Naruto walked out of the Hokage tower resisting the urge to puke at first the reason for his urge was from what he had learned in the tower but as he stepped out the wind shifted and he had another reason to vomit

From the looks of things all the people that Naruto had got revenge on had gotten wind of Naruto being in the Hokage tower and luckily Naruto was down wind of them so he had an early warning of the mob coming after him so he did what any sane person with a mob stinking of shit would do.

He ran like hell.

Eventually he found himself on the outskirts of the village before he could breathe fresh air again he realised he was standing by an old hut and he also noticed that the stars were coming out and he was about to head back home when Naruto noticed something.

Or more specifically someone.

it was Mizuki he was kitted out for war three giant shuriken on his back and a giant scroll the size of Naruto in his arms but he wasn't alone with him was a man much younger than him but exuded a far more superior presence his cheeks were sunk inwards like his fathers and his hair was as deep black as his father's as well but what solidified the identity were the two wedding rings he wore around his neck on a chain like trophies this was Yuruka Senkashi the fire daimyos son and Narutos opponent for tomorrow.

"then it is agreed" he even had that slimy voice all corrupt politicians seemed to have "I provide safe passage out of fire country you deliver the scroll of sealing to Orochimaru and we both share the rewards he will most certainly provide including a full induction as a sound shinobi, deal?" he held out his hand.

"deal." Mizuki gripped his hand firmly taking from it another scroll this one far smaller inside Mizuki would most likely find border papers "still sure you won't come with me now?"

"It's not a question on if I want to or not my father arranged a fight for the right of marriage to some Hyuuga whore and if I don't attend he will probably lock the country down before we are even close to the border but still having one night as husband and wife can't be too bad…for me at least." the two exchanged a few pleasantries before heading in separate directions Mizuki for the border and Yuruka for the village

Naruto wanted to rip both their heads off and he knew he would get the rotten kid tomorrow but for now there was Mizuki.

It had finally happened Mizuki had broken free of that pathetic village he was on his way to lord Orochimaru.

He was on his way to power.

But these dreams of strength were cut short as he felt a piercing pain in his stomach actually it wasn't just one pain it was two separate feelings of pure agony Mizuki had trouble seeing what was causing his agony in fact everything in front of him seemed to be rather blurred but then the blurs were erased in a haze of electricity to reveal a grinning fox.

And Mizuki knew he was in trouble.

(The next day)

The stadium was filled to breaking point everyone was anxious to see the 'demon child' get his ass kicked by the daimyos son only a select few knew whose posterior would get the real bruising but right now those select few were worried for Naruto was quite late this brought a myriad of different thoughts to many different people.

"looks like an easy win for me but by the look the prize is giving me she will be a difficult wife gooood I love a fighter." Hinata did not like the look Yuruka was giving her one bit and she couldn't help but feel her resolve waver under his stare but her doubts were washed away as the entire arena with its whisperings mutterings and chatterings was drowned out by a thunderous roar the likes of which the leaf village hadn't heard for 6 years the roar was a challenge to those who would fight against the roars owner and a warning to those that won't.

Unfortunately it was only a recording and for Naruto that was disappointing but it would suffice as he dropped his cloak to reveal him standing right where he was supposed to be in full armour and weapons making for an impressive sight as Naruto removed his mask the villagers seemed to snap out of a trance and began their taunts jeers and boos but Naruto just ignored them so he could blow a kiss to Hinata.

"Stop flirting with the prize moron." Naruto hated this kid already.

"Hinata is not a prize she is a human being and she will never belong to you."

"oh great I get a preacher who sounds just like my little brother for an opponent do me a favour if you are going to start a speech of the equality between the sexes give me ample warning before hand." Naruto really hated this kid but he had no time as the referee a sickly man by the name of Hayate called them to attention in the centre but before he could begin the introduction of the fight Yuruka raised his hand and his voice.

"wait a minute he is wearing futuristic armour and weapons how can I be expected to match that?" the civilian population shouted their agreement while the ninja population only shook their head in disgust that a Chunin didn't know the basics of being a ninja namely the fact that eventually you will meet someone with superior technology than you but you must still overcome it many were surprised when Naruto without protest removed his mask and allowed it to drop to the ground before moving on to the wrist blades.

"we Yautja when challenged one on one will reduce ourselves so we are equal to our opponent lest we lose our honour thank you for reminding me." as the wrist blades dropped everyone in the arena could have sworn the earth shook just a little and when the chest piece dropped the arena trembled under the force of the impact and the armour sank into the ground to a depth of at least a foot before it stopped Yuruka was the first to recover from the shock and said what everyone else was thinking.

"WHAT THE HELL?" Naruto looked at Yuruka, to the armour and back to Yuruka.

"Weighted clothes." he said it in the perfect 'can't you tell' kind of voice that a certain spandex wearing ninja would call unyouthfully hip.

a few minutes later and everyone had gotten over their shock (and fits of laughter) the referee stood between the two Yuruka was wearing his pristine clothes while Naruto was close to being arrested for indecent exposure since he only had boots a loin clothe and a fishnet body suit.

"Yuruka Senkashi and Naruto Uzumaki are you ready?" in answer Yuruka drew his sword from his back and Naruto pulled his ceremonial dagger from his boot. "begin."

Yuruka was quick off the mark and instantly showed his skills…..or lack thereof his stance was sloppy and filled with holes but his firm grip on his sword and speed told Naruto two things 1 the kid had focused all on attack in his training and 2 any instructors who had taught either told him he was doing everything right out of bribery or fear Naruto would not have been surprised if he heard that he had bribed many of his opponents to lose but still Naruto needed to focus he didn't want to lose just because he was being careless but he needn't have worried Yuruka was as sloppy in his attacks as he was in his defence he left many openings some possibly fatal if Naruto decided to act on them so Naruto waited for his chance and indeed it came as Yuruka overbalanced during a thrust showing his back to Naruto Naruto swiped with his knife hoping to wound him and cause enough pain to stop him from fighting.

But no when Narutos attack hit his enemies back instead of blood muscle and tissue all he saw was sparks and metal the little prick was wearing state of the art armour Narutos surprise was quickly taken advantage of by Yuruka catching Naruto across the thigh before Naruto could properly back flip away.

There was a chorus of applause as the 'demon' was hurt but only the ninja population shook their heads in disgust just because they don't always fight fair doesn't mean they are hypocrites.

But Naruto did not let his disadvantage or injury slow him down as he charged back at Yuruka the two swapped blows for a full 3 minutes neither giving an inch before they separated.

"HAH is that all if I didn't know any better I would say you were taught by monkeys." few saw what happened next but the few that did described it as Naruto pulling back and throwing his knife at a force that made it all a blur it flew right over Yurukas shoulder to embed itself in the wall behind him "you know you're only embarrassing yourself more." CRASH the armour hidden beneath yurukas vest suddenly collapsed to the ground all its restraints cut with such expert precision that Yurukas skin and Chunin vest were still intact.

"you still didn't hit my head." Yuruka turned on his heel and went for Narutos knife and pulled…but failed to pull it out he went red in the face and still he failed to pull it out many people failed to understand why the oh so powerful Yuruka was struggling to pull a knife from a wall a simple task for any competent ninja.

But then again most ninja did not have Swiftknife pushing against the but of the knife while he was under his cloak and trying to hold back fits of laughter he let the knife go allowing Yuruka to fall under his own strength and roll for quite a number of feet before rising his face red from exertion and anger.

"need some help with any jars dear" Yuruka did not take Narutos joke lightly he roared and threw the knife with strength that did not match Narutos but was still strong for a Chunin and the aim was true flying straight for Narutos forehead and would have hit had Naruto not caught the knife by the handle.

Now most people would have naturally assumed that Naruto would take his knife with him when he charged at Yuruka but no he just dropped the knife and….disappeared he reappeared a moment later within Yurukas guard both arms extended and firmly planted in Yurukas chest with such force that he was thrown into the wall and stuck into his own indentation everyone winced as they heard a number of Yurukas ribs crack and saw him vomit blood like it was nobody's business.

"you are weak you ride on your fathers coattails and get your kicks from beating up weaker opponents even civilian women your brother has far better morals and thus will grow to be a far better man and ninja." Yuruka only spat at Naruto.

"morals what good are morals they earn you nothing they give you NOTHING power gives you everything money women fame everything you could ever want my brother will never understand that he will be too busy sniffing flowers or ranting about women and men being equal or some other pansy bullshit-"

"YOURE WRONG!" everyone was quite surprised by this voice and when everyone turned to see the owner of said voice they were even more surprised it was Hanabi Hinatas little sister but she wasn't done "Koujou is a real man rather than you, you limp dicked asshole." Hanabi suddenly realised what she had just said and had turned a deep shade of scarlet to match the little boy sitting beside the daimyo said daimyo was currently sharing a knowing look with Hiashi Hyuuga.

"like sister like sister both of them know the only way they will have power is if they whore themselves off to-" but Yuruka got no further as Naruto delivered a crushing blow to his throat forcing him even further back into the wall but he did not lower his leg or even remove it from his neck.

"so you think Hinata doesn't have any power why don't we prove him wrong Hinata?" she obviously agreed leaping from the stands with a graceful flip landing in a crouch her Byakugan active she walked till she was right in front of Yuruka in her clans famous stance Yuruka tried to struggle but Naruto kept his foot firmly pressed against his throat even as Hinata started attacking.

"8 trigrams 64 palms."

"2 palms."

"4 palms."

"8 palms."

"16 palms."

"32 palms." after she finished the 32nd hit she suddenly changed her aim she was aiming for him.

"64 PALMS." many men in the audience suddenly looked away and shifted uncomfortably from sympathy pain even Naruto cringed slightly when Hinata finished he removed his foot and walked up to Hinata.

"You don't hesitate I like that." he kissed her cheek.

"Well it was still difficult to do."

"You don't need to show sympathy to someone like him." but Hinata ignored him.

"It was such a small target after all."

"ever heard of the term "kick a man when he's down."

"oh if you insist." she kicked Yuruka in the ribs eliciting just the slightest groan Naruto only turned to the daimyo so he didn't cause the poor man at Hinatas feet anymore any unintentional pain.

"My lord my people have a custom of taking trophies from the opponents we defeat normally I would ask for a head but I am sure an ear or even a finger shall suffice." Naruto bartered like a man at the market.

"NO take what you want this fight was to the death and if it is your custom then I have no right to oppose it." Naruto was surprised the daimyo accepted the custom after all this was his son but who was Naruto to complain.

"thank you my lord." Naruto took his wrist blades and reattached them before dragging Yuruka into the middle of the arena and extending his wrist blades he heard Yuruka give a pathetic squeak of fear but Naruto did not let that stop him as he thrust the blades through the mans neck before pulling with all his might ignoring the looks of horror on the villagers faces and the horrible squelching sound as the skin and muscle tore releasing the head Naruto typed in a command in his wrist blades and a recording of a predator roaring his strength to the heavens played out as Naruto held the head up towards the sky adding his own roar to the mix

Hinata impressed herself she did not feel sickened in the slightest by what her boyfriend had just did but instead ran up and kissed him flush on the mouth now most would expect that since Naruto was the hero of the story and had just killed an evil plaguing the land no one would be surprised if he received a round of applause but instead the only applause he got was a smattering of claps from the ninja population he had impressed with his skills which was quickly drowned by the roars of anger by the civilian population all of them were screaming for blood but they were soon silenced by a resounding voice.

"ENOUGH!" everyone fell silent as the daimyo commanded "this boy has done nothing wrong he was challenged to a fight to the death thus he had the right to kill my son status or not and if I hear anyone has harmed Naruto for this fight and its result those culprits shall be dealt with personally by me now Naruto Uzumaki as you are the winner of the fight I have little gift for you." he threw with quite a bit of skill a small box it landed right in Narutos hand and when he opened it he saw a small silver band with the purest diamond anyone had ever seen sitting on the top it was an engagement ring Naruto knew in an instant what to do he got down on one knee held the box to Hinata and asked.

"Hinata will you marry me?"

"yes." he slipped the ring on her finger and kissed her and nothing could possibly ruin this one small perfect moment.

Not even Hanabi carrying on about cooties.

Voila another chapter done now for those of you who want a demonstration of the attack Naruto used against Yuruka to send him into the wall watch the yamamoto vs. wonderweiess fight from bleach he named the attack dual bone and it kicked ass of course instead of being knocked into a wall wonderweiess was disintegrated into nothingness but I try not to focus on the details

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