One Piece: The Lottery Lottery Fruit!

Who in their right mind would gamble their power devil fruit power based on a lottery? Monkey D. Luffy did. It is said that crazy people have crazy luck. You have the Paramecia, the Zoan, the Logia, and the Mythical Zoan. Enter the long forgotten devil fruit. The Deity Deity Fruit : Model Xxxxxxx

Chapter 8: Meeting the Princess

Reverse Mountain was everything they thought it would be. The entrance was a narrow crack in the Red Line, covered by heavy mist. Without precise navigation, the ship would smash into the hard cliff walls. Who knew how many countless other ships met their watery grave trying to enter the Sea of Paradise? One thing was for sure though.

They were going to break through.

"Hard to starboard! We got to make sure we head straight up the entrance! If we go side way, the ship will be dashed to pieces against the rocks!" Nami shouted as the stormy winds muffled her orders. Luffy held his Straw Hat down firmly and looked up at the mountain at awe. "So this is the beginning. When we sail around the world, I'll be here again."

The ship lurched awkwardly to the side, rushing towards the edge of the mountain. "We're going to crash!" Nami screamed.

Zoro caught Luffy's hat and watched as his captain jumped off the ship. Bracing himself between the ship and the rock cliff, he pushed off hard against the side of the walls using rapid kicks. At the same time he took the impact of the ship against his core to bring it to a complete stop. The force of his kicks pushed his body against the ship, veering it back onto the correct path.

"AWESOME LUFFY!" Usopp shouted in relief. For a moment, Usopp thought that their journey would end before it even began. The Sea was not a kind place, turbulent waves and currents could capsize a ship easily. If this was only the entrance, what would the actual ocean be like? It was by far the most dangerous sea but one thing was for sure, It was an ocean filled with adventure.

They all clung to the railing as the ship shot straight up the mountain with rapid speed. There was a moment of breathless silence as they reached the top, the stray droplets of water seem to freeze in midair as they paused for a split second, before dropping down full speed to the other side. The four currents from the different seas met at one point and combined into one stream, the start of the Grand Line.

Sanji squinted into the foggy distance. "Nami, is there another mountain that we have to cross?" Nami looked at her map, "Impossible, it's geographically impossible for there to be another mountain ahead." Luffy pointed at the "Mountain." "It's a big whale isn't it."

Indeed, it was a big whale who was currently bellowing sadly at the mountain. It would have been a touching scene had the whale not been blocking their only path down to the mountain. "We're going to crash! Try to make it to the side!" Zoro, Sanji, and Usopp tugged at the rudder, tilting the ship to a small exit but under the strain, the rudder snapped. To the rest of the Straw Hat Crew, it appeared that death was certain but Luffy was not the one to back down.

He glared at the oversized whale that most likely didn't even know they were there. He harnessed his will and imposed it at the whale. "Move!"

It was a wild burst of Haōshoku Haki. It rippled from Luffy into the air, generating a rippling shockwave like effect. The Straw Hat crew, due to their close proximity to Luffy, lost hold of their consciousness. Zoro was the last to drop, through his own willpower, he knelt on his knees and looked at Luffy's back for a few seconds before his vision blurred and he fainted. Laboon felt the wave of haki and flinched backwards. His natural instints were telling him to 'Move' out of the way before a superior power.

The ship came to a stop near the bottom, free from the danger of crashing into the whale. Luffy looked at his nakama and groaned. He was still shit at controlling his Haōshoku Haki. There was almost no point in using it if it knocked out his friends too. He sighed, If they had such an adverse reaction to this Haki, he was afraid of what would happen if he used his other haki.

Much to Luffy's wonder, the side of the whale opened and an old man sailed out. He had exotic hair, it looked a lot like flower petals. He looked hardly at Luffy. "Who are you young man? I felt that burst of Haki from even within Laboon. You are no ordinary man."

Luffy broke out into a wide smile. "I'm Monkey D. Luffy. So the whale's name is Laboon? That's awesome, he's a very big whale. Also you're no ordinary old man either. You took my haki like it was nothing."

The old man crossed his arms and smirked. "I'm Crocus, the keeper of the light house here. I've been on a pirate ship a few years as a doctor and I guess you can say I've seen a bit. But I do have to thank you, That burst of haki knocked out these two idiots that wanted to attack Laboon from inside." He nudged the two bounded figures at the bottom of his ship. One of them was a young lady with blue hair and a rather hypnotizing dress that drew his sight to her chest. The other was a young garish looking man with a fake looking crown on his head.

"What did they try to do?"

Crocus sighed and looked at Laboon. "They wanted to kill Laboon from the inside and use his whale meat to feed their village. I can't grudge them for trying to help their town but Laboon has been with me for fifty years and I can't just sit around and watch him die. Laboon keeps bashing his head against the Red Line because fifty years ago, a group of pirates left him here and promised to return. I searched the Seas for them but I received news that they made a desperate escape through the clam belt. I guess the sea was just too much for them."

Luffy clenched his fist, "How can they do that to him. They made a promise."

Laboon lurched forward suddenly, sending rippling waves. He bashed his head across cliff edge of the Red Line, eliciting a gasp of surprise from Luffy. Crocus cried out desperately for Laboon to stop. Luffy growled and jumped off the going Merry and zig-zagged through the air to where Laboon was bashing his head. He punched out, his Yata no Kagami landing straight onto Laboon's nose. Unfortunately it had the fine effect of flicking a finger against the forehead, irritating but not really painful.

Laboon twisted his body, spinning horizontally in the water to generate more centrifugal force, and smashed his head down at Luffy to turn him into a red smear. This was the moment when the rest of the crew woke up. Zoro slapped his limbs to rid himself of the chills racking his body. "What happened? Luffy did something then- WTF IS LUFFY FIGHTING A GIANT WHALE?"

Luffy at the moment was indeed trading blows with the whale. He was absorbing impacts and releasing them back and Laboon while deflecting attacks that would've surely crushed him, legendary shield or not.

"I'm pretty strong aren't I?"

Laboon perked up when he felt a change in Luffy's demeanor, he no longer seemed as dangerous, in fact, he appeared more friendly. "Our battle isn't finished yet, when I sail around the world, I will come back and settle our fight. This is a promise!" Crocus smiled and teared up, it appears that there were still fools left in the world after all. It had been a while since he had seen some one who reminded him so much of the Pirate King.

Nami, Usopp, Nojiko, and Sanji were still shaken from their fainting incident. Right before they blacked out, a deep oppressive force washed over their body. Their limbs went slack and they could not think, they could only do nothing but seek the darkness to escape the chilling power. Upon awakening, they felt nausea and bone chilling shudders. They had known Luffy was different from them but what was that mystical energy he displayed? Now that the crew was awake, Luffy took note of their chattering teeth and smiled awkwardly at them.

"Um Sorry guys, It looks like I still need some work controlling that haki. It'll wear off in ten minutes about, I just got to settle something with Laboon here first." The Haki of the Conquering King was too for him to handle at the moment. No one really told him how to train in but he knew he had the ability to impose his will upon others. It was useful for scaring off and knocking out nobodies that wasted his times but he had always fought alone and Ace had long gotten used to his random burst of emotional haki.

Ace also unlocked his Haōshoku Haki ands since then on, they never ran out of meat to eat. They practiced by knocking out small animals first, like birds and rabbits, then they moved onto the bigger prey like the alligators and bears. It was a useful power but very tricky to control.

Luffy laced his words with haki, sending shivers down his crew's spines as they heard his suave voice.

"Laboon. Until I come back and settle our fight, Do not bash your head into the Red Line anymore. This is an order."

He said it in a smooth voice, as if trying to persuade a child that candy was bad for their health. The gigantic whale bobbed its head eagerly, eager to please Luffy. The Lighthouse keeper looked at Luffy with respect, The dark haired youth had already tamed Laboon.

He had been with Laboon for years and it took a while before the whale actually tried listening to what he said. To an extent, Laboon still refuses to acknowledge his authority. But Luffy was different, All he had to do was speak with Laboon for five minutes and the whale was as docile and loyal as a young puppy. He looked at the two hoodlums who tried to attack Laboon, they were still out cold.

"Now what am I going to do with these two idiots?"

Luffy shrugged, "Hey. They gotta be from somewhere. They should have a log post on them." He rifled through the mans pockets but came up with nothing. Turning to the woman, he shamelessly searched her thoroughly too. Since she was wearing rather form fitting clothing, he had to search around a bit to find it. "Got it!"

Nami instantly teleportedbehind her captain and smacked him over the head. "You hentai! How can you feel up a lady who can't defend herself?" Luffy winced and held up the log post, "but we need this to get to the next island. Seeing that they came to the entrance, they probably came from one of the island on the Grand Line." Nami felt her anger gather, Luffy was making no sense at all. Why would they need that unique looking compass to sail the Grand Line? According to the map, as long as they sailed towards one of the seven island, it would be fine.

The Lighthouse keeper smirked as he watched Nami tear Luffy a new one. "Young miss, what your boyfriend just did was right. Without a log post, you will never reach the first island." Nami turned and snarled at the old man, "Who says he's my boyfriend? Also, I'll just use the compass and the map."

Luffy tugged at the hem of her shirt. "I'm not your boyfriend?"

Nami pulled him close, their nose nearly bumping. "Look into my eyes Luffy. Just be cause we 'you know what happened' doesn't mean we're in a relationship! Now if you let the other guys find out, I'm going to make sure you never have the chance to do 'it' again!"

Luffy backed off and looked down at his kintamas, he shuddered. Girls are scary.

The two hoodlums were rousing. Vivi shook her head and blinked blearily. It felt like someone punched her brain and then injected liquid coolant into her blood stream. "What happened? We were about to take down that whale and then-" The glaring sunlight stopped when a figure stood in front of her, his tall frame blocking out the light. It cast a shadow on his body making her squint to see his facial features. Her partner busted out of his ropes and stood up, brandishing his metal bat. "Hey chump, why are you looking at my partner like that? Let me show you the power of -"

Luffy dropped the ranting fool with a casual kick to the nuts. All the guys winced, it appeared that Luffy favored that particular move when it came to dealing with talkative idiots. Zoro made a mental note to speak with Luffy about that move, it was an insult against all men and an unrefined move. Luffy grinned at them, "So I have your Log Post. You guys going to follow me or what?"

Vivi snarled, "We'll just take it back from you then!" She rushed forward to tackle the young man into the ground and wrest the log post out of his hands but he merely side-stepped her attempt. She let out a sudden scream when she scrapped her hands after missing her target. Out of nowhere, Sanji gave Luffy a plowing kick to the head which sent the captain flying into the cliff wall. "You don't hurt ladies you crude man!" He turned to Vivi with hearts in his eyes and offered her his arm. "Oh my fair lady, are you alright? Ignore my unrefined captain over there."

The said captain pulled himself free from the mini-indentation, brushing dirt and small pebbles off his clothes. "Sanji! What the hell man? You got dirt all over Nojiko's new suit!" Luffy stood up and pointed his finger accusingly at his cook. "You would hit your own captain over a girl! That's it Sanji, we got pork!" Usopp snickered and hollered back at Luffy. "It's we got 'beef' Luffy!"

"Oh." Luffy turned to Sanji. "I got beef with you!"

Vivi marveled at how childish Luffy was, instead of getting pissed, he took everything in stride. The kick to the head didn't even faze him!

"Just who are you?"

Luffy stopped yelling at Sanji and gave her a toothy grin, "Name's Monkey D. Luffy! Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates!" he proudly shouted. Vivi had an update list of bounties and she had never heard of a Luffy.

"Sorry, I haven't heard of your name before." Luffy's jaw dropped in shock and he turned to the green haired Swordsman in anger. "Zoro, it's all your fault! Now nobody even knows who I am, If I don't have a cool bounty, How am I suppose to be Pirate King?" Vivi's eyes snapped to the yawning youth leaning calmly against the mast of the ship. He had four swords, one of them a spare, and a black bandana tied around his upper arm. This guy was the Santoryu user, Pirate hunter Zoro! Unable to hide her reaction, she let out a startled gasp and scuttled backwards in an attempt to put some distance between them.

The swordsman regarded her coolly with apathetic eyes, it look like he wanted nothing more to do but then to sleep but there was a hint of awareness carefully concealed. She could tell he had his guard up against unknown enemies. Vivi averted her eyes as Zoro walked up to her. "What did you say your name was again?" He asked her in a flat voice but there was steel behind the innocuous question.

She stuttered a bit, did he suspect her true identity? Did she give anything away that she was a daughter of royalty? "M-My name is Ms. Wednesday." He looked to the side where her partner was still rolling around on the ground, clutching his nuts. honestly, it had been more than five minutes already. Vivi took the chance to distract him, "And his name is Mr. 9."

Zoro narrowed his eyes just a fraction of an inch. He had heard of those code names before. An organization comprised of only bounty hunters had once tried to recruit him. He counter-offered them with the requirement to be boss.

The previous Mr Nine tried to run him through with a sword and he took it as a challenge. A challenge that he won with blood. It seems that they assigned a new Mr. Nine and Baroque Works was on the move again. He would have to keep an eye on them. Nojiko pushed Zoro to the side with a bump of her hips. Ignoring Zoro's indignant look, she giggled and offered her hand to the other blue haired girl.

"Ignore the big teddy bear over here. he's always so high strung. My name is Nojiko, it's great to meet someone with the same hair color as me, although a different shade."

Vivi took her hand and smiled. "It was true, she had rarely seen people with blue hair, while her's was more of an aquamarine blue, Nojiko had a violet blue shade. Before they could continue, they were interrupted by the scene of Luffy and the blond cook trading kicks.

"Damn it you glutton, I made that Elephant Trunk Tuna for Nami!"

Luffy did a cartwheel flip backwards to escape a roundhouse kick. "Sanji! You're taking this too seriously! It taste so good so I just ate a bit!"

The cook growled, "A bit? YOU EVEN ATE THE FISH BONES!"

Vivi deadpanned. "Um... Is it safe traveling with these people?" she asked.

Nojiko merely laughed. "They might be a bit ... out of the loop but they are the type you can trust with your life."

The secret princess smiled sadly, it would be nice if she had people like that to rely on.

"What the hell is wrong with this Sea?" Nami moaned in despair as the smooth current somehow managed to reverse the ship 180 degrees backward. "I only took my eyes off the log post for a few minutes and we nearly sailed back to the lighthouse." Vivi smirked, "That's how it is with this sea. You never know what to expect." The orange hair navigator tousled her hair in frustration, she had never felt so lost before on the sea. Everything she knew about navigation was unfounded by the Grand Line.

The weather look clear, the wind gentle on the sails. Luffy snapped his head up toward the approaching clouds, a whispering gut sensation told him a storm was coming, a cold one. On his way down to the storage captain, he smacked Zoro over the head and told him to wake up. He gathered everyone and dropped a load of shovels and two huge paddles onto the deck.

"What's with all the equipment, are we going to dig?" Usopp said as he picked up a shovel and took an experimental swing to test the weight. Luffy wordlessly handed the two oars to Sanji and Zoro. "No, there is a big storm coming, a cold one."

Nami had her hands on her hips as she glanced disbelievingly at her captain. "The weather is great, there's no sign of a storm, especially a blizzard. I think you're wrong in this regard." Luffy frowned. "No way, when it comes to storms, I can feel one a mile away. And I can feel it, in two minutes, get ready to start shoveling snow." Before Nami could retort, a frigid gale swept by, chilling the crew to their bones. Luffy snorted, "I hate to tell you so." Nami growled and stalked back into the cabin to grab a coat.

Nojiko quirked her lip downward to a slight frown. Nami was doing it again; she always had a bad habit of distancing herself from those she cared for, even to the extent where she lashed out at them. She had done it as a child, taking Arlong's mark, now she was doing the same with Luffy, except this time, she was challenging his authority. For once, she was glad that Luffy was so dense when it came to dealing with girls. Going along with the rest of the crew, she grabbed a shovel and started scrapping the thin layer of snow that gathered on the deck. Luffy was right when he said it was a cold storm.

"Luffy, what did you say your devil fruit power was again?" Nami had exited her room, nose buried into a dusty tome that had definitely seen better days. Luffy was practicing his spinning kicks, the wind generated from his kick dragged the snow from the deck. He did a back flip in midair while still in motion from the twisting hurricane kick and landed next to Nami. "It was the Lottery Lottery fruit, I don't really know what model I got. It's the Yata no Kagami shield, The Ten Notch Sword and the Necklace. I thought you knew this already." The irritated navigator snaked her hand behind his neck and pulled him down to her level so he could see the book. "Look, your items are right here! The Three Regalia of Susanoo!"

Luffy squinted his eyes at the faded passage.

"Speculated to be the weapons of the storm god, The Three Regalia consist of a Ten Notch Sword, capable of bringing down the wrath of heaven. The Yata no Kagami, a mirror that can reflect anything. The Necklace of Magatama which was worn by the Storm Deity. There had been stories, passed down through the generations. The god Susanoo could rain lightning down from the sky, cursed lightning that darkened the day. The Mirror is boasted to be unbreakable and blessed by the Sea. The Magatama is said to be capable of mystical abilities. Over the years, people have found the relics of Susanoo but had never been able to wield it. Mentions of the Regalia had popped up sporadically throughout history but many of them untrue. The last known mention of a Regalia was when the Ten Notch Sword sank into the depths of the Sea after the ship it was on got sucked into a whirlpool."

Luffy rubbed his belly while he thought. It made sense now as to why the sword had been in the crushing depths. Every time he summoned the sword, he had to open the portal to the bottom of the ocean to get the sword. Granted he didn't have to re-seal the sword but it was a great spot to leave it and not have to worry about losing it.

"Well, what do you know? I'm really kick-ass after all."

Namiclosed the book with a snap, her pretty face marred by annoyance. "Well, I don't care if your items are rumored to be the God of the Sea, you shovel that snow now!" She went back in to her room mumbling about unappreciative bastards.

Luffy shoveled the snow with a smile on his face.

The God of the Sea had a nice ring to it.

"I see it! It's a huge Cactus!" Usopp alerted the rest of the crew after he spotted the island via his telescope. The island was easy to spot, especially due to the odd circular hills that made it look like an immense cactus."

Mrs. Wednesday smirked, "That's our stop, Whiskey Peak. Thanks for the ride." Her Partner Mr. 9 flipped them the two finger salute, "Adios Amigo!" They both jumped off the ship with a spin and started swimming to shore.

There was an awkward silence. Luffy turned to Zoro, "Why didn't they stay on the ship until we got to shore, We're like five minutes away."

Zoro shrugged, "Don't ask me, That Mr. 9 looked kind of crazy."

Nami gripped her staff, "Keep on your guard everybody. This is the first island of the Grand Line, we don't know what to expect!"

When the ship sailed closer to the dock, they saw an unexpected spectacle. The citizens from the town had gathered to shout and cheer to welcome their arrival. Usopp couldn't help grinning, "Wow what is this? It looks like they are welcoming us here but they should know we are pirates from our flag."

The townsman gathered gathered and cheered, "Welcome brave adventurers, welcome to the town of celebration, Whiskey Peak!"

Usopp pumped his arm up in the air, "Hell yeah, getting here was crazy!"

Luffy jumped from the ship and landed on the harbor. he broke into a wide grin, "Does this mean there is going to be a feast?" The man with the curly white hair and red nose smiled, "Mah-Maah-Maaaah! Of course there will be a feast for you brave adventurers, I am the mayor of this town, Igarappoi. Let us celebrate your journey here!"

"Woohoo!" Luffy jumped up and down and waved his hands at his crew. "Come on over, they are going to feed us!"

Nami palmed her face and sighed, Luffy was too naive sometimes.

The celebration was intense. Barrels of grog were rolled out, tempting Zoro to enter a drinking contest. When the prize of a hundred thousand berries upped the ante, Nami joined in. It was a wild night, full of festivity and music. Sanji felt right at home when he flirted with twenty girls at once. Even Usopp enjoyed himself, telling ridiculous stories and watching as his audience leaned in as to not miss a single word.

Nojiko tagged along Luffy, watching her captain scarf down plates of food. The chef collapsed from the exhausting work while Luffy roared for more. She giggled as Luffy ate more and more, she had never seen her captain in action before, granted she knew he was strong but never had she expected him to be so goofy. The second chef fainted and Luffy sat back with a content sigh. "Thank you so much guys but I'm full now!" That was filling but he didn't want to over do it, he still needed some room for the alcohol.


Luffy turned to Nojiko. "Oh hey Nojiko-chan! You want some food too?" He picked up a half eaten drumstick and poked it. "I think this is still good."

She laughed and shook her head. "Thank you but I'm fine. I actually want to ask you for a favor."

Lufffy shrugged and popped the drumstick into his mouth, pulling out the bone which was picked clean of meat. "Sure, just ask me and I will help."

"I want to be strong. Please train me Luffy-san! I saw how strong you are; If you train me, I can protect myself and I won't be so useless." Luffy was silent. For a moment, Nojiko wonder if asking Luffy was such a good idea, Luffy's reaction was too quiet for her liking. She stood hastily, "I'm sorry Luffy, It was stupid of me to ask I wi-"

A hand snapped around her wrist, preventing her from leaving. "Do you trust me?"

His voice was deadly serious, this was Luffy the Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. Not the goofy young man whom she was accustomed to. Did she really trust him? She hadn't known him for a long time, a few weeks at best. There were things about him that she didn't know about, all she knew was that he was strong and her sister trusted him. Yet he risked his life to kill Arlong when he could have simply walked away. She searched for the answer with her heart instead of thinking it through.

"Yes. I trust you with my life."

He released his hand and grinned, "Then get ready because my training is hard. Come on, let's get some drinks." He put his arm around her shoulder and steered her to where Zoro and Nami sat. Ignoring her protest, Luffy set a tankard of alcohol in front of her, his arm still wrapped around her shoulder. "Come one Nojiko-chan, If you're going to be a pirate, you gotta know how to drink and have fun!"

"Nojiko-chan?" Zoro and Nami both growled at the same time.

Luffy popped the top of a barrel of grog and slammed it on top of the table. "Zoro! Nami! Let's see who can hold their alcohol the best!"

Under normal circumstances, Zoro would limit his drinking to a moderate level so he could be aware of his surrounding. But seeing Luffy with his arm wrapped around Nojiko had left him with a desire to win over Luffy in a drinking contest.

"You're on Luffy."

Nami felt her anger rise as her jealousy spike a the thought of Luffy making a move on her sister. "I'm going to drink until you puke."

Luffy's eye lit up with amusement, "You're both going down."

Three barrels later, both Nami and Zoro were too drunk to continue. They had already consumed quite an amount of alcohol prior to Luffy's challenge and now they were paying the price. Luffy felt a bit dizzy as well and he slumped onto Nojiko's shoulder, burying his head through her fragrant hair. "Mmmnzz, You smell nice."

Nojiko felt her cheeks flush red and it wasn't from the alcohol. "Luffy-san, You're drunk. Rest on the couch."

Luffy wrapped his arms tighter around her, "Noo, you smell and feel good. I don't wanna let go." Nojiko sighed, she let it slide seeing that he wasn't doing anything inappropriate. After saving her town, the least she could do for him was lend him a shoulder.

Soon she felt her eyes droop and she leaned her head against his, slowly drifting off to sleep. Withing minutes, she joined the rest of the crew in their slumber.

Some time later, the door to the room creaked open, the moon light shadowing the intruder. The snores continued to fill the air as the bounty hunter approached silently. The bounty hunter unsheathed his dagger with trepidation. It appeared that the feared Pirate Hunter was knocked out cold from the alcohol.

"What are you doing?" A cold and stern voice whispered.

The bounty hunter jumped back. His eyes registered the dark haired young man with the straw hat, he felt his tension fading. It was only the straw hat. For a moment, he thought the Pirate Hunter had awaken.

"Look, I'm sorry about this but your friend has to die. Since you don't have a bounty, I can let you and your friends go but the 40 million Berri bounty will be mine!"

The bounty hunter stabbed his dagger down to end Zoro's life but before he could reach his target, he received a devastating kick to the ribs. Luffy's kick sent the man flying through the air and through the concrete wall. It was instant death.

Nojiko woke up with a start, it sounded like a wall had fallen down. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she took in the image of a crumbling wall. "Luffy, what happened?"

His eyes narrowed, the haze of alcohol gone from his mind. "I think we stumbled into a nest of bounty hunters. It makes sense now, who in their right mind would throw celebrations to a bunch of pirates they never met? They prey on the pirates who are tired from the treacherous start of the Grand Line and once they ply them with alcohol, the rest is easy picking. I'm going to get rid of them."

"Um, you won't kill them would you?"

He looked at her, "Unless they try to kill you guys, I'll go easy on them"

Luffy stepped out of the demolished wall where the rest of the bounty hunters had gathered. They checked the man for a pulse but Luffy already knew the man was dead.

"Takato is dead! The Pirate hunter killed him!"

Luffy folded his arms together, "No, I killed him."

The bounty hunters turned their rifles to him angrily, "Die you worthless no-name!" The sound of multiple gunfire echoed throughout the town, not stopping until they each ran out of ammunition. Luffy activated his tekkai before they fired, standing there to let them vent their rage and frustration.

The bounty hunters peered through the smoke from the gunpowder, "Shucks, we turned that guy into a honeycomb, shouldn't have wasted all that ammunition."

"Yeah. you did waste them. Bullets don't work on me."

The crowd of bounty hunters gaped at the young man in the straw hat. The top of his suit was in tatters from all the bullets but there was unmistakable tanned flesh beneath. The bullets had no effect. "A D-Devil Fruit Power?"

Luffy glared at them, leaking his haki to accentuate his words. "I'm going to let you guys off but if you try to kill my nakama, you will end up like Takato. I will kill you, count on it."

One of the bounty hunters quivered with rage. "You faggot! Why is a nobody like you getting in out way?" He unsheathed his sword and swung it at Luffy's neck, trying to end the fight as quickly as possible.

The blade contacted the junction of the throat and stopped cold in it's track. The man's eye bulged out, Impossible, how are you doing this!"

Luffy took the blade between his thumb and forefinger, easily snapping it. "I'm not a nobody, I am Monkey D. Luffy, Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. Remember it." His knee flashed upward into the man stomach, sending the bounty hunter flying through the air. The unfortunate fellow landed in a tumbling roll, skidding over ten meters before he stopped, puking up blood.

"Ahh, that was a nasty one, three months of recovery due to internal damage."

"Get him!" The abandoned their blades and took out hammers, mallets, and one of them even rolled out a cannon. Luffy whistled, "Trying to kill me with blunt force? Go for it."

The fuse crackled and sparked, igniting the cannon. A iron ball of destruction whistled through the air, straight towards Luffy. With a backhand, he deflected it to the left where it promptly exploded. That was only the opening shot, the rest of the bounty hunters descended on him with their mallets, trying to smash his brains in.

Luffy exploded into action, he flipped around in a midair, fist, knees, legs, elbows all lashing out non stop. He tore though the crowd like a ball of destruction, before long, all of the bounty hunters were laid out on the floor, groaning in pain. Some of them tried to run but they barely made it across town before he beat them all down. Even Miss Monday was taken down with a rather viscous flying knee kick to the cranium.

Vivi and Igaram stood in the back watching the destruction that Monkey D. Luffy unleashed. Cold sweat broke out after watching the display of violence and skills the straw hat youth demonstrated. As the Captain of the Royal Army, Igaram had to admit even his strongest fighters might be defeated by Luffy. Who knew there would be a rookie of such capabilities traveling through the beginning of the Grand Line?

Being the most brain dead of the three, Mr. 9 stepped forward brandishing his iron bat. Swirling the bats cockily in his hands, he approached Luffy. "You know, that was just some fancy display. What style was that? I'm going to remember it when I trash it to the ground."

Luffy cracked his fist with a viscous grin, "It is Muay Thai, the Art of the Eight Limbs, Luffy version. Remember it because I'm going to trash you to the ground using it." Mr. 9 dashed forward with his bat cocked back to smash Luffy's face in. Luffy bent his waist backward ninety degrees to duck under the wild swing. He kicked his leg up, missing the other man's chin by inches before bringing it down in a viscous axe kick to the shoulder. There was a sharp crack as the collarbone gave way but to Luffy's surprise, Mr. 9 pushed past the pain and used his other bat to nail Luffy across the left cheek.

He took the attack off-guard, he had expected the man to faint after receiving a broken collarbone. Most people would have already fainted from the sudden pain. Luffy touched his cheek tenderly and winced, he hadn't managed to get tekkai up in time. Mr.9 shuddered to hold himself up, clearly favoring one side as his other arm hung down limply.

Luffy walked toward the man, "Why are you still fighting. Most people would give up from the pain of a broken collar bone." Mr.9 grinned weakly, "I can't lose, the unluckies are watching; if they report to the boss, I might get demoted. I can't risk that!"

Now Luffy was perplexed; instead of a town, they were actually a part of a bounty hunter organization? He had not heard of such a vast bounty hunter organization, if such an organization existed, the Marines would have surely heard of it and so would he. Something felt wrong about all the secrecy and the one heading the organization had to be someone powerful but who?

Mr. 9 stiffened, "The unluckies are here watching, I can't lose!"

There was nothing out of the ordinary except for an vulture and an otter wearing sunglasses. Sunglasses at night? They must be the unluckies. A sudden battle cry derailed him from his thoughts. He grabbed a hold of the wrist holding the bat and pulled. He spun around quickly, using Mr. 9's momentum and his own to slam his elbow into the back of the unprotected neck.

Mr. 9 sank to the ground like a rock.

Glaring in the direction of the two animals, he let lose a sharp burst of haki. They jerked back as if they had been stricken a physical blow and fainted backwards onto the floor. Igaram and Vivi knelt on the ground with shaky limbs and lost their lunch from the residue backlash.

"W-What the hell w-was that?"

Luffy pouted, "Damn it, better but still not good enough. Least you guys didn't faint too."

Vivi and Igaram were ready to run the hell out of Whiskey Peak and sail back to Arabasta. Mission be damned. They knew that if Luffy was incline to fight them, they would not stand a lick of chance for victory. They both silently prayed to whatever higher power there was for a distraction. They must have collected enough good karma because at that very same moment, two voices snidely introduced themselves.

"Well, look what we have here. Boss isn't going to be happy to find out one of his outpost has been wiped out by one brat." A tall, dark skinned and black-haired man stepped out of the shadow. The moonlight illuminated the clearing enough for Luffy to see his brown trench coat with a pink cravat. and a pair of sunglasses. Luffy sighed, what was it with this organization and sunglasses?

The new arrival wasn't alone. A woman with short blonde hair and bright green eyes stepped out of the shadows with a giggle. She was wearing a yellow and orange hat, as well as a yellow dress with a lemon-like pattern, lemon earrings, and white high-heeled shoes. Luffy thought it was an interesting fashion style, but still too much yellow for his taste . A bright green umbrella with blue stripes rested on her shoulder, prompting Luffy to sigh. Were all the people in the Grand Line a bit crazy? There was a dude wearing Sunglasses at night, the lady was using a parasol when it wasn't raining or when the sun was glaring hot.

Luffy was saved from asking for their names when the man with the curly hair stuttered in fear. "Mr. 5, Miss Valentine. Did the boss send you here to help us?"

"Kyaaaha, who are you kidding? Do you think the boss sent us to this backwater island just to back you guys up?"

A twinge of fear struck Igaram's heart, it couldn't be possible. Had their cover been compromised? "W-What are your talking about Miss Valentine?" Igaram cursed inwardly, what had alerted them? He made sure to craft their cover carefully.

"You know exactly what this is about. Our company motto is 'Everything must be a secret. No one should know about each other's past or even identity.' But we discovered that there were people infiltrate Baroque work to investigate the boss." The man sad coldly.

Igaram fiddled with his necktie, "What do you mean? We worked our way up to the number agents with hard work, this is a coup isn't it!"

Mr.5 unfolded his arms and reached into the inner pocket of his coat. "Really now, Igaram, Captain of the Royal Arabasta Guard. Tell me, is Miss Wednesday not Vivi Nefertari, Princess of the Arabasta Kingdom?" He showed them a photograph of the princess who looked remarkably like Miss Wednesday. The cat was out of the bag.

"I will not let you harm the Princess in the name of the leader of the Royal Army of Arabasta!" He pulled down the strings of his necktie, circular min-canons popped out of his curly hair. "Die!" Multiple shots blasted the clearing where Mr. 5 stood, turning the ground into a blazing inferno. Luffy was impressed, that was quite a lot of firepower the old man was packing.

"Useless. This is an explosion. Booger Bomb!" Mr. 5 had walked out the raging inferno without a burn or even soot on his clothes. He flicked his finger, sending a small projectile zooming through the air. Luffy narrowed his eyes, was that a booger the man had just flicked?"

A sweltering heat wave washed over Luffy as the booger impacted Igaram and exploded with the force of five cannonballs. "HOLY SHIT! THAT IS SOME DANGEROUS BOOGER! Is the dude still alive?" he thought. The princess was in tears at the sight of the burning figure on the ground. Luffy made a split-second decision and decided to save Igaram. There was something about Baroque Work that just set alarm bells ringing in his head. He reappeared next to Igaram's burning body and swiped his finger across the core quickly, opening the portal.

Gallons of water escaped from what appeared to be the back of his hand. The water raged forth from the core and doused the flames. Once he was satisfied the fire was out, he reached out with his mind and imagined the glass core as a door. Using his mental focus and a bit of haki, he yanked it close in his mind and the water stopped flowing soon after. He sighed in relief, opening the portal was easy but closing it was hard, the water gushing out made it really hard to close. Reaching in and and retrieving his sword was easy but opening the portal fully to release the water was a whole other difficulty level. The water pressure pushing down and through the portal interfered with the closing making it a real struggle for him control the core.

"Watch out above you!"

Luffy heard Vivi's warning just in time to throw himself to the side, he hadn't even bothered to check what the threat was. The ground next to him splintered and cracked from the force of Miss Valentine's aerial attack. Good Lord, how much did that girl weigh?

"Kyahaha, so you dodged that did you?

Luffy dashed forward and swiped empty air when Miss Valentine jumped up and away from his attack. He tensed his leg to attack her when she landed but she continued her ascent, floating up and up and up...

"What the hell? A devil fruit power?"

Miss Valentine reveled at Luffy's look of surprise. "That's right, I ate the Kilo-Kilo fruit and it allows me to change my body's density from one kilogram to ten thousand kilogram!" Luffy looked at her blankly, I can see up your skirt you know."


"Don't get distracted, she's not the only one with with devil fruit powers."

Luffy cursed, the distraction made him take his guard off Mr. 5 who was rapidly approaching him with his arms extended out in a clothesline. Luffy steeled his body for impact. He was confident he could take any attack Mr. 5 threw at him.


The arm hooked his neck at the junction of the elbow and the arm glowed brightly. Luffy felt his feet clear the ground from the force of the clothesline and barely closed his eyes in time as the arm exploded with viscous abandon. At close range, the shockwave ruptured his eardrums and the small consecutive explosions caused concussive damage. Luffy could tell that his balance was shot to hell judging by the way the world spun around him even as he lied flat on the ground.

He had been taken unaware and he was disoriented to even put up another tekkai at his current condition. Gambling on his life, he opened the portal to the core. The water gushed out at a ferocious rate, sprouting a fountain over his smoldering body. The soothing ocean water filled his ears, stealing away the pain from the ruptured eardrums. The dizziness was still apparent but he could feel the pain ebbing away with the water. From his position on the ground, he could see that Sanji had awaken and joined. Nojiko probably tried her best to wake up one of them.

Focusing with his Kenbunshoku Haki, Luffy could also sense Usopp's location on one of the rooftops. The sharpshooter scaled the building opposite of Mr. 5 and was ready to shoot his explosive pellets. Mr. 5 didn't take notice when Usopp tried lining his trusty slingshot to the back of his head. His aim held true and they successfully slammed into Mr. 5's head in a flash of fire and smoke.

"That was a crappy explosion. You used cheap gunpowder didn't you? It's no use you fools. I ate the bomu-bomu no mi, I am an explosive man! I can make any part of my body explode." Mr. 5 gloated as he threw back his head and laughed cockily. This irked Sanji a bit and he dashed forward to perform a sweeping kick which was blocked by Mr. 5's forearm. The baroque agent glared at him. "I told you didn't I? I can make all parts of my body explosive. Behold!"

The arm glowed brightly for a split second, giving Sanji a brief moment to jump back before the explosion went off. The backlash of the explosion still caught Sanji which blasted him backward into one of the buildings.


A horrific crash and his Color of Observation let him know that Usopp suffered a similar fate when Miss Valentine dropped like a meteorite on Usopp, sending him through the roof and down into the building.


Luffy felt his anger explode from within, what was he doing sitting here while his nakama got hurt trying to protect him! He wasn't that weak!

The water gushing out of the core reacted to his anger. There was a tickling sensation in the back of his mind, a connection to the ocean water that he knew was there but was not yet accessible. There was enough water released to fill a house but was spread out through the floor of the twon, lapping at Mr. 5's ankles. His haki pulsed outward in an invisible wave through the water. The growing edges of water stopped in their tracks. Another pulse filled the water, sapping Luffy of more energy but he didn't care. Luffy knew that Haki could be imbued into weapons and items but he had never tinkered with the idea of putting haki into the ocean water.

To an extent, he knew the ocean water was his to control, now he had to exert his will over it. The more Busōshoku Haki he channeled into the water, the more the water receded. The water grew denser and more compact as the energy held the water molecules together with great tenacity. Soon the water drained back to form a dark azure blue circle around Luffy. It sat obediently around him as if waiting for a command, quivering in eagerness to please.

Putting in more haki didn't change a single thing. Maybe had had to use a different sort of Haki? Instead of using the Color or Armament, he decided to infuse the water with the Color of Observation. Much to his delight, the water started reacting to his thoughts and commands. The more Kenbunshoku Haki he put into the water, the easier it was to control. Giving it a command, he sat back and held his breath, praying that it would work.

Mr. 5 watched in curiosity as the gushing water receded like a tide, surrounding the downed young man he had lariated. It was only when the water started moving when he knew something was wrong. Tendrils of water snaked up the boys arm and legs like living creatures and he knew there was no devil fruit ability capable of manipulating water directly. At least not to the extent which he was seeing right now.

"What the hell is that?" Miss Valentine said as she floated in the air to view the spectacle from above.

"I don't know but I'm getting a really bad feeling from this." Mr. 5 said. He readied two booger bullets, he was taking no chances here. "Double Booger bullet!" There was a roar and a back draft of wind as the explosion sucked in the oxygen to fuel the massive explosion. Mr.5 smirked, "Nothing could have survived that."

Normally that would be true for most ordinary people but Luffy was anyone but ordinary. From ground zero, a circular orb of deep azure water glided out of the ground and in the center, Luffy floated freely in the water. The ocean water took oxygen from the surrounding and filtered it until it incorporated itself into the highly concentrated water. The water had entered his lung, directly supplying oxygen via the water making breathing unnecessary.

Luffy felt wonderful in the sphere of ocean water. He was aware of each individual drop of water as his haki reigned control over it, the natural energy of the ocean healing his body. He felt like he could do anything with it, including this. Flicking his hand outward, a tendril of water blasted forth from the orb. The front of the tendril increased in mass as he released control of the density, allowing it to regain it's normal volume.

A roaring jet of pressurized water slammed into the floating Miss Valentine with bone crushing force. Having changed her body weight to one kilogram, the water jetted her high into the air before it dispersed, her unconscious body floating down limply.

Mr. 5 launched two more bullets at Luffy but the superheated explosion didn't even warm the concentrated water. "M-Monster!"

The sphere of water broke apart into numerous tendrils that slithered along the ground. A few tendrils stayed behind to support Luffy's body like a brace, holding him upright while the rest chased after Mr. 5 who turned tail and started running. Luffy jerked his hand up with a flare of haki and four or five tendrils jumped up into the air with a curved arc. They lost their compact form and turned back into their normal mass of water which came down as pillars of water.

They impacted the ground like a crashing wave of the tide, swamping the explosive devil fruit user. The tendrils caught up to the main water mass and they twisted the water until Mr. 5 became the eye of the swirling whirlpool which imploded on itself to encase him in a sphere of pure ocean water.

True to the devil fruit curse, Mr. 5's body slackened as he was fully submerged in water, his energy and power siphoned from his body to the surrounding water. Luffy unsealed his sword and approached Mr. 5. There was a shrill whining in his mind as his sword begged him to plant it through the delicious source of energy and Luffy was only too glad to comply.

Sanji felt the debri being removed off his body. With the pressure gone, he took in a greedy breathe of air and coughed harshly. A mop of dark hair greeted him, his captain's dark eyes filled with concern.

"D-Did we get that bastard?"

Luffy pulled him to his feet and steadied him. "Yeah, I pulled some crazy shit but it's done. He won't be able to hurt us again." Luffy had said the last part with such dryness, Sanji was sure the Mr. 5 guy was deader than a doornail. Sanji tested his legs and found them in working order, his back was sore from the collision but his overall condition was pretty much fine.

"What about Usopp?"

Luffy sighed and Sanji could hear the burden that Luffy carried as the Captain of the crew. "Nothing serious is it?"

"He broke a leg when Miss Wednesday dropped on him like a ten thousand kilogram paperweight. I set his leg with a splint but I think we need to get him to a doctor just to be safe." Luffypinched the bridge of his nose to stave off a headache, "That's it, whether you guys like it or not, I'm going to have to teach you Tekkai or Kami-e."

Sanji shrugged, he was more interested in the leg techniques such as Soru or Rankyaku but there was no harm in learning Tekkai/Kami-e. It's better to know it and not need it, than to need it but not know it.

"C'mon, let's get back to the others."

Luffy and Sanji made their way back to the rest of the crew, where Vivi and Igaram had been gathered. It was a quiet walk back.

"One Hundred Million Berries."

Igaram's jaw dropped after hearing the immense sum. He used his pinky finger to clear out his ears. Did he hear wrong?

"Y-You mean One Million Berries?"

Nami slammed her fist down on the table, rattling the glass mugs. "I said One Hundred Million Berries! You're asking us to escort your princess back to her country safely, is your Princess' life only worth so little? It's not too much to ask for from the King. Look at what happened already! You had a walking and talking bomb after you that almost killed our Captain. Then a girl who could change her body weight to a number higher than you can bench press drops herself on our sharpshooter, breaking his leg. You have to take into account the medical fees, time involved, provisions, and so many more factors. Honestly, 100 million is not a lot to ask for."

Igaram slumped in his seat, the orange hair navigator was right. Without the protection of the Straw Hats, the would already have been turned into cinder by Mr. 5. "I'm sorry but our country cannot afford to pay that price at the moment. I'm not sure if you heard but our Kingdom is at the breaking point for a civil war."

This prompted Vivi to chime in, "It's all because of Crocodile, he wants to create a dream country of his own and what better way to do it than to take over an existing one? He's also the boss of Baroque Works."

Luffy held his hands up, showing them seven digits. "Hold on for a moment Vivi-chan. You mean Crococile, one of the Seven Warlord of the Sea?"

Vivi bit her lip anxiously, "Yes, he's the government sanctioned pirate and he made our Kingdom his home base. Even if we disclose the fact that he is running a bounty hunter network, there is nothing illegal about it. But I know he's using the organization for a more sinister purpose!"

There was two extremely differing reactions.

"That's crazy! Hell no!"

"That's Awesome. Let's go!"

Luffy and Nami whipped their head around, electricity shooting from their eyes in a battle of wills. Everyone could feel the hair on the back of their neck stand up and it wasn't due to the metaphorical energy.

There was steel in her voice when Nami spoke, "Luffy, Tell me why would any sane person go against one of the Shichibukai right when they enter the Grand Line? It's a recipe for disaster."

Luffy rolled his shoulder to work out the kinks, "First of all, I never said I was sane."

Usopp spoke up in the back, "He got that right."

Luffy shot him a dirty look, "Second of all, It's one of the Shichibukai that we are talking about here. All I need to do is send that Crocodile flying and I will get a super bounty! Everyone will know my name overnight! Also, I can help Vivi-chan out too. That's like eating two drumsticks in one bite!"

Nami palmed her face with a sigh. Her first reaction was to punch Luffy in the face but after going through what he said, it actually made sense much to her horror. She was starting to get the Luffy Insanity Syndrome, when normally crazy ideas start making sense.

"Alright but I still want my 100 Million Berries!"

Zoro had been oddly silent throughout the entire conversation. He was kicking himself for drinking himself to a stupor just because of a petty jealousy. He ruthlessly crushed any faint feelings he had towards Nojiko. He could not afford to be distracted, he needed to become the world's greatest swordsman and he had a crew to protect.

"I don't think we should go."

There was stunned silence as they registered what Zoro said.

Luffy was surprised, Zoro would normally follow his order without a doubt. "What are you saying Zoro? It's an adventure!"

Zoro slammed his sheathed sword into the floor and growled, "Luffy! If you want to go on an adventure that will kill your nakama, leave me out of this!"

Luffy reeled back as if the words were physical blows.

Zoro continued, "Look at us! You might be fine with fighting Crocodile but what about the others? Nami and Nojiko aren't suited for combat. Usopp had a broken leg. We can't protect them all the time."

There was so much tension in the air, Vivi was afraid to speak. She felt horrible knowing that she was the cause of the fighting.

Luffy folded his arms together, "We are all going to Arabasta. However, Usopp, Nami, and Nojiko won't be doing any fighting. Sanji, you're going to be staying with them to protect them. Zoro is right, you guys need more training." He turned to Igaram, "So where is Arabasta really?"

Igaram pulled out a hourglass like log post. "As you know, islands are un-mappable on the Grand Line and you can only find them by using a log post but this one is special! It's a Eternal Log post that had memorized the frequency of Arabasta and will only point you in that direction!"

Luffy picked it up, turning it over in his hand. "This is cool but I don't like the idea of just using this, I mean-", he trailed off when he realized his hand was glowing. "What the-"

His hand erupted into a mini-fireball, turning the Eternal Logpost into molten slag and cinders.


Luffy shook his hand rapidly, "I'm not hurt, what the hell happened?"

A musical voice answered for him, "Ohh. It looks like you had a little trouble with your Log Post, Do you need mine?" As distracted as they were by the impromptu explosion, none of them had noticed the lady sneaking up on them.

Vivi readied her peacock slashers, "It's Miss All Sunday, She's the Boss' partner! I only discovered his identity because I followed her."

Miss All Sunday chuckled, "I let you follow me. Now put those weapons down." Everyone found their weapons smacked out of their hands.

"Devil Fruit!"

Luffy walked up to Miss All Sunday, "Hey, What did you do to my hand?"

Luffy steeled his features and reigned the desire to sweep his eyes across her body. Miss All Sunday was wearing a skimpy cowgirl outfit consisting of a purple cleavage-exposing top and matching miniskirt, paired with a white cowboy hat and white high-heeled boots. The skirt did nothing to hide those long legs of hers, they just went on and on and on...

Nico Robin closed the distance between them, her dark eyes streaked with blue, peering into his dark brown orbs. "I didn't do anything to your hand, I'm merely here to offer you an Eternal Log Post to Arabasta."

Vivi was naturally distrustful, "Why would you be helping us? You're the Vice-President of Baroque Work."

She smiled mysteriously, "Who knows, maybe your goals are my goals." She turned back to Luffy and presented a new log post to Arabasta to him.

Luffy shuffled his hands into his side pockets and scuffed the floor with his heel. He smiled cheekily at her, "Thank you my fair lady but I'm afraid I'm going to have to decline. No one can decide my path for me, I'll manage my way to Arabasta with my own power."

Miss All Sunday smiled a genuine smile, it is hard to find men with such valor and integrity these days. "Okay Luffy-san, Just a warning, the next island you're due for is Little Garden. You might die before you even get to see Crocodile's face much lest Arabasta."

Luffy gave her a charming smile, "Don't worry, I'll see you at Arabasta."

Miss All Sunday left with an amused smile on her face, walking with an extra sway on her hips and Luffy whistled quietly at the little display.

Sanji's cigarette nearly lit the rug on fire from where it dropped from his open mouth. "W-What the hell was that Luffy! I didn't even get a chance to hit on her and you go all Mr. Gigolo on her."

Usopp hobbled over, "Yeah Luffy, you were totally laying the moves on her. What's up with that bro?"

Luffy gave them all a look that made them feel retarded for not knowing, "It's one of the rules of the trade, If you're facing a hot girl who might be your enemy, be nice to her and make her think you like her. Nothing bad will ever come out of it if you flirt and banter with her, only good things."

Sanji turned to Usopp and said with dry humor, "You know, that actually does make sense in a retarded way, maybe I'm getting L.I.S too."

"Alright, we're raiding the rest of the provisions in this town and setting off. Nami, is the Log Post set to the next Island?"

Nami checked. "Yes. We have it set to Little Garden."

"Let's go to the next adventure! Who knew we would meet a real Princess on our first Island. Croco-boy better get ready because I'm going to send him flying!"

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