Blue Drop: Angel's Partner: Chapter 13

In The Future

Years later, Micchi comes home from her work at the newly reconstituted United Nations. She has gone into the diplomatic corps as a career, working in the ``Alien Relations'' branch. The Arume have continued their hostilities and conquered all the countries on earth, forming a new United Nations to more easily deal with the conquered Forime, and her job ended up there.

``Honey, I'm home,'' she calls out as she closes the apartment door behind her.

``Welcome home, love,'' answers Tsubael.

The two sit down to the dinner they made together, and discuss their days and how the new talks with the Arume are progressing: rather well, in fact.

``The Supreme Commander is requesting direct talks with us,'' explains Micchi. ``It sounds like she wants to finally put an end to the hostilities.''

``That's wonderful.''

``Wait. Let me finish,'' says Micchi. ``The talks will be held aboard the Arume mother-ship in orbit, and the U.N. appointed me to be the ambassador to go up there.''

``Michiko,'' says Tsubael. Her voice shows a little concern, but her eyes shine with pride in her partner. ``Congratulations. They couldn't have picked a better ambassador.''

``I told them I would only accept the position if... if you would pilot the shuttle up to the mother-ship.'' Micchi trusts Tsubael more than anyone else, and feels safer with her life in her hands than anyone else's. Also, Micchi explains that, ``If anything happens, if we need to go anywhere, I don't want to take a chance of being parted from you.'' Tsubael agrees wholeheartedly with this sentiment.

It turns out that arranging for Tsubael to pilot the shuttle was easier than expected, as Tsubael's skills are well recognized and most other pilots fear they might never return from such a mission. In addition, Tsubael seems to be especially good at following the Arume communication protocols. Micchi and Tsubael are also able to arrange for Azanael to fly escort in her fighter, which she's managed to still keep functional through all the years.

ooo OOO ooo

Micchi sits next to her assistant ambassador aboard the shuttle taking them up to the Arume mother-ship in orbit. She muses to herself that it's been thirty years since the events which started her down this road. Little could she have guessed back then that she would end up as Ambassador Plenipotentiary for all of Earth, appointed to negotiate a peace with the Arume.

Her assistant is less comfortable than she is about the flight, and also about the peace negotiations. He's pessimistic because he thinks their opponent is so different.

Micchi thinks they're not, looks down at her copy of ``The Girl of Orleans'' on her lap and quotes, ``No matter what blade thou might posses, though shalt not cut the rose that blooms in the wilderness that is my home.''

This quote confuses her assistant, so she explains that it's a prayer for good fortune. She reassures him, ``Everything will be all right. I'm sure of it.''

Looking out the shuttle window Micchi realizes that she really does believe this, and is happy to be a part of these negotiations. Ending the fighting, and bringing peace and cooperation between their peoples will fulfill Tsubael and Ekaril's hopes and dreams, which have become hers as well. Micchi is confident they'll be able to reach an agreement because, in spite of whatever differences in technology or culture, deep in their hearts Arume and Forime really are the same. She thinks back on all she learned of this from Ekaril and Mari with their friendship and growing love, but most of all from her beloved Tsubael, her angel... her partner.

Author's Note:

And so we close just as the anime both began and ended, with Micchi and Tsubael heading to the orbital peace conference. Thank you for sticking with me though this. I am now facing the author's curse of looking back and seeing flaws throughout this work. Nonetheless, I still hope you enjoyed it.

I have some more extensive ideas for further adventures of Mari and Hagino together, following on the previous chapter. Can Hagino show Mari her homeworld of Arume, and what adventures and troubles might they face there. That remains to be seen in Blue Drop: Angel's Home.

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