Chapter 16

Victor's faux emblem barely missed his head and landed on the floor besides his ugly throne. The rest of his medieval paraphernalia met the same fate as the walls continued to shake. The so-called vampire king of Louisiana rushed out of his seat as if it was on fire and went to stand behind his startled guards who were bracing themselves against the unknown force which had them in its grip. His beetle eyes were as wide as they could be as he saw his carefully created throne room crumble around him. Apparently its foundation was as flimsy as Victor's reign itself.

I'd moved closer to Sookie and hunched over my beloved protectively in an attempt to shield her from harm. The silver bindings restricted my movements but I managed to steady her as our surroundings trembled under the unseen force. She was a vulnerable, newly-risen vampire and as her maker and mate it was up to me to keep her safe.

After a few more seconds the ground stilled altogether. I raised my head and found Victor still cowering behind his staff. If he was king he should act accordingly and never show fear to his people. He wasn't half the vampire ruler Sophie-Anne had been and even De Castro had been more suited to the role. Pathetic. Louisiana deserved better than him.

The double doors burst open and Pam sauntered inside in one of her designer suits and impossibly high heels. She was holding my daughter's hand firmly in her hands. Adele was sporting a fashionable checked coat with matching headband and I knew that my vampire child had finally bonded with my biological one. The link between us burst with raw emotion.

Besides me Sookie whispered almost inaudibly. "Adele."

My daughter's blue eyes swept to her mother and the living connection between them flared. I was bonded to both and a witness to the gale of emotion sweeping through them. Pam let go of her hand and my Adele walked towards us calmly but I knew that she was trying to seem stronger than she felt.

I watched captivated as my Sookie dropped to her knees before our child. Her gaze travelled through her features drinking in every little detail. The long blond hair, the wide blue eyes and pert little nose. The last time she'd seen her daughter she'd been a tiny, almost nondescript baby swaddled in a blanket and know she was this little person with her own likes a dislikes. Adele stood silent as she looked down on the woman who she only knew from my memories. Her bottom lip trembled slightly and she turned to me seeking reassurance.

My sight had grown blurry with tears I struggled to hold back. I let them fall unchecked and smiled encouraging at my girl. She was so brave and yet this was so much for someone so young and innocent. I cursed Victor and the rest who had put my family through this.

Sookie's unsteady hand ghosted over Adele's face. I could feel the longing in her as well as the uncertainty. She wanted to hug her and kiss the years away but wouldn't dare touch her child.


My troubled heart gave me the answer. She didn't feel like she had the right. I had to interfere. With a warning look at a still cowering Victor, I addressed my daughter as delicately as I could manage.

"Adele I would like to meet Sookie Stackhouse. She is your mother and my beloved. She is who we've been longing for so many years. Sookie this is our child and she and I need you so badly"

Adele's eyes found mine and I nodded at her. You don't have to be afraid my princess.

She leaned over a place a sweet kiss on her mother's nose. Sookie responded by drawing her into a tight embrace. Our bond flared brightly. At last we were all together.

"WHAT!" a dissonant cry interrupted us. Victor had left the relative safety of his guard and was advancing menacingly towards my family. I growled at him while straining in my bonds. "What is the meaning of this?"

Before I could erupt the Ancient Pythoness voice rang clear as a bell through the cavernous room.

"It is unwise to stand up against the workings of fate Mr. Madden. Fortune is not kind to those who interfere against the natural course of things."

The vampire roared. "It is my fate, my destiny. I was meant to father that woman's child. The prophecy said so."

"The prophecy that you refer to Mr. Madden has never been about you. You have no part in this and never have."

I've never seen Madden that angry. All his ambitious plans were crumbling about his ears. As was to be expected his anger turned towards me.

"I will end you Northman once and for all." He said irately.

The vampire lounged at me and I rushed to meet his attack knowing that I had my ladies to protect. I was still at a disadvantage but I cared little. I would manage somehow.

My fangs descended and my vision clouded to red. I thought of my years alone struggling to give my child the life she deserved while being kept apart from my bonded. I thought of all the lonely nights when doubt and need were my only companions. I'd had to hide and forsake everything that I had worked for while keeping my head down and my nature restrained. My Adele and my Sookie suffered because we had to live apart from each other. I was ready to give Victor what he deserved.

And then everything went dark.


It was few minutes or a few hours before the gloom gave way to something else. I was frozen mid-lunge. My voice failed me so that I could not even call out to my family. All I could do was move my eyes trying to focus on anything besides the nothingness. It was then I heard the Pythoness again.

"My dear Viking. So terribly impatient."

There was a glow and my eyes zeroed on it. Expecting to see the Ancient One I found my daughter radiating with otherworldly light. Sookie was still holding on to her and trying to shield her from some unknown threat that seemed to be residing within her.

"Poppa what's happening to me?" Adele managed to say as the light grew brighter and stronger.

"My God!" cried Sookie.

"Right noun…wrong gender." Replied the Pythoness.


I said that this would be the last chapter but I am going to have to write another one before it comes to an end. Thank you for your patience. I've had a few personal problems which have all but zapped any creativity I may have but I promise to continue because I want to see how these stories end. Updates for "Vampire Mine" and "Controlled Conditions" are next.