Author's Note: Here they are again Mill and Juice. I admit that most of these chapters are short, but you still get a full story.

Nothing you recognize is mine. I only own the original characters.

The Importance of Crows

Chapter One

I walked into the clubhouse, feeling victorious. I had just submitted my last assignment and just needed confirmation from my professor. Then I would have my degrees, English Lit and Journalism. I grinned wide as I saw my man at the table with a few of the boys.

As the newest patched member he was still the butt of every joke and the victim of all the pranks. I sidled over to the table and was about to sit on his lap when I saw the results of the newest prank.

"Oil? Are you guys serious? You know I'm the one who does his laundry?" I asked as I pulled a chair from another table and sat down.

"It's not our fault Juicy boy here always gets the loose caps." Tig smiled and took a sip of his beer.

I rolled my eyes and leaned over to kiss my man. He placed his hand on the back of my head and guided the kiss. I moaned as it deepened and almost crawled into his lap before I remembered the oil. That thought was all I needed as I pulled away and smiled at him.

"You seem happy baby." Juice said as he reluctantly let me go.

"Yep, I just turned in my last assignment. I should get an e-mail within the next couple of days to let me know I've met all the requirements for the degrees." I grinned at them all and Bobby clapped me on the back.

"This calls for a celebration. Sweetie, get us a bottle of Jack and six glasses. We need to congratulate the graduate." Bobby raised his beer above his head and the new bartender, who had taken my place at the clubhouse, brought the requested bottle and glasses.

"I'm so proud of you. Wait until we get home. That's when the real party'll start." I shivered as he whispered the last in my ear.

We had just moved in together and I was still getting used to the fact that I went to bed with him every night and woke up with him every morning. My mom said that we put the cart before the horse, because I didn't have my crow yet. I tried explaining to her that it was Juice's decision and he wanted me to get my degrees before I settled in as his Old Lady. Now that the degrees were acquired I could get the tattoo. Apparently Tig and I were on the same wavelength which was a frightening thought.

"So now that she's got her degrees, does that mean you're gonna let her get the crow?" He asked as he downed a shot.

I downed one of the shots and nearly choked. I wasn't a big drinker and wasn't used to drinking straight up. I looked at Juice and raised my eyebrows. I was interested in his answer.

"That's up to my baby. You still want your crow?" He looked at me with raised eyebrows.

"I was thinking of getting it on my wrist, or hand, somewhere where everyone can see." I downed another shot to hide my smile.

After a few more rounds Juice and I went home where he kept his promise. The real party didn't start until he shut our door.