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The sun shone brightly and hit Ginny in the face, she started stirring when she tried to stretch she found she couldn't, opening one eye she looked down to see Hermione snuggled into her, her head on Ginny's shoulder, Ginny smiled at the tender scene in front of her.

Ginny couldn't believe it, last night was amazing granted they didn't do anything that required items of clothing to come off but they sat and talked all night about how they felt. And the kiss. Ginny couldn't even describe it, it felt like fireworks were going off in her head that time stood still and everything else was forgotten.

Shaking her head Ginny tried to gain sense of everything, her crush on Hermione had grown since her fourth year, it was simple really one moment in the Gryffindor common room had Ginny for life.


Ginny was busy changing out of her school uniform, after all it was Friday and she wanted to spend the time in front of the fireplace reading her book, something her mum sent her during last post.

Ginny got into her tank top and shorts then made her way downstairs, it was good that there was a party at the room of requirement; it meant that the common room would be empty.

How wrong she was, when Ginny arrived downstairs she noticed Hermione laying on one of the chairs her nose buried in a book, she was wearing shorts and a jumper, Ginny licked her lips she saw Hermione's legs first absently moving back and forth in no particular rhythm.

Hermione was biting her bottom lip her finger gently going up and down the side of the book. Ginny was stood still; she couldn't help but admire her perfect form.

'What?' Ginny thought to herself she hadn't made a noise so Hermione didn't know she was here maybe she could just go back upstairs her brain didn't send that message to her feet as they moved towards Hermione.

Hermione must have heard her because she looked up from her book and gave Ginny a huge smile that smile sent a wave of heat through her entire body and it took everything Ginny had not to moan she just hoped she wasn't blushing

"Ginny you ok?" Hermione asked.

Ginny smiled at the memory, she used to think that her love for Hermione would go in time, that's why she dated Harry. Though he wasn't clueless he knew he wasn't the one for her he knew her heart belonged to another, how do you ask?

Harry always said I love you in their seven month relationship he was always the one to say it, Ginny never said it back, she didn't want to them three words were for Hermione only and that's how it would stay.

Ginny felt Hermione moving she had turned on her side and let Ginny go, she missed the contact so she followed suit she wrapped an arm around Hermione's waist and buried her face in Hermione's neck and soon fell back to sleep.

Hermione woke up and realised she wasn't the only person in her bed. When she turned over she saw Ginny sleeping soundly she gently moved Ginny's arm from around her waist and moved to the bathroom, once she was finished she went into the kitchen to make a cup of tea she noticed that the others had tidied up and left, they must have been talking for a long time.

Hermione felt like a bad host for leaving her guests. Well if you could call them that the likes of Harry and Ron practically lived here she pottered about in the kitchen, she didn't notice her bedroom door open or Ginny sneaking up behind her.

"SHIT!" Hermione shouted as she felt arms around her waist.

"That's not nice" Ginny whispered Hermione didn't have to turn to know that Ginny was pouting Hermione relaxed.

"You scared me" Hermione laughed "I was going to being you some breakfast in bed" Hermione whined Ginny kissed her neck.

"I was awake as soon as you moved your hand" Ginny shrugged then turned Hermione round to face her.

Hermione wrapped her arms around the taller girls neck "I'm glad we played truth or dare" Hermione whispered before kissing Ginny softly.

Ginny smiled softly "so then there is only one question" Ginny started she felt Hermione tense a little "what's the matter?" she asked

"Please don't say it was a mistake" Hermione begged Ginny chuckled shaking her head.

"It wasn't Mione I promise, it's just if we are going to do this right then I want to take you out on a date" Ginny explained she then felt Hermione relax.

"Oh right" Hermione whispered blushing she felt Ginny kiss her head "Well that's a good idea too" Hermione grinned sheepishly.

"Hermione you need to know I've been in love with you for six years" Ginny whispered moving closer to Hermione so they were only a breath apart "it's been so hard, do you really think I would say it was a mistake when I've waited for a long time to be with you" Ginny sighed. Hermione shook her head tears running down her face.

"Six years?" Hermione asked Ginny grinned and nodded "god we are both a little stupid aren't we" Hermione laughed Ginny nodded again in agreement.

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