One Piece: The Lottery Lottery Fruit!

Who in their right mind would gamble their power devil fruit power based on a lottery? Monkey D. Luffy did. It is said that crazy people have crazy luck. You have the Paramecia, the Zoan, the Logia, and the Mythical Zoan. Enter the long forgotten fruit. The Deity Deity Fruit : Model Xxxxxxx

Prologue: Romance Dawns

A young boy held a dagger up, teeth grit together with determination. No one panicked at the sight of a young boy perched precariously on the rails of a swaying ship.


The crowd that gathered laughed in response. One of them spoke up.

"Oi! What are you up to now Luffy?"

Monkey D. Luffy waved his dagger around, "I'm going to show you all how tough I can be! Then you'll take me along for your voyage!"

Then he promptly stabbed himself right below the eye.

"YOU IDIOT!" The entire crew screamed.

They were now in a tavern.

"That didn't hurt at all." Luffy said, eyes watering. Everyone could tell that Luffy was barely holding back the pain. Stabbing a knife right below your eye might do that. Not only would there be a flesh wound but the feeling of knife scraping bone hurt like dickens.

Red-Haired Shanks flicked Luffy on the forehead.

"I'm still not taking you along with us. The sea is not a place for a kid to be. Besides, what do you know about being a pirate anyway?"

Luffy's eyes lit up with excitement. "But as a pirate, you can find treasures and see the mysteries of the sea! Also you can do what ever you want! Why not be a pirate?"

Shanks shoveled the fried rice into his mouth at a ferocious rate. "Uh-huh. Marines get to sail the seas too. Why not join the marines?"

Luffy scrunched up his face. "Ewww. Marines have to follow the rules and all that stuff. I don't want to turn out like Gramps."

Shanks thought about it for a moment. "Well, if you can swim ten laps around my ship, I'll think about it."

"No problem, I've been learning how to swim for quite a while now! Ten laps is easy stuff! Also my punch is like a pistol." He pumped his arm out in enthusiasm, pretending he was knocking out one of the seven warlords.

Shanks flicked some left over peas at Luffy. "Oh really?"

He pointed at Shanks and made an indignant face. "You're just jerking my chain aren't you!"

A strong voice spoke out. "The Captain is just trying to look out for everybody. He knows fully how dangerous the sea could be. It can kill you in a thousand ways you know."

Luffy turned to the man who was lighting his cigar. "Oh. Mr. First Mate. I can swim though."

Ben Beckman took a drag, "Can you kill?" he murmured quietly.

Luffy froze. "Kill?"

The first mate looked past Luffy with tired eyes. "Sometimes to protect your nakama and those who are precious to you, One cannot avoid killing."

"But why can't I just beat them up? That works too right?" Luffy stammered.

There was no answer to that question.

The doors to the Tavern slammed open, the room became silent at the sudden intrusion.

A tall lanky thug swaggered in, followed by a group of men.

Mountain bandits.

Luffy shrugged and turned back to his food. Pirates were more badass than bandits. To his dismay, his plate was already empty. Shanks must've swiped his steak when he turned around. In turn, Luffy took a peek at Shanks plate, It was also empty.

However, Next to Shanks was a small chest. Treasure?

While the Mountain bandit Higamu or Higuma, whatever -his-face, caused a ruckus, Luffy opened the chest and found a ... Fruit? It was a violet purple fruit with swirls. Some of the swirls curved to form question marks which patterned the fruit.

Ignoring the obviously strange appearance. Luffy chomped down on it anyway. It could be an exotic fruit from somewhere. Luffy was never the one to pass eating new food.

It felt like a bomb went of in his head. There were images of fruits flashing rapidly in his head. All of them an odd shade of purple, decorated by weird swirls like the one he just ate. There were tens, hundreds of fruits flashing before his eyes. There was a building pressure behind his skull. Was this mystery fruit a poison fruit? Was he going to die? He panicked.

No! Not before he could become the king of Pirates and rule over the Sea!

As if influenced by his resolve, the fruits slowly cycled until it stopped on one odd fruit.

This fruit was different. It was deep blue like the ocean, the swirls gently shaped to imitate churning waves. The fruit started glowing, washing over him in blue light, and then darkness.

Shanks picked himself up from the ground, his crew laughing at his misfortune. The mountain bandits had left after getting bored of picking on him. If he could, he would rather avoid showing the darker aspect of piracy to Luffy and the town. After the mockery, he thought Luffy would've spoke up. It was oddly quiet. Kicking aside the broken glass, Shanks turned to Luffy.

Shanks felt his stomach plummet when he saw the empty chest. It couldn't be.

Luffy was slumped across the table, a half eaten devil fruit next to him where it fell from his slack grip.

Shanks grabbed him and shook him roughly. "Luffy. Wake up! Please don't tell me you ate that fruit!"

"Mhmm. It taste really bad and then my head started hurting funny." Luffy mumbled from the counter.


Luffy sat up straight with eyes popping. "WHAAATTTT!" He howled.

Shanks smacked him over the head. "YOU IDIOT!"

"Is it this one?" Shanks pointed at the picture of the Gumo-Gumo fruit.

Luffy sighed. "No."

"This one?"

The Yami-Yami fruit.


"This one?"

The Mera-Mera fruit.


Shanks closed the encyclopedia of Devil fruits. "What you ate was the Lottery Lottery fruit. Basically the fruit acts as a Lottery and chooses a fruit for you. It gives you the power of a random fruit that no one has yet. So if someone ate the Mera-Mera fruit, that lottery will skip over that fruit."

Luffy picked his nose. "So what?"

Shanks smacked him over the head. "So that means that you've got the powers of a unknown fruit. This encyclopedia only has records of known devil fruits. It could be possible that it's a totally new fruit or just uncommon."

He cracked a wide smile. "Cool! I got a new power that no one has!"

"Well, your powers will develop sooner or later. Just be sure to get a grip on it. You wouldn't want your powers going out of control would you?"

"Take that back! SHANKS ISN'T A COWARD!"

Higuma the Bear, with a 8 Million Berri bounty on his head, pinned the struggling boy under his foot. "That sea swagger captain was a joke. I'll let you off if you say 'Pirates are cowardly fools.'"


Higuma's face twisted into a ugly sneer. "Brats like you don't deserve to live, I've killed 56 people who pissed me off and now you're going to be number 57." He lifted his foot up brought it straight down to crush Luffy's skull to a pulp. Luffy threw out his hands and scrunched his eyes close. Right before Higuma could make contact with Luffy's head, his foot made contact with something hard that was definitely not bone. When foot meets metal, there's only one thing to do.


An obsidian black shield materialized out of thin air into Luffy's hands. It wasn't a run off the mill type of shield. The black surface showed no scratches or wear. In the center was a wide blue circle the size of a palm. Luffy stared at the shield in his hand in amazement. The blue center of the shield reflected light like smooth glass yet it swirled as if the ocean were straining at him behind a glass barrier. The shield itself was an octagon, shaped by eight sides. On the front portion were strange arcane symbols but etched along the back of the Black obsidian part were the letters.

Yata no Kagami (The Eight Span Mirror)

Higuma raged over the pain in his foot. It felt like the force of his blow rebounded from the shield back to his foot. He sneered and pulled out his gun, "Let's see if that fancy shield of yours could fight bullets!" Luffy hunched himself into a small ball and took cover behind his shield just as the tell tale sound of a pistol firing started. Behind the cover of his shield, Luffy frowned when nothing happened. There was no recoil from holding the shield, did the bandit miss? On the other side, the bandit gaped at the shield. His aim was accurate, the three shots he had shot in succession had most definitely hit the shield. The only problem was, the moment it contacted the shield, the bullets stopped on its own accord and dropped to the ground.

A chillingly cold voice interrupted the stunned silence. "What's this? The moment I come back, I see some low life bandit shooting my friend?"

Shanks and his crew were back and they were not happy.

One of the mountain bandit lackey laughed and pointed his pistol at Shanks. "Ya sad wimp, I'mma blow ya head off right now if ya take un' step closer."

Shanks pointed at the gun. "It's not safe to point guns you know. It means you're putting your life in danger."

There was splat as the lackey's brain graced itself on the floor. Even Luffy seemed stunned by the gruesome display. Lucky Roo had somehow advanced without anyone's notice and blasted the bandit's head off. This was all while he was chomping down on a piece of meat.

"That wasn't fair you bastard!"

This time it was the first mate who spoke up. "Fair? You aren't dealing with saints here. We're pirates. And we don't play by the rules."

Ben Beckman took one last drag and tilted his flintlock rifle so he gripped it like a club. "I got this Capt'n." he said cooly.

The enraged mountain bandits rushed at Beckman only to meet a sad fate. The first bandit blinked in surprise and then felt the sizzling pain of a lit cigarette burning it's way into his right eye, effectively blinding his eye for life. The butt of the riffle that followed dropped him into blissful darkness. Beckman spared no mercy when it came to crippling the bandits. Broken knee caps and smashed skulls were commonplace, if any of them escapes or survives, their life of banditry would be over.

The fallen and broken bodies of his gang filled Higuma with awe and dread. He knew if he didn't leave soon, he would join them on the floor.

Higuma found himself backtracking to justify himself. "This brat started it! Let me go please!"

Shanks shrugged. "There's a price on your head, I think I'll buy me some grog with it."

"FUCK YOU ALL" he shouted and threw down a smoke bomb to obscure the crews vision, he grabbed Luffy by the scruff of the neck and took off to the harbor.

After the smoke screen cleared, Shanks fell into a panic at the sight of the missing Luffy. Beckman tapped Shanks on the shoulder. "Knowing scums like him, there's only one place he would go..."

Luffy peered over at the side of the dinghy. He was a fairly good swimmer but after eating the fruit, he was suppose to sink like a hammer in water. Higuma reared his leg back to give Luffy a good punt to the backside. Somehow he saw the image of the kick coming in his head and turned around just in time to block with his shield.

"F$%#$^#K!" Higuma shouted as he heard and felt his toes crunch. Luffy's laughter died when a giant shadow loomed over the boat. It was the Local Sea Monster.

It was a huge eel like fish with mouth filled with foot long teeth. It's gaping maw descended down upon them just as he felt himself being jerked away by the collar and flung away in the ocean. Through the spinning vertigo, he caught sight of Shanks looking at him in relief just as he too was swallowed up by the Sea monster.

Luffy hit the water with a splash and fell about five feet down. Pushing his feet and scrabbling his hands, he tried swimming desperately to the surface.

The odd thing was it worked. He swam his way back up to the surface only to see scraps of floating wood and the red dye of blood in the water. His mind froze.

Shanks was dead.


And it was his fault. He did it.

That sea monster.



Luffy's eyes narrowed into pinpoints as he glared at the sea monster and screamed in anguish and unrestrained anger. "SHAAANNKKSS!"

The sea monster eyed the young boy, intending to feast on another morsel when the wave of utter dominance overtook it's senses. His animal instincts were telling him to run and swim away because he was going to die ... diie ... d-ii-eee.

Under the strong burst of haki, the Sea monster keeled over to the side and died. It's brain lacked the will power or mental fortitude to fend of the crushing haki it felt. After the Sea monster kicked the bucket, Shanks cut his way out of the overgrown Eel's belly and swam frantically underwater to find Luffy. Shanks had banked on cutting his way out of the Sea Monster's belly and then diving to rescue Luffy who would've sank down into the depths like a hammer. Oddly enough he couldn't see Luffy's drowning body anywhere.

He looked up and choked in surprise when he saw the familiar sight of a seven year old treading water. A seven year old who ate the devil's fruit.

Gagging, he swam his way back up to the top. Luffy was bawling at the thought of Shanks' sacrifice. When he opened his eyes and saw a waterlogged Shanks, covered in Sea Monster intestines and blood, he did the natural thing.

He fainted dead away at the thought of Shanks' zombie coming back to life to haunt him.

Shanks blinked and dragged the unconscious Luffy back to shore. The grilling would have to wait until he wakes up.

Unnoticed by Shanks, the Obsidian shield floated on the waves, floating innocuously behind Luffy, back to the shore.

It was as Luffy would call it when he woke up.

A mystery shield.

A/N: Possibly my longest prologue ever. There are many major changes to the beginning. I'm sure many of you can piece together the clues I put in to derive which deity I'm talking about.

The Japanese name would be Kami-Kami no Mi. The God-God Fruit. That would be somewhat misleading.

In Japanese culture, kami is usually in reference to a deity.

Wiki translation.

"A deity is a postulated preternatural or supernatural beings, who may be thought of as holy, divine, or sacred, held in high regard, and respected by believers, often religiously referred to as a god.

Deities are depicted in a variety of forms, but are also frequently expressed as having human or animal form. They are commonly assumed to have personalities and to possess consciousness, intellects, desires, and emotions similar to those of humans. Such natural phenomena as lightning, floods, storms, other 'acts of God', and miracles are attributed to them."

This devil fruit is my idea! Any attempts to rip it off me will have to be asked first.

Lottery Lottery Fruit.

Deity Deity Fruit.

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