Written for the "99 love quotes" Challenge at the HPFF Forum :)

Sometimes the person you really need is the one you didn't think you wanted.

He watched her laugh with Lorcan Scamander and took another gulp of his fire whiskey. He shouldn't have come to this worthless Ball - shouldn't have, shouldn't have, shouldn't have. He wondered why he let Rose convince him; oh yes, it was something to do with being a good boyfriend.

Boyfriend - He wanted to be this to her for so long and yet, when he finally got what he wanted, he wasn't happy. Rose was sweet, cute and just the perfect girl for him - had been for so many years, in fact. But was she really the one he needed? He wasn't too sure about that one.

He missed Lily - missed her a lot actually. He didn't understand why she insisted on refusing to hang out with him anymore - she said he had a girlfriend now, who wouldn't like him spending so much time with another girl. He was sure Rose wouldn't mind but Lily - there was no convincing her. She was always the stubborn one, refusing to do anything but what her heart told her. Scorpius knew, somewhere in his heart, that maybe Lily was right, maybe he did want to spend far too much time with her than he should, but wasn't that natural? She was his best friend, had been for years. How could he just let her go like this, just because he finally got Rose Weasley?

Maybe it wasn't even about Rose Weasley - maybe it was more about Lorcan Scamander. Stupid, idiot, Lorcan Scamander. Didn't Lily see the way the fool was in love with her? She should stay away from him - away, away, away. But she refused bluntly, telling him that he had gotten what he wanted and now he should let her live her own life. Let her live her own life? Sure, he could do that - but why with Lorcan Scamander?

"If not Lorcan, then who Scorpius?" she had asked him, her long red hair flying in her eyes. She had looked so beautiful - so beautiful, so beautiful.

He had wanted to say me - me, me, me - but how could he? For wasn't he committed to her very own cousin? He didn't even know where that "me" had come from - all he knew was in that moment, he had finally understood what love was. Love, for him, was Lily Potter - and not Rose Weasley.