It's been pretty quiet for the last seventeen years. Alex reached his full height after six years, but is always learning. He has joined the ranks of high school hell with the rest of us and desperately looking for his mate. Judging by his thoughts, he has my moral discipline and will not know sexual gratification until it is with his mate. My mate was happy to hear his thoughts on intimacy and that he keeps the same practice that I used to. We are glad he hasn't found her yet because we know we aren't ready for that. We know it will happen, we just hope it isn't any time soon.

Antonia is almost eighteen as well since she's only a few months older than Alex and we know that the Volturi will be calling on us soon to make sure we change her. She's known for a while what we are and why she had to be home schooled, but it was two years ago that she finally asked why she looked more like Bella than anyone else. Bella, Rosalie, Emmett and I sat down with her and Bella told her the truth of her conception. She cried because she thought that she wasn't wanted and Bella told her that she did love her, she just wasn't ready for her yet so she gave her to the one person that would love her as she deserved to be loved and cared for. She then went on to find out about Alex and she was really hurt that Bella could give one child away and keep another six months later.

By the time everything had been explained to her, she understood, but needed some space. We told her she needed to be changed or she would be killed and she consented, asking for a little time to think. She needed to decide whose venom she wanted. Three weeks later, she had decided she wanted Rose, Emmett, and Bella to combine their venom and inject her. Rose and Emmett were her parents and she acknowledged that fact, but without Bella, she wouldn't be here. She knew that Bella could have aborted her and only had Alex, but she didn't. She gave someone else a dream come true. She forgave Bella for her decisions and Bella sobbed in gratitude. On the day of her eighteenth birthday, I once again withdrew some venom from Bella's mouth. Rose and Emmett also had their syringes. Carlisle combined all three into one huge syringe. Antonia took it from him and handed it to me.

"Uncle Edward, you may have had the hardest part of them all supporting Bella and helping her as she gave your dream to someone else at a time you thought you couldn't father any children. Would you please inject me with the venom of all three of my parents?" She thought to me and I nodded; glad to be included. She lay on the bed and refused any assistance to stay calm or have Jasper put her to sleep. She truly was brave and embracing her destiny. She got that trait from both of her mother's and I had to admire that. I sat next to her on the bed and kissed her forehead. I ran my fingers down her cheek all while telling her with my eyes how proud I am of her. She reached out her hands. Rose took one hand and Emmett took the other. Bella sat next to Rosalie on the bed, holding her forearm in silent support. I was swift with my movement. As soon as she registered that my hand was on her chest, I had already injected her with the venom. She proved that she had indeed come from Bella as she never uttered a single sound during her change. Rosalie stayed with her for the whole time while the rest of us kept busy.

Angela and Ben still live with Jessica and Garrett. The four of them move at the same time we do, though they stay in isolated areas, not wanting to interact with the humans. We decided it time to take turns with them. I was sick of high school. The next time we moved, they had to go to school and get jobs and we got to live in the wilderness. They agreed and we all ended up going to Alaska for a vacation when Antonia adjusted to her thirst.

My Bella loved seeing Charlie again. The two of them spent the whole first day we were in Alaska just talking and catching up. Turns out that he, Mike, and Derek (Mr. Banner) have a healthy competitive spirit in the house. Occasionally Eleazar will join them, but it isn't often. While we were there, we discussed mixing up the families a bit for a while. Charlie and Kate would come with us and actually be Bella's father again. We had a bit of fun imagining scenarios to try in the future. It became a game after a while.

Bella and I took full advantage of Alex's rapid growth. As soon as he reached his full height, we took a long honeymoon to finish our mating bond. Everyone knew what we were doing and thankfully no one judged us. We were gone for two whole years and to my great joy, ninety percent of that time, we were naked. I had taken her back to the private island my family owned. It was fun and I am thinking about buying Bella her own island that we can go to whenever we want. I'll ask her if she wants that.

Aro had visited just as he promised he would to make sure that Antonia had been changed. He had Demitri track us down in Alaska. He didn't like that all of us were gathered together, totally twenty-four in all, but all we did was include him in our games. We didn't want power and hoped that he saw that. It was just a family reunion through blood and venom. He held Alex's hand and was able to get no information through his gift. Over the years, Alex had learned how to block me completely and apparently was doing the same thing to Aro. Naturally Aro offered him a spot in the guard and he turned it down just as we had hoped. Antonia was a partial shield and not powerful enough to warrant an invitation to Italy to work for him. It was a good thing because she had no intention of going there anyway. Aro left in a huff and Alice said that he was going to be keeping track of us in case we decide to take over and knock him and his brothers off their throne. That's never going to happen as none of want to be in charge. Who knows, maybe someday, someone will bump them off and we'll have new leaders in charge. Only time will tell.

The End


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