Chris sat with his forehead resting against the steering wheel, trying to work up some courage. He was parked outside Alex's place, and he'd rather have been anywhere else. He didn't know how Alex would respond to him turning up on his doorstep, and the thought that Alex might ask him to leave tied his stomach in knots.

He'd been trying to figure out all day what to say to Alex, but he'd come up completely blank. It would have been so much easier if Alex had been a girl; not only would Chris not have been so damn confused, but he would have shown up with a bunch of flowers and turned on the charm. He knew how to work girls. Sadly, while Alex was many things - some positive, some negative - one thing he was not was a girl. The best possible result Chris could hope for if he turned on the charm would be for Alex to hurt himself badly enough while laughing that Chris could bundle him into the car and kidnap him while he was helpless.

He sat up, meeting his own eyes in the rear view mirror. "It's Alex, dude," he told himself. "Just talk to him. Jesus, it's not fucking rocket science." He knew that while he sat here, he was going to get more and more nervous and pissy, so he took a deep breath and made himself get out of the car. The night air was chilly and it was raining a little so he hurried over to Alex's door, huddling on the porch.

Alex's place wasn't a custom built apartment, it was basically the ground floor of a house that had been split into two. Considering what a noisy little bastard Alex was and how he stamped around the place at times and frequently dropped things, Chris felt his neighbours were very lucky to live above him, not below him. He spent a couple of minutes thinking about this before his subconscious screamed at him to stop being such a pussy and rang the doorbell without his permission. Chris hoped Alex wasn't in.

When the door swung open, Alex looked so surprised that Chris would have laughed if he hadn't been far too busy wrestling with his nerves. It was the first time they'd seen each other since the band had practised two weeks previously, and even then they'd stayed on opposite sides of the studio. They hadn't been this close to each other since Alex had moved, and the desire to push him up against the wall and kiss him hit Chris full force. He shoved his hands in his pockets in case his subconscious got any funny ideas.


Alex's mouth worked silently for a second, and then he stepped aside, holding the door open. "Come in, dude."

Chris caught Alex's scent briefly as he passed him, and it actually made him feel very slightly less anxious. "I figured I should come over and see the place now that you've settled in. I can go if I've caught you at a bad time..."

Alex closed the door. "I always have time for you. You should know that by now."

In a blinding moment of clarity, Chris understood that Alex hadn't been avoiding him at all; he'd been trying not to get in Chris' way, giving him the freedom from Alex that Alex thought he wanted. He felt like such an unbelievable tool. He smiled. "If I'd realised that, I'd have been here weeks ago."

Alex grinned. "You're here now. Come on through." He gestured to the first doorway off the narrow hall, and Chris walked through into Alex's living room. Looking around, Chris stopped so abruptly that Alex nearly piled into the back of him. "You don't like it?"

Chris groped for the right words. "It's not that I don't like it, it's more that it's not what I would have expected." It really wasn't; it was tidy, for one thing. Chris couldn't tell if that was because Alex was living like an adult and picking up after himself, or because there was nothing there to make a mess with - and that was the second thing. There were no books, no comics or graphic novels. There were a couple of bookcases full of wrestling DVDs, but there were no other DVDs in sight. There weren't even any band posters up on the walls. There was nothing about this room that said it was Alex's space, just bland magnolia walls and beige carpeting.

"I figured, I'm supposed to be a grown-up now, it was time I had a clear out and started living like one."

"And how's that working out for you?" Chris asked, his tone clearly implying that he thought it was a stupid idea.

Alex smiled ruefully. "It's taking a bit of getting used to," he admitted. "But I have to grow up sometime, right?"

"No." Chris shook his head emphatically. "No, you don't. Not ever. You wouldn't be the same guy if you grew up."

"Surely that'd be a good thing?" Alex began, but he cut himself short when Chris punched him in the arm.

"No," Chris repeated slowly, as if Alex was very stupid. "Not ever."

"Alright, alright! Jeez." Alex rubbed at his arm. "Are you going to sit down, or would you prefer to continue beating me?"

Chris rolled his eyes, muttering, "Drama queen," under his breath. He sank onto the sofa, and then bounced on it a couple of times appraisingly. "At least your sofa is nice."

Alex went through a door which presumably led to his kitchen."It really is," he called back, and Chris could hear a fridge being opened and closed. "I've fallen asleep on there a couple of times instead of going to bed, and not woken up the least bit sore." He reappeared with two bottles of Pepsi in his hands, and Chris accepted the one he held out gratefully. All this nervousness was giving him a ridiculously dry mouth. He took a long drink, screwed the lid back on and set it on the coffee table.

"And how's your bed?" Chris asked, and immediately regretted it. This was difficult enough without having to picture Alex in bed.

Luckily, Alex didn't seem inclined to dwell on the subject. He shrugged. "It's a bed. It's fine." He sat down next to Chris, and Chris found he'd moved closer without ever noticing himself in motion. If it registered with Alex, he didn't betray any response to it.

"How are things in general?" Chris watched Alex closely. "How's the new place working out?"

Alex gazed down at the plastic bottle in his hands. "It's okay. It's hard to adjust to being alone so often." He smiled and put the bottle on the table next to Chris'. "I'm getting used to that though. And I'm getting tons of time to draw. Plus, I don't have cat hair all over everything," he added with a grin.

Chris saw straight through Alex's piss-poor attempt to put a bright facade on his feelings about living alone. Alex wasn't the kind of guy to take pleasure in solitude, and he never would be.

"Come home with me," Chris blurted out, and immediately castigated himself in his head. Subtle, you fucking retard.

Alex blinked in surprise, but he recovered himself quickly. "No, this is my home now. I'll adjust."

Chris completely ignored everything but the first word. "Why not? You hate it here, don't lie to me."

"All I did was get on your nerves." Alex reached out and put a reassuring hand on Chris' wrist. "I know our friendship suffered while I was in your house. I'm hoping that eventually, when you want to be around me again, we can fix it. That's a lot more important to me than having someone else around the house."

Chris was acutely aware of the heat of Alex's hand on his wrist. It was such a small thing, but it was the first time Alex had touched him in months, and he could have sworn it was making his heart beat faster. "You don't get on my nerves. There was a bunch of other stuff and I'm sorry I was such an asshole, but I really want you to come back home with me. I miss you."

Alex's expression softened, but he still shook his head. "I can't. There are things you don't know about, other reasons why living in your house was hard for me, and I can't do that to myself again. This is the right place for me now."

"No it isn't," Chris argued insistently. "C'mon, man. Your room is waiting for you." He looked down at his hands, trying to hide his fear. "Or you could share mine."

Alex's grip tightened ever so slightly on his wrist, but there was no other response. After several agonising seconds, Chris forced himself to look up. He found Alex's eyes boring into him.


"You could share mine," Chris repeated, and his own voice sounded deafening to him. "Unless I've been wrong about how you feel all along."

There were several more seconds of silence, and Chris fervently wished he'd kept his mouth shut. "You're not wrong," Alex said finally, and Chris let out the breath he'd unwittingly been holding. "Are you sure about this? Because if I let myself think this could happen and then you change your mind..."

Chris nodded vigorously. "I am so sure about this. It's taken me some time and I know I've been a dickhead along the way, but I want you, Alex. I want to make a go of this."

"You want me," Alex repeated, and there was a note of uncertainty in his tone.

"I'm in love with you," Chris amended. It was the first time he'd been so honest with himself, and it felt like a weight had lifted off his chest. He grinned, twisting his hand around to take the fingers that had been wrapped around his wrist in his own. "I'm in love with you and I want you to come home. Please."

Alex looked at him for a long moment, and then he pulled his hand away and stood up. "I'll get my jacket."

Chris blinked. "Just like that?"

"Just like that." Alex smiled. "Unless you want to make this more complicated?" Chris shook his head emphatically, and Alex continued. "You're right, I fucking hate it here. I want to be back at your place with you. I even miss your damn cats."

"Our place," Chris corrected, already heading for the door. He wanted to get out of there before Alex thought better of it. He'd wanted this so much, but he'd never once managed to think past the point where he told Alex how he felt; the whole thing felt surreal and fragile, and he was afraid that anything he said or did could shatter the dream. He was almost afraid even to touch Alex, in case Alex slipped through his fingers like sand and he awoke to find himself alone in his bed.

"Our place. Man, that's weird." Alex followed Chris out into the hallway, grabbing one of his jackets from the row of hooks on the wall and checking to make sure his keys were still in the pocket. "Come on then, take me home."

The drive back to the house was silent, but not at all awkward. It was the silence of two people so accustomed to each other that they no longer felt the need to fill every moment with unnecessary words, and Chris loved every comfortable second of it. This, he felt, was what their relationship would be, and it would be beautiful.

When Chris stopped at a set of traffic lights, he felt Alex's hand settle gently on his thigh, solid and real, and he turned to share a smile with his best friend - his boyfriend, he reminded himself smugly. Alex's face was half in shadow, the other half tinged with yellow from the glaring streetlamps, but Chris could see an expression there that he hadn't seen in longer than he cared to remember; the one that said Alex didn't have a care in the world, and was perfectly happy exactly where he was. The desire to kiss him was as strong as it had ever been, and the hand on Chris' thigh was undoubtedly contributing to that, but Chris knew there was no rush. Alex wasn't going anywhere. Then the traffic started moving again, and Alex's hand withdrew to let Chris concentrate on driving.

Once they got back to the house, Alex ditched his jacket on the sofa and made his way gleefully around the living room, reacquainting himself with everything. Chris flipped the light on and retrieved Alex's jacket to hang it up with his own.

"Oh, TV. You're so much nicer than mine. Hello, armchair! I'm really sorry about that stain Chris doesn't know about yet, but under the circumstances, I'm pretty sure he'll forgive me. I've missed you, coffee table, despite your penchant for attacking my shins." Alex scooped Marlee up off the armchair, and Marlee was sufficiently used to the antics of idiot adult males that he didn't react at all when Alex hugged him close. "I've even missed you, you horrible, ginger ball of mangy fur." He put the cat down again, and Marlee bolted upstairs while he had the chance.

He continued through to the kitchen, and waxed lyrical on his love for Chris' fridge for a while. Chris followed him out, bracing his backside against the edge of the kitchen table and watching in amusement by the light flooding through the doorway while Alex reaffirmed his affection for everything in the room.

Finally, Alex ran out of things to express his love for, and he turned back to Chris. "And you..." He leaned in close, lowering his voice. "I missed you more than anything." His hands stole around Chris' waist, and Chris closed his eyes in anticipation as Alex's face approached him slowly.

The first touch of Alex's lips was light and tentative, and Chris followed him insistently as he pulled back. "Last chance to change your mind," Alex mumbled, but whatever else he had to say was lost as Chris' mouth sealed firmly over his. His hands tightened on Chris' hips and Chris' arms wound around his neck, and they could both feel the heat flaring between them despite the innocence of the kiss.

Chris broke away to place tender kisses along Alex's jaw and down his throat, and Alex angled his head back to allow him easier access. Chris discovered he liked the soft sting of Alex's stubble against his lips, and he opened his mouth to let his tongue press against Alex's skin.

"I daydreamed about this so many times," he heard Alex say, and he was fascinated by the movement of Alex's Adam's apple against his lips.

Chris pulled back long enough to ask, "Is it like you imagined?"

"Not even slightly." Alex ducked his head, seeking out Chris' mouth. Chris accepted the kiss eagerly, his hands moving to clasp at the sides of Alex's head and neck. He let his lips open, and to his gratification Alex immediately reciprocated.

When Chris slid his tongue into Alex's mouth, Alex let out a tiny groan that Chris was sure would be burned into his memory for years to come. He felt Alex step forward, pressing their bodies together, and he couldn't believe how relaxed they both were about this. Alex tugged at his T-shirt, and Chris regretfully broke the kiss so that he could pull his shirt off and throw it aside.

"You too," he said as he pointed at Alex's thin sweater, his voice soft and a little breathy, and he sat himself on the table, watching hungrily while Alex complied with his wishes. He couldn't keep from reaching out to touch Alex's strong shoulders, running his fingers over their muscled contours. It was so different from what he normally associated with attraction, but Alex's hard, lean frame, as powerful and masculine as his own, aroused him every bit as much as the most buxom women he'd had.

Alex bent to take Chris' nipple into his mouth, and Chris gasped in pleasure, arching into the sensation as Alex sucked gently. His hand came up to cup Alex's head, and he shifted his position as his growing erection became increasingly uncomfortable within the confines of his pants. Alex raised his head with a smile.

"It was your damn nipples that started this whole thing," he said, and Chris cast his mind back to figure out what he was talking about.

"Oh. Oh! That was a long time ago now." Chris pressed a kiss to Alex's temple. "My nipples and I are very grateful you've decided we're worth the wait."

Alex grinned. "Well, I'm done waiting now. If it's okay with you, I'd really like to fuck you on your kitchen table."

"Our kitchen table," Chris corrected. He opened his thighs to accommodate Alex's body and pulled him close, capturing his lips in another kiss while he fumbled with Alex's belt. Alex's tongue delved into Chris' mouth lustfully as he reached down to help, but if anything he slowed Chris' progress, their fingers tripping over each other in their eagerness. Finally the belt conceded defeat, and Chris popped the button on Alex's pants and drew down the zipper.

He wasn't hesitant as he reached inside; it may have been a new experience, but he and Alex were very sure about what they wanted. He slipped his fingers beneath the waistband of Alex's briefs and Alex drew back from their kiss, resting his forehead against Chris'. Chris' hand wrapped lightly around Alex's cock, and Alex inhaled sharply, his arms curling around Chris' shoulders.

Alex's cock was hot in Chris' hand, and Chris found that handling it was very different from masturbation. In masturbation, the majority of his attention was taken by the stimulation his cock received, but without that distraction he found himself far more aware of the details of the length in his hand. He could feel the texture of the skin and how it moved over the flesh beneath with the motion of his fingers, and the roughness of Alex's pubic hair against the backs of his fingers. He stroked gently, running his thumb through the semen leaking from the head.

"I love you," Alex said softly, and Chris grabbed his chin in his other hand, pulling him in for another kiss. Alex breathed raggedly into his mouth, and Chris was overwhelmed by the knowledge that Alex's arousal was all because of him. He would happily have stroked him all night, just to watch Alex come undone in his hand, but Alex had other ideas.

Tugging Chris' hand back out of his briefs, Alex pulled away from the kiss to mutter, "I've waited too long for this, Chris. I want you."

Chris nodded his understanding, and he slipped off the edge of the table, getting out of his pants and boxer-briefs as quickly as he could and toeing off his sneakers. He yanked off his socks and abandoned them with the rest of his clothes, and then he sat himself back on the edge of the table. When he looked up, he found Alex standing motionless, his mouth slightly open. "What?"

Alex shook his head. "Nothing, I..." His eyes swept up and down Chris' body, and Chris shifted uncomfortably under the scrutiny. "You're so fucking sexy."

Chris laughed, reaching out for him. "I have some competition. Man, when you were wandering around in that towel..."

"Oh, is that what that shitfit was all about? I was turning you on?" Alex grinned, moving in close. He let his hands travel up Chris' thighs and over his hips. "If just walking around in a towel -"

"All wet and tempting," Chris interjected.

"...all wet and tempting, was enough to cause that tantrum, it's a good thing you didn't see me ten minutes earlier, jacking off in the shower."

Chris stared. "Okay, tomorrow I'm watching you do that. Damn."

Alex pushed suggestively at Chris' thighs, and Chris obligingly opened them to welcome Alex between them. He wished Alex had taken his pants off, because he wanted to feel all of Alex's body against him, but before he could complain about it Alex's hands were on his shoulders, pushing him backwards.

"Lie back," Alex urged, and he looked so hungry for Chris that Chris couldn't have denied him even if he'd tried. He followed Alex's instruction, lying back on the table and spreading his legs a little further into the bargain. Alex's hands skimmed up his thighs again, pausing at the top this time where one of them rubbed over his cock while the other cupped his balls. Chris moaned, his hips thrusting forward of their own volition, and he could cheerfully have strangled Alex when he removed his hands.

"Seriously, you look so hot," Alex breathed, and Chris smiled up at him despite his frustration. Alex's hands found his legs again, running up the insides until they came to rest on his inner thighs, just inches from his ass. "I don't wanna push you," Alex said softly. "We can do this the other way around if you like."

Chris rolled his eyes. "Yeah, because up till now I've been such a reluctant partner in all this." He reached down and grabbed Alex's right hand, pulling it to his lips and sucking two of his fingers into his mouth.

Alex laughed. "You know, it's really hard to take you to task for being such a mouthy motherfucker when you're doing that."

Chris released Alex's fingers. "Good." He waited breathlessly for Alex's touch, but Alex still seemed hesitant.

"I don't really know what I'm doing," Alex confessed. "I wouldn't care if it was anybody else, but..."

Chris grinned in reassurance. "Neither do I, but I still want to do it. Some of it will be the same, and I'm pretty sure we can figure the rest out as we go along."

Alex smiled, and even with half his face in shadow, Chris thought it made him look breathtakingly sexy. "Just so long as you're not expecting a slick performance from me first time out," Alex joked.

"Believe me, the last thing I want from you, ever, is any kind of performance." Chris allowed his need to write itself over his features. "Just touch me, Alex."

Turning abruptly serious, Alex briefly sucked on his fingers to wet them again. "Tell me if you want anything different," he said, reaching down to twine the fingers of his other hand with Chris'. "Anything at all."

Chris nodded, squeezing Alex's hand in encouragement, and his breath caught in his throat as Alex's fingers grazed over the crack of his ass. He let one of his legs rise to curl around Alex's hip, making sure Alex stayed as close to him as possible, and a moment later he felt the blunt pressure of Alex's middle finger against his entrance. He willed himself to relax, feeling the gradual intrusion as his body yielded to Alex's insistence and pressing back against it eagerly.

He groaned when Alex's lips closed over his nipple again, the apex of Alex's tongue flicking over it repeatedly as it hardened. He brought his free hand up to cup the back of Alex's head, letting his eyes fall closed as the finger inside him was withdrawn and then gently driven into him again. He wouldn't have guessed Alex was even capable of being a tender lover, and he was hit full force by the strength of his feeling for Alex while Alex's hand carefully worked him open. His cock ached for attention, rubbing against Alex's chest as he squirmed on Alex's fingers.

Tugging Alex's head away from his nipple, Chris pulled him up and into another feverish kiss. "Take your pants off," he murmured when Alex broke away to breathe.

Alex nodded wordlessly, withdrawing his hand and pulling away to remove the rest of his clothes and his sneakers. Chris sat up and watched with barely concealed greed as Alex's body was displayed before him, and when Alex was finally naked he slipped off the table and backed him up against the fridge. Alex flinched as his skin made contact with the cold metal, goosebumps breaking out over his arms and legs, but he barely even noticed the chill, enthralled as he was by the desire on Chris' face.

"You're fucking beautiful," Chris breathed, and without giving Alex a chance to respond he leaned in to claim his mouth in a hard, demanding kiss, his hands grasping brutishly at Alex's hips. With their bodies flush against each other, Chris was acutely aware of Alex's cock pressing against his abdomen.

Releasing Alex abruptly, Chris dropped to his knees, his hands across Alex's thighs and hips pushing him back against the fridge. He didn't pause for even a second, immediately opening his mouth and taking the head of Alex's cock inside it. He smiled at Alex's choked whimper, taking almost as much satisfaction from Alex's hands clutching convulsively in his hair as he took from the new sensation of hard flesh between his lips.

Chris sank his mouth down on Alex's length, too fast for Alex, he knew; he could tell Alex was struggling to keep his orgasm from building, but after the months of denial, he wanted Alex so badly he could barely contain his need. He drew back and then took Alex's cock deep into his mouth again, and he resisted fiercely when Alex tried to push him away.

"Get off me, dammit," he heard Alex mutter above him. "I can't hold it back, and if I cum in your mouth instead of your ass, I'm gonna superkick you in the face."

Chris reluctantly conceded, pulling back up the length of Alex's erection and releasing it with regret. He got back to his feet and attacked Alex's mouth roughly again, before letting him go and demanding, "Fuck me, Alex."

Without waiting for a response, Chris turned and strode back to the table. When he turned around, he found Alex right behind him; evidently, Alex was every bit as eager for this as he himself was.

"You're not going to change your mind, right?" Alex asked as Chris pulled himself up to sit on the table again, and from the insecurity tainting the lust in his voice, Chris knew he wasn't talking about the sex.

"Fuck me," Chris repeated, a little more softly, reaching out to take Alex's hand. Alex accepted his reassurance, lacing their fingers together again, and Chris leaned forward to capture Alex's lips in another needy kiss. Alex gently pushed him onto his back, following him down so they wouldn't have to break the kiss, and as Chris' tongue slid into Alex's mouth, he felt Alex's cock pressing against his ass. He wrapped his legs around Alex's hips, urging him inside, although Alex needed no encouragement.

Chris closed his eyes, pushing back wantonly as Alex's cock sank into him inch by inch. Alex had prepared him well, and although the sensation was still alien to him, his body accepted the intrusion without complaint. He felt very full, and somehow emotionally naked, and he wished there was a way he could convey that to Alex without having to actually say it aloud and sound like a pussy.

Breaking the kiss and straightening up a little, Alex pulled out and re-entered Chris' ass, his cock sliding smoothly in to the hilt before he withdrew again. His brows were drawn down sharply, and Chris was painfully aroused by the intensity on his face.

"Keep going," Chris panted frantically. "That's fucking perfect." He tried to meet Alex's hard thrusts as Alex settled into a steady, harsh rhythm, but it was difficult in his position and after a while he was forced to admit to himself that he really had to leave it to Alex. As soon as he stilled, Alex bent over him again, nipping softly at his throat.

Chris released Alex's hand, wrapping his arms around his lover's broad back, one hand resting on the back of Alex's neck while he stared at the dark ceiling, trying to retain some semblance of control. He could feel his ass stretching to accommodate Alex's cock every time Alex drove into him, and some of Alex's strokes were rubbing over a spot inside him that made his toes curl; he was beginning to wish he'd done this years ago.

"I love you," Chris whispered fiercely, and he gasped aloud when Alex bit into the sensitive flesh where his neck and shoulder met in response. He writhed in pleasure as Alex's hand sought out his right nipple, the thumb rubbing slow circles over it, and a moment later the other hand wrapped firmly around his straining cock. Alex seemed to like the way it made him moan, driving into him harder as he matched the tempo of his strokes on Chris' erection to the pistoning of his hips. Chris knew that stimulating him in such a variety of ways had to be taking too much concentration for Alex to be able to revel in his own arousal, but he was too lost in his desire to find the will to object.

Chris screwed his eyes shut, aware that his attempts to fight back his orgasm were hopeless, but not willing to let this incredible feeling be over. "You're gonna make me cum," he said quietly, and he was surprised by how hoarse he sounded. Alex's mouth ceased its assault on Chris' throat, shifting up to his ear.

"Go on, Chris," Alex whispered. "I wanna see it." He leaned back slightly, and Chris' arms were pulled from their position across his back. One came to rest on Alex's shoulder, while the other trailed down his spine, settling on his ass. The muscle in it tensed with every thrust, and Chris groped lustfully at it while the tension in his groin rose, rapidly spiralling out of control.

Chris heard a series of gasps that seemed to come from very far away, but he knew they must have fallen from his own mouth. He pressed forcefully against Alex's ass, and Alex immediately obliged him, driving into him deeper and harder, and it felt so good Chris couldn't stand it. For a moment, everything seemed to stand still - everything but the hard cock ramming violently into him, and with an awed groan, Chris came in Alex's hand, his head spinning and his mouth dry.

"Fuck," Alex snarled, and he visibly had to force himself to keep stroking Chris' cock until his orgasm subsided, trying to keep his lust from overwhelming him until Chris was done. As Chris slowly came back to himself, Alex took hold of both his shoulders, pulling him back against his aggressive, erratic thrusts. Chris felt a confusing mixture of power and helplessness, and the thought that he could make Alex feel the same way was both terrifying and exciting.

Chris reached up for Alex, pulling him down and holding him tight while Alex drove into him relentlessly, the cum dotted over his belly and chest smearing over Alex's body. He loved the feeling of Alex's sweaty chest sliding against his own and the sound of Alex panting in his ear, and when he heard Alex's breath hitch he squeezed his legs tighter around Alex's hips, silently and desperately urging him to climax. Alex buried his face in Chris' shoulder, and Chris was elated to hear the long, muffled moan that told him Alex was releasing inside him, his thrusts suddenly slow and shallow.

Chris stroked Alex's head lovingly while he slowed further and finally stilled. He could happily have lain on the uncomfortable table for hours in that position, but Alex's hips had barely stopped moving before he was drawing back, his eyes searching Chris' face anxiously. Chris smiled up at him affectionately, and after a moment of hesitation, Alex grinned, reaching down to press his lips softly against Chris' and then settling his head on Chris' chest.

"I'm so glad I drew the curtains earlier," Chris muttered, and he smiled at Alex's bark of laughter.

"We could have given your neighbours quite a shock," Alex agreed. "That nice old lady wouldn't have been offering to feed your cats when you're away anymore."

"Our neighbours," Chris corrected. He had a feeling he was going to be doing that a lot in the near future.

"You're still sure this is what you want?" Alex asked, and he flinched when Chris slapped him around the back of the head.

"Man, I'm beginning to think you're not very bright. I. Love. You. Would you get that through your thick head, fucktard?"

Alex laughed again. "I'm trying, I'm trying! I just never thought this would happen. I'm afraid as soon I start to relax into it, I'll wake up."

"This is real, Alex." Chris dropped a fond kiss onto Alex's head. "We're really here, together, and I think I'm falling more in love with you by the second. Also, you pretty much fucked my brains out. Goddamn."

Alex raised his head and smirked. "You'd better get used to it, I'm fairly sure it only made me want you more. You looked so blissful, halfway through I was tempted to stop and demand you do me instead."

"Oh, I will, trust me. I mean, not for the next half an hour or so, but damn, Alex, you're so fucking sexy. Just the thought of waking up and finding you lying next to me, naked... I think there are a lot of early morning blowjobs in your near future."

Alex grinned broadly. "So far, you're excellent boyfriend material."

"I'm not the only one." Chris trailed his fingers idly down Alex's back. "I'm going to have to thank Petey. This never would have happened if he hadn't told me you weren't as happy as I thought."

Alex straightened and gently withdrew his softening cock from Chris' body, his eyes dancing with mischief. "Let's do it now." He strode away into the living room, and Chris pulled himself gingerly to his feet, pausing to wipe his cum from his stomach with the kitchen towel before throwing it to the floor in front of the washing machine. He followed Alex, watching his ass bounce as he moved. He was even more beautiful under brighter lighting, and Chris couldn't tear his eyes from Alex's body as they sank onto the sofa. A moment later he saw Alex absent-mindedly wiping the cum on the back of his hand off on the arm of the sofa, and he decided living with Alex again was going to be disgusting. He wondered apprehensively about the stain on the armchair Alex had mentioned earlier.

"Put him on speaker," Chris said as Alex reached for the phone, and Alex nodded his assent, leaving the receiver in its cradle and hitting number three on the speed dial. Chris turned to lie on his back on the sofa, resting his head on Alex's thigh. It was going to be a little while before he could make himself stop touching Alex, he felt.

A tired version of Petey's voice said, "Hello?" in a long-suffering sort of way.

"Hey!" Alex said with barely contained excitement.

"Hey, Alex. Since you're calling from Chris' phone, I take it you guys have sorted things out?"

Alex and Chris heard an irritable, "Do those little bastards know what fucking time it is?"

"The wife says hi, by the way," Petey added.

"She can't possibly have been asleep," Chris chimed in. "Surely at this time of night you would have been giving her one?"

"They say they're very sorry to have disturbed you, hun," Petey's muffled voice explained.

"You're so full of shit," Petey's better half announced, and a lot of rustling suggested she was turning her back on him.

Petey sighed. "Did you guys actually want anything, or did you just call to ruin my marriage?"

"Well, we called to say thank you." Chris grinned slyly. "Thanks to you, we just had amazing, obscene sex on the kitchen table."

"Ugh!" Petey's horror was very clear from his tone. "I don't need to hear this, thank you very much!"

"It was awesome," Alex added. "I swear to God, Chris has the most unbelievably talented tongue." He looked down at his lover's amused smirk. "Hey, how do you feel about tonguefucking? We never discussed it."

"I'm open to it," Chris replied. "Personally, I'm looking forward to the first time you cum in my mouth, I can't really imagine what it'll be like."

"SHUT UP," Petey's voice rang out from the phone. "I'm going to have fucking nightmares about this."

"It could be worse," Alex suggested. "Visions of it could pop into your head every time you try to have sex."

"Oh, I hate you."

Chris reined in his amusement. "Seriously, dude, thank you. We both appreciate your friendship and the things you do for us. Especially tonight."

"No problem," Petey said, his voice softening fondly. "I'm just surprised it took you this long to figure it out."

"We're that obvious, huh?" Alex asked with a smile.

"Only to someone who knows you well. I'm glad you got it sorted."

"So are we," Alex said, and Chris twisted his head to place an affectionate kiss on Alex's stomach, finding it sticky with cum. He licked his lips, wondering if Alex's would be any different.

"Can I go to sleep now? Assuming I can manage not to have hideously graphic dreams about the two of you indulging in acrobatic and disgusting faggotry?"

Chris laughed. "Sure. Sweet dreams."

"Yeah, right."

The dial tone rang out, and Alex reached over to end it. When it stopped, the silence seemed awfully loud.

"Are you happy?" Chris asked finally.

"Huh? Of course I am!" Alex traced his fingertips over Chris' cheekbone. "It still feels like it isn't real - a few hours ago I knew you'd never love me the same way I loved you. It's going to take a while to get used to this, but I couldn't be any happier."

"I have a few ideas for things to help convince you this is real," Chris said, smirking lewdly as he sat up. "Want to come upstairs so I can show you?"

Alex stood up so fast he nearly fell over his own feet. "Hells yes, I can't think of anything I'd rather do." He disappeared into the hallway, and Chris rose to follow him as the stairs creaked under his weight. "I can't quite wrap my head around the fact that I'll be going to sleep in your bed tonight."

"Our bed," Chris corrected, and he reached out to switch off the light.