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Inspired by the fic writer Andrew Joshua Talon posting his own timeloop fic snippets from the Fanfiction Forum, this demented fic writer decided to follow suit due to his personal muse having trouble inspiring him.

Looper Mayhem!


Keitaro smiled as he gazed at the Hinata-sou through his military-grade binoculars and kept the laser targeting sight on the building.

A few seconds later a missile crashed into the inn-turned-dormitory and a monstrous detonation erupted followed by a mushroom cloud hanging over the air.

"Yep, worth every penny!" he commented as the nuclear bunker buster made short work out of those unfortunate enough to be close to the blast.

Joining ExOps and being mentored by Mattias Nilsson maybe wasn't such a good idea, but what the heck! The time loop would return everything to what it was before.

Author's notes: With this snippet I began the beginning of Postal Keitaro, one of the looper incarnations of Keitaro Urashima who has a tendency to go postal when all the strain gets to him. He's my recurring looper snippet personality.