Deliberately forgotten

Warnings: Because I refuse to believe in the 7th book, there will not be any pieces of Voldemort's soul except for the diary and Voldie is easily destroyed.

This will be in the anime, instead of the manga, because it hasn't finished yet, and I don't own any of the manga. Though I do own the Anime DVD's! ^-^

I'm making this because most of the crossovers with Harry are with Mori. I like him, and he's okay, but…out of the host club members I like Kyoya the most, then Tamaki, then the twins, then Honey, then Mori. I don't hate him or dislike him; it's just how it happened. I bet there's going to be some people angry that I don't like Mori as much as them, but there always has to be someone on the bottom.

Chapter 1

Harry Potter sat staring down at his wand in the infirmary, a bandage covering his left eye, reliving the memories that had only happened a few hours ago. After Voldemort revived in the graveyard the ugly man kidnapped him and apperated into Hogwarts. There was a fierce battle and…and… Harry felt a tear travel down his face. Ron and Hermione were gone.

He was thankful though that he had stabbed the man in the heart with the sword of Gryffindor, in his grief. But still…everyone was gone. And Harry had lost his left eye… Voldemort had intended to blind both eyes but Harry turned at the last second and just lost one. Poppy had said that she could heal his right eye, so that he could see in 20/20, but couldn't save his left.

Snape though had shocked everybody by appearing near the end of the battle with the sword and had given it to Harry at the last minute. He had gotten a scar on his face, traveling down from his eyebrow to the middle of his cheek. That was before Sirius and Remus had died.

The Malfoys had also fought with Harry and Dumbledore, but Draco Malfoy lost his life protecting his mother, who still didn't make it. Lucius it seemed, was putting on a brave face, or not really thinking about it. Another tear traveled down Harry's cheek. Another life that didn't have to die…

"I want to forget," Harry whispered. He didn't want to remember the dead bodies littering the ground. He didn't want to close his eyes anymore and see Ron take the killing curse for him. He didn't want to go to sleep and see Hermione with her wand out, getting killed by a stray curse. "If only I couldn't remember…"He whispered. "If only I didn't remember and forgot about everything!" His voice started to rise, making Dumbledore and Poppy rush in. "If only I couldn't remember them, then everything would be all right!" He shouted.

A bright light erupted from his wand, engulfing himself. His eye widened in surprise, before collapsing on his bed.

The nurse gave a gasp and rushed forward, waving her wand over him, saying spells. She couldn't really understand what was wrong with him. As she frowned starting to say more spells, an old hand landed on her shoulder, startling her.

Dumbledore gazed at the boy on the bed with sadness in his blue eyes. "It won't do any good; the boy had erased his memory."

She looked shocked and gasped. "Headmaster…"

He shook his head. "A spell," He paused looking at Harry. "He wanted to forget and his magic helped made that possible."

Dumbledore sighed and walked toward the door. "I'll tell the Weasleys and the Professors about his condition."

The women nodded looked down at the black haired boy in sadness. "What about the escaped Death eaters?" She asked. "They're still out there and no doubt they will try to get to Harry, epically in this condition."

Dumbledore thought for a second and a little bit of his twinkle returned to his eyes. "I'll think of something."

Severus Snape looked down at the sleeping figure of the boy hero. Lucius was leaning against a bed, and the adult Weasleys where hovering behind him. The animosity between the Malfoys and the Weasleys, still hadn't left once they found out that the Malfoys where on the same side, but the loss of a child helped them tolerate each other…for now.

"I still can't believe it," Molly Weasley whispered. She sniffed and whipped her eyes. "I've lost Ron and it seems that I've lost Harry too."

"Don't worry Molly."

The small group turned around and saw Albus walking through the door. "Harry should be all right, and when he gets his memory back, he'll wonder where you are."

Arthur looked at Harry sadly. "This is our goodbye for Harry, isn't it Albus?"

Molly gasped and turned toward the man. "You can't do that Albus! He needs family with him now!"

The old man shook his head, his eyes filling with sadness. "There are still Death eaters that want to kill harry still out there. Your place would be the easiest to look." He turned to the boy on the bed. "We have to move you to Grimmauld place for now."

Molly was about to object when she was interpreted by Lucius. "That would be the wisest course of action." He muttered. "Am I going to live in that?" He asked rising an eyebrow.

"No, I have a mission for you and Severus." Albus told them sadly, before turning to Arthur and Molly. "If you would say your goodbyes…"

Molly sniffed and leaned down, straitening the covers and plumping up the pillows. She kissed his head, tears falling down her cheeks. Arthur put a hand around his wife's waist and ruffled Harry's hair. "I'm going to miss having you around the house." The man said quietly.

They left, Molly still sniffing and her husband trying to comfort her.

Lucius watched them go with an air of disdain, before turning back toward Albus. "What is your plan with us Albus?"

"I need you go into hiding with Harry."

Severus sputtered. "What? Why should I do that?"

Lucius looked at the man, surprised. "You want us all to go into hiding?"

Albus looked at them gravely, over his half moon spectacles. "Severus has been reviled as a spy and so have you Lucius, this would be the best course of action with everybody." He inwardly smiled. "Not only would Harry have protection against the death eaters, but three people would be able to protect Harry."

Severus sneered at that thought, and then paused. "Wait, Lucius and I?" He asked glancing toward the other man.

Lucius stared at the old man. "Undercover?" he hissed.

The twinkle came back full force. "Of course," he said in amusement.

Severus rubbed his temples, trying to keep calm. "As what? If we live in the same house as two grown men…."

Lucius' eyes winded and glared at Albus, crossing his arms over his chest. "Are you making us go as a couple?"

"I'm doing no such thing!" Albus told them jolly.

Severus didn't believe him much, who knew what was going up inside that old man's head.

"And where are we going?"

Lucius sniffed and picked up an invisible hair. "We better go somewhere that isn't truly disgusting."

Albus' eyes twinkled once more. "Severus how about taking young Harry to another country? You're fluent in Japanese correct?"

Severus narrowed his eyes and gave an aggravated sigh. "I guess we're going to Japan, Lucius."

The blond smirked. "I know just the place."

Kyoya Ootori opened his laptop, and hacked into the school system. He might have been paranoid but he liked checking up on people. He smirked when he came to Haruhi Fujioka's. He was personally glad that Tamaki was falling for her (Even if he didn't know it yet). Sometime's Tamaki just annoyed him and he needed to have a break. He scrolled down to a few more people, updating some information on a few customers and teachers.

He yawned, glancing at the clock. It was late and he needed to go to sleep in order to get up in the morning. He was about to log off when he found a new person. Confusion appeared on his face, before he masked it, and started to set up an information on, he checked again, Haru Toukou*, 14 years old, starting school tomorrow.

He checked his database to find more information about the boy; he couldn't even find a picture of him! After going around the internet, checking to see if the boy had a facebook or myspace account (Kyouya didn't usually do that, and he didn't even have one, but it was a great way to find out about people.)

Still finding nothing, and still yawning Kyoya growled at the amount of information he had. Another hour had passed while looking for information on this boy. He found nothing. Who was this Haru Toukou? He was a transfer, but from where? He didn't like not knowing who someone was, but right now he couldn't do anything about it. Kyoya closed his laptop, and thought that he'll find more information about the transfer student tomorrow, even if he had to ask the new boy tomorrow.

*I'm going by the Japanese school system that starts on April, and Harry will be a transfer student. I'm thinking of bringing Harry in episode 3: Beware the Physical Exam!

*Harry Potter in Japanese

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