Author's Note:

This story covers what happened after the events of the Blue Drop TV series. Of course, by starting at the end of the series, this contains spoilers for it, so be forewarned.

Through the series I came to love Hagino and Mari, and built a curiosity about Arume themselves. Watching the last episode left me wanting to spend more time with the characters I'd grown to love, and also wondered ``what happened next.'' My reaction turned creative and this is the result. There's not much Blue Drop fiction out there, so I hope you enjoy this.

Blue Drop: Angel's Partner: Chapter 1

In Blue

Mari and Hagino stand beside the school swimming pool late in the evening after finishing the last rehearsal for the play for the school festival. They agree that they haven't finished their previous conversation here. Hagino tearfully apologizes to Mari, explaining why she took so long to tell her the truth about the Kamioki Island incident: she was afraid to. So many people died there, but Mari survived and is still alive. As tears run down her face, she worries that Mari might turn against her. Mari stops her by grabbing her arm and then giving her a slap to the face.

``Mari-san?'' asks a shocked Hagino.

``That was for not telling me the truth!''

``And this,'' she continues pushing Hagino into the pool, ``this is for making me worry about you!''

An astonished Hagino surfaces to see Mari jump into the pool with her. Mari grabs her hands, happy and smiling. Hagino realizes that Mari is not upset, and begins smiling herself. They move to clasping each other's hands and smiling at each other, then draw closer while still underwater.

[[ I love you. ]]

[[ I love you. ]]

And they kiss.

This important communication done, they realize that neither one of them spoke out loud—it would have been a bit tough underwater—yet they perfectly understood each other. In fact, they understood more fully than mere words could convey. Apparently their touch-telepathy still works, and not just while dreaming.

After a bit more playing and laughing in the pool, the two head to the pool-side and climb out. [[ So you can hear me like this? ]] asks Mari, silently, as she gives Hagino a hand up the ladder.

[[ Yes, ]] she replies. [[ It seems we can talk mind-to-mind like this when we touch. ]] And continues out loud, ``Let's hurry and change out of these wet things so we don't catch cold.''

``Yes, lets,'' says Mari, giving Hagino's hand a squeeze. She then silently continues, [[ This is great. There's so much I want to share with you. ]]


The two head back to their dorm room to change into some dry clothes, continuing to hold hands. They hold hands not just for the joy of company and physical contact, but also because it lets them continue to share their hearts and minds.

Mari opens her heart fully to Hagino, fully admitting her feelings, especially her love. Hagino finds this direct evidence of how much Mari really does care for her, even knowing what she did, makes it easier for her to share the rest of the details of Blue, the Kamioki island incident and even the Arume invasion of earth and such little details as her name among the Arume, Ekaril. But most importantly, she shares just how much she cares for Mari. She only hides two things to protect Mari: Master Commander Shivariel's personal targeting of Mari, and any predictions of her own future beyond the play. Mari doesn't notice this, or perhaps it just doesn't matter next to Hagino's love which comes through strongly.

Micchi is overjoyed to find Mari and Hagino reconciled, and they are mildly amused at how pale that description is compared to what they really have. The two are inseparable through the rest of the preparations and the school festival, continuing to share thoughts and feelings with each other.


When the attack comes and Hagino reveals herself, Mari is not surprised, however she is upset at what it implies. Also, Hagino's refusal to promise to return and simple ``farewell'' leave her stunned. She soon recovers enough to chase after Hagino, choosing words from Micchi's play to express her feelings at their parting.

ooo OOO ooo

Blue takes off toward Novaal, leaving a forlorn Mari safely behind on the dock. Tsubael reports that Novaal has transformed into genocide mode and laments that they have little energy left. She is surprised when Ekaril salutes her and thanks her for all her hard work. Tsubael's bridge station is turned into an escape capsule and ejected from Blue over her screams of protest.

Once Tsubael's escape capsule is safely away, Blue shifts directly in front of Novaal, ramming and destroying it before the genocide mode weapon can fire. Ekaril holds the play's script in her hands and recites the line: ``No matter what blade thou might possess, thou shalt not cut the rose that blooms in the wilderness that is my home. The rose's name is Jeanne, Senkouji Hagino.'' She adds, ``and the name of that flower is Jeanne, Senkouji Hagino.''

She closes her eyes and smiles, finally at peace. Her sacrifice helps even the balance against the deaths of Onomil, the landing party and the inhabitants of Kamioki island. Also the destruction of Novaal and Master Commander Shivariel with it removes the biggest threat to her love, Mari. The invasion of Earth will likely continue—stopping that is beyond her power—but she hopes she has at least saved Mari from a terrible fate at the hands of Shivariel. Soon, all disappears into the blaze of energy as both ships are destroyed.


The light dims to something bearable. ``Commander, Commander Ekaril.'' A voice comes in through the light. ``Can you hear me?''

``Onomil?'' Ekaril asks, and her sight clears enough to see the face of a luminous Onomil before her, though all else still remains a brilliant white glow. ``Did I... Am I... Are we... dead?'' Ekaril's newly found peace makes this a mere question and her voice is no longer raw with entreaty as the last time she talked with Onomil.

``I don't really understand,'' says Onomil quietly, shaking her head. ``And I don't know what to call what we are, but this seems like when I came to after Blue's drive exploded.'' She tilts her head in thought. ``I do remember talking to you in my room after that, and the dead aren't supposed to speak.''

``So that was real and not just my imagination,'' realizes Ekaril. She also notices that her body is now also luminous, just like Onomil's. ``But how was I able to see you and talk with you then?''

``That's what I don't understand. I think it must have been a side effect of the explosion of the Emil Force Drive. If so, maybe this explosion was similar.'' She didn't add that she also also had a very strong reason to want to stay around to protect and repair Blue for her commander. After all, what similar wish could be holding Ekaril here. She also didn't add that she'd similarly tried to contact Azanael while she was aboard Blue, but that she couldn't: whether Azanael's anger and sadness kept her closed up or whether there was something special about Ekaril she couldn't say.

``And you stayed with Blue. Thank you for helping us out when we most needed it. What do we do now? I'm sorry I didn't keep it as a place for us to stay.''

Onomil smiles. ``I think we need to tie ourselves to something physical to keep from shifting away from this brane-world. It probably it needs to be something nearby that you have an emotional bond with already. Without realizing it, last time I tied myself to Blue. I think we should try now, before the energy from this Emil-Force explosion dissipates.''

Ekaril thinks back to the last she saw of Mari, and remembers the surveillance remote from Blue flying around her, and then to the same remotes flying around when she saw Mari first being driven to Kaihou Academy. Onomil figures that might work.


Two terns fall and fly away from the remains of the fireball, having been somehow protected from it's fury—or perhaps born from it. They bank together and fly back towards the mainland on their strong wings.

``Onomil, can you hear me?'' one of them asks.

``Yes. I'm glad we can still talk. It would be lonely as just a bird.''

As they fly back, Onomil tells what she discovered about the sabotage of Blue's Emil-Force drive. This sabotage was what caused the drives to overload and implode. Also, part of the sabotage caused the drive to send out thought waves and that these were probably what caused the islanders and landing party to go mad and kill each other. Of course, the implosion of the drive not only killed Onomil, but also caused the tsunami that killed the rest of the islanders. Onomil doesn't know who would have done the sabotage, but Ekaril remembers Shivariel's actions toward Blue in addition to Mari and also Azanael's comment that she mistakenly attacked the wrong enemy.

Onomil apologizes for not finding this out sooner and preventing the drive overloading and causing everyone's death. This time it is Ekaril's turn to reassure Onomil, telling her there was no way to guess that someone would have tried this sabotage, so she shouldn't feel guilty. She also tells her how Azanael saved them from the aerial attack at the end, and how she led the return attack on Novaal. She also tells of Azanael's words that this was her correct revenge for Onomil's death.

``I know that most of her fighter squad was destroyed, but I think that she might have survived that last battle. I don't want to give you false hope, but...''

``Then I'd like to go look for her if that might be true,'' answers Onomil. ``Do you have anything you want to do now, Commander?''

``If you don't mind, I want to find a certain Forime and see if I can pass a message on to her.''

``A Forime? The one you brought aboard Blue?''

``Yes. Her name is Mari. Do you mind?''

``No,'' agrees Onomil as the two head toward the coast. ``I'll follow you first.''

ooo OOO ooo

Tsubael's escape capsule falls away from Blue. Her training quickly takes over, and she stop screaming and begins piloting the capsule. A quick check of the instruments show that it is heading for the closest complete world, which happens to be Earth, near to where she spent the past five years aboard Blue.

Tsubael flies the capsule down and lands it in a secluded woods not too far from Kaihou Academy. Some quick work camouflages the capsule to prevent detection. She even disables the emergency locator beacon, as she also doesn't wish to be found by fellow Arume yet.

A few manipulations of her bracelet later, and Tsubael is disguised as a student of Kaihou Academy, her eyes and hair darker as well. Pausing to think, she realizes that this uniform would raise too many questions as she's never enrolled at this closely-knit school, so after a couple more manipulations she is dressed in an attractive A-line dress that will blend in with the general population.

Leaving the escape capsule, Tsubael checks again to make sure it is well hidden, then heads toward town. The walk is not overly far and gives her time to think. Remembering Ekaril's final salute to her, her apology, and her thanks for a hard job well done brings a blush to her face. ``Commander,'' she vows, ``you've left me here to continue your work. I'll do my best.''

Tsubael's walk brings her to the grounds of Kaihou Academy. The place is once again quiet. With the big battle over, there's no longer the need to worry about explosions from stray ordnance, and apparently Master Commander counted on her ship taking care of ``cleaning'' this area, and thus didn't allocate any Gosuta assault troops to drop and explode here.

Author's Note:

Yes, part of my reason for writing this is that I find Hagino so good of a character, that I couldn't bear for her story to end at the end of the TV series. I liked her so much that I wanted to see more of her story, and also of Mari, Tsubael and their friends. Yet also, I could not take away the meaning and power of Hagino's sacrifice there. So I took inspiration from the manga showing that ``consciousness transfer'' was possible, and ran with that a bit more. I hope that I've kept true to their characters and also given you something enjoyable to read.