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Chapter 1: Deceptions and Departures


Uzumaki Naruto had been sitting on the top of the one of many trees that were in training ground 7. His eyes were red from crying so much as he had been dealt a blow from his heart. Normally he would be sitting on the top of Yondaime's head whenever he had felt troubled in his life. But now that was no longer an option anymore, as he had learned that the man he had admired and idolized had in fact been his father. Who along with his mother is also still alive while taking care of his little sister outside the village of Konoha. It had felt like someone had taken a hot bladed kunai and repeated to cut along his skin. Of course he knew from experience how that felt on his 8th birthday when he was tortured in the streets. Now however was a different case because the pain of what he came to know was one of heartbreak. But it was not just his family that he had just found out by accident that they were indeed still alive along with his godfather and grandmother. No this time it was far worse because the man he had seen as a grandfather had just been lying to his face for so long. Naruto had looked up at the sky that loomed above him while seeing a flock of birds fying over the village as a memory came to him.





Naruto was sitting on a couch in the Hokage's office as he was drawing in a folder that Sandaime gave while glancing at the aged Kage a few times. Sarutobi had become a been wondering what the boy was doing as he looked to be taking a serious interest into what he was doing. As much as he wanted to go see what the blond was doing that gave the said child a determined look on his face. He had to curse his luck with his paper work that was looking more like a losing battle. However he was soon brought out of his losing battle with every kage had to face by the sound of the small blond childs voice.

"Ji-chan?" Naruto said as he looked at the elderly Kage with a curious look before Sarutobi smiled at the blond. "What is it Naruto?"

"Iruka-sensei told me I had a special homework assignment to do in class." replied Naruto as the aged Kage had a curious look of his own at hearing what Naruto had just said. "He told me to draw a picture of my family and I drew you and me!" Naruto said as he should a picture of squared of versions of the two of them holding hands.

This made Sarutobi smile at the picture as the small boy who is now hanging off his desk. "You know what Naruto. I think I will keep this picture here in my office from now on and have a talk with Iruka about your special assginment okay."

Naruto had looked at Sandaime for a few moments and smiled at the man as he went back to the couch and went back to drawing on his notepad then looked at Sandaime. "Um, Ji-chan..."

"Hmm... What is it Naruto?" Sandaime asked Naruto as he saw the boy look a bit nervous at him.

"Well...did you ever find anything about my parents or family?" Naruto asked as he eyes were filled with hope of having a real family like the other students of the academy.

Sandaime looked at the blond for a few moments the sighed. "...No I am still looking Naruto." He said as he saw the boy looked depressed. "I am sure that I will find something soon."



End Flashback


Now he the blond sighed again as he tears had finally stopped flowing from hearing what had happened earlier today. That had been way too much for him to even register what he had heard or if he was even meant to hear it at all.





Naruto had found himself to be more annoyed that he ever was in his entire life as his own jounin-sensei has refused to train him for the Chuunin finals. This had happened when he had decided to visit Sasuke in the hospital and he had a feeling that he would see Kakashi there. He had hoped that the man could give some training so that he could defeat Neji in the final rounds. However Kakashi had told him that he needed to train Sasuke for the finals so that he can beat Gaara. While deep in his mind Naruto did understand that was indeed true after seeing what could have happened to Lee in the earlier rounds. But still he knew that the man could actually train the two of them together as they are both his students. With that Naruto the saw that the jounin had left him there with nothing to even help him in.

"Uzumaki Naruto..." Said a raven masked anbu who appeared behind the blond making the said blond nearly fall over. "Hokage-sama has asked for your presence at once."

"A-Alright then." Naruto replied as the anbi vanished via shushined.

Never once in his life had Naruto never ever once disobeyed the man that had been his only family since the start of his life. So the blond had made his way over to the Hokages office as fast as he can. The blond had made a his way to the door of the office of his grandfather and was about to put his hand on the door until he heard a yell. The blond being ever so curious of what was happening to the old man had pressed his ear against the door.

"Are you telling me that you had made some adjustments to the Shiki Fuujin on the night of the Kyuubi attack and not only that. But you have been alive all this time with Kushina in training your daughter, Naruto's twin sister outside the village!" Roared the aged Kage as he could not for the life of him understand what has been going on with Minato.

"Yeah, you see after the sealing of Kyuubi I had asked Jiraiya along with Tsunade to lie on that night. So that Kushina and myself can train Kimiko to use her special chakra to subdue the bijuu's chakra if Naruto had ever lost control of it."Said Minato who looked very confident in his judgement. "Kimiko had gained access her special chakra when she had just turned six years old and like I said before this will help restrain the bijuu chakra so that it can go back into the seal."

"So Minato you left youto train your daughter and at the same time left your son to the wolves!" Sandaime said as his eyes be seen with untold fury in them.

Minato then looked at Sarutobi with a confused look on his face at what he had just said. "No, Jiraiya and Tsunade had left once month to come back to the village to check up on him. They even trained him with the help of Kakashi as I was told by them. You know that Jiraiys is the twins godfather and Tsunade being their grandmother, you know."

"Well they have not once ever came back to the village ever!" Sarutobi roared again as he stood up from his desk. "Do you even know how many times I had to lie to the boy in saying that I did not know his parent and saying that I will find them one day!"

Outside the room Naruto eyes had widen at the last part being said by the old man who he saw as a grandfather. That the old man he had loved as family had known who his parents were all along. Everything had then began to turn dark for the blond as he the pain in his heart had been too much now. So he ran out of the office with his head down, refussing people to see him with tears in his eyes.



End Flashback


Naruto had stayed in the tree where he could let his tears fall freely as he could not go to the top of the Hokage monuement like before. Because it was there that he used to sit on top of the Yondaime's head for comfort. But now he could not ever go back there, not after over hearing what had been said in the office not too long ago. Learning that the man he had admired for so very long had in fact been his father all this time and not only that. But he had a twin sister name Kimiko along with a mother that was very much alive just like his father. A mental image had taken form in his mind that showed Yondaime living happily with his wife with their daughter.

"Why did it have to be me?" Said Naruto as he looked at his hand. "Did everyone really see me as a demon after all?"

Naruto then remembered all the glares that people had sent in his direction for reasons he did not understand until the Mizuki incident. He did not know how to handle things in with people as it was only recently that the Ichiraku had stopped serving him. Because the ninjas in the leaf had been going there more frequently and must have said something to the old man to ask him to no longer come by. Though he did noticed that their stand was in fact getting more customers after he was no longer allowed to come back. Seeing this made him really happy that they looked to be doing very well for themselves.

He then jumped down from the tree as he heard running water near by his current location so he had decided to wash his face. The blond indeed found a small stream of water as he procceded to wash his face. It was then that he saw his own refeltion in the water that he saw a person that looked like himself, but looked very different.

"What was that?" He asked himself as he kept looking at the reflection who just smiled at him. After being a little freaked out by what he was looking at, Naruto decided to go home for the day.

After the blonde had left the area to go back to his appartment two pair of eyes had been watching the blond in the shadows. All of them had a knowing smile on their faces of what was about to come soon. However all two of them had the very same thought going through their minds.

"...Finally this cherade will come to an end." The two figures thought as one.



That Night outside Konoha


A figured dressed in full black that covered their entire body as the looked up at the moon with a mezmerized gaze as he felt enormus power coming from it. He then felt one persence that is in the shadows watching him as he star gazed in the cool crisp moonlit night. "You can come out now." Said the figure in a bit of a deep voice without taking his eyes off the sky.

"So have you finally awaken?" the figure revealed himself to be none other than Orochimaru himself.

"Yes and it has been a most stressful slumbler. But one I do not regret since my training with you and had to be awaken only once to use my true power." said the figure.

"Did anyone see you when this happened."

"No, thanks to a certain jutsu, my actions went on unoticed for the most part." The figure replied as he turned his gaze to the Snake Sannin. "Was he able to recruit the two like I wanted, Orochimaru?"

"Sadly, no..." Said the Snake Sannin.

"A pity really, as I could given them much more than the other man." The figured said with a bored voice.

"However... the other one has accepted your offer as he seemed very excited about the deal." Orochimaru said gleefully.

"Then the mission was not a complete failure Orochimaru and has your research made some progress?"

The Snake Sannin looked up to the sky just like ther peron before him was doing as he had a pleased smile on his face. "Yes, I plan to use it at the Chuunin exams, if that is okay with you."

"Heh, I supose it wll be a day of rememberance for the people of this village of arrogance."

"What of Yondaime and Sandaime?"

The figure had a calm smile on his face that his hood hid his features. "They will not be able to do anything to us once we have gained the final element into my plan."



Hokage's Office


Sarutobi had not been having a good day since the secertly return of the Namikaze family since the Kyuubi incident. But now it appeared that Naruto had over heard everything that was being said from his front door. It just made everything more worse than before. As he knew the boy who now hate him for lying about his family and would grow to hate his family for leaving him behind in a village that wanted his blood. He could only wish that when Naruto would come to see him on his own, that he may be able to convince the boy that he had good intentions of not telling him. Sandaime then pulled a drawer open on the right side of his desk as he pulled out Naruto's drawing of the two of them holding hands. However he was soon brought out of his thoughts as an anbu making their appearance infront of him that had a certain mask.

( A/n: I forgot Yamato's anbu mask, sorry)

"Hokage-sama, I have come back by your request." Said the anbu.

"Ah Tenzo, were you able to find anything about Orochimaru's where abouts?" Aske Sarutobi as he saw the anbu Tenzo kind of shifted.

"Hai, we had found a very well laced genjutsu in the Forest of Death, that not even Anko had noticed. It the area showed sgins that the the man had been living in the village for six five or six years."

"WHAT!" Shouted Sadaime has he had risen from his chair as it allreted some of the ninjas in the building as they had all rushed into the office. While the aged kage ran a hand through his gray hair with a headache coming on him "Orochimaru, why have you waited at this point in time when you could have placed the curse seal on Sasuke any time you chose. Just what is it that you are really after?"



The Next day


Naruto had been looking around the village that is his home with so many thoughts going through his mind. He had come to the thought that if he wanted to prove himself in th chuunin exams then he would need a new attire. So he had decided to put disguise himself in a henge as he went to one of the many ninja gear stores. he was welcomed into the store happily as he looked around the clothes that looked sturdy for battle. After a long while Naruto had finally saw an outfit that seemed to speak out to him as he picked it himself, then paid for it.

He then had walked out of the store as he came face to face with a girl with long red hair that reached to her lower back. She had a skin tone that almost matched that of his teammats Sakura. He noticed that the girl had dark blue eyes as she looked at him with a shocked expression on her face. This was girl who Naruto had never met was in fact his twin Namikaze Uzumaki Kimiko.

Kimiko was dressed in a skin tight shorts with blue ninja sandals on her feet with white tank-top on and wore a orange short sleeved shirt over it. From the moment she had seen the boy in front of her, she knew this person was indeed her twin brother, Naruto. Of course she knew that he did not know this at this point in time. She had never heard anything about him except that of what Sandaime had told her family that night they made their return to Konoha.

"Sorry, but I have to get home to get some stuff ready for my training for the Chuunin finals, later." Naruto said as it was not a total lie because he did need to train. But he also wanted to try on his new clothes as well.

"Wait!" Kimiko said as she saw the blond turn around. "Do you think it would be alright to train with you?"

"Eh...sorry, but I want to keep my training a secret so I can surprise everyone in the finals." Naruto said as he felt a pull deep within himself.

"Nah, it's okay." Kimiko smiled as she saw the blond smile back at her. "Well I hope to see you shows your strength at the finals." With that said the two had went they're own ways.



With Kimiko


Kimiko had arrived at the home of her father as she had been sitting with her parents while telling them. That she had seen her long lost twin brother coming out of a clothing store after dispelling his henge. They were a bit surprised to find out that he looked a lot like Minato with the exception of having whisker marks on his face and was wearing an orange jumpsuit. She had told them that he was planning to go train himself for the Chuunin Finals. Which had upset Minato a lot as he was wondering where Kakashi was at this moment and why he was not helping his son. He more than anyone wanted to rush over to his sons apartment to help him in his training for the finals and hopefully find out why Kakashi was not doing his job or his sensei for that matter. But Sandaime had forbidden them from having any contact from Naruto. After he had told them that the small blond had heard the entire conversation of that day in his office. In his heart he had a feeling that what he was planning may hurt his son in more ways than one. But reasoned himself that this was the right choice to make for both of them and now he knew that he had been doing the exact oppisite of a parent. That was not protecting their child from harm, instead they had flat out left him to some people who could be called a demons themselves.

"Did, he sound angry, Kimiko?" Minato asked who saw his daughter shaking her head "no".

"But I do not think he even knows what I look like either." replied the red haired girl causing her father to sigh as he knew that was true.

"Do you think he will be able to forgive us, Minato-kun?" Kushina asked.

"Honestly, I would not blame him if he didn't." Said the older blond as he really found himself to be defeated in this matter.



Chuunin Finals


Naruto woke up early for the day where everything was in would be known to the entire villagers of Konohagakure no Sato about his father. He then was told by Sandaime that his match would be last. Thinking that Naruto needed a bit more time to emotionally prepare himself in his match against Neji. Naruto had wanted to argue that he is feeling alright enough to go into his match, only he then saw that he was in no place to argue with the aged kage. The blond then looked down on to the arena to see two people were not present for the finals. One being the genin from a new village of Oto. Which became Orochimaru's village to get information on the ninja world while staying in his former home. While the other he had expected to be late was Uchiha Sasuke due to his sensei that is his fathers student Hatake Kakashi. Naruto then decided to make his arrival with his new look as he jumped down to the arena.

Everyone had became stunned at the new person who had just arrived in the arena from above. The person had om all black with a macthing color face mask that looked like Kakashi's own mask. The coat he wore looked like the one Ibiki wears from T&I anbu division of Konoha. (A/n: Look up Homura from Sekirei)

Naruto looked at everyone who did not know that it was even him with the exception of Kiba. Who had figured out who this new person was form his scent as he looked a bit concered for his friend. Kushina had took noticed his blond hair that looked the same color of her husbands and new that the person who is standing in the arena is her son. However the one she had noticed about her son was his eyes that seemed so very different from what Sarutobi had explained to them. In fact they looked like that of a person who has killed other human begins before and it was frightening to her.

Minato had similar thought to that of his wife's thoughts were at the moment, he could not get over the face that his son was a carbon copy of himself. With the exception of having whisker mark on both his cheeks that he had seen on the night of the sealing of the fox. However he then noticed that people were now looking to Sandaime as he raised his hand.

"Now my dear people and visitors who have made their way to watch todays event." Sandaime began as he had everyones attention on himself. "Now first I would like to congraduate the finalist for making it this far into the Chuunin exams. Now before we began I have a few very important announcement to make for everyone present. The first is that the first match between Uzumaki Naruto and Hyuuga Neji will be pushed back to the last match or how I deem it. Now on to the second piece of the finals which I will now say is that no one is to forefit their match no matter the circumstances." Said the aged kage as the team of Suna scowlled at this peice of news. "And finally is that our beloved Yondaime Hokage as returned back to the village, due to making new adjustment to his seal." Hearing this the people of the village started to gasp for a few sconds, then cheered at having Minato back. While some people were saying that it was a matter of time for the demon to finally pay for his crimes. "Now I will let Namikaze Minato say a fw words."

Naruto only scoffed at the man as he looked a bit nervous at the people who were waiting for him to speak. "Well first of all I would like to say is that, I am glad to be home." Said Minato who then saw the people cheer even more so. "Now that is out of the way, I would like to know why this village has not done what I had requested in seeing Naruto is a hero!" Yelled the angered blond as he saw the people cringed and shocked at why he would be angry. "I have it on good information that you people have done everything you can to make MY SON"S life as miserable as you possibly can!"

Hearing this caused the people to become even more shocked as their beloved hokage called Naruto his son. Most people had said that the demon just took the shape of Yondaime to mock them as they found it to be more fuel for their hate. While Naruto for his part had his eyes closed as he chose to no listen to his estrange father become angry. Minato had continued to yell at the people for doing everything they could think of to break his only son and from the looks of it, had succeded in that matter. People then begain to feel even more regert for playing a part in Naruto's bad life as they could only feel shame. However everyone was then shocked that the boy in question had made his way to the waiting area for the contestants of the finals. The Namikaze family were also shocked as their own family member showed no signs of even carring what was taking place.

Naruto had taken a seat as he watched the matches go on with no real interest on his part as he watched Kankuro being defeated by Shino. While he was a bit surprised at the outcome with the Aburame's skills in strategy, he could not help. But point out the weakness in Shino's ability to fight opponents that will have learned of his clans skills with bugs. As it was very foolish to fight with clan techniques only because of over specialization would be anyone's weakness against a versitile opponent. Shino for his part thought that Naruto did not understand the ways of a ninja. If only he had not found out that he was poisioned by Suna's puppet player in the match. He then continued to watch Shikamaru's match as he had suspected that the lazy genin was in fact a master of strategy and thought that if he had not applied himself more then he anyone he would lead will pay the price. It is a harsh lesson that the lazy genius would have to learn eventually in his life.

Then it had came time for his match against the Hyuuga prodigy of the clan that had built up in arrogance along with the Uchiha clan. Neji had walked down to the arena grounds that had some debris due to Kankuro's match against Shino. However Naruto had appeared on the grounds before he even took his first step down the stairs. People were shocked to see that the son of Yondaime had moved so fast that no one could even register it. Neji was shocked as well as he saw that this years dead last moved faster than any shunshin he had ever seen. The moment he stood in front of the masked blond, was the moment that Kakashi had made his appearance with Sasuke who is wearing a new outfit.

"Yo, are we late?" Kakashi asked as he looked toward the proctor who had a senbon in his mouth.

Yes, in fact that you are late Kakashi. If the Hokage did not push Sasuke's match to being last one due to your lateness." said the Proctor who is clearly annoyed with the Copy-nin, while the said jounin laughed sheepishly. "By the way, look in the Hokages Box." Said the proctor as Kakashi did what was asked of him then gasped.

"S-Sensei?" Kakashi said as he then started to shake.

"Would you mind leaving?" said Naruto in a voice that was both annoyed and cold toward the jounin as he got the others attention.

Kakashi then looked toward the newly masked blond who did not even look at him, but kept his gaze on Neji. "Naruto, I see you have taken a new wardrobe now and you look ready to face Neji."

"I had kindly asked you to leave, Hatake-san." Naruto said more empty without looking away from Neji who just smirked at him.

Kakashi wanted to aske his student about his attitude toward himself, only for the proctor to tell them to leave. The silver haired jounin then went up to where Minato was sitting as he then noticed the only two loyal Sannin with them. While Naruto had his eyes on the Hyuuga before him, he could not help to smile calmly at the prodigy. Once the proctor had started the match Neji had closed his eyes believing that his match was distined to be his and decided to voice his opinion.

"Fate has decreed that you shall lose this match Uzumaki Naruto." Neji said as he was still smirking as he activated his Byakugan in hopes to intimidate the blond or make him lose his focus. Only to see that his words or his bloodline had no effect on this person before him. "You must accept that fate had made you into a loser just like Hinata-sama is."

Naruto then gave a calm smile at the Hyuuga that did not look very pleasing to anyone. "I do not need to heed the words of an insect that has conpensated his weakness for a belief that life in controlled by fate. Who does not dare to rise higher to those who had set his life as a servant." said Naruto has he saw Neji became angered by his words as he saw the blond vanish again, only to reappear as he was standing on the wall. "Tell me Hyuuga... have you improved your Kaiten?" Said the blond as he heard a few people mumur at his words. "I know that all Hyuuga have this skill for what they believed to be a prefect defense against their enemies as well as thinking it to be an offense. So I would like to show that your pathetic excuse of prefection in battles have a flaw."

Naruto then brought a sword out that was covered from his coat to show it was a normal katan with a strange looking hand guard with dark blue wrapping on the handle. He then placed his hands in one hand seal and called out the one jutsu in his arsenal since the Mizuki incident. "Taijuu Kage Bushin no jutsu!" Naruto called out as over twenty clones charged at Neji with their sword drawn out. Like he had predicted Neji began to spin his whole body as he deflected the clones. He watched as Neji took pride in defending himself against would be attackers only to see the blond still smilling. "Now as I have known before with your clan is that you need to be in close range to use your juken to close my chakra paths, correct." Said the blond causing Neji to become more shocked than he already was. "I will award your effort in trying to make me submit to your lowly game of mental break down, Hyuuga. But so far I am not impressed by your clan or any for that matter of fact as they all over speicalize everything and never dare to think outside their world of fantasy. To prove this one fact I will show you my true power that I have kept secret from everyone around me. Since I have only had to use my power only once in combat in my first A-rank mission to wave, in fact I used it without being noticed."


In the Kage Box


Kakashi had been cewed out by his sensei for not teaching his son for the finals, only to be forgiven a while later. As the jounin had explained why he had to train Sasuke for the finals against Sabaku no Gaara. Minato could not really be angry with his student as he too saw that the red haired boy seemed to be a bit unstable. But none the less he was still a bit angry with him for doing what he would advise against in favortism. But then again he, himself was no different as he had adopted Kakashi into his family as his own son. Kushina had kept her eyes on her son as he had drew his sword out from under his coat as well as she took noticed on his words about clans.


Back in the arena


"Bloom with your frozen petals...Shiroi Fuyo Mira." Naruto said calmly as his katana began to glow a pure snow white that blinded a lot of people for a short time. Once the light had died down, everyone was stunned to see that the blond was now carrying an entirely differnent sword that had a pure white blade. The othe feature that everyone saw was that small shards of dark blue iceciles were spinning around the snow white blade. Naruto then held the blade above his body as he was still standing on the wall. "Blossom with your raidiance...Tsumetai Eisei Teizen." Naruto said as a few of the shard that are circling the sword had shot out to the arena floor in around Neji who was confused. However Naruto was not done as he pointed a finger at the Hyuuga. "Bakudou #61 Rikujokurou." said the blond as he a yellow light flashed a few times at the tip of his index finger that is pointing at Neji. While the confused Hyuuga was too busy at the now slowly freezing ground was turning to dark blue ice. He was about to jump to the wall to save himself from who knows what would happen if he stayed. Only to see a flash of yellow from the corner of his eye as he was going to turn to the blond. This time however felt the top of his body become limp to even face his opponent. He saw the proctor jump on to the wall as the ice turning ground coming up upon himself had started to freeze his legs in the same dark blue ice. But it did not stop at his legs as it slowly started to creep up unto his chest and looked about to completely take his whole body. Only to stop at his chest, then Naruto had appeared before him with the still calm smile on his face. "I shall not be deterred by the words of a weak child who is consumed by his own illousion of life being controlled by destiny are the empty words of a failure. But you have proved to be slightly entertaining to me, so I shall give you a reward." Nsaruto said as he pressed his left index finger on Neji's right shoulder to touch him. "Hadou #4 Byakurai." Said the blond as thin white beam had shot through Neji's right shoulder that had lighting surge around the beam and blasted through a the wall behind the Hyuuga. After a while the beam had started to vanished from everyones sight leaving all the people shocked. Naruto's sword had then reverted back to a normal looking katana as he sheathed his sword. "Call the match and get some medics for him, if you wish to save this insects life."

The proctor had called the match as Naruto had appeared in the waiting area with the rest of the finalists. Naruto then stood near the rail of the waiting area as he waited for the final match to take place between Gaara and Sasuke. He then closed his eyes for a brief moment so that he relax a moment, only to feel the presence of seven people who were behind him. "...(sighs)... Is there something I can help you with Yondaime-sama? Because staring at someone from behind is a very poor show of manners." Naruto said as he kept his back turned to the seven people.

Minato could not believe that he was standing a few feet away from his only son who has his back to him. There was so much that he had wanted to say the child that he had made the mistake of leaving behind, he then laughed sheepishly. "I'm sorry for being rude Naruto. It's just that it has been so long since I have seen you in a long time and I had been very worried about you."

"Well as you can personally see that is I am just fine." Naruto said as he did not even look at them as he continued to watch the match. "And I have become stronger without the need of a family or a sensei in the village as they had refused to teach me anything in the first place." Minato could not really argue the claim of his son as he had personally read reports that were in Sandaime's files of the said boy who did not even look at him. He read about how he was thrown out of the orphanege at the age of 4 to live on the street with homeless people. All the way to finding what he could in trash can that are in the back of anywhere to find food. This had went on until he had barely turned 6 years old as the elderly kage moved him into an apartment. The reports had said that Naruto had grown into a mischief making ninja who smiled at the smallest things in life. This had not changed once even after the incident with Mizuki telling him that he is the container of the Kyuubi no yoko in his body. However the boy that stood a few feet away from him looked to be the exact oppisite of the reports. But Minato being the man he is wanted to get to know his son no matter how much impossible it looked, because he is a man that never gave up.

"I can see that you really have become strong all on your own Naruto." Kushina said as she smiled at the smaller blond. "You might make chuunin once finals are over."

"As this village is run with cowards who fear what they do not understand and hide their weakness behind their hatred. I highly doubt that I will make such a rank." Naruto said gently toward his family, but the gentle voice was cold. "However such things as ninjas and ranks mean nothing to me as it is only a hinderance in life. So once the finals are over, I will quit being a ninja."

This had made the Namikaze family look at the Naruto with looks of shock on their faces along with utter confusion. "I know more than anyone has ever let on Hatake." To this Naruto had finally turned around to face the entire Namikaze family. "I know that you have taught the Uchiha your signature jutsu, the Chidori. As well that you had copied Rock Lee's movements with your sharingan and then passed it along to that same Uchiha. Truly such a methods of attaining strength are those of a lowly coward just like those of his now ruined clan."

Kakashi was about to make a move toward the young Namikaze for speaking his opinion only to be grabbed by Minato. "How do you know all of this?"

"I have no disire to explain myself to the likes of you Hatake." Replied Naruto as he looked toward the rest of his family. "The entire Namikaze family has gathered for this little even. I have known for sometime that you Namikaze-san had adopted Kakashi into your family out of pitty on learning the circumstanes of his father." Said Naruto as he saw his father looked at with a surprised look on his face. "I am also well aware that Jiraiya is in fact the man who named me...so to speak as I was named after his character in his first book. Then there is you Senju Tsunade decendant of Shodaime who is also the husband of Uzumaki Mito who sealed the Kyuubi within herself. Could you imagine my surprise that not only I but the woman who had given birth to me was also the previous jinchuuriki of Kyuubi no Yoko."

This time it was his mothers turn to be shocked at the words of her only (blood related) son had found out she was the pervious jinchuuriki. "How did you find out?"

"I would like for you to answer me something Namikaze-san" Naruto said in his calm voice as he looked at his mother who stared back at him.

"What is it Sochi?"

"How a person with the same jinchuuriki status was able to live happily? What made you into the woman that could still smile at the world dispite the burden she carried?"

Kushina then closed her eyes as she had met the pervious Kyuubi jinchuuriki before the sealing took place for herself. She then opened her eyes as she had a look of determination in her eyes. "The best way to be a prefect host is to be filled with love (I forgot what the saying was)."

"I see... so that is how you were able to live a very much normal life." Naruto said as he looked toward his mother. "So what happens when a jinchuuriki was never able to be filled with love and was barely anything to live with. I can see it all now really as where your daughter Kimiko has been living a life with a loving family to be with her. While her twin brother had nothing to of the sorts as he lived on with nothing but being surrounded by lies."

Jiraiya was about to say something to the godson he never visited throughout his entire life as he spent time with his favorite students family. Only to be stopped by Minato hold his hand up with his eyes showing so much pain for his descesion on leaving his son. Naruto then took his face mask off so they could see the whisker marks on his cheek.

Gaara also being a jinchuuriki himself had enhanced hearing due to the ichibi being sealed inside himself had stopped fighting with Sasuke. He then turned around to see from the side of the blond genin had the same eyes of pain and hate inside, that are very much like his own. The red haired suna genin then called his sand back into his gourd as this had seemed to confused Sasuke a lot. Gaara then turned around to the Uchiha with his glass like gaze.

"You won this match, Uchiha Sasuke...I forefit." Said the red head as he started to leave through the arena entrance. With that said Sasuke had looked up into the waiting area and saw the Naruto with eyes that looked devoid of life. However the said blond had vanished then reappeared from behind the Uchiha as he felt his breath on his ear. "Always the favorite of sensei... Sasuke." Said Naruto as it caused the Uchiha to jump forward.

"Damn dobe, don't do that!" Sasuke said as he saw his teammate just blankly stare at him with his sword drawn out as it was in that strange form again.

Just as then between the two boys a hand had quickly become covered with that same dark blue ice that had appeared earlier in Naruto's match. Sasuke being a bit confused as he saw the entire arena had become and ice prision that kept everyone in place. Just then a black swamp like circle had formed between the two boys. As a pale hand had emerged from the black substance along with another hand and had begun to rise up from the ground. Long black hair was had been seen as a head rose from the darkness with a pale skinned man with green snake slitted eyes to reveal Orochimaru. By this time everyone had begun to panic upon seeing the snake Sannin make his appearance in the arena. Sasuke had begun to tremble before the Sannin as Naruto who still had his blade out had then calmly smiled at the man.

"I trust that you have taking in the sights of this village?" Naruto asked as he then turned his gaze on to the frighten Uchiha.

"Kukukuku... why of course." Orochimaru replied as he looked toward the blond who did not even look the slightest worried about the missing Konoha nin. "Of course I wanted to visit my old training grounds for a bit of reminiscing of my old teammates." Said the Sannin as he looked up to see the scowl on the faces of his former teammates.

In a split second the three ninja had found themselves to be surrounded by 14 anbu who had their weapons drawn out. This had caused Sauske to look all around himself to prepare for the worse in case that he and his blond teammate were to help on in the battle. However just as the anbu were about to make a move on to the missin-nin only for blood flying in the air to stain the grounds. Naruto looked at the people who begun to fall down to the grown dead before them.

Danzo who had been silently cursing at Orochimaru for not doing as he was told as he had been in on the invasion plot. Only for the destruction of the village so that it would allow himself to seize power to become Hokage. However the Warhawk was now seething at his plans were falling down before himself. Having enough of this he motioned for his ROOT anbu to move in to kill the man and Naruto while he was at it. However his personal anbu had met the same end like the ones that were under Sandaime's command as more blood was spilled. Only this time two people had made their appearance in the stadium grounds who stood by Orochimaru's side. One was wearing a black high collar cloak that had white out-lined red clouds on it. The second person looked to be around Naruto's age as he was wearing an anbu mask as he is covered with a black cloak. Danzo had recognized the mask as it belong to one of his subordidantes in his ROOT division.

"UCHIHA ITACHI!" Sasuke yelled as he charged his chidori up once again as his anger had fueled his power once more again. "TODAY I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" Once his the jutsu was fully chraged Sasuke ran toward his older brother while the ground was being torn by his raiton jutsu as people were in awe. He then thrusted in attack into his brothers chest where his heart is located as he felt the man blood run over his hands. Only to see that Itachi had a small smile on his face as he was trying to figure out what this meant. Until he felt the coldness around his legs for some unknown reason. Sasuke then looked down to see his legs were covered in that dark blue ice that was used to entrap Neji in his teammates match. He then looked to see Naruto looking at him with eyes that looked far more cold than his older brothers.

"Are you prepreations ready?" Naruto asked as he looked over to Orochimaru who had a smile on his face as he nodded his head. "You may proceed." Said the blond who then finally sheethed his sword on the side of his left waist. Upon doing this one action the entrie stadium had were now in shock to see that Kushina along with her daughter were on the arena grounds in front of Orochimaru. But the six people were impirsoned by the same dark blue ice all around themselves as Orochimaru held Kushina by her neck. While Itachi along with the young anbu were holding Kimiko down in their grip. Naruto himself had begun to walk over to his mother with his hand stretched out over where her heart is located. His hand started to turn into wood as he placed his hand on her right breast and once his hand had made contact with her. A bright light had nearly blinded everyone all around in the stadium with the exception of four people who did not seem to care. Naruto had begun to withdraw his had as a stream of rainbowed color chakra began to withdraw from Kushina into Naruto's hand. This process had kept on going for a few more minutes until the last of the chakra had finally been drained from his mothers body. While this happened everyone could only look on helpless at what was happening to a kunoichi who had been a role model for younger generations. Orochimaru had finally the woman go from his grasp as he watched Naruto walk toward his sister to repeat the process. Once Naruto had finished with his sister the two people who held Kimiko in place dropped her to the ground looking severly weakened like the older woman. Naruto seeing the had smiled calmly to look at his once faimly.

"I am very surprised to see that you two are alive." Naruto said as his smile did not falter even after his ice prision had dropped to the ground. "I will admit that even I did not know what would happen after I had taken your special chakra from your body and I am very mildly impressed that you have survived this little experiment of mine. Since you two are the first to live through this extraction process like a few other people who too shared this chakra of yours."

Hearing this caused Kushina's eyes to widen as she came to realization that she was not the only one who lived after her country was destroyed. However she then became sad as she heard that from her sons words that others did not live through his process. She had started to cry out toward her clan that had met their ends at the hands of one of their own. "Ah, it seems that we did not have to use brutal tactic to accquire this little iteam as it was something that I needed down the road." Said Naruto has he held out Shodaime's stone pendant.

"It seems that it was a wise choice to follow through with your plan, Naruto-kun." Itachi said as he two was looking at the blond with calm eyes. "I did not think that Tsunade-san would ever pass her grandfather pendant to anyone."

"Not after the incident with her brother being killed and then her lover." Commented Orochimaru as smiled.

"DON'T YOU DARE SPEAK THEIR NAMES YOU BASTARD!" Yelled Tsunade as she looked at the snake Sannin.

"It seems like the old witch does not like you talking much less living Orochimaru-san." The young anbu said as he looked toward the snake master.

"The story of my life." Replied Orochimaru as he looked to Naruto.

"Which will come to an end today." Jiraiya stated as he was getting himself ready for any kind of a fight.

Naruto the grinned a little as this had got the attention of the ninjas around them. Sandaime did not know what to think at the young blonds thought, so he asked. "What is that you are finding humorus Naruto?"

"Oh nothing really." Naruto replied as he his grin did not falter once. Until four beams of light had came down from the sky and surround the four people in a small barrier as he started to lift them into the air. Everyone had looked into the sky to see where the beams of light had came from. Only to see a black rip in the sky as it was taking them in while the four looked down onto the people. "To think a man of your calibur was not able to see past illuosion I have created Minato-san."

Minato hearing this had helped his wife to her feet as they both looked up at the retreating form of their son. "Just what is it that you want Naruto?"

"If I had any desire to tell you of my plans." Naruto replied as he looked toward his father. "Even if you had somehow to figure out what I was up to. I seriously doubt you would even have the strength to stop me or much less to even prevent anything to slow my plans down." Finished the young Namikaze as he smiled gently again. "Sayonara everyone." With that said everyone had saw the four people had left into the darkness in the sky as it shut itself closed. Leaving behind the people of Konohagakure no sato very shocked and frightened.





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