Baby Teeth

AN: So I absolutely HATE those "Vampires CAN have kids" stories, when there's no valid explanation as to why… But even so…I had this idea and I can't seem to shake it.

Bonnie and Damon, both proud parents, even 2 years on, looked down at their baby girl lying on the bed between them. Bonnie reached out to touch her cheek and Addie grabbed her hand, bringing one of her mother's fingers to her mouth.

"Ow!" Bonnie cried, pulling her finger back quickly so she and Damon could both see the drop of blood on her finger. Turning back to Addie they saw the lengthened canines as she smiled up at them.

"Yes! My baby has fangs!"

"Damon!" Bonnie cried. "This is bad!"

"Oh sorry babe, how's your finger?" he asked, reaching for her hand.

"No, not this," she replied, pulling her hand out of his reach. "This!" She gestured madly at their daughter. "She has fangs! She's a baby vampire! How are we supposed to teach a 2 year old half-vampire, half-witch she can't show her pointy teeth to the other kids? Is she going to need a blood diet? What are we supposed to do, give her blood popsicles in the summer?" Her voice was edging on hysteria. "Will she have to feed off me too? How are you supposed to teach a baby how to hunt?"

It didn't help matters when Damon's contribution was: "Those blood popsicles are really good actually."


"Relax, I'll just compel her not to tell anyone," he said, proud of himself for coming up with a solution. Apparently it was the wrong one, if Bonnie's face was any indication.