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Full Moon

It looked like everyone but Gilbert and Matthew had figured out their relation.

During the World Meetings, Francis and Alfred glared at Gilbert, Arthur, as always,was barely aware of Matthew's presence, and Ludwig did his best to avoid catching Gilbert's, Matthew's, Francis' or Alfred's eye.

The only ones blissfully unaware of the reasons were Matthew and Gilbert themselves.

Gilbert went on being his own loud and obnoxious and awesome(in his words) self, while Matthew went on being his quiet and invisible self.

The guesses were mostly due to a certain incident involving a raving mad Matthew, a half-drunk Gilbert, a flustered and somewhat-embarrased Hungary and Matthew's trusty hockey-stick sometime back. No one could actually remember what the original reason for that had been, and it was doubtful that anyonw knew in the first places.

But where there were people-er,nations-tongues would wag. And to be fair, the situation was guaranteed to provoke rumours. Even Switzerland had sighed and muttered about killing Prussia if he said one more word about Mattie. Though, in all fairness, a drunken rant shouldn't count.

The current Meeting of the World was being held at Russia's house, and it was proceeding far more normally than anyone would have expected.

But then, 'normal' was such a relative term.

Francis held an icepack to the side of his face while Alfred sported a black eye(but they still somehow managed to glare at Gilbert), courtesy of Arthur. Apparently Arthur didn't like having his behind touched or hamburger-spit flavoured with Soda splattered on his face. The fact that the UK and USA were supposed to sit side by side and Francis had pulled his chair away from Finland(and Sweden, obviously, duh!) to sit by Arthur("Bloody frog, go to your own seat!") didn't help much, either.

Feliciano was constantly bothering Germany about how there wasn't any Pasta left in home and to remember to buy some in the way back while his twin, Lovino, was busy in slapping Anotnio's hands away from his shoulders("Keep 'em away dammit you tomato bastard!") whenever the Spanish tried to put his arms around him. Finland was (somewhat) patiently explaining to Peter again why he couldn't be Peter's 'mama', greatly hindered in his noble undertaking by Sweden. Norway was begging Iceland to call him 'Onii-chan' while Denmark was bugging Norway with his usual useless banter. Iceland simply hugged his Puffin tighter without responding. Time had taught him the uses of Patience..

Then something happened to break the routine. Matthew stood up and said-clearly, which in itself was a wonder- "I have something to share."

France gasped while America yelled "ALREADY?"

Canada gave his brother a perplexed glance. "What?"

"YOU TWO GOT MARRIED ALREADY?" America screamed.

England looked from America to Canada. "Wait..who's.."

"That's Canada, l'Angleterre, whom you took away from me and raised alongwith l'Amerique. Don't tell me you forgot the child again." France sighed dramatically.

"Yes," England growled, "He maybe the only one in this world not groped by you."

"Of course I show my amour to him, why shouldn't I, mon ami?"

England decided not to comment.

"Eh?" Matthew said, becoming more and more confused by the moment.

"Mattie you got..married?"asked Gilbert, looking stunned and, to some people, hurt.

"Matvey...you didn't get married to Gilbert?" asked Russia, his eyes widening.

"WHAT?" this was Canada's turn to yell.

"Uh..I-I shouldn't have.." stuttered Russia.

"Eli," Roderich's voice made them all look in Hungary's direction. She was actually crying. "Gilbert and Matthew were such a sweet couple." she said, sniffling, "and Gilbert looks so hot with his shirt off I-"

Gilbert promptly burst into laughter while Roderich's blush deepened. "-not that I would know." finished Hungary quickly, looking at Austria in consternation.

"Don't you have to record this or something?" asked Feli.

"I'll get the prints from Nihon." Hungary said, still sniffling. "As if I'd miss a footage of Russia stuttering in front of Canada.."

The Meeting ended among general uproar and a persistent noise of "".

As usual.

A/N: all the usual things..R/R blah blah blah yadda yadda. In case someone doesn't know,

Finland: Tino

Sweden: Berwald

Canada: Matthew

America: Alfred

Russia: Ivan

Hungary: Elisaveta

Austria: Roderich

Italia Vaneziano/ North Italy: Feliciano

Italia Romano/South Italy: Lovino

Spain: Antonio

France: Francis

England: Arthur

Angleterre and Amerique are French for England and America respectively.