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Chapter 4: Frozen Mist (Part 2) & Meetings

Naruto walked over to the rebel ninjas of Kirigakure with his two followers after lowering their weapons. To show that they came to help them with no ill intentions on their behalf. Though the black face mask obscured the eyes of the only living rebel faction at seeing his facial expressions. They were able to see the lining of his lips smiling kindly at them.

A woman who looks to be 19 years of age stood in front of the blond swordsman. This woman, wearing a blue altered battle kimono that is revealing her shoulders and the valley of her breasts. Underneath the kimono was a fishnet shirt in a similar design of the clothes outside. She wore her Kiri hitai-ate around her waist in a belt that reminded the blond of Maito Gai. This woman also having long red hair as the bangs on her right side covered her eye blue eye.

"I have heard so much about you from Zabuza." Said the woman as she examine the blond in front of her. "Even Haku say that she is very thankful for you in saving her master."

"I must say that I do believe myself to be strong." Said Naruto as he looked in the back to see the girl smile at him. "I have my own ambitions to achieve in my life and do not wish for my life to end needlessly. However I have come here with the intention to negotiate a few terms. In which will help both Kirigakure and myself in the future." Said Naruto as he saw the woman raise a brow. "I assure you that it will produce great results to protect your country from being invaded. While the lands start to recover from a long lasting war."

"Would you follow me to my tent to discuss your ideas?" Asked the rebel leader as she saw the blond nod his head. "By the way, my name is Terumi Mei and yours is?"

"Ah, my apologies Terumi-kun." Said Naruto in a kind voice before holding his hand to her. "I seem to have forgotten my manners. I am Uzumaki Naruto."



Kumogakue no Sato (Sai)

Sai had manage to make his way into the village of Kumo as it was very easy for him being a Root Anbu under Shimura Danzo. Because once a person has begun training under the War Hawk. Their lives were completely erased from the world outside the hidden base. But those that are like Sai, himself were a different case. As he was raised in the hidden grounds of Root and knew no other person except for on person.

He had then looked out the window of his hotel room as he saw that it was night time. He then took out a scroll out from his bag as he took out some ink along with a paint brush and started to draw 12 black rats on the paper. Sai the did a single hand seal before making the black rats come out of the paper to jump on the floor in front of him. He then gave an order to his creations to infiltrate the Raikages office through any means they could find.

Sai then decided to look leave his room to explore the village that is Kumogakure. However he seemed to find the place pretty boring because people were almost the same in any hidden village. But just then he heard the shouts of people who sounded to be a bit angry. This caught his interest as he walked over to the angry shouts. Only to hear the words of "Demon whore" or "Demon flith" that made his smile falter a little.

There stood a light long blond haired girl at the age of 17 wearing black shinobi pants with matching sandals. On her waist is a red sash tied as a belt and a grey waist armor over a black skin tight shirt.

This girl did nothing as she allowed the people to throw random objects at her person. Sai watched everything from the side as he also saw the ninjas were also throwing things and calling her the most degrading names anyone could think of. Having enough of seeing this Sai was about to make his way through the crowd. When a hand stopped him from going further to help the girl. He then turned his attention to the person.

Sai the came face to face with another light blond haired woman who has shoulder length hair and blues eyes that reminded him of a picture of Yamanaka Inoichi The woman looked to be the same age as the female jinchuuriki of Kumo.

[Too lazy to discribe these people now, sorry]

"I wouldn't try to help her if I were you." Said the blond as she gave him a serious look on her face. "She is a jinchuuriki... a creature that is not human."

The former Root anbu did not even give the blond a second glance. "Is that so." Said Sai as he looked at the girl. "From what I can see she is bleeding like a human and from the looks of her. She is having feelings of anger like a human."

"I must say that is an interesting take on the subject." Said the blond woman with an impressive bust-line.

To the Sai's smile got a little wider for a moment. "But I do wonder who is the true monster?" Said the former Root Anbu as he walked into the crowd and spoke loud enough for everyone to hear him. "The one who is accused of being a monster or the ones who inflict as much damage on the person. I can only guess what you people have been doing to this woman when she was not able to defend themselves."

"What would you know you Demon-lover!" Demanded a villager.

This time Sai took his smile down from his face. "I can assure that I can think of what people like you have done." He said in a dangerous tone of voice. "You people most likely hunter her down like an animal for sport and once you have captured her. You would do anything to make sure that her place at your own feet." He said as he took a look back to see the woman not liking being in a crowd. "And I can assume what you men do to her. As I can clearly see that she is frightened by being surrounded by men from the way she is holding on to herself."

To this some of the men had flinched at the words of Sai because they suspected at what he guessed up in his head. While a few just seemed to grin at the notion of remembering the memory on what they did. While at the same time, the long haired blond looked down at her feet. Once the former Root anbu said his words, he turned around and left the crowd with some people and four ninjas to think for themselves.



? (Training Area: With Itachi & Unohana 4 days later)

Unohana Retsu had started to watch the two know students form in kenjutsu as she walked over to Toushiro. "You are doing great for only a few days, Hitsugaya-kun." Said Unohana while smiling at white haired boy, then walked over to Itachi. "We do you think that these two will be ready for their Kidou training, Itachi?" She asked.

"It depends on how the want progress." Replied Itachi as he did not take his eyes off the students. "However, Toushiro-san is showing great results after a few days. It is most likely that he is venting out his sleeping power through our teachings and shows great control with his swordsmanship." Said the eldest Uchiha as he averted his gaze on Rukia. "But I would like to have Rukia-san come with me to prepare her Kidou training ."

Unohana then raised an eye-brow at the teen beside her. "Do you not think that it is too early for her to start your training?" She asked as she saw Itachi shook his head.

"No, I merely wish to see if my suspicions on training Kidou skills will help speed our objectives." Replied Itachi as he did not even turn his sharingan gaze into the woman's eyes.

"I see your point." She said as she walked ahead a good 5 feet as she called out Rukia. "Rukia-san, would you come over here."

Rukia then stopped her training with her bokuten, then sped over to the two older people. "Am I doing something wrong Unohana-sensei?"

To this the woman shook her head as she smiled at the former homeless girl. "No, in fact this regards to your training." Said Unohana as she looked Rukia. "Itachi-san wants to start your Kidou training ahead of scehedule."



Konoha: Council Room

Shimura Danzo sat at the head of the civilian council chamber with Saurtobi's two advisors with the civilians. "We have let the situation regarding the demon, go on long enough Hokage-sama" Said Danzou as the civilian council members nod their heads. "Because of your close ties to the Demon. I have gone over your head and reported to the Fire Daimiyou about the demon and I hope he will listen to reason in sending hunter-nins after it. Because he had grown far too powerful to be left alive."

To this Minato did not even give one response as he kept a calm face. "Did I hear you just right, Danzou?" Said Yondaime as he rested his head on his hands. "That you have done something behind the Hoakge's back and knowing that you are treading on enough waters to label you along with those two fossils traitors. Because if that is so, then I have enough authority to have you executed."

Hearing this Danzou did not even register the threat of his life being in danger as he let out a small laugh. "I believe that my actions will be justified when the Fire Daimiyou hears my side on recent events." Smirked the War hawk. "You have been away from the village along with your family to grasp any glimpse in what that boy is planning and I believe that fault lies with you on those grounds."

Minato then gritted his teeth as he knew that Danzou hit the nail on the head. Because of his own ignorance in believing that the people he had fought to protect would honor his wish. But what he had not factored in was that the pain in the Kyuubi's attack was a day of great pain in the hidden leaf village. While he lived happily with his wife in training their daughter away from the enemies eyes. Their son was left behind to suffer the wrath of people who were filled with nothing but hate. At times when he walked around the village by himself, he could actually hear the cries of his son begging for help that went on unheard. Minato then started to stay in Naruto's old apartment as he began to see that a boy who would cry from nightmares would never have the comfort of their parents. In all this, he could only think of one thing... "What have I done?"

"Do all you agree with him?" Asked Minato whose voice is laced with untold anger as he saw the civilian council nod their heads. While the shinobi faction disagreed with Danzou. Well most of them as Hyuuga Hiashi did not even give an answer, which made the older blond curious at to why.

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Just as Minato was going to ask on where they Hyuuga clan head stood on the situation. The door to the council room just opened and there stood a man with long black hair. Who has his hair tied elegantly in a pony-tail as he is wearing very regal type of clothes and beside him was a woman with the similar type robes as the man who came into the council room. These people that came into the council room are in fact the Daimiyou of Hi no kuni. By the name of Daichi Hikaru and his wife Kiyoe. The ruling couple then walked made their way over to a seat that was arrange for them by the council.

Hikaru then waited for his wife to take her place beside him which did not take long. He then turned his head to look at everyone who is present in the room as they all bowed their heads in respect. As he did the same in showing his respect to the people he ruled. "I was informed by Shimura Danzou that something has been going on amiss in my lands." Spoke Hikaru as his eyes fell on Minato as he smiled at the blond haired man. "Well I must say that this is a very joyous visit. Because I was told that you had passed away in the Kyuubi attack."

"I am sorry to have decieve you-." Minato began, but was cut off by Danzou.

"Do for give me Daimiyou-sama." Spoke Danzou as he grew a bit annoyed. "But this meeting involves Yondaime Hokage, Naimkaze Minato and his incompetence, that lead to the Bloody Ice Incident."

Hikaru then looked at the War hawk for a moment with confusion. "Yes, I heard about the Bloody Ice Incident Danzou-san and I do not understand how Minato-san is responsible for it?"

The ruling couple began to listen to what Dazou said on what he could gather from Minato's actions concerning the run away jinchuuriki. The Daimiyou looked shock at the older blond and grew even more shocked when they found out that. The man's own son was the one who is responsible for the Bloody Ice Incident.

"Is this true Minato-san?" Asked Hikaru who looked at the Kiroi Senkou as he saw the man looked down in shame.

"So you have left your only child to a pack of wolves." Spoke Kiyoe as she looked at the blond man with anger. "I cannot believe a man as gifted as you would do such a thing. I must say that I am very disappointed in you and find myself agreeing with Danzou-san." She said as she saw the man let out a pleased smile.

"May I be allowed to speak." Finally spoke Hiashi as he caught everyone's attention.

To this Hikaru nod his head for a moment. "Yes you may Hiashi-dono."

"Thank you Daimiyou-sama." Said the Hyuuga head. "I know that this is not in my place on placing the blame on anyone. But I find that everyone from the civilian council to the elders including Sandaime Hokage who are at fault." This caused everyone to yell at the Hyuuga head because of his words.

"Would you care to explain why you believe this to be?" Asked Kiyoe as she was very eager to know why.

"I generally believe that if we were told that Uzumaki Naruto was in fact Yondaime's son." He began as he kept a calm face. "That there would not have been a Bloody Ice Incident. Because out of fear of the Kyuubi no kitsune, the civilians along with the elders made it possible for Naruto live like any normal boy. By raising their price on food when he went to bye food at the stores that would allow him to shop. While most would not allow him to stay inside their establishments and was force to eat at any food stands that allowed him to eat. If sandaime had informed the clan heads of the boy's true lineage. Then I am sure that we would have taken better care of the boy within our homes, than living on his own in apartment."

"I thought it would be best that Naruto would be well protected if he kept his mother's name, instead of his father." Defended Sarutobi as he did not think he was at fault. "I was planning on telling Naruto. When he either turned 16 or became a chuunin."

"I seriously doubt that he would be able to make chuunin." Argued Hiashi as he looked at the retired Hokage. "I know very well that the teacher of the academy did all they could to stunt the boys growth and they have failed in their attempts. Which was proved in the Bloody Ice Incident as he has indeed grown far to strong under everyone's sight. There was in fact only one among the teachers who did all he could to help Yondaime's son."

"Who?" Asked Hikaru.

"Umino Iruka." Replied Hiashi. "He is an academy teacher who then looked past the boys condition."

"This has no relevance to our current matter Hyuuga!" snapped Danzou as he grew irritated. "I have called the meeting to have our Daimiyou to approve our choice to put the Demon on the Bingo Book!"

"My son is not a Demon you old crow!" Roared Minato as he wanted to jump from his seat and slit the War hawk's throat. But could not do anything in the presence of the Daimiyou.

"SILENCE!" Yelled Hikaru as he got everyone's attention as he looked over to Minato. "Could you have an anbu bring this Umino Iruka to the council chambers right away."

"At once." Minato said as he motioned for am anbu who is guarding the door as he vanished via Shunshin. After waiting for about ten minutes, the anbu appeared with Iruka who looked very nervous.

"Um... I was told that I was needed here." Said Iruka as he looked at everyone.

Hikaru then smiled at the chuunin to relax the man. "You are in no trouble here, Umino Iruka." Said the Daimiyou. "I just want to have some questions answered that only you have the answers too."

"Well if you say so." Said iruka as he is indeed very nervous.

Kiyoe then looked at the chuunin for a moment as she looked to her husband. "In your personal opinion." She began. "What are your thoughts on one Uzumaki Naruto. Before the Bloody Ice Incident?"

"Well..." Iruka began



Mizu no kuni: With The Rebel Faction

Orochimaru watched the loyal Kiri nins closing on his location as he raised his katana. That had a bunch coiling snakes made out of diamond as a hand guard with their mouths open and looked like they were trying to devour each other. Before he stabbed the entire blade of the sword on the ground as the Kiri nins surrounded him.

"It seems that your skills at a Sannin were greatly overrated Orochimaru." Said a Kiri nin as he along with a few others getting ready to attack the man. At least that was going to happen when the branches of the trees took a hold of enemy ninjas.

Orochimaru did not move as the ninjas began to struggle to get free from their bindings. "Overrated you say." Taunted the Snake Sannin as he smiled a little bite. "My Zanpakuto is a rather interesting Warujie Amatsuotome (Serpent Wisdom, Celestial Maiden)." Said Orochimaru. "Because it allows me to take the environment and use it however I want it too. Just like a snake, I can strike at lightning speeds. Again however, I am not going to allow any of you to report this information to anyone else, so..."

Else where with Naruto

The rebel faction the heard the screams of people in the distance as Naruto looked to Hidan for a moment. As the former Akatsuki member just yawned out of being bored for not fighting anyone. "It seems like Orochimaru had completed his mission." Said Naruto as he got up from his chair. "All we need to do is wait for him to return."

"Naruto-kun..." Said a female voice to his left as he saw Haku along with Zabuza.

"Is there, something that is troubling you?" Naruto asked kindly as he saw the two rebel members shake their heads no. To this Naruto let out a chuckle at the girl's expense. "If that were true. Then you would not have come here to speak with me."

To this Haku stepped up to the masked blond who raised a brow to the Demon of the Mist. "We want to know what you said to Mei. That made her accept your offer."

To this Naruto then waved the two former missing nins come closer as he whispered something in their ears. While Hidan just grinned at their shocked reactions of the blonds negotiation. "I hope that it is enough to set your minds at ease." After waiting 30 minutes, Orochimaru made his appearance along with a few loyal Kiri nins behind him. To this Naruto peeked into Mei's tent as he saw the woman reading a map. "He has returned."

"Alright." Replied Mei as she got up from her chair and walked outside to see everyone gather together.

Naruto the walked up to the snake sannin with Mei to see the man grinning. "I trust that you have completed your mission objective and these people are..."

"Hai, Naruto-sama." Replied Orochimaru as he licked his lips, then looked to Mei. "It is time to use the hidden poision strategy."

To This Mei nod her head in understanding what the Snake sannin said as she turned to her followers. "Here this everyone!" She called out as all the rebel nins looked at her. "Our battle will finally be coming to an end, where those of us no longer need to live in fear anymore. Because with this plan that our new allies have given me. Victory will be assured and we can began a new era! Now I need everyone here to fight with everything you have in your body. So that we can finally achieve PEACE!"

To this Naruto let out a small pleased grin on his face as his plan was to have allies had become a reality. "Such foolishness... but they will prove to be the shield in the future." He thought then looked to Hidan as the man nudged him for a moment. "The masking weed among the flowers finally sprouted from the ground. Kiri's Jinchuuriki will prove to be of some use to me. Since he is most like the one to be spied on at the moment."

Time Skip: Kiri (With Naruto and Utakata)

Naruto then looked around the area as he found himself to be alone with the Rokubi jinchuuriki. However what the two did not know was that they were being watched from the shadows.

"There are two jinchuuriki's here." Said the white half. "But that is the Kyuubi jinchuuriki that Itachi reported described." Replied the black half in his gruff voice. "What is the Konoha jinchuuriki doing in Kiri?" "What are they doing?"

Naruto then brought his sword up to show Utakata as he looked confused. But Zetsu kept watching the exchange between the two as he could not entirely listen in without giving away his position. However he then saw the masked blond had changed the form of his sword as the blade turned snow white and having shards of blue ice spinning around the blade. The plant Akatsuki member then became interested in what the two jinchuurikis were doing at the moment. As a few shards shot out into the air and shattering into a very light mist. Zetsu then came to the conclusion that the blonds sword has a water-type element to conceal himself from his enemies. Seeing this the Akatsuki member decided to go report back to his leader on his new discovery.

"It really is poor manners to spy on someone." Said a voice from behind as the plant man turned around to see the mask blond look at him with cruel looking eyes. "Zetsu of Akatsuki... you will be the first to fall in your group. Because you are too much an annoyance to be over looked.

The white side of Zetsu had split himself from the black half as he jumped at the blond before looking back to his other half. "You must report back to Leader-sama!"

"I am that I cannot allow that." Said Naruto as he stabbed the white half of Zetsu in the heart.

"Gah...!" Said the black hald as he could not understand why he is feeling pain. "But how!" He said as he looked down at his chest as his eyes widen at what he saw. "I separated... What did you do!" Demanded the white half as he saw that the bond did not answer him. "TELL ME YOU FUCKING BRA-"

The black half did not get to finish what he was going to say as his body shattered into countless shards of ice. "A dead man has no right to have answers." Said Naruto as he walked back to the rebel camp. "Now Akatsuki, what will be your next move in this little game of yours. With the loss of your most important piece on your game board?"





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Itachi: May I ask why you have chosen to come to Umi no Kuni? [Sea Country]

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Itachi: Is this about the Sea Monster that attacks supply ships?

Naruto: Indeed.

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