Title: This Life and the Next
Author: Soricha
Fandom: Grey's Anatomy
Summary: This is vary A/U. What if love is truly eternal?
What to expect: a conclusion
Pairing: Callie/Arizona
Rating: R (It does get rather saucy)
Spoiler: There will be referencing to previous episodes
Archiving: Only with the permission of the author
Feedback: Sure
Disclaimer: The show and characters are not mine and there is no intention for copyright infringement.

Author's Note: Okay, I am pretty sure this may not be everyone's thing but to be honest I am writing it for me, because it's proving to be a lot of fun coming up with the whole story... and my God, it's the biggest one I have ever come up with.

Yes, I have adapted history for my own needs.

It is in parts, each part with several chapters... so hopefully some of you will bear with me until the end, and even more hopefully will enjoy it...


"There are only children here. There are only children here…"

Callie could hear the continuing mantra being mumbled by her former lover as she stood and walked towards the shooter. He was hurt and she wanted to help… help him leave.

Her ears focused on the fear in the blonde's tone whilst her eyes watched the gun-man with wariness. She reached for bandages and passed them to him, advising him to press them to his wounds. He muttered an apology and moved to leave. She turned to the petrified paediatric surgeon shielding the little girl and exhaled.

The gunshot was loud as it pierced through the air. Her ears rang from the deafening sounds. She lifted her hands to cover them but the movement hurt her. She saw concerned, frightened blue eyes turn to her before she looked down at her chest. Her navy scrubs looked darker. She looked back up at Arizona who moved towards her saying something. She couldn't hear what was being said as her ears were still ringing. She felt a hand press on her right breast and she looked down to see the pale hand become red with blood.

"Blood?" the brunette hissed.

The single word caused an eruption of pain to flood her body as she fell to her knees. She felt the smaller woman catch her and stop her falling on her face.

"Oh, God!"

She heard Arizona call out over the little girl's pleas for her mother. She turned over and cried out from the pain and fell onto her back. She felt her skin become sticky and damp as her own blood pooled her. She could feel her lungs filling, and she struggled for air. Her brown eyes met with panicked blue eyes, and she could feel the blonde's hands pressing on the wound. She coughed, and grimaced at the agony a simple move made. She clutched the slender wrist of her former lover, making those blue eyes look at her.

She smiled weakly, knowing that each breath was shallower than the last. The blue eyes connected with hers and she took another breath.

"I love you in this life and the next…"

The words made her throat burn to utter but she needed to say it. She watched the blue eyes she adored pool with tears. She gripped the wrist hard one more time before fluttering her eyes shut.

"No, no, no, Calliope, no, wake up! No, no…"

Callie heard the panicked words being screamed until silence engulfed her.