was warm and reminded Harry of an Old English Library. The Walls were wooden with tapestries hanging over any open space showing scenes of War and Battles. All the furniture was brown leather and wood. The fireplace was to the left and was large with two stone Leopards flanked the sides. Above the mantel were various objects of glass and gold all magical. The floor was covered in a thick Persian rug on top of the wood flooring. The ceiling was designed with Gothic touches all over and was made of stone. The right wall had a stone archway that led somewhere and on the opposite wall was another stone archway that had stairs going up and down.

Turning to Harry Severus basked in the knowledge that the boy was here and under his control. He had plans for this lovely child and would never let him go.

"The door on the right leads to the kitchen which has a dining table where we eat, nowhere else. Beyond that there is a Library and a Potions Lab. I keep all doors locked at all times so to be able to enter the kitchen or library you must get me first. You are forbidden from entering the Lab unless I say otherwise so do not ask. The stairs up lead to the bedrooms where you shall stay from now on. I am sure you do not wish to be removed from Gryffindor, but I think it would be good for you and me to get to know one another now don't you? The stairs going down lead to rooms that are of yet off limits to you as well. In the future I will show them to you, but if I find you down there you will regret it. Understanding so far?"

At Harrys nod he continued.

"I expect you to be polite and well mannered at all times. I shall instruct you in whatever I feel the need. I have bought you all new clothing and have already gotten rid of you old ones. Your things are waiting for you in your room. I expect complete respect every day. I will be informed by your teacher what your assignments are, what you are studying, how you are doing and how you are behaving. I will set a study schedule and shall go over all essays and lessons with you to make sure you are at the correct level. The only room in this apartment that you will use your wand will be the library. Misbehave in any class and you will be punished. I shall always let you know what you are being punished for so you won't do it again. As it is only two pm we shall be going to Madam Promfrey to have a checkup done and see where your health is. Any questions?"

"No, you have been very clear." Harry was seething. Who the fuck did this man think he was? Harry didn't need him to do shit about his life. Life was going to be miserable now during the school year and the summer.

The walk back to the Dungeon was heavy. It was past dinner time and the report was not good. He was about 20 pounds under weight and had several bones that had to be re broken and mended. Certain scars came to attention and over all Snape was not happy.

When they entered the quarters Snape continued walking up the stairs and Harry followed. Passing one landing they continued till they came to the end at another door. Opening it up Severus entered and motioned for Harry to go on in. The room had the same dark wooden walls and floors, but had a painted ceiling that was charmed to look like the sky with various creatures flying about. The walls were carved with forest animals that moved around, chasing, sleep and watching. The bed was to the right and it was a canopy with light blue and cream colors as were the rest of the fabrics in the room. The floor was covered with white fur rugs and toys. Muggle and Magical, there were all kinds that would entertain a young boy. The left wall held a large fireplace that was made of stone with colorful ceramic tiles with a door on each side. The doors were open letting him see which the closet was and which the bathroom was. On the walls that held the door out were book shelves and his trunk was at the end of his bed.

Turning back to Snape he had nothing to say. He as expecting a dirty mattress and a room that he couldn't stand in and this is what he got instead. When Snape saw the expression on the Childs face he knew he had won points if the brat liked it or not, but those would be lost when he saw what wasn't there when Severus shut the door.

"I shall go gather dinner for you. Change out of those hideous clothing and take a shower. Do not hurt yourself."

Turning around Snape shut the door firmly before heading down to gather his potions.

Harry just stood there wondering what was going on. This was a room he had always wanted but never thought he would have for a few more years if at all. Going into the closet Harry looked at all his new clothes. The closet was as big as his room! The walls were lined with clothing and in the center was a fainting couch and a dresser for shoes, watches, scarves, hats and the like. He hated that Snape had bought him new ones but he didn't doubt that he told the truth when he said he got rid of the old ones. Fingering the clothing he could tell they were top of the line; all new uniforms that rivaled Malfoys as well as casual and formal ones too. At the back wall there was another dresser that caught his curiosity. Walking over to it he opened the first drawer and found underwear. Lace, silk, satin, pink, red, purple, blue, green, bows, ribbons and leather. The next one held socks and under shirts. The last one really freaked him out causing him to fall to his knees.

Straps, bindings, plugs, dildos, clamps, collars, blindfolds, gags, whips, crops and all varieties, shapes and sizes. One dildo was so large it was wider than his fist. It was black and angry looking with bumps and ridges. The head was double the width and looked to be about fourteen inches long. But what really scared him was that almost all, including the angry one was connected to a harness that fixed it on him; around the waist and under the crotch. When he heard Snape's voice he fell on his butt and turned wide eyed trying to back up as far as he could go.

"I see you found your wardrobe yet you haven't showered. Normally that would have been first, but this means we can go on and discuss how you will dress from now on out of the way."


"I am your Blood Guardian. My will is absolute when it comes to you, so yes I can and will. It will serve to remind you all day whom you belong to, whom your Master is, forever. Now go take a shower and hurry back or else I shall punish you."

When Harry took too long to move, Snape crossed the room, yanked him up and dragged him to the bathroom. Closing the door behind both of them Snape finally let him go. As Snape turned on the giant walk in shower that was big enough for five people, Harry tried to open the door. The only problem was there wasn't a handle. While kicking the door Snape removed him outer robes and spelled his remaining to stay dry. He then spelled Harry nude, grabbed him and thrust him under the shower. Fighting every step of the way, Severus finally had enough. With a wave of his hand two velvet ropes shot down from the ceiling, wrapped around Harrys wrists an yanked them up so he was forced to stand on the tips of his toes. Finally having the boy under control Snape took a step back to look at what he had to work with.

His hair was plastered to his head, he was horribly underweight and had a scar here and there, but still was lovely. Thick parted lips gasped for air, he hands clenched in anger. Casting a spell Snape removed all the hair on his body save his head. He then cast one to fix his eyes so they would be out there for Severus to see and enjoy. But the boy was still cursing and yelling at him and that had to stop. He would learn obedience one way or another. After giving Harry three had slaps on his rear Severus began to wash him head to toe taking extra time getting to know certain areas. When he touched the boy's hole and circled the rim Harry became protested louder. As he kept on with pressing on it once in a while Severus noticed a curious thing. Harry was getting hard.

"You like this. Tell me, is that you love another taking control of you, owning you, making you their possession?"

Harry bit his lip trying not to cry out. This is what he secretly wanted. Someone who cared about him enough to watch over everything he did. He wanted a Master, a Dominate partner in every aspect of his life. He was so tired of being the one to have all the answers and the weight of the world on his shoulders. But he wanted that person to love him, not hate him so much that they would go to such lengths to hurt him.

Turning off the shower Snape dried him off before he released the bindings catching Harry before he hit the ground. Putting his hands under his arms Snape lifted him up and rested him on his hip.

"Be a good boy for me and I will give you coco before bed tonight."

Harry was still shaking and trying not to cry, but Snape was making it so hard! Why was He holding him like this? He wasn't a little boy and could walk on his own. Struggling to get down Severus smacked his bottom twice before Harry stopped, his face red with shame. Snape wrapped his arms around the boy tighter and frowned at how light the boy was. He was never going to be heavy, after all he was only 5'1 at 15, but still he should weigh a little more. But he enjoyed carrying Harry like this.

Going into the closet Snape sat Harry down on the couch before waving his hand and locking the closet doors. Harry never took his eyes off the doors as Snape moved around. He was in the dresser with the objects that Harry hated. He couldn't take it anymore and with a burst of tears asked the questions he needed to ask.

"Why are you doing this to me? Do you really hate me this much? I'm sorry for whatever I've done, I'll do better. I'll be better in potions, Ill clean, cook, anything! Why, why, why? Why do you hate me? You didn't need to ask for me, I don't understand!"

Falling to his side Harry curled up and cried till he was choking. Within moments of his breakdown arms gathered him up, sat him in the lap of His Guardian and wrapped in his cloak with him, pressing his body to the older man tightly. He cried what felt like hours grasping on to the one who was hurting him because there was nothing else to hold on to. Snape was rocking him back and forth rubbing his back, whispering little things in his ear in a language he didn't know. Finally Harry cried himself out. He was too tired to be afraid, too tired to care about what the man was going to do to him. All he wanted to do was sleep and for some reason he really wanted the coco and hoped he hadn't ruined his chances of it.

Harry berated himself for thinking that. He wanted a reward for pleasing this man; it was only natural for him to be submissive. Why him?

Snape didn't let up for a long time; holding him tight in his cloak with him, rocking him, whispering words. After a while when Harry was done sniffling Snape waved his hand and a cup of Coco with whipped cream appeared on the counter next to them. Snape reached over and got it before handing it to Harry. As Harry took it he looked at Snape with a clear question on his face, not understanding.

"You have had a rough day and are still adjusting. I would be a cruel Master to not show understanding and kindness when you need it. Before today you were merely a student of another house, now you are mine and I will take care of you properly. Part of it is correcting you when needed, but an equal part is rewarding, spoiling and comforting when you need it as well. I am a good Master; many have paid great fortunes to be called mine for only a night. You get me forever, for free. I will not let you go nor will I allow you to be in unneeded pain. The life you knew is over, look only to please me, if you do not know, ask. Do not worry about the war, for you it is over and if I need to move us away for you to understand that I will. Be a child, the child who is wild, full of life as you have always been. That is all I shall ever ask of you. Tell me your needs, wants and desires. I will do my best to see them made true. I give you my word. Now drink as I get you night clothing ready."

Snape moved Harry off his lap, but took off his outer robe and draped Harry in it. Looking down into his cup, Harry couldn't believe what he just heard. It was all he wanted in life. He wanted to believe him, it would be wonderful, but he couldn't help the years of disappointment when all the others who were supposed to care for him turned their backs. It had happened yet again this morning with Ron and Hermione. Taking a big long sip he let the warmth of the drink soak through him. He wrapped the Robe around him tighter, not believing that he found such comfort in it. He decided to test out the man's words to see how true they were.


Standing up Snape, the man who would be a true Master to Harry, turned around holding a bundle in his hands. Walking back to Harry he placed the bundle down on the counter before stepping over to Harry to pull him up gently. Taking the cup from his hand he then removed the Robe watching the way Harry gripped it for a moment and kept contact with his leg.

"What did you wish to ask me child? I cannot read minds"

"Are you going to make me quit Quidditch? Since I belong to you now…"

Harry trailed off wondering what he had been thinking saying something like that. But all Snape could think was that Harry saw himself as his. Harry may fight him due to his upbringing, but he could tell he didn't want to, he wanted to be his and have all he offered. Placing his hands of the side of Harrys face he tilted his head to look up at him, which was no easy feat what with Severus being 6'4.

"No I won't. I know how much you love the team, but if your studies fall because you are captain, I will make you give that title up and just be another member of the team. Do I make myself clear?"

Harry knew how he responded here affected how everything would go. All his life things felt wrong and he had gone along because it was what others said he should do. But this felt right and he was going to take that leap of faith in this man. Snape was many things but he was a man of his word, he didn't tell lies and he wouldn't go to all this trouble if it meant nothing. He wouldn't make promises if he wasn't going to keep them, he wouldn't hold him the way he did if he didn't care.

In that moment Harry knew who this Man was; it was his Master.

Whispering Harry replied somehow breathless. "Yes Master."