Chapter 3

"You wanted to see us lord Hokage?"

"Yes Hiashi and you can pull the stick out of your ass we are alone."

"I have no such pole in any of my extremities."

"Is that so then..." the Hokage pulled a photo from his robe but held it so that the back faced the guests "you won't mind if I show this little photo to your daughter." Hinata could only see on the back the words 'graduation party Hiashi.'

Hiashi seemed to turn as pale as his eyes but kept up his cool demeanour "you're bluffing." but the Hokage had all ready started to turn the photo around before the great lord of the Hyuugas' who expected respect with every step he took suddenly wrapped himself around the Hokages legs with tears in his eyes "NO PLEASE DON'T SHOW HER IT'S TOO EMBARASING." but he soon realised his mistake as the photo slipped from the Hokages hand right in front of Hinata to show...

A smiling young man with unruly black hair pale eyes and a strong resemblance to Neji with his arm draped across the shoulder of another young man easily recognisable as the fourth Hokage each of them had a sake cup in their hand and a wide smile on their face.

"w-what's embarrassing a-about t-this father?"

"That was a dirty trick lord Hokage."

"It's called a bluff and it worked." An evil grin on his face.

"Can I at least have the real photo?"

"No" Hiashi stood straightening his clothes and muttering something about drinking less sake before kneeling before Hinata.

"Hinata I am sorry for the way I have treated you the last few years but I could not show who I truly am to the clan otherwise someone might see as recklessness and a reason to have me removed from leadership."

"Hiashi don't you remember what Minato told you when you were given the position of clan head."

"I think the photo you are currently blackmailing me with is proof that I would be incapable of remembering much."

"He told you a harsh face among those with a knife will keep you alive but a smiling face to keep your friends and family happy will give you a reason to live"

"Humph Minato always did give good advice and I missed out on the most important lesson he ever gave me all right Hinata if you ever want to talk and for me to not have a stick up my ass just ask."

"Y-yes father thank you."

"Now lord Hokage what is it you wanted to talk to us about?"

"I am sure you heard the strange roar from earlier well that was caused..." and so the Hokage went into a detailed account of the nights events at the end both Hyuugas' were wide eyed and open mouthed of course the Hokage omitted the mentioning of Hinatas' possible role of encouragement for Naruto.

"Now Naruto will be returning in 6 years as the leader explained to me in the alley-"

"n-no lord h-Hokage the leader left before-" Hinata attempted to pass her disagreement as a cough but neither ninja were fooled.

"Don't worry Hinata we both know about your many hours of following Naruto around but tell us why do you do it what makes Naruto special?"

"Naruto is one of the kindest boys I know if not the kindest I remember one time he helped me...

(Flashback 4 months)

A little Hinata Hyuuga was sitting in the play ground all the other kids keeping their distance from the girl not taking the chance she wasn't the stereotypical Hyuuga with a stick up her ass but three 10 year old boys decided she was.

"Well well well if it isn't the perfect Hyuuga princess" Hinata knew these boys they would always follow her and tease her.

"Oh maybe not so perfect boss." this kid will now be referred to as lackey number 1

"Why is that?"

"Well boss..." spoke up the last in the trio who shall be lackey number 2 "apparently the perfect princess got herself captured by an enemy ninja right in her own home."

"Yeah..." lackey number 1 "and her dad had to save her maybe she isn't so perfect after all." Hinata could feel her face heating up and her eyes beginning to water but the boys weren't finished

"you know I heard that rumour too but I heard something really juicy along with it apparently the kidnapper was an envoy from rock village and since he was killed the Hyuuga had to kill her uncle to make them happy." the "boss" knew this would get her going and it certainly did as the unshed tears began to flow like a river "you know maybe your father should run away while he has the chance after all those around you seem to die."

"You're right boss after all her uncle died because of her screw up and even her mother was affected by her curse"

"Yeah she isn't a perfect princess she is only a cursed princess."

"Cursed princess"

"cursed princess." and the boys continued the chant of insults even as Hinata wept from remembering her mother lying in her bed having trouble breathing from her sickness and the chant would have kept going too if not for lackey number 2 being punched with a solid right hook effectively knocking him out.

"leave her alone you little pricks." the right hook belonged to a small blonde haired boy in a black top and orange pants who had quite the angry look on his face.

"oh you are dead punk." and so a scuffle between the boy and the remaining bullies ensued which only ended when the hero was grabbed in an sloppy arm lock by lackey number 1 which was used by the boy to pull him over head right on top of his boss the evidence that this kid a stronger fighter than the bullies convinced the boss ordered a full retreat he needn't have to as his lackeys were already gone crying for their mommies as soon as they were out of sight the mystery boy fell back exhausted

"a-are you a-all right?"

"I should be asking you that those were some pretty harsh words."

"Worst part is they were true"

"NO they weren't don't let that get in our head what rank was the envoy?"


"So you couldn't stop him no matter what you do no one at our age can beat a Jonin and how did your mother die?"


" well then she died because of an unfortunate disease that had nothing to do with you, you are not cursed you are perfect." naturally the being called perfect by a boy gave Hinata quite the blush but the blush was interrupted by the approach of a big man with the boys from earlier still in tow "you better go."


"This guy probably didn't get the whole story I will explain it to him but just in case things get dicey you had better get home."

"o-okay." as she got up to leave she knew that if she didn't get his name she would regret it forever so her stutter even more evident thanks to her nerves she asked"w-whats y-your n-n-n-name?"

"Naruto Uzumaki and you?"

"Hinata Hyuuga." and so she went to the edge of the clearing because the man coming towards Naruto seemed to be angry for more than just his sons humiliation and it was incredibly obvious when he backhanded Naruto hard enough to get him on the ground the man then held Naruto down with a knee on his chest giving his arms plenty of free space to punch.

And punch he did as for ten minutes he continuously punched Naruto a stream of insults flowing non-stop all of them vaguely describing Naruto as a demon Hinata did not know why the man was hurting him so but one thing was certain she needed to know who this boy really was.

(End flashback)

Hinata had on her face that faraway look and Sarutobi saw his chance.

"So you would say you love him?"And before Hinata could properly think a coherent thought about Naruto she answered.

"yes." realising what she had just said she promptly turned red then scarlet then back to red before finishing in a nice fuchsia and the constant changing of blood pressure promptly caused her to faint.

"you will have to train her in private to deal with this Hiashi if she has trouble admitting it here imagine what it would be like if she actually confessed to Naruto"

"now that would be funny plus I have 6 years so it can't be too hard I just hope that Naruto will be all right"

"He will be fine" and so after a few more minutes of idle banter and one more unsuccessful attempt at begging for the mysterious picture the Hyuugas returned home leaving the Hokage to work the night away.


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