A love for hate

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Chapter 1

In the dark early hours of the night a lone figure, dressed in a black fur-rimmed coat and tight pants skipped through the streets of Ikebukuro. It was the notorious information broker Izaya Orihara, for few others dared to walk the dark alleys of the city known for both entertainment and gang wars at such a god-forsaken hour.

The dark-haired man moved carelessly and with a great humor for he knew that chances were he was the most dangerous thing on those streets. There was only one other, who could potentially cause problems, but Izaya hadn't heard of the scourge of Ikebukuro – Shizuo Heiwajima, the strongest man the city had ever seen – for a good day and a half and if Izaya didn't know where he was, than nobody had seen him.

That reason was also the theme of amusement for the night - Izaya was out patrolling the streets searching for the blonde monster. It was unusual for Izaya not to know something that concerned him, and the location of Shizuo was of utmost importance for Izaya's daily dealings. Not to mention how curious he was about that matter...

Izaya stopped in the middle of a dirty alley and sighed. The air smelled foul back there, however the raven-head knew he wouldn't find Shizuo sitting on a nice table at a nice little coffee shop in the center. The man who constantly wore a bartender suit was prone to drinking too much and Izaya had seen him sleeping drunk in dark street corners, sitting on the moistly asphalt and leaning on the cold building walls. Shizuo always had the expression of a sleeping angle, despite his predicament. Izaya had taken a few pictures of him and was still waiting for the right moment to release them in order to piss off Shizuo as much as possible.

However, Izaya doubted even Shizuo could sleep under the influence for 2 days, so it was really unusual that he hadn't shown up for work and nobody knew where he was.

Izaya looked that his phone. It was pass 4 am. The information broker never slept to much but it was getting late, even for him.

"Well, Shizuo-chan, I guess I'll be looking for you tomorrow. I got to go home and catch my beauty-sleep, you know..." the man spoke to the empty air in front of him and then twirled to leave. Suddenly a low chuckle shook Izaya's slight form, as the man imagined that the reason why he always found Shizuo sleeping somewhere was that the man was trying to get prettier for him.

"Hah ha hah... Yes, for me, because who else is concerned about Shizuo-chan anyway..." Izaya muttered to himself but then suddenly shut up. He noticed a torn neck-bow discarded on the street right by his feet.

Izaya crouched and picked the destroyed piece of garment, examining it with dark curiosity.

"Well, well... I was just about to give up, but when I mentioned Shizuo-chan he decided to leave me a hint."

The black-clad figure stood up and looked around for more clues.

"I wonder what happened here..." he mused out loud with a hint of amusement in his voice.

Izaya had a natural attraction for mayhem and destruction, so the torn piece of clothing chased away all tiredness of his body and mind.

The man kept walking around the dimly lit street until he reached the end of the alley. It opened up to an abounded parking lot. Trash and vandalized cars filled the small dead-end yard. The place was surrounded on three sides by high concrete buildings, leaving one side closed off with a high wire fence, ending on barbed wire. Izaya jumped the fence and climbed up with the ease of a cat.

He had though he saw a piece of dark cloth hanging on the barbs and he had been right. The man tore the fabric off the wire and brought it closer to his face, inhaling. That musky smell of cologne which was a constant scent in the air around the brutal blond-head was long gone from the cloth. It meant that Shizuo had jumped that fence at least a day ago.

Izaya hesitated while still hanging on the fence a few meters above the ground. He wondered whether he wanted to continue the search after finding a cold lead. Then the same maddening amusement came over him, making him swing back and forth, rocking the entire fence and laughing at the same time. Whether Shizuo was far away of not, Izaya definably wanted to find him as soon as possible, so he didn't want to wait another day.

"This is going to be so much fun," Izaya swung on the fence some more, laughing hysterically.

Rooms in nearby buildings began to light up and concerned people started showing on their balconies.

Izaya didn't pay them any attention. Instead he jumped the fence like an expert, not leaving any part of his coat on the barbs, like silly Shizuo-chan had.

Landing on the other side, Izaya noted that Shizuo-chan was an expert at jumping fences, especially when chasing him around and causing problems. The dark-haired man wondered what had happed to that monster to cause him to be so clumsy.

Following the new section of the street, Izaya ended up in the outskirts of Ikebukuro. The place was a really filthy and abandoned ground. Izaya was now facing barren grounds, with bridges and high ways passing. The road ended there and Izaya had a very unpleasant urban decay view in front of him.

Izaya didn't really want to wonder out there under the highway bridges at that time of the day. The informant was skilled with the blade, but was just uncertain what could lay there. It was dark and with no more street lamps he could easily fall into a pit or something...

Perhaps that was it.

"Could it be? Could that brute be stuck in a trap somewhere here... or even killed?" Izaya mused and somehow he didn't feel so easy any more.

He wanted to see Shizuo dead, however he was afraid to venture into an area, which might have destroyed the indestructible man.

Izaya was daring, but not stupid. It wasn't a good idea. Izaya knew he should at least wait until broad day light. He could even send the Black Rider to search the area for a reasonable price...

"But of course, that's exactly what I will do!" Izaya had the habit of speaking to himself when he felt in the mood for conversations. He texted Celty, but didn't let her know who she'd have to find in the place.

A text in return came. It said: "I am not going there for no amount of money and please don't bother me at this hour."

Izaya frowned. That was not supposed to go that way.

The man stood with his hands on his hips and stared in the distance sighing with dismay. Why did he have to do everything by himself?

It was 5:30 am and it was bound to get brighter at any moment. Izaya's only source of light was his cell phone, which was running low on battery. It was annoying and he wasn't getting any results by threading around the disgusting undersides of the highways. Thankfully nothing had tried to attack him yet, but the pale, light-weight informant was nervous because it was the darkest hour of the night and he just didn't know what to expect.

As he slowly made his way through the junk, Izaya's turned his cell phone screen to light something to the right but instead of a wall he was faced with complete dark void. The man surveyed it and realized that it was some sort of a sewage tunnel.

"Shizuo-chan? Are you there?" Izaya called and the echo came back repeating his words and making chills run down his spine.

Perhaps calling out wasn't the best idea. Izaya felt a terrible quake through his body as he stepped backwards carefully. No, that was not right – Izaya Orihara laughed in the face of danger! He wasn't scared of a little dark tunnel, filled with who-knows-what (creeping underground creatures and human bones most probably).

Izaya turned his cell phone towards the tunnel with determination.

"As much as I would hate to get myself dirty, Shizuo-chan, I'm going in there for you! Hh-hah-ah...," Izaya got into one of his laughing fits again, this time a bit more nervous that maniacal.

"Shizuo-chan, seriously," Izaya called again, "Are you there or should I just keep looking for you elsewhere?"

Izaya didn't expect an answer and none came, so the man hurriedly skipped away.

"As you wish, Shizuo-chan! You can stay hiding in there for all I care!" Izaya sing-songed. "I'll find you..." he muttered walking away.

The sky was getting brighter and Izaya considered heading towards the highway where he could get transportation. Unfortunately something unexpected happed.

As Izaya walked carelessly with a lighter heart and a desire to go home, regardless of the night's pointless efforts, suddenly the ground underneath him gave out.

The skinny dark-haired man barely had the time to curse and hate himself for losing focus and he had slipped down into the void underneath him. With the reflexes of a cat, Izaya managed to grab a hold of the crumbling ground and held himself out from the chest up, his legs and lower body dangling underneath him.

"Ah, an underground sewage... I might have known about that," Izaya managed to choke out in self-irony as he was gradually slipping down, his fingertips and nails digging into the harsh soil and remains of pavement, creating tiny cuts that would sting as soon as the adrenaline rush faded. "I did know about it! Shizuo-chan's hideout waaaaah..."

The thin concrete on which he was hanging crumbled and suddenly the man flew down with the remains of concrete plates in his arms. Instinctively, in mid air Izaya threw the pieces further away from him to avoid harm and luckily he landed on a slippery rounded slope, slipping down until he came to a full stop crashing into a pile of junk and disgusting things.

None of the falling pieces of ceiling hit him. That was how lucky Izaya was, even in his bad luck.

"Phew, phew!" he spat out imaginary dirt that had managed to get into his mouth and swiped his face.

"That is just...," Izaya began as he got up and trembled in disgust, but then froze. A delighted almost insane smile stretched his thin face and his eyes shined crimson at what he just spotted.

There, sprawled on his back in the mids of broken concrete and junk laid the body of a man in a bartender suit.


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