Nate sat down uncomfortably on the bar stool. Trying to look innocent when he didn't feel it. This wasn't officially a date, it was just two friends meeting one another... but he couldn't help feel like he shouldn't be doing this. He turned around as Keith walked through the door, looking smart and gave him a casual glance. He sat down at a table and Nate took a sip before taking his glass and himself to meet him. Nate reassured himself that he was doing the right thing, while Keith was just relived to finish work.

"How was work and death?" Keith asked.

"Scarily enough, normal, what about you?"

"Same" Keith answered.

"Is being a cop really like how it is on TV?" Nate asked.

"Not really, the action can depressing...are you nervous?" Keith asked him, looking around.

"Why would I be? We're two friends, having a drink... I'am a little"

"I shouldn't have asked you out" Said Keith.

"I'm...glad you did" Nate said as he looked up into keith's eye and looked back at his drink again. He understood, what David had seen in this guy, this quiet confidence, the reassured glances. Nate once again felt a pang of guilt but pushed it down, determined that he shouldn't feel guilty. The key point was that keith was David's ex, but Nate was certain that if he decided to take this further, it would have to remain a secret from him. David was not only his brother, but his work partner, so if David ever found out about this little drink, every line David would throw at him would be an angry sarcastic one. The attraction between him and keith was startlingly obvious, and he was determined not to let it go to waste.

A few more drinks later and keith got the guts to ask Nate if he'd like to go to his apartment, just to talk, he added quickly. Nate took another sip of his drink and nodded. He could always sleep on the sofa if things got awkward, or better still, he could leave, but he knew he wouldn't. When he stepped inside Keith's place he knew this was the place that his little brother had lived in, hoping to start a life with the guy he'd chosen to come out for, but now they were both single and Nate admitted to himself that he needed a little comfort. After one thing lead to another and evening's out actually became dates, Nate finally got up the courage to tell David after keith dropped him off one night. David recognised the car but didn't say anything, so Nate thought he had to explain.

"Don't you think it's weird?" He asked David as he took his jacket off.

"What friends you pick are none of my business, have you seen Mrs Stoely? That's going to be a tough job for Rico, you get the task of being errand boy" Said David.

"Keith's not just a friend Dave" David looked at him confused.

"He's my racquetball partner too" Nate said as David went upstairs and Nate followed his brother, desperate to explain. He pushed open his brother's door, trying to force himself to make sense. David stood looking at his older brother with his arms crossed.

"You know what I'm shocked at Nate, is the fact I'm not shocked. So you're with guy's now, that's not surprising. Dare yourself to seek one out on a whim did you?"

"Just because you broke up with him, doesn't automatically mean he's a bad guy"

"Did I say that? In this case Nate, imitation is not the best form of flattery. It's bad enough you were dad's anti-family golden boy, took over the business became Rico's favourite boss and Claire's cool big brother. There are millions of other guy's out there Nate, stop trying to copy my past" David told him.

"You said it Dave, Keith is your past, your ex"

"Yes, mine. You have no right to interfere"

"It's not even that serious"

"But it's serious enough for you to bring it up? Or are you just rubbing it in my face?" Daiva asked.

"Dave I'm just trying to be honest"

"I would have prefered lies, you can't bring him over here" David ordered and Nate responded with a snort.

"The hell I can't, who the fuck died and made you king?" Nate responded angrily.

"I honestly can't believe you, you have no shame whatsoever,get out of my room" David told him.

"Shame about what?" Asked Ruth, while her sons looked at her in confused nervousness.