Chapter 9

Iruka walked into the classroom to a very odd sight on one side of the room had Naruto sitting with Hinata and Kiba Naruto seemed to be arguing with thin air while at the other end of the classroom the entire female populace was rubbing a multitude of oils soaps and lotions into sakuras hand with a vengeance.

Iruka cleared his throat and everyone scrambled for their seats but the students near Naruto seemed to constantly look over their shoulders.

"welcome to your first day of your ninja life today you shall be sorted into 4 man squads 2 of your squad mates sit in this room one waits outside that one shall lead you and guide you for the next few years..." Iruka rambled on about preperations for ninja life for half an hour Naruto, Hinata and Kiba were nervous they hoped that they would all be in the same team but the odds were not in their favour "now the moment you have all been waiting for squad 1..."

"squad seven Naruto Uzumaki..." Naruto perked up "Sakura haruno..." he turned to his pink haired teammate and she had the most incredible look of abject horror he had ever seen "...and Sasuke Uchiha" the look of horror disappeared to a look of pure happiness as though the mere mentioning of the name had turned hell to the garden of Eden Naruto was not as happy Hinata and Kiba reflected his feelings "your Jonin instructor is Kakashi Hatake who is currently...indisposed and shall arrive soon" Naruto was not any happier at Irukas hesitation on his sensei's current status but his heart lifted a little as Hinata gave his hand a reassuring squeeze.

"squad 8 Hinata Hyuuga..." Hinata suddenly griped Narutos fingers in a deathgrip that would have likely shattered the fingers of any civilian but Naruto ,with great personal training, kept his screams of pain in his head and the only sign of his pain was his flushed face "...Kiba inuzuka..." the tension eased enough for Naruto to take a breath "...and shino aburame." Naruto briefly looked at a boy in the back corner of the room he wore a grey coat three sizes too large with the collar turned up hiding the lower half of his face and his eyes were covered with sunglassesthe only exposed part of his face was his hair which was a light black Naruto couldn't pick him for strong or just weird he would find out later for now team 8's Jonin sensei arrived

She was a young woman wearing a vest of red and white with a similar skirt her eyes were a piercing and bright red but the fire like red did nothing to deter the male genin from admiring her full body she seemed to smile with recognition as she spotted Hinata but Hinata held onto Narutos hand for a few more seconds before walking out the door.

"squad 10 chouji akimichi, Shikamaru nara..." the two recently mentioned genin shared a smirk "...and Ino yamanaka" the smirk on shikamarus face disappeared and he muttered his trademark

"troublesome." a beared man wearing the standard Jonin uniform smoking a cigarette walked into the room looked at Ino chouji and Shikamaru individually before giving a curt nod the genin reluctantly stood up and left the room three by three the genin filed out until finally only Naruto Sakura and Sasuke remained and remained and remained...

(1 hour later)

...and remained.

Eventually Naruto decided to make use of his time he picked up a blackboard eraser and wedged it in the top of the doorway Naruto knew it was rather primitive for a prank but if Naruto was right about what was going to happen then it would be perfect.

"come on Naruto can't you act more your age?" Naruto just looked back at Sakura.

"i thought i was" Sakura never got a chance to respond as a man wearing the standard Jonin uniform walked in the lower half of his face was covered with a mask his headband was askew and covered his left eye and his hair was a bright silver with a style that seemed to defy gravity the eraser even seemed to bounce right off the same hair with a small puff of chalk the Jonin picked up the eraser as Naruto laughed histerically sakur laughed histerically in her head and Sasuke just grunted with indifference.

"well on first impression...i hate you."

When the students finally got over their damaged egos everyone convened at the top of the academy Kakashi leaned on the rails while his newly acquired students sat on the stairs.

"first off how about we get you introduced to each other?"


"things you like, things you hate,dreams for the future, hobbies that sort of stuff."

"why don't you show us sensei."

"me? Well i'm Kakashi Hatake things i like and things i hate i don't feel like telling you that..." the genin let their face drop in disappointment "...dreams for the future, never really thought about it, i have many hobbies" as disappointed as the genin were they knew they were going to have to answer those questions properly so they could get on their new leaders good side "now its your turn why don't you start Naruto?"

"my name is Naruto Uzumaki Yautja i like my clan brother Swiftknife and training what i hate is when my brother teases me and anyone who thinks that the weaker a person is than you the worse you are allowed to treat him or her..." Sakura felt like she was beginning to hate Naruto just that little bit less and respect him a bit more "my hobby is collecting trophie heads..." and the hatred returns with that little reminder "my dream is to be the Hokage that way everyone will have to acknowledge my existence and realise that i am somebody important." Kakashi kept a nonchalant face on but in his mind he was smiling.

"lucky the Yautja hasn't warped his mind too far but from what lord hokage told me he is lucky to have survived their training" moving on "your turn pinkie." Sakura just beamed at her chance completely ignoring her new nickname.

"my name is Sakura Haruno what i like is...i mean the person i like..."she turned to look at Sasuke "maybe i should just tell you my dream" but all they got out of her seemed to be a shrill scream of joy.

"and what do you hate?" the response was immediate.

"NARUTO!" Naruto actually felt that the hate was partially justified he just hoped she would get over the hate soon since they were on the same team.

"and last but not least." Kakashi was talking about Sasuke and all eyes were on him.

"my name is Sasuke Uchiha i hate many things but i don't really like anything..." Sakura seemed rather disappointed in that "and what i have is not a dream because i will make it a reality i am going to restore my clan and destroy a certain someone" everyone had their own looks that they gave Sasuke Sakura had hearts in her eyes and blushes on her cheeks the one eye Kakashi revealed was squinted in worry while Naruto could only look in pity.

"all right you all have unique and special characteristics and we will have our first mission tomorrow." Naruto gave a salute

"what kind of mission are we going to take sensei?"

"a survival exercise." needless to say the genin were not happy.

"you have to be kidding me!"

"we did survival excersises in the academy we were rather hopeful for something a little more exotic." even Sasuke gave Kakashi an annoyed glare.

"this is more than any normal test." Naruto was confused.

So what sort of test is it?" Kakashi looked away and chuckled darkly almost gleefully.

"hey whats so funny sensei?"

"well if i tell you, you aren't going to like it."

"oh come on Kakashi we can take whatever you have to throw at us."

"well in that case i think i should tell you that out of the 27 graduates of the academy only nine will still be genin after the test so this test has a 66 percent chance of failure and if you are part of the 66 percent that fail you will be sent back to the academy." needless to say the three faces before Kakashi fell with suprising symmetry "see i warned you."

"THATS CRAP why did we go through all the test and exams just to be sent back to the academy because of some bullshit test."

"what do you mean go back to the academy you were in space for the six years that we were being punished like workhorses."

"hey compared to the hell that is Yautja training the academy is a cakewalk." the two would have gone on arguing but Kakashi decided to intervene.

"the academy test was just to weed out those that had the potential to be genin from those that don't this test will will separate the people who have potential to be genin and those that are genin that is the way it is so stop bitching i suggest you bring your real kunai and shuriken we meet at 5 in the morning at training ground 6 until then you are dismissed oh and you had better skip breakfast you'll just throw it back up." with that Kakashi went up in a swirl of leaves leaving the three genin alone in a rather awkward silence which Naruto broke.

hey Sakura maybe we should try and get aquainted since we are going to be on the same team?"

"hell no." she turned to Sasuke "hey Sasuke maybe we should try and get awuainted since we are going to be on the same team?"

"no." Sasuke just walked down the stairs without another word with Sakura hot on his heels.

"maybe i should just go see Hinata?" he found Hinata sitting on a stonewall outside a restaurant with Kiba Akamaru and shino everything seemed normal Hinata smiling shino looking idiferent and Kiba blowing a fuse over something.


"yes."shino replied.



"GAH!" Kiba recoiled as though in pain from the one word man.

"you just need to ask the right questions Kiba." everyone finnaly noticed Naruto on the scene "right shino?"


"do you have a family?"

"yes." Naruto was beginning to see the why shino annoyed Kiba so very much.

"whats their names?"

"shibi." nothing else.

"and your mother?"

"dead." Naruto felt rather guilty

"i'm sorry to hear that."

"she died a while after i was born from sickness i do wish i could have met her." the group was shocked to hear shino form a complete sentence.

"but you did meet her you were just too young to remember it, what matters is remembering her anyway." shino turned and looked straight at Naruto with a look of shock upon his face. (or at least as shocked as he could look with his collar and sunglasses)

"you are Hinatas fiancé Naruto Uzumaki am i correct?"

"yes i am." shino stood up and walked past them all till he stood just behind Narutos shoulder.

"thank you." with that he walked off without another word.

"wow that was deep Naruto." Kiba watched Naruto in awe.


"hard to believe it came from you." Naruto chose to ignore Kibas comment.

"so you guys get the test as well?" the two just seemed to deflate at the mere mention of the test. "whats wrong?"

"if the Hyuuga council learns that i failed to pass the test i will be forced into the branch family regardless of my father and his position."

"what about you Kiba?"

"if i fail my sister and mother will neuter me and Akamaru." Naruto just patted kibas shoulder in sympathy.

"so what is Shino like?" Kiba and Hinata shared a look before saying.



The next morning found Naruto Sasuke and Sakura standing around the group had been standing around for nearly 2 whole hours waiting for Kakashi to arrive.

"yo." he arrived.

"YOURE LATE!" Naruto and Sakura were giving Kakashi death glares capable of Chunin

"well you see a black cat crossed my path and i had to take the long way round." the glares went to Jonin level as Kakashi set an alarm clock on a stump "this is set for noon that is your time limit for this assignment and your objective..." he held out two bells "are these bells and if you don't get them you will be tied up to one of those logs and watch as i eat your lunch right before your very eyes oh yes and you will be disqualified from the test." a rather audible rumble was heard as all the genins stomachs growled weakly.

"wait a minute." Sakura overcame her hunger valiantly "why are there are only two bells when there are three of us?"

"well that is very simple this way at least one of you will get tied to the post and disqualified."

"NOPE." Naruto suddenly spoke up and crossed his arms like a defiant 5 year old. "i don't like that so i want to change it." everyone just looked at Naruto like he was crazy.

"uh Naruto you don't really get a choice in this situation." Naruto just stuck his hand in his pocket and pulled out a little egg shaped device it had a small button on it.

"this Kakashi is what gives me a choice." he pointed it toward a tree and pushed the button.

The tree blew into a million pieces completely without warning the trunk was obliterated leaving only a burnt log in its place.

"at the bottom of that tree was a small vile of something we call 'gods blood' it is one of the most volatile substances in the universe it can be made into a powder liquid or gas cant be washed away easily and all it takes to explode is small electric pulse which is what this little doozy is for..." Kakashi still didn't get it "do you remember the duster from yesterday Kakashi?" realisation dawned on Kakashi "thats right it was completely filled with the powder form of gods breath so right now in my hand is what will decided whether you live or die well actually it is up to you so what is it going to be live with us or die?"

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