Chapter 5

"Not as much as you might think."


"Just kidding Naruto it has been far too quiet without you." Naruto was quick to smirk evilly.

"Well you can be sure things are going to be very different."

"Go slow Naruto ease them into it."

"Don't worry old man all i am going to do is a little paint and maybe a few pills here and there nothing too big." and the lord Hokage believed him as he led him back towards the village.

How wrong he was.

Hinata Hyuuga was watching the sky in the backyard of the Hyuuga manor when the blue streak from 6 years ago passed right over head.

"And so the blonde knight returns to claim his princess" Hinata turned to see her father the stoic mask gone.

"I hope he takes notice this time around."

How could he not Hiashi thought as he observed his daughter sliding down from her perch.

Hinata was clad in her daily attire namely a veryskin tight backless and sleeveless shirt completly black with black jean shorts a kunai holster on her right thigh above metal kneegaurds just above a pair of ninja shoes.

But it wasn't just her clothes that had changed she had devolped a body that was most definitely not appropriate for a twelve year old, hiashi had caught one too many boys from the ninja academy sneeking peeks at her and looking away when they saw the lord of the hyuugas glaring at them with a look that could kill and this body was not only good at catching the eyes of these boys it was good for kicking their asses with, in the six years since Naruto had left Hinata had done a u-turn in her training going from the meek and innocent little girl to a little banshee who was quickly advancing towards top girl in the academy she had almost beaten Neji in a spar earlier in the week but wasn't quite strong enough to beat him yet but she was well on her way.

Her confidence had certainly returned since her stutter was now non-existent and she had not twiddled her fingers in years.

"I just doubt i could take it if he didn't." and the confidence was slipping now of all times.

"Sweetheart if he dosen't notice you he will be blind and i am sure he cares about you after all very few people ever cared for him but you did so trust him and i am sure he won't let you down now come on its time for bed." Hiashi had done his job well Hinata was reassured and headed toward her room but not before giving her father a tight hug.

Thus ends a perfect father daughter moment if it wasn't for the pale eyes that watched the pair or the dark mind that worked behind them.

Naruto stood atop the Hyuuga manor admiring his handy work of the Hokage monuments, none of the faces were changed but to the right of the fourth Hokage was a painted and crudely drawn Naruto with his trademark grin, the words "coming soon" written above it, of course many people will have little time to admire them since all the people who had abused Naruto would find their water spiked and not with alcohol, the pills that Naruto had told the Hokage about would cause a bout of diareha that would put all others to shame little will the people realise that their plumbing has been rigged with motion sensors which will first sense them entering the toilet but when they try to go out the toilets and all of its previous contents would shoot right back at the hapless victim.

Nothing too serious.

"And who might you be young man?" Naruto had been so busy envisioning stone faces and regurgitating toilets that he had not noticed a sternlooking man with long black hair, white eyes and the chiselled looks of a clan elder Naruto quickly recognised him as Hiashi Hyuuga, Hinatas father.

Just perfect he is trying to surprise his hopeful girlfriend romantically and he gets caught by the father just perfect luckily he knew Hiashi was quite laid back as shown when he removed a roof tile to reveal 2 bottles of sake and a cup which went unused as he skulled at least half in one go.

"Uh i'm Naruto Uzumaki-"

"Ah yesh my daughtersh knight white." do not drink half a sake bottle in 2 seconds lesson learned. "Well i ashk you what the bloody hell ish wrong with my family?" okay awkward question that could very well earn him a smack from a clan that is known by killing with a smack.

"Uh well-"

"I'll tell you what the hellsh wrong with my family they only care about getting their pathetic shtick filled assh on the head sheat that i don't even want and how do they plan to do that well just read this and everything will be clear." sure enough he held out a form whose top read "arranged marriage notice" stapled to the top was a napkin with writing on it

As Naruto read and his mouth dropped Hiashi replayed in his head last afternoons disastrous meeting.


"W-what was that?" Hiashi was sitting at the head of his clans table surrounded by the clan elders usually he would have kept a stoic mask in front of these people but he had not been able to keep it on after what he had been told.

"Did you not hear me well then let me tell you again the daimyos son is searching for a suitable wife we suggested your daughter and the son readily accepted so he will be around in two days to meet her." Hiashi knew of the son that they were talking about far too many knew about him he was seventeen and had already passed the Chunin exam not to mention having already gone through two divorces since the start of the year both wives having left spreading rumours of beatings and rape Hiashi knew that if he wanted Hinata to marry it would most definetily not be to a man like that.

"I protest this marriage was arranged behind my back without my approval and so cannot ensue."

"That is where you are wrong Hiashi." Hiashi hated this voice as much as a nail being drawn over a chalkboard it was the voice of his uncle the man had once been the leader of the clan but had been replaced by hiashis father after many counts of abuse and negligence of duty were filed he was always trying to get back into the top spot and he now though he had his way "for you see all it takes for an arranged marriage to go through is the agreement of a relative to the bride and groom i have accepted for Hinata and the daimyo has accepted for his son thus it is now official." Hiashi knew he was beat but then there was something in those words that seemed to be familiar to him arranged marriage where had he seen those recently...and then it hit him.

"But this marriage cannot go through as she is already betrothed to another." needless to say no one believed him "wait i have proof." Hiashi searched in his pocket for something and he pulled out his wallet and searching inside before triumphantly pulling out a small rectangle of cloth which he placed before his uncle.

"This is just a napkin with the words "i allow my firstborn to marry hiashis firstborn regardless of which way they swing and what they swing with signed Kushina Uzumaki." and it has been written as though she was drunk."

"She was." Hiashi spoke matter-of-factly.

"Do you honestly believe this counts?"

"It is all there an agreement a signature and specifics as to who they mean."

"But who is this first born of Kushina Uzumaki?"

"Well it has been 6 years since he left so i doubt you remember but his name is Naruto Uzumaki." this quite quickly gained a few shouts of protest which Hiashi dismissed with a wave of his hand, god it was good to be the boss "So i geuss both are null and void i mean its not exactly like they are going to fight for Hinata-" but Hiashi was interrupted by his uncle who took his chance.

"Excellent idea Hiashi a fight to the death to decide the better man it is perfect."

"Wait i never said anything about actually fighting i meant-"

"What's wrong are you a chicken Hiashi?"

"I ain't chicken." that showed him

"Good they meet in two days at the arena for the fight."

"Fine!" it wasn't till a bit later till Hiashi realised what he had just done and subsequently smaked his head against the wall.

(end flashback)

"So let me get this straight you and my mother agreed while drunk that me and Hinata would marry regardless of gender?"


"And the Hyuuga council has arranged for her to be married to the daimyos abusive eldest son within a few minutes of learning that you actually care about her?"

"Thatsh right."

"And tomorrow i have to fight so that i can marry Hinata?"

"Yesh again Naruto i am-"

"Where's the arena?" Hiashi could not believe it this kid who had not seen the girl in years who was unsure of whether he was in love with her was wiling to fight TO MARRY HER.

Now that sounds like a far better man than anyone the council will ever suggest

"Itsh thattaway." unfortunately the great Hiashi Hyuuga overbalanced while indicating the direction and fell from the roof to land on the ground a few feet below leaving an odd shaped dent in the ground many servants heard the subsequent landing and helped him back towards his room sighing about this being the third time this month.

But Naruto did not care because now he could put his plan into action but that could wait he just wanted to sit here reading his mothers drunken scribble over and over again.

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