Chapter 1: The attack

The morning had begun like any day at nastya's holdout. The outpost's air raid siren had gone off, alerting the survivor's that the zombies were swarming towards the outpost and that they must begin defending. However, this time, the swarms were more like waves, with the zombies running towards the outpost with such ferocity that all the early morning looters had been killed. They came though the junkyard, clambering over the ruined cars and industrial rubble like insects, forcing all the outpost guards to retreat. All the snipers on the rooftop approach had no hope but watch as the army of infected dashed past, heading straight for the main gate. both groups hit the main gate into the outpost like a ton of bricks, causing the wall to fall instantaneously.

That was Ryder woke up.

Hearing the screams of the civilians down in the outpost's marketplace Ryder looked out the window of his small room. Everywhere he looked the zombies were tearing people apart and devouring their flesh. They were even attacking the sniper's nests, giving the survivors down below no hope at all. Ryder quickly dressed in his regular clothes, shoved his armour on and grabbed his M1 Garand, holstered his desert eagle and strapped his sabre on and ran down the short flight of stairs, or he would of if he didn't run into a girl on the way down.

"Ouch, watch where you're going!" she said. "Sorry" Ryder replied. As he stood up and helped the girl up, he noticed she was wearing a grey beret, a green tank top and some blue jeans similar in style to the ones that Ryder was wearing. But what really caught his eye was the M60 that she had strapped to her back and the thousands of bullets she had bandolier style across her front. "Holy...SHIT! We're the heck did you get that thing?" Ryder said with a shocked expression on his face. "Oh, this thing? I have ten of these old things." she replied casually. "No way! How? Where?" Ryder asked with the same humorous facial expression. "At the outpost armoury" she said even more casually, as if she was getting bored. "Wait" Ryder stopped her "the only person with access to the outpost's armoury is... nastya" he stammered out. "Yeah, that's right, I'm nastya. Know if you'll excuse me, I have to save outpost from crumbling to dust" she then took off up the stairs, leaving Ryder stunned behind her.