Chapter 4

Back in the predator ship Naruto was to say the least shocked after having watched the recording.

"Are you crying?" the leader asked after seeing that Naruto was indeed crying.

"OF COURSE NOT." Naruto rubbed furiously at his eye only for the tears to fall faster. "I guess I just always tried to make everyone in the village love me and I ignored the one person in the village who did love me shows how smart I am."

"Then you will just have to make it up to her when you get back."

"Yeah I will be strong for her thank you elder." that night many saw a strange blue comet flash across the sky but only three knew what it really was

(6 years later) (Hokage office)

As the third Hokage sat watching the sky he reminisced all the things that had seemed to go missing from the village in Narutos absence it was quiet, the village was relaxed but as he watched the sky he saw that same blue flash from 6 years ago he knew things were going to get very very lively around here but he didn't care he just grabbed his hat and headed towards the village gates.

(Predator ship)

As he watched the planet beneath him rotate Naruto couldn't help but feel oddly insignificant compared to it no matter how hard he trained he would never be able to match its strength it was an almost humbling feeling .

"It's almost time shortstuff." and so a humbling feeling was interrupted by an annoyed feeling as Naruto once again listened to his clan brothers pet name for him.

"Come on Swiftknife you know you are supposed to call me "Redblade" after all I passed the trials and have been given my official Yautja name."

"Yeah I know but you will always be my little Shortstuff." Naruto was peeved ever since he had arrived at the ship Swiftknife always made fun of him especially his diminutive size compared to his clan brothers but at the same time he always watched out for Naruto and made sure the other predators treated him with the respect he deserved and even with the difference in species and age they both thought of each other as brothers closer than blood.

"Now remember Naruto you are still going to have me around as well as two other Yautja just in case you run into trouble."

"You mean if I run into a certain sword that is sharp." in keeping with the clan tradition Naruto had not outright spoken the bad bloods name.

"Naruto remember he always was delusional and disrespected the true traditions."

"But I can't help feel that he would still be here if not for me."

"And that would be bad? He believed in ruling the weak and eventually would have brought his delusion to fruition if his hatred of you did not force him away." Naruto still remembered the night well the night he had realised how different he really was from his brothers.


A small Naruto was lying in the bed his prone shape outlined by the sheets that covered his small frame and little did the boy know who was watching him.

It was the predator from before the one who was called Sharpsword he watched the covers with contempt such a small weak frame such a pathetic creature could not hope to match swords with a real Yautja.

but then again he would never get that chance as he extended his wrist blades to their maximum length and stabbed the prone figure right through until it hit the underside of the bed with a resounding CLANG but Sharpsword was not concerned with the noise that had surely roused a few of his brothers it was the lack of blood even if Sharpsword had hit the heart and stopped any sort of heartbeat there would still be a small amount leaking out.

But all that came was a puff of feathers.

"huh wassat" Naruto had woken up even though he knew he was surrounded by allies he could not let habits die hard so he had placed his pillow under the covers and hid in the cupboard this was his oldest trick but always his favourite since the ninja would just stab and run hoping not to get caught by any ANBU in the area.

But a predator was different he knew all the hiding spots in every room on this ship and there was only one where Naruto could be so Sharpsword ripped the doors to the cupboard off the hinges to show Naruto.

"Nice trick." Sharpsword heard the hurried footsteps as his brothers ran to Narutos room leaving him little time "since you and I are about to be intruded upon I won't be able to skin you alive but I will tell you this no matter how much you train no matter how much you adapt you are not one of us" while he had spoken he had disconnected the breathing tubes in his mask and threw it across the room so the boy could see the monstrous face before him.

The only thing similar between him and it were the eyes but all else was different the teeth were bared to see surrounded by four sharp fangs the skin that could be seen was a pasty yellow the brow prominently forward with sharp spikes along the edges of his eyes just behind those spikes sprouted dreadlock like tentacles adorned with rings of status but taking pride of place in the centre of his forehead was a T this T was not connected as most T's were it was split and curving and burned into the skin.

All thoughts of staring left Naruto as Sharpsword turned and ran at Narutos window at the same time as his door burst open to reveal Swiftknife his wrist blades extended too late to capture Sharpsword as he smashed through the window to land in the cockpit of a shuttle that had been cloaked from the view of all the ship quickly shot away in a flash of blue the only reason Naruto hadn't been sucked out with him was the fact that Swiftknife had held him down but Naruto would not have noticed still reeling from the revelation-"

(End flashback)

"OW." Swiftknife had pinched Naruto HARD. "What was that for?"

"You told me to not let you think about him so I stopped you thinking about him."

"I meant shake my shoulder and say "don't think about him" not pinch my arm with those pincers you call hands."

"Well then fine you majesty and just so you know sir we have arrived at your transportation." and Naruto turned to see the one transport he hated most.

"no- NO SWIFTKNIFE PUT ME DOWN" despite the 6 years of training Naruto had received he could not yet beat Swiftknife in a grappling contest so when his brother had suddenly picked him up under his arm like a package to be delivered he could not do anything about it but that would not be a problem as he was suddenly placed unceremoniously inside a pod that seemed to be made for one thing only dropping and so hatch closed, prisoner/passenger inside Naruto was sent back to earth

(On the ground)

the third Hokage felt more than heard Narutos arrival thanks to the great vibrations but the boy was easily located by the giant crater his vehicle had left behind and as the hatch opened Hiruzen could not wait to hear sweet little Naruto and his even sweeter voice.


Naruto suddenly rose from the strange vehicle almost ghostlike but what wasn't ghostlike was his sudden trip and fall from the pod leaving the Hokage wondering if they had taught him anything.

"no matter what I tell them humans actually suffer from vertigo especially if they re-enter a different an atmosphere with a lot more oxygen than usual and I keep telling them to send me down in a shuttle but OH NO they just have to send me on the rollercoaster ride from hell-oh hi old man it's been a while." the Hokage was rather surprise by Naruto taking notice of him but what was really surprising was what he was wearing.

his chest was covered with thick plate armour with what seemed to be a necklace of skulls around his neck, none of them human, the same armour could be found on his legs, underneath the armour was a ninja mesh and the only thing for decency was a loincloth that seemed to be barely there but the mask certainly caught their attention, though the overall shape was the same as the other predators the front was purely flat except for lines etched so finely into the mask they barely seemed there but when they were seen they showed the face of a smiling fox, no one knew what he was smiling about but it wasn't good thankfully Sarutobi only had to look at the mask for a while as Naruto pulled his breathing tubes and removed the mask to show a long blonde fringe just about hiding the bright blue eyes but not the brilliant smile beneath them in fact apart from the fringe the only difference to Narutos face was a strange T on Narutos cheek that seemed to have been burned into the skin.

"Did ya miss me?"

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