Chapter 10

Everyone watched Naruto with wide-eyes astounded that Naruto had thought of this so thoroughly unfortunately Naruto had forgotten one simple thing.

Jonin were fast .

In an instant Kakashi had jumped forward and grabbed Narutos wrist, he went to grab the detonator but Naruto quickly tossed it to Sakura for the first few seconds she looked between Naruto and the detonator, she only snapped out of her reprieve thanks to Naruto.

"RUN!" Sakura immediately broke for the trees Kakashi threw Naruto back and went into pursuit only to be intercepted by Sasuke, the Uchiha threw a good form of punches and kicks that forced the ninja back into the path of Naruto who quickly grabbed him in a body lock, Kakashi planted a kick in Sasukes stomach using the extra momentum to launch himself up into the air and land on Naruto with the full force of his body mixed with gravity the Naruto beneath him went up in a puff of smoke when Kakashi went to watch Sasuke but he found the prodigy had already made it into the forest.

Sasuke and Sakura had regrouped at the top of a tree, Naruto dropped in only a few seconds after them.

"Okay he will be after us quickly so we only have a few minutes to strategize." Naruto spoke.

"What is there to strategize you stand back tell him not to move or you will detonate the gods blood me and Sakura take the bells and we pass." Sasuke asked worriedly and his worry got worse as Naruto visibly lost his confidence.

"Yeah well that was a small fraction of a lie." Sakura stared at the small device in her hand.

"So this thing won't blow up Kakashis head?" Sakura was very relieved at hearing this.

"Oh no it will." Sakura passed the detonator to Naruto like it was a hot potato. "the only lie was that it was activated with sonic waves, in truth that only works with the liquid form the powder version needs a small flame to get going so I slipped a small receiver that will start a small fire in the eraser which should ignite the gods blood."

"So what's the problem?" Sasuke asked

"Problem is the receiver needs a direct line and it landed right on the top of his head, so the only way it can activate is to be above his head."

"Well that is very good to know." Kakashi said.

"Indeed." Sasuke agreed before the group went silent, everyone turned in unison to see Kakashi crouching on the branch above them listening in on their entire conversation.

"Split up." the group all jumped apart Kakashi immediately jumped after Naruto hoping to take the detonator as soon as he could Naruto immediately pulled one of his plasma casters from its holster and levelled it at Kakashis head pulling the trigger without hesitation.

Kakashis head immediately became a few small fragments before the force of the great ball of energy in almost slow motion the body twisted in midair completely lifeless.


The body went up in a puff of smoke to reveal a small log with a giant hole in its centre as Naruto fell back he suddenly came in contact with something very solid before a kunai found its way against his throat.

"Give me the detonator Naruto." Kakashi had gotten Naruto perfectly now Naruto had no choice but to give up the detonator.

"NARUTO." Sakura popped up from a small bush just in time Naruto immediately passed the detonator to her again this time she was ready the instant the detonator was in her hand she was off running as fast as she could.

"HOLD IT." Sakura froze out of complete fear she saw that instead of chasing her Kakashi stayed where he was keeping the kunai held against Narutos throat. "give me the detonator or I will cut Narutos throat." Sakura hesitated while Kakashi had his attention focused on Sakura Naruto quickly grabbed and fired his second plasma caster, within the holster, the move resulted in Narutos pants leg being badly burned but Kakashis foot, having just barely reacted in time, came out a lot worse receiving some very deep burns but even worse was that Kakashi had lost his solid grounding taking advantage Naruto grabbed Kakashi and flipped him over head, Kakashi was able to give a small cut to Narutos cheek as he landed with a huge and heavy thump, Naruto went to punch Kakashi in the forehead to knock him out but his fist instead of striking flesh hit and penetrated the ground right beside Kakashis head.

The ground suddenly came up to meet Naruto as he fell forward face first into the very solid ground Kakashi got up and brushed himself off as the edges of Narutos sight went dark

"You're not the only one with powerful powders"

Kakashi stood in the middle of the field

It was the best position for him out in the middle of the field he could see all around him and the only way they would get above him was if they jumped exposing themselves to kunai shuriken and any number of jutsu not to mention the presence of water that would counteract any fire jutsu that Sasuke could throw at him but Kakashi doubted he needed it even if Sasuke was a prodigy of a clan that was famous for its proficiency with fire jutsu the boy was still only 12

That was a mistake

Right in front of Kakashi the ground burst apart revealing Sasuke spinning around trying to kick Kakashi in the face Kakashi went to grab the foot only for it to pass right through his arm and his head before popping out of existence

"Fire style: fireball jutsu" a giant ball of flame burst from the hole the Sasuke clone had originally come out of Kakashi jumped back from the hole escaping with the tips of his hairdo just lightly singed as he went back he saw a pink blur jump under his arm and snatch a bell just as Sakura was about to escape Kakashi grabbed her ankle and pulled her back snatching the bell back as she passed by screaming Sasuke didn't miss a beat as he tried his hand at Taijutsu against the more experienced Jonin and he failed miserably the Jonin knocked his block off with a very swift series of punches to his stomach Sasuke landed hard on his back hard Kakashi planted his foot in Sasukes throat

"Give me the detonator and I will let you go and have another chance or you stay here under my foot and lose all chance of passing this test now hand it over" Sasuke reached into his pocket and pulled out the little device he held it in front of Kakashi tantalisingly out of reach Sasuke tossed the receiver to Kakashi but just as Kakashis hand grasped the object it went up in a puff of smoke in its place was Sakura

She had used the substitution jutsu in reverse instead of replacing herself with an object to get out of the way of an attack she had replaced herself in the way of the grip so the device escaped his grasp

Out of the corner of his eye Kakashi saw a mop of blonde hair and he heard a small click before...

PFFT the top of Kakashi head started to burn Kakashi fearing the worst dove headfirst into the nearby stream when he surfaced it was to Naruto jumping around celebrating chanting

"We win we win" Kakashi dragged himself out of the river soaked through and thoroughly confused

"What the hell happened you were supposed to be knocked out for 10 hours thanks to the drug I gave you?"

"Let's just say I had it in me" Kakashi knew Naruto was talking about the Kyuubi Kakashi had heard about Narutos abnormal healing abilities but had only assumed it only helped with bruises and flesh wounds, apparently not

"Okay but why do you win?"

"Well if I blew up your head then you would be dead and I don't think your corpse would try to stop us from taking the bells from you and you can't be sure who would get to the bells first so you have no choice but pass all of us"

"Or I could fail you all for the exact same reason."

"Yeah but you won't will you." it was more of a statement than a question.

"No, you all understood the main focus of the test and helped each other to get the bells, ignoring the fact that only two of you will pass, unlike anyone else who came along to take this test, they all abandoned their teammates so they would follow my orders and in the ninja world those who didn't follow my orders were labelled trash but in my world those that abandon their friends are worse than trash I am proud of you for that and for that I will let you pass." the three children sent a round of cheers. (save Sasuke who just smirked like it was obvious to happen) "team seven starts their first mission tomorrow but for now we eat and celebrate." as Sasuke and Sakura walked away Naruto hung back.

"You realise that a free meal won't be enough to stop me from telling the other Jonin you were outsmarted by 3 genin." Kakashi quickly passed Naruto a very bright orange book with a very big X on the back. "what's this?"

"Something to help you in the more mature aspects of your marriage to Hinata." Naruto immediately leaped to a random page and began reading closely only to recoil a few seconds later with a very red face he looked up and his face turned to one of horror.


Kakashi took a photo of Naruto reading a book that was most certainly not supposed to be read by a 12 year old.

"Now if anyone of my colleagues should learn that I lost to you, your fiancé ,as well as her father, shall find this photo in her mailbox ,I wonder how your dearly beloved will react?" the colour drained from naruto's face.

"Okay so it's settled I don't tell the other Jonin about today."

"No you don't seem to understand if Sasuke or Sakura tell anyone the person who will feel my wrath is you."

"HOLD IT YOU TWO!" Naruto immediately made tracks after his teammates who had heard everything and were already prepared to milk Naruto for all he was worth."

"Ah can you think of anything better tasting than a bowl of ramen after a mission Sasuke?"

"Not really Sakura but the best spice is the part where Naruto pays the bills." indeed Sasuke and Sakura had decided the perfect way for Naruto to keep them from Kakashis wrath was to make him pay for a meal at Ichiraku ramen after every mission the team goes on, Naruto could only grumble as he paid the bill.

"Hey Naruto." Teuchi Ichiraku ,the owner of the store, came up happily as he saw Narutos bloated wallet. "since you're paying how about you pay for all those bowls of ramen you promised to pay us back for?" Naruto just shrugged his shoulders not seeing the man's hungry eyes.

"Okay." Teuchi handed Naruto a small slip of paper Narutos' eyes tracked down to the bottom of the slip. "EEEEEEEEEHHHHH?" Naruto rubbed his eyes fiercely before looking again and the figure had not changed a bit Naruto handed the slip to Sakura. "please tell me that I have been away too long and the numeral system here has changed." Sakura just stared at Naruto like he was crazy before reading the slip herself.

"HOW THE HELL ARE THERE 6 FIGURES?" Teuchi jumped in

"I can answer that every time I gave Naruto a free bowl I would ask ,as I am supposed to, 'do you want me to put it on your tab?' every time Naruto would reply 'yes' so I did as he told me."

"I was 6 you can't expect me to know what a tab is when I'm 6."

"That is irrelevant and now you would skip out on your tab Naruto?"


"Well then..." Ayame put Narutos much awaited first bowl in front of him just as his chopsticks reached the top of the bowl the chopsticks were sliced in half by Teuchi holding a scarily sharp meat cleaver. "No ramen for you." the look on Narutos face could only be described as pure unadulterated horror.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" Naruto wrapped himself around Teuchi's legs, sobbing like a schoolgirl. "PLEASE DON'T TAKE MY RAMEN." Teuchi gave no ground.

"If you continue to refuse to pay back your tab I can no longer provide you with ramen."

"I'LL PAY, I'LL PAY, I'LL PAAAAAAAY!" Naruto knew this was a mistake as Teuchi's usually stoic face turned into one of pure unadulterated happiness.

The shell that once housed Narutos soul walked slowly back towards its house the small froglike wallet in its pocket severely lighter, so light that Naruto had to add a few kilos to his training weights.

"Naruto?" the shell walked right past its former owner's fiancé. "NARUTO!" with great speed Narutos soul returned to his body so that he could respond to Hinata.

"Hey Hinata sorry about that I guess I just had a...horrific day."

"Was the test really that bad?"

"I would say the aftermath was the more traumatising event of the day."

"Wait I'm confused...wouldn' wait."

"Trust me the less you know the better...for both of us." Hinata just took what Naruto told her at face value and followed him into his house, he led her to the living room falling back into the couch with a thump taking Hinata with him, unfortunately the sudden addition of weight to the back of the couch sent it falling backwards Hinata and Naruto didn't seem to mind as they rolled for a few seconds laughing as they went before finally Hinata was on top of Naruto, her body draped over his, her legs wrapped around his, her arms wrapped around his neck while his circled her waist, Hinata leaned down and kissed Naruto lightly Naruto responded hungrily he began cupping her face-


Naruto and Hinata jerked apart at the sudden sound.

"One of these days I am going to create a parallel universe where we can kiss without being interrupted or watched." Naruto turned his head towards the noise and immediately saw right outside his window was a raven tapping against the glass Narutos face went serious as he recognised the raven for what it truly was. "How about I go and make that parallel world while you make some tea to celebrate its completion."

"You can create another world so quickly?"

"For you." he planted a kiss against her lips. "I would move mountains."

"For now." she planted a kiss on his lips. "just move the couch back." Naruto moved the couch back with a laugh as Hinata made her way into the kitchen Naruto went out towards the hot springs removing his excess weight .

Just in case.

"In 6 years I have never been asked to return to the village and the last person I would expect to call me back would be the person I have been asked to capture and hand over to an organisation of S-rank criminals." Naruto turned towards the owner of the voice spotting a young man only a little older than nineteen his hair was a dull black and his eyes were a lifeless onyx he wore a long overcoat with red clouds sewed over a black background he wore a leaf head band with a long scratch going across it right through the middle. "Tell me why I shouldn't bring you in right now."

Itachi Uchiha activated his Sharingan and waited for Naruto to make his move.

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