A/N: Slightly slashy. For people who dislike that, please do not read.

Keith knocked on the door a little pissed but kept it in check. He didn't need the whole Fisher family on his case. Nate opened the door full of energy from his morning run. Keith looked down at the ground trying not to stare at Nate's T-shirt clinging to his body, but Nate noticed anyway.

"Hey Keith, David's not here" Nate told him.

"Trust me that's a good thing" Keith said as he held a box containing David's junk, or stuff. Nate let him in and Montioned Keith to go to David's room. Keith reluctantly went up, hoping it wasn't a trap that Nate had set up so that he could talk to David because he wasn't in the mood. But thankfully, the room was empty, and Keith put the box near David's bed. Nate looked at David's room and wondered what his little brother had done with this guy, but maybe it was best that he never really knew.

"You miss him?" Nate asked. Keith shook his head "Some things just don't work out" Nate agreed with him there. The problem was he couldn't speak for David. He wanted to give keith a hint that David wanted him back, but David had said nothing as usual and focused on work, as usual so Nate didn't really have much to go on. He sat on his brother's bed, watching his ex stroke his chin.

"I take it David's said nothing" Said Keith.

"Yeah...I'm sure he..."

"Yeah right" Keith said, cutting Nate off and sitting on the bed, needing a soft place to fall.

"I could find out" Nate offered. "It's pretty hard to keep secrets from me"

"No it's not" Keith chuckled as he leant back and Nate turned to look at him.

"Any secrets involving me?" Nate asked in a mock serious tone. Keith straightened himself up to confess. It was a little weird saying this on David's bed, but weirder things had happened.

"The first time I met you...I, had a little crush on you, nothing more" Keith expected Nate to jump off the bed and run out of the room cursing, angry and sickened, but Nate didn't do any of that. He was just really surprised.

"Crush? On me?" Nate said slowly. "Have you told Dave?"

"No, he'd just get agitated, although now, he wouldn't care" Nate leaned forward his elbows digging into his thighs. "Why the crush on me, I mean, I'm pretty plain" Nate pointed out.

"To be honest I don't know" Keith told him.

"Thanks" Nate said sarcastically.

"I mean you're cute, tall, fun...I'll shut up" Said Keith, inching away from him on the bed.

"No don't, I don't hear this stuff often" Nate said, facing him with his arms crossed.

"As I said" Keith said briskly. " It's just a little thing"

"It still is just a little thing?" Nate asked, needing a few words to boost his ego

"Now it's a bigger thing" Keith told him and leaned forward while Nate squinted. Keith got up and laughed. "Kidding, sorry I freaked you out" Nate looked at him from David's bed. He was surprised that he wasn't freaked out. More intrigued than anything. Yeah, Dave and Keith had history, but they were over and Keith was officially David's left overs. Maybe David didn't care about him anymore. But Nate did. Nate got up jerking his head forward deciding on what he was going to say, making Keith confused.

"I should go" Keith said turning round, but Nate gently grabbed his arm but pulled back, causing Keith to look at him sharply.

"Don't" Nate told him carefully. "Not yet"