Naruto woke in one of the strangest places he has every woken up in sure he had woken up in a dumpster or two after a beating and the occasional rooftop as a hiding spot but here he was strapped down to a table everywhere he looked there was metal

But strangest of all were the people if they could even be called people was up for debate in Narutos mind they were far taller wore very little their skin was a pasty yellow and they were all wearing a different mask on their face and the way they seemed to speak to each other could not be understood it was a bunch of clicks roars and growls that sounded almost primitive to Naruto

But that all changed when an even bigger person (?) walked in this guy had a huge amount of respect each of the creatures in the room bowed to him and he seemed to appraise Naruto but it was hard to tell as he had a mask on the big guy gestured to Naruto and barked an order that seemed to say "everyone get out" but one stayed behind and pushed a small metallic object none too gently into Narutos ear before standing beside his leader

"Naruto are you able to understand me" strangely Naruto was able to understand him he knew he wasn't speaking English but at the same time it seemed to make perfect sense

"I am"

"Good my name is sabreye and this is swiftkinfe we are of the Yautja clan and we wish to train you to be like us"

"I don't even know you people how can I be sure you are even good fighters"

"swiftknife pull up recordings log 6937 2508 and 1486 they should be appropriate hope you aren't squeamish Naruto" Naruto wasn't usually squeamish but the recordings made him quite wary of his captors the videos each showed quite extraordinary fights

The first showed a single Yautja surrounded by four of the largest scorpions he had ever seen they were even bigger than the Yalta who only held a spear but that spear was enough as he jumped dodged and stabbed till all of the scorpions were dead

The second recording showed two of these Yautja this time standing atop some sort of temple surrounded this time by strange creatures with long heads that lacked eyes and bodies that seemed to lack skin and they were fast running at the Yautja duo only to be hit by either a blue flash of light or a shuriken and there were a huge amount of these creatures they tried to overwhelm the duo with numbers only to be beaten back with superior firepower and teamwork until the entire base of the temple was covered with bodies of the serpents

The last video was truly scary for it did not show any of the creatures but it did show ninjas running panic clear on their face before the expressions were wiped clean one after the other as they died from nothing their blood floating in the air before they fell face first when the last ninja was finished a resounding roar was heard and a Yautja just seemed to appear as his cloak disengaged

"Okay you guys are good fighters but why me?"

"Naruto you have had much the same challenges as we put our younglings through a test of speed that has been shown thanks to your constant escape from the mobs chasing you have passed a test of survival by being able to find food and shelter without help and you are most certainly brave for constantly challenging those around you to stand in your way as you try to achieve your goal all of these tests you have passed with flying colours and we wish to help you achieve your goal"

"Yahoo of course sure train me please what do you need me to do?"

"We must first initiate you for you see each clan chooses their new brethren every hundred years-"

"Wait wouldn't you be dead by then"

"no our lifespan is far longer than yours as I was saying you must be brought before the entire clan and if they deem you worthy you will be accepted but if not then we shall send you back to earth"

"all right where are these 'brethren' of yours" but as Naruto spoke the room lit up and he suddenly saw just how big a space this was it was huge the size of the Hokage tower and almost twice as wide in every corner there was strange ships crates and equipment but what really caught his attention was the Yautjas that stood around him from what little he could see being strapped to a table he contend ten and that was only to his left and right

"now Naruto Uzumaki..." in all the confusion the elder had begun to walk up a flight of steps until he was sitting in a large and sharply cut chair that looked as though it had been broken from glass without enough care to decide on the shape but enough to make it symmetrical "do you pledge to defend the Yautja clan with honour

"I do"

"Do you pledge to keep our existence secret?"

"I do"

"Now Naruto since you have given us the gift of secrecy and protection we bestow upon you the gift of assistance this gift shall have us help you in one goal state that goal and let us know how we can help"

"my goal is to become the Hokage of my village and one I do I will need your help in rounding up all the people who have hurt me so that I can bend them over and make them kiss my ass one cheek at a time" needless to say there was an awkward silence after his speech before the entire room was filled (to Narutos translator) with uproarious laughter all of the Yautja seemed to be trying to keep their sides from splitting as they laughed but from what Naruto could see one wasn't laughing he was to the elders right and he was imposing taller than the others by far more muscled and his mask had what appeared to be a snakes jaw attached around the mouth piece giving him a smile that was sadistic and permanent

"Well Naruto that is quite a goal now does anyone object to this initiation..." in an instant the Yautja with the snake mouth had raised his arm "...sharpsword what is it"

"Brother I think this is ridiculous humans cannot match our strength and have lost all sense of honour and this boy with his pet inside him is no different"

"Sharpsword this boy may yet be different and we shall not judge him by the very same reason the humans harm him"

"But brother

"Enough though you are my brother by blood and by clan your motion of objection is hereby rejected and now Naruto you are officially a Yautja" and the entire Yautja clan (save sharpsword) roared their approval until Naruto was almost deaf

(1 hour later)

"How are you feeling Naruto" the elder had just walked into Narutos Spartan-like bedroom that housed only a screen for messages a wall for his trophies and a cupboard for his armour

"just homesick elder but there was something I wanted to ask you what did that...hang on what do I call you guys from now on I mean I know I'm human and you guys are part of the Yautja clan but what do I call the others who aren't part of the clan?"

"Regrettably you do not have a word terrifying enough to describe us" modest much "but you may call us predators"

"Okay that predator back there what did he mean by my pet inside me"

"we do not know ourselves but your Hokage told us that it is a demon sealed within you from birth I believe h called it "the Kyuubi" Naruto was floored he had never suspected anything like this and the sudden truth hurt

"So I really am a demon"

"NO you are not the demon you are its jailer someone who has from birth protected his home without even knowing it and those ungrateful fools who harmed are the real demons

"Thank you elder"

"Now every hunter has a motivation for his training whether it is to stay alive or to see another sun rise on antiga prime and I believe I have found you motivation with that the screen came to life to show the picture of Hinata

"You bastard are you threatening that if I don't do the training you will hurt her"

"No no that is not it at all why does everyone assume I am going to hurt her but more to the point do you have affections for her"


"Um do you see her in a different light than to other girls?



"WELL YOU COULD HAVE BEEN CLEARER" a staring match ensued broken by Naruto "I like her but everytime I try to talk to her she either faints or runs away so I can't really say I "like" her but I do want to be her friend why?"

"well I have a little something that might change your perspective on her just a bit as the screen flashed again this time showing what appeared to be the Hokages office discretely videoed by a camera left behind from the elders visit as the screen watched the Hokage there was a knock at his door as Hinata Hyuuga walked in followed by a tall man wearing a white yukata and a grey jacket over his shoulders his piercing white eyes marking him a Hyuuga Naruto could only assume this was Hinatas father

"You wished to see us..."

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