Chapter 6

Hinata Hyuuga woke to a strange smell it was a pleasant almost crisp smell when her eyes opened it was to an amazing sight strewn around the room were rose petals they were on the floor, over the dresser everywhere but strangely they were all white and on the wall in front of her was a wall of petals they were all held up on strings and were held together in the centre by a letter.

Hinata stepped out of her bed and when her foot touched the ground the floor glowed and the petals along the floor floated up surrounding her in a small tornado leading her to the wall flickering across her cheeks and tickling her shoulder blades it was only when she was within reaching distance of the wall that the petals placed themselves upon her palm and seemed to lift her hand to the letter taking the hint Hinata untied it allowing the curtain of roses to spread revealing a message.

"To the perfect princess." She opened the envelope.


I hope this letter finds you well for it brings you little good news.

I have returned this will be the little good you find in the letter but understand that for the past 6 years I have known of your feelings for me and have felt an incomparable feeling of guilt you have cared for me like no other but I have given you the same attention I would give a stranger.

I am sorry and hope you will forgive me else the next few decades may be awkward.

I have been entered into a contest against the daimyos son we shall fight in the arena tomorrow. the prize?

Your hand in marriage.

This contest was made behind our backs but I promise you this sadist will not have you.

We will meet at the academy for the final exams but don't look for me I wish to see what I have missed all these years.

Forever yours Naruto Uzumaki Yautja.

Hinata could not believe it Naruto had only been back a day and already he had been entered into a fight for the right to marry her.

She shuddered to think of what he could achieve in a week.

Naruto stood atop the entrance to the ninja academy he watched every student enter with the keen eyes of a hunter analysing they're walks how they talk even who they were talking to now most would be creeped out by a his weird observations.

But then again being able to turn invisible can be quite useful in these sorts of situations.

He observed quite a few familiar faces.

Choji was stuffing his face even after 6 years Shikamaru was walking beside him with a yawn not far away.

Ino and Sakura were still competing at everything.

He found just about everyone save the one person who he really-

And then he saw her dressed in her shorts and t-shirt his jaw hit the floor and his eyes were wider than saucers she had grown and she had certainly changed her look but there was no mistaking that angelic face and those mother-of-pearl eyes.

It was Hinata this was the girl who has admitted to loving him for the past 6 years.

Naruto now felt like the luckiest guy on earth.

As the bell rung and Naruto got ready to head for class he spotted another familiar face.

Sasuke Uchiha and his stern face was an instant reminder of what Naruto and the Hokage would have to discuss.

Suddenly he didn't feel all that lucky.

Hinata walked in a broad smile on her face she felt the usual stares on her from the male populace but among them she felt another unique stare it wasn't just watching her figure but her movements and her face and she knew just whose stare that was.

"Yo Hinata" Kiba jolted her out of her thoughts with his usually loud greeting.

"Hello Kiba how are you?"

"WOOF." barked the small white dog perched on his head looking rather hurt at being ignored.

"and you Akamaru" Hinata was never sure what it was but Kiba always made her think of him as an overbearing older brother even on that day.

(Flashback 1 year ago)

"HINATA I REALLY LIKE YOU." Kiba shouted Hinata was glad he had insisted on talking in the training area at the edge of the academy or she would have had trouble handling the embarrassment "will you go out with me" ah the awkward silence what's not to love.

"Kiba I'm sorry but I don't like you that way you're more of an older brother than a boy friend to me." Kibas' look could only be described as crestfallen. "I'm sorry." for some reason he perked up at those words as though they proved she was sincere.

"Ah it's okay I mean we can't always have what we want."

"Thank you for understanding Kiba."

"But understand that any boyfriend you set your sights on has to prove to me that he can fight or else." Hinata could only sigh knowing that his way of a test would be a brawl to the bitter end even if she told him not to.

"I guess I can accept that."

"So who is the guy you would like as your boyfriend?"


(End flashback)

Eventually he had gotten her to tell him about Naruto and he knew full well that he would have returned today.

"So did anything exciting happen last night?"

"well let's see the boy I have loved since I was a kid has just returned from being trained in space for 6 years I have been arranged to be married to both the daimyos son and afore mentioned boy who are going to duke it out to decide which marriage will go through oh yeah and my dad fell off the roof drunk again what about you?" Kiba was quite shocked that this had all happened in one night.

"No nothing at all quite a boring night." Akamaru agreed.

"quite the story Hyuuga." spoke a rather snide voice from in front of the two "what's least believable is that someone would actually fight to be married to you." Sasuke Uchiha was lounging back in his chair acting the perfect untouchable prince that he is.

"Watch it Sasuke." Kiba threatened.

"or what dog boy." the encounter would have eventually escalated into a fist fight but Iruka entered with his clipboard the two shut up and sat down but before Iruka could begin there was a knock at the door Iruka went to answer as Sasuke whispered "is this your prince charming I wonder?"

But when Iruka opened the door it was to an empty hallway Hinata was crestfallen and Sasuke was ready with his insults.

"like I said just a story I mean who would want to marry an ugly stick like-" THWACK before he could finish his sentence Sasuke found a ceremonial dagger straight in front of his eyes quivering from the force at which it had been thrown but when Sasuke turned to where the dagger was supposedly thrown all he saw was the wall.

"Let me make this clear." a voice boomed. "Anyone who insults hurts abuses or in any way makes Hinata-hime uncomfortable..." Naruto turned off his cloak to show he was squatting on top of Sasukes desk his wrist blades extended to their maximum length to fall just short of neutering Sasuke. "will not get off lightly."

"LEAVE SAUSKE ALONE!" this sentence was screeched simultaneously by the entire (save one) female populace of the classroom.

"Shut up." Naruto released a wave of killing intent so thick the afore mentioned populace were frozen stiff. "you know if half of you had spent as much time on your training as you did on little Sasuke here than some of you might be able to fight Hinata and actually provide her with a bit of a challenge but I guess its too late for that now isn't it."

"All right who are you?" Naruto had completely forgotten about Iruka sensei that had drawn his kunai ready for a fight.

"Oh my apologies." Naruto reached up and removed his breathing tubes before placing his mask on his belt. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki." Iruka put his kunai back and welcomed Naruto back to the class.

But before he took his seat he walked right up to Hinata lifted her chin towards him and gently placed his lips upon hers long enough to leave most of the girls in the class hot under the collar and when he pulled back he said loud enough for all to hear "Hinata Hyuuga I really like you and would love to be your boyfriend." with confidence Hinata stood and grasped his face on both sides and kissed him back now leaving Naruto hot under the collar.

"I would love to be your girlfriend." and so he took his spot on the other side of Hinata in quite a daze.

"OI HOLD IT!" Sakura shouted. "Iruka sensei isn't it rather unfair that Naruto gets to take the ninja exam as his first lesson while the rest of us had to train for years to get here." Iruka was calm with his rebuttal.

"Naruto is a special case he was trained elsewhere but undertook the same curriculum as the rest of you and the Hokage has allowed him to partake in the test thus he will be part of a squad and can be considered a ninja candidate now if there are no more interruptions." he glared at Naruto and Sakura. "we will begin the test..." and so the process began with one person going to the test area returning with either a leaf headband or a look of disappointment during that time Naruto had been re-introduced to Kiba both of them earning a smack on the head from Hinata when they did not recognise each other but quickly they remembered the many times they had snuck out of class together and soon they were reminiscing like old men on porch chairs.

The test passed quickly for many and before anyone realised it Hinata was gone and taking it seeing his chance Kiba whispered in Narutos ear. "Listen up and listen well if you hurt Hinata in any way shape or form I will personally cut your throat and piss down your neck." Kiba was glaring menacingly at Naruto with Akamaru growling his agreement.

"Don't worry if that ever happens I will willingly let you because that is the day I am insane." it was an odd agreement but an agreement nonetheless but other than that moment the two joked and laughed waiting for Hinata to return.

Hinata eventually did return a shiny new headband wrapped around her waist and a smile spread across her face Kiba was next leaving the two a few moments to share the memories that they had both missed in each other's absence before Kiba returned his new headband wrapped snugly around his forehead and now soon it was Narutos turn and strangely it felt like all eyes were following him. He couldn't think why.

Naruto stood before Iruka sensei and Mizuki sensei Naruto recognised the fake smile that Mizuki wore to hide his stinging hatred but Naruto now mature far beyond his years could strip that smile to see the pointless hatred.

"Naruto to pass this test you will have to create two clones." Mizuki was confident he could rely on his plan to trick Naruto to go through after all 6 years ago the kid could not even do a transformation properly and it would take a miracle for him to-

POOF in an instant two perfect clones appeared on either side of Naruto all of them with his trademark grin thus leaving Mizuki relying on plan B and Naruto with a brand spanking new headband.

Hinata and Naruto walked hand in hand just walking and enjoying the moment.

Or they would if not for the constant glares and mutterings of the villagers 6 years and the grudge held against Naruto had not changed at all a few were bold shouting out their indignations other were more subtle by giving him the bird behind his back but Naruto wondered how long before someone goes too far.

"DEMON!" another bold villager the 8th since they had left the academy and knowing that there were many fingers raised behind his back served to rather dampen his spirits.

"Ignore them Naruto." Hinata gave his hand a reassuring squeeze. "Just because you have been trained by aliens who were able to kill 2 fully trained ANBU does not make you a demon." Naruto realised something.

"You don't know?"

"Know what?" Hinata asked confused and Naruto knew that she did not know about the Kyuubi he had a choice tell her about the beast and risk losing her love or lie to her and...No already he knew his answer to lie to a woman was not the way of the Yautja.

"I have something to tell you but not here follow me." he jumped away letting go of her hand it was quite a few minutes before he finally stopped in the middle of an alley one that Hinata had visited many times. "This alley was the place that my brothers saved me you were right over there." he pointed to the very spot she had been watching from. "Watching as those guys beat me with that same look of confusion you had when we first met." HE KNEW she was sure she was out of his line of sight at that time. Maybe she needed to work on her stealth more. "You were the first person to watch without a look of hatred towards me I think that was the first time that I really thought I had a friend and now I may just lose you."

"Naruto what's going on?" Hinata was scared and backed away a step

"12 years ago the Kyuubi attacked the village now most kids were told that it was killed this was a lie. The Kyuubi was sealed inside a small baby barely a few hours old. That baby was me." Naruto was expecting many things from Hinata he expected her to call him a liar or maybe a demon, he expected her to run away as fast as she could but she did one thing that he did not predict.

She ran up to him and hugged him kissing his cheek like it was the most natural thing in the world and whispered.

"So?" she truly did not care it was a great feeling to know that it did not bother her. "in my eyes that just makes you even more amazing."

"thank you Hinata" and all to soon his wrist blade told him what time it was "DAMN I'm sorry Hinata there is something I have to take care of but I promise to be back as soon as I can" giving her a quick kiss on the lips he jumped away towards the Hokage tower.

When Sarutobi had sat down in his desk chair he had not expected many things to happen besides his secretary brining more paperwork and the last thing he expected was to find Naruto sitting across from him.

"What is it Naruto you seem troubled" indeed he did he almost seemed sickened to look at the old man.

"We need to talk."

"What about?"

"Itachi Uchiha."

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