Improbable Events

Pilot Chapter

A Marvel x Naruto Crossover.

Summary: In the events that shake up the two important moments of two different worlds, both shall forever be marked as the road leading to consequences far from the intended outcome and intertwines at the very start.

A little background check here, in this timeline, Sasuke never left Juugo and Suigetsu to their fate, he never stabbed Karin through the chest, he did however, met up with Naruto and still gained the EMS and finally fated for their supposed last battle to happen, Naruto on the other hand, has subdued the Kyuubi and can now use it to his own devices.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, credit goes to Masashi Kishimoto. I do not own Marvel, all credits go to said company and Disney (lol)

The universe is a very complex and fickle thing. Out of all the mysteries that surrounded its vast grandeur, none could be more appealing than another sentient life that exists outside the dimension that Earth exists in. Many have thought of this as very unlikely, but for others, they know better.

To one Doctor Stephen Strange, it was just one of the everyday dealings he had to work with being the sorcerer supreme of Earth. An entity of high regards, Doctor Strange felt it is most needed to monitor many of the events that were occurring around the world right now. And two things had caught his attention, first, Thor's hammer crashes into Oklahoma and Doom's surprising return from hell, and second, due to the cause of the hammer travelling many dimensions coming from Asgard to this realm, a shockwave had occurred in the different planes of existence before it finally crashed in the said state.

Ragnarok, the climactic clash of the Asgardians against the forces of evil had finally occurred, the war cry of every Norse god echoed to the rifts of every plane of existence until its inevitable end. Dr. Strange found it incredibly sorrowful, as the events of the world slowly but surely turned to a darker path that he saw, he could not help but feel that worse times are yet to come. Yet, what he perhaps didn't foresee in this event, with the eventual fall of Thor's hammer, was a streak of light, flying across the star spangled night before breaking into fifteen different points and separating all around the USA.

Dr. Strange, stood in his humble room in Greenwich Village and peered through the window before closing his eyes, and sure enough, from his vision, he saw that sixteen points of light had separated from one gigantic column.

A question however, remained on the esteemed sorcerer's mind that was left to ponder on such an event.

"What would this mean for mankind?"

Truthfully enough, he wasn't a superstitious person, however, seeing as he was the sorcerer supreme and had been hanging around a bunch of superstitious folks to begin with, he had no choice but to believe that there was a reason for this to happen.

Break line

Fatigue, it was the only thing he was feeling right now and cold, he felt every drop of rain pelting his body with its cold touch. His clothes were soaked, bloody, and dirty. His cloak was in tatters at the hem. To his back, he saw his comrades, on the ground, either unconscious or writhing in pain, they were all downed by the very same person he called a brother, it was only thanks to him and a huge amount of luck that they survived. To his front, was a boy, no older than him, ebony wild hair, spiking up to his back, kneeling on the ground as he panted hoarsely. His eyes were dripping with blood, trailing to his cheeks as it fell down on the floor. A testament to what he had done. To his back, lay three wounded, unconscious but miraculously alive. Around them, were black fires, its temperatures around it were hot, so hot that the raindrops that fell in its area turned to steam once more. Only the cold pelting of the droplets of water cooled down the both of them that remained conscious and standing.

But not for long.

"Naruto… Why would you go so far just to stop me?" The ebony haired boy asked, Naruto gave him an answer in between gasps for air as he said,

"I told you Sasuke… It's because I'm your friend. No matter how much I want to kill you, I'll still be your friend, no matter how much you try to push me away, I'm still there. It's because I've got no choice but to smack some sense into you, that's what being a friend is about, Sasuke."

Sasuke merely scowled at this and didn't say anything anymore, instead, he leaned forward and stretched his hand to his side, and a loud crackling sound was heard all around him as lightning began to dance around his arm and then to his arm, gathering at a centre point and began screeching like a thousand birds chirping.

Chidori in hand, Sasuke merely stared at the blonde with not more than a frown as his opponent, rival, and friend stood before him, in his hand was his own technique, the Rasengan, swirling around his hands like a miniature storm. Its grinding noise could be heard all around as the winds and wisps of chakra danced all around the small orb.

As both combatants dashed towards each other, intent on either killing or cancelling the other's attack, a loud sonic boom could be heard just outside their battle. The clouds had suddenly parted to the small area where sixteen of them where, and in a flash, a hammer, clad in lightning and thunder, pierced the very middle of the battle between Naruto and Sasuke.

Both of them could see it, they could see the hammer slowly falling in between them but neither could stop, they were so close, a step further from each other as their techniques were about to be shoved at both of them.

The hammer was in the way, they knew they would hit this particular object, but still they pressed on, neither of them would want to lose against each other. And both doubted that a single hammer would be enough to stop their collision course.

In a huge dome of blinding white light, neither the sound of Sasuke's Chidori nor Naruto's Rasengan were heard, as the white light encompassed them all.

Oklahoma (The sight where Thor's hammer crashed):

It was such a surprising turn of events. They never knew that Victor was capable escaping Hell, one where they never gave him a chance of escaping, ever. He had no way out! So why was it that Dr. Doom was walking in the realm of the living once more?

He had managed to bypass all of them; he had managed to slip past every member of the Fantastic Four and reached towards the hammer that embedded itself on the ground while his doombots were busy taking care and being his shield as he crouched in front of the Norse god's hammer, Mjolnir. Behind Doom, was The Thing, holding his face as he covered his eyes.

"Whatever you are going to say in that sentence, Benjamin Grimm, you are now far, far too late."

Doom then reached for the hammer, managing to get a hold of its head before being engulfed in a pillar of white light, a vague cry of thunder echoed throughout the middle of the desert night, blowing away members of the Fantastic Four from them as the shockwave travelled fiercely sending dunes of sand all around.

When the light died down, every member of the Fantastic Four had finally stood up, amidst the rubble and scorched remains of the doombots, Reed Richards was the one to ask about the situation. They all looked at each other and then to ground zero, where Doom was seen, crouching and trying to pull out the seemingly heavy object.

"No, it's not right, I thought… I felt the touch of the Asgardians as they fell! I felt Thor's power for a moment as Ragnarok tore through even hell itself! I thought it would be enough… I was wrong." Doom mentioned as he paused for a few seconds, mulling over the fact that he had finally escaped the clutches of that dark abyss known as hell.

Doom then stood up, disappointment rained from his person, it welled up so much that his fists were shaking in fury. He was then sullen; he had finally attained his freedom, something that he desired when he was sent to hell.

With his own resolve, he stood, pride wounded, but intact, he turned his back on the hammer and said, "I will not allow myself to remain and suffer from your gloating."

"Keep the cursed hammer, Doom does not need it. Let it be Thor's tombstone."

And with that, the villain left the presence of the Fantastic Four, riding a ship that lead back to Latveria.

As the Fantastic Four tried to make sense of what was going on, they all turned towards the site of the hammer's area only to see another white light, this time, coming from above.

They all looked up, seeing the light that blinded them and then separating to different points all around, with one of the streak of lights crashing near the site of Thor's hammer.

"Another crash? Well, now if I could say any better, I guess Zeus was jealous of Hammer boy's toy on the ground so he sent one lightning bolt." Commented the gigantic figure of a rock man known as Ben Grimm all the while as he tried to recover from the shock that he just experienced earlier, he never knew why this particular lightning somewhat hurt him, but he could guess that it was a Norse god thing.

"Not funny, rock man." Johnny Storm commented.

When they looked over to the still smouldering area of the latest explosion, they saw something that horrified Sue Richards.

"My God, Reed, its teenaged girl!"

And indeed, as Sue described, it was a teenager, a girl to be precise, long straight blonde hair with bangs covering the right side of her face, wearing a purple tank top that exposed her toned midriff, as well as a skirt that reached just above her kneecaps. Barely noticeable, but Sue could see some mesh attire underneath the same with her shoulders and knees. Though what tugged her curiosity, was the small pouch on her back and the metal piece that was tied and held her long her back.

"Not bad for a teenager." Johnny Storm commented, a hand on his chin as Ben replied, "She's jail bait, Johnny, unless you want to eat prison food for a decade or more then go right ahead, I'm not stopping you."

"Where did she come from, anyway? I don't remember seeing her here in the site, as far as I can tell, this is classified information coming from S.H.I.E.L.D." Mr. Fantastic asked. He held out a small object in his hands and scanned the girl.

"Weak levels of cosmic radiation, that means we can rule out that she came from outer space." The scientist said as he then mentioned to his team, "Let's take her to the hospital to get a better understanding once she wakes up."

Everyone looked inclined to agree.

Westchester County:

Emma Frost could feel the tides rising from the east. She could sense it, she didn't know exactly why, but she knew something was about to go down, something very earth shaking that it would lead to a disaster for everyone to remember for years to come. She couldn't help but feel worry as she went out on that starry lit night, well, to what she can actually see, the lights all around was blocking the luminescent beauty of the stars that shone on the cold night.

She looked up once more, and saw a small light, flashing and then another, and another, and finally settling to four, growing larger and larger until she realized it looked like it was a projectile coming their way. In a flash, Emma Frost ducked as four streaks of white light slammed into the yard of Xavier's Institute for the Gifted.

Many of the school's residents looked out, and saw four people, near the age of many of their peers, on the ground, in the middle of craters, unconscious, bruised, bloody, but thankfully alive. They examined them closer, looked into their weird appearances as they were whisked away from their spots and into a medically bay area.

The first one had a hair that was tied to a pony tail, spiked upwards and wore an earring on his right ear. He wore a black long sleeve, with a red spiral pattern on his shoulder, matching the pure black pants. A green flack jacket, it felt like it functioned like light armour, and a mesh undershirt beneath his black linen clothes.

The other one had long, straight dark blue hair, wearing a light purple parka and dark blue pants. Pale, creamy-white skin and a petite height for her age, she was laying on her side before she picked up.

Turning to another, they saw another girl this time. Her hair was chestnut brown, held up by into two buns, wearing a long sleeved white blouse and red pants; they noticed she was wearing a set of traditional Chinese clothes right down to the red pants. Apart from the others, instead of a pouch, she had a large scroll strapped horizontally on her back.

The final one was a boy, paler than the first girl, wearing nothing but black and a shirt that exposed his lower torso. If many didn't know better, a lot of the students there at the sight would have labelled the boy as… Something completely unpleasant. It's the same as being said as 'your kind' but something less hurtful. Yet despite the attire, Emma Frost should reserve judgment where it is due.

It is however, curious that these four had the same pieces of metal attached to their person, the first boy had his on his shoulder, the first girl had one on her neck while the remaining two had theirs on their foreheads.

Judging from this, it was safe to assume that they are members from some organization, but for what, she didn't know. But the strange insignia forged on those metallic pieces had drawn her curious.

Perhaps a mental probe should be in order.


Baron Zemo overlooked at the small fortress he had built for himself and his ragtag of super villains that were trying to reform. The Thunderbolts had been capturing rogue meta-humans, stolen high-tech weaponry and the lot for the past several months now and there has been a recent splurge of super villainy lately. He could tell it was a symptom, a sign of things to come. A sign that told him things were crumbling in the superhero community.

He felt this way the moment he heard rumours of some vigilantes hanging up their tights. Not that he could blame them, just this week; he read the newspaper that a bill was being reviewed in congress, the Superhuman Registration Act. He could feel that the government was already frowning at the nuisance that the superhero community was bringing them. And although an accumulated property damage expenses was a weak excuse, there needs to be only one thing that would help it trigger to become a law.

For the time being, Zemo didn't feel like hanging his tights. And even though if he registered or not wasn't in his priority list, it's best to prepare for an inevitable conflict. And with that conflict, he could…

A low chuckle escaped his mouth.

It was then that he saw he heard four separate explosions. Loud, thundering, earth shattering, where the words he could describe it with, it was such a surprising that the leader of the Thunderbolts growled as he got up after bracing himself.

He stormed out of his room and quickly went outside to the courtyard. Thankfully, it was empty, he knew Swordsman wanted to polish his skill once in a while, but for now he didn't really need him to die like that, he was an essential member of the team after all.

He looked down on the four craters and saw four kids, lying prone on the ground unconscious. From their features, they looked foreign enough to be from another continent, but their clothing tells him otherwise. One of the teenagers had a gigantic sword strapped on his back. So it was safe to assume that they were warriors.

Zemo had a smile on his face at this, he could certainly use them, and he could certainly entertain the thought of them being on his side. If perhaps, reluctantly, Zemo was determined to get these people to his side, no matter the cost.

New York:

FINALLY! That blasted author just had to introduce the MAN near the end! What is this, a total rip off of some cliché comic or something? It was getting repetitive to see people flying and crashing down to areas where the heroes were most likely were. How about a change, man?

Anyway, there I was, killing off a pizza delivery boy for some chump change to get by. Don't ask where I got the job from, but from what I can accurately guess of my employer, it was probably some loser that got bullied in his high school. Hey, it's petty but I can get around with some of this!

Just then, I saw these white streaks of light coming from the sky, I was really mesmerized. Awed at the display of such beauty before my eyes that I just had to follow!

"Ooohhh, shiny!"

I ran as fast as I could, crossing rivers, mountains and a hot lady's clothesline, I got close to the crash site.

Only instead of a space pod from that other publication that had a huge fetish for balls, I saw perhaps three anime people for the first time in my planet!

I was absolutely thrilled at this, I mean, anime people, in my world? Holy shit man!

I looked at the first guy I saw; he looked like a cross between Bruce Lee and that lantern guy from the other publication, except he had those leeches on his eyebrow- wait… IT IS HIS EYEBROWS!

Deciding that the kid should be left alone since he looked like a Martial Arts movie stunt double, I turned my sights to the next anime guy/girl, whatever, they all look androgynous to me. The second one was wearing this really cool leather jacket, and although it would make yours truly an even bigger badass than what he is now, I decided to have some form of my morals remain. Or whatever just made me decide that I should leave this kid alone. That big white dog with him didn't look all too friendly either since it was the first to wake up.


"Nice doggie, I'm just here to check if the runt is still alive…"


That was just my arm that the mutt tore off.

Honestly, if it weren't hostile against me, I would have wanted one! Maybe I can sick this guy on my neighbour once in a while, he always tends to piss me off every time I talk to him.

After claiming my righteous victory with my tug of war over the big dog, I reconnected my arm and my healing factor instantly kicked in. It was attached once again while I ran up a big tree.

Ha ha, stupid mutt, dogs can't climb- WHAT THE FUCK?

Okay, this has got to be the most kick ass dog I have ever laid my eyes on, seriously! He just jumped ten to twenty feet in the air and gave chase to me! I mean, how does that even happen? I really, really, would like to keep this dog as my pet, so I decided to load my gun with tranq darts instead of real bullets. One pull of my trigger finger later, that white monstrosity of a puppy yawned and fell asleep on the ground, obviously knocked out.

Now that he's out of the way, I make it back to ground zero and looked at my final mystery person. And I have to say I'm… Not that impressed. Okay, she had pink hair, seriously, pink!

Of course I knew other people had pink hair. Particularly Diamond Back, but that's first person narrative background info for another time.

From what I could tell, she's wearing this red blouse over some cloth material underneath. Not that her pads weren't plainly obvious, although it does provide some sort of armour. Trying to be sexy while trying to fight… Hmm… How come that reminds me of every female that I know and met? Still being the ever inquisitive me, I noticed that she was packing a pouch just above her shapely rear. I decided to check if this girl had a first aid kit or something and what I saw totally got me impressed!

I saw knives, kunai to be exact, ones used for close range combat by ninjas, also, it was used for digging. Not that it would be much help, another was a nice set of shuriken, so it just confirms that bubblegum hair here is actually a ninja and so are her companions. A pleasant surprise really, I never expected any of these brats to be like ninjas, hmm… Does that mean I'm getting my own elite squad? Holy shit that would be all sorts of awesome!

A few minutes later as I was checking out their gear and looked at each of them, this pink haired chick suddenly stirs while I go through her material, of course, I sort of copped a feel before I did any of that though.


That was just my spine. She just punched me so hard I flew away like Iron Man had just pumped so much energy and blasted me all the way from Texas.

"Asoko wa Sawaruna, kono kuso hentai-da!"

Where's the line break when you desperately need it?

In some other part of New York:

Three more lights streaked at the night sky as spectators watched in awe, before crashing in Central Park in different areas altogether. A response unit was already underway; it could be some new super villain or worse, another alien invasion. Although seeing super villains were now the norm in this city, so were the heroes that revolve around it, particularly, the Mighty Avengers.

Peter Parker who was wearing Stark's latest suit given to him, also known as Spider-man, was the first to respond and saw one of the smoking craters just by the eastern part of the said park. He saw a teenaged boy, long chestnut brown hair, spiky, and reached down to his lower back, he was husky and wore a red tunic all that armour which Spider-man thought was very Samurai-esque. Shoulder pads and a chest plate? This kid looked like he was trained to endure high amounts of pain and dish out the same amount.

What got his attention however was the strange symbol embedded on a piece of metal on the boy's forehead. It was a swirl pattern with an angle at the bottom. The insignia made no sense whatsoever, so he thought that this was a symbol of his club or something. Ah, he didn't really need to give this much thought. He called over his boss and asked him on what to do.

"Tony, we got a situation here, I suspect that this guy's a Meta and so are two others here. I don't know about you, but with the whole registration thing being thought of in congress, I say we take these guys to the tower until this whole thing blows off."

"Roger that, I'll be heading there with some additional help. Load me the coordinates to where you are and where you suspect the other two are in this area."

Peter looked around and with his new scanner; he surveyed the area around Central Park quickly making the coordinates that Tony needed.

Things were becoming harder and harder as the bill was edged closer and closer into passing it in congress. It still hasn't reached the level of hysterics of the mainstream media yet, but the rumours of the bill was scaring caped crusaders all around the country. Though most of them were small time crime fighters, picking off pick pockets and street crime, it was enough for him to tell that the tension that was happening because of what happened during three meaningful events that were stirring many of the civilians minds to be wary.

In a way, the hysterics of J.J. Jameson was actually paying off in his newspaper.

The resident wall crawler could only let out a small but bitter chuckle.

No way in hell would he let that bill pass! His anonymity was the ultimate barrier from those psychopaths that tried to kill MJ and Aunt May. He knew better, and he would not let this bill come to fruition.

Unknown Area:

"Status report." An anonymous shadow spoke, looking around the area of the crash site, one of the guards spoke, "There were no casualties as far as this goes. Many civilians thought of this as nothing more than a shooting star, we've already locked down the area, sir. We are waiting for deployment as soon as the extraction is complete."

"Kimura." The person commanded, and a lady wearing a black one piece jumpsuit, black wavy hair that reached to her lower back and an assortment of weapons strapped on her back.

"What is it, sir?" The person identified as Kimura asked. The person merely turned his back from the scene.

"As soon as you extract that boy from the site, I want your team to begin experiments on him, I've seen his regeneration, Kimura, and although it can't hold a candle against someone like X23, I'm sure he would be a suitable replacement."

With that, he left. Letting the members of the facility go on to the boy who was unconscious of a rather large crater. As soon as Kimura got to the center of the smouldering place to facilitate the extraction, the features of the person became clearer and clearer. The boy was blonde; his hair was spiky like sunflowers. He wore an orange tracksuit underneath a rather long coat that had an intricate design at the sleeve and at the hem if some of the tatters didn't have to ruin it. A rather large scroll strapped to his back as he lay to the ground prone.

"They just keep getting younger and younger these days." Kimura mentioned as she watched her men whisk the blonde boy away, back towards the facility back to where the tests, the agonies and the torture to commence once more.

In Greenwich Village:

Stephen Strange could only stare outwards towards where most of his friends and acquaintances are right now. A frown escaped his features as he said, "An improbable event such as this would mean a much altered outcome of the most probable future. I must seek to this soon and find out who or what has the world brought itself into now."

Prologue end…

Asoko wa Sawaruna, kono kuso hentai-da – Don't touch me there, you damn pervert!