Dear readers,

This is a notification and I hate that it pops up as a new chapter when in fact it isn't but I felt it fair to announce this now:

I don't know when I'll have the time to write more for the time being. As of now, I have to concentrate on graduating and getting a job lined in for me, because if I don't all my hopes and aspirations for life will go to hell. You have no idea how hard it is to keep from writing or starting up a new fan art, but I realized that the time is now and I must give it all I've got to graduate and find a job with CGI and 3D. If I fail at this, I'll have to admit defeat to all my family, who told me it's not for me, and go back to a boring life of working for my family's business.

So, please understand my decision to give up on sweet yaoi fandom and pursue my goals full force. I'm sure you'd all do the same, if you were me.

Obviously, if miraculously I find a spare minute, I'll come back to writing, but at the moment, I wouldn't hope on it.

So, with two words, this story might not be finished. Please forgive me!

If you want me to write a quick summary on what was going to happen in the end, let me know, or if you'd rather make up the ending yourself, please do so!

Lots of love and respect,

- V.