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Chapter 11

Haru splashed his face with water and sighed. He didn't really want to go to school. Haru scowled at himself in the mirror as he thought of the most aggravating person. Kyoya Ootori… He wished that Kyoya would stop making fun of him by talking about marriage, saying he was cute had started recently, and he knew that Kyoya was doing this on purpose just to make him blush or something else.

Haru sighed and dried his face with a towel. He blinked at himself, noting the scar on his left eye. Truthfully it didn't look that much different than his other eye. It was still a bright green where at the beginning there seemed to be some red in it, but right now it looked like his right eye, except for the thin scar. Truthfully he was a little bit ashamed that he covered it up as much as he did, but… Haru sighed again and covered up his eye before leaving the bathroom. He didn't like knowing he was different from everyone else.

He ignored Severus who rolled his eyes at him. He was still pissed that the man had told Kyoya where he was a week ago. Not only that but he had asked for some help from the twins about pranking Kyoya but so far they had only given him a pen that when somebody pushed down the top, it shocked you. Kyoya didn't even touch the pen! And then the one where he had tried to put the words '3:30 very important' on Kyoya's calendar didn't work, because the man had his phone on him everywhere and there was no way he was sneaking into Kyoya's house to search for a calendar.

Haru sighed as he thought about that. He wished he was able to come up with some pranks himself, but he wasn't that creative nor was he that great at the regular pranks, like putting a bucket full of water on the door so the next person who came in would get water all over them. After Tamaki got dosed three times, he figured it wasn't worth it.

Haru started up at the sky as he stepped out of the house. 'Please don't let Kyoya bother me today.'

He had a feeling though that it wasn't going to listen to him.

During the last week Haru had to deal with another crazy adventure with a little boy who wanted to become a host so he can 'make women happy'. He did find in amusing that Haruhi and Honey-senpai had to get changed into different uniforms, and also make the child get back together with his crush.

But what really bothered him…was that Kyoya was considered the 'cool type' by the women… how! There was no way that Kyoya was cool! Well… he…Haru frowned as he thought about the other teen. Kyoya did seem kinda…cool. He looked over at the window, ignoring the professor as he droned on. Kyoya had that look on his face when he entertained the customers. Kyoya didn't do that a lot so when he had the chance Haru usually watched him do the act, charming the other girls. Haru rolled his eyes, irritated for some reason.

Haru sighed; maybe he shouldn't keep on watching the other teen as he entertained the customers. People might think he had a crush on him. Haru froze. '…had a crush on him.' Images of Kyoya and him flashed though his mind, each more risqué then the last.

Haru swallowed as he blush deepened before his shook his head to rid himself of the images. Just because he thought of them together didn't mean a thing. People do that all the time… with people they like. Haru tried not to hyperventilate. There was no way he had some kind of…of… infatuation on the guy! None at all. Shouldn't that be something he would know anyway? Haru banged his head on the desk. Shit. Maybe he shouldn't come to the club today…


The teen lifted his head and turned to look at Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai coming up to him. Haru gave them a confused look and looked around the room he was in. It was empty. School must have ended while he was thinking strange thoughts, and the twins probably decided to bother Haruhi today.

Haru turned and stood up as Honey-senpai reached him. "Hello Honey-senpai," He smiled at Mori-senpai and said a hello to him to. "What are you doing here?"

"We've come to get you!" Honey-senpai chirped grabbing Haru's arm and tugging on it, making him stumble.

Haru straighten and shook his head as he lifted his bag from the hook. "Actually I don't think I'll be going there today." He blushed faintly. If he saw Kyoya now when he's trying to figure out his emotions… it just wouldn't be a good idea.

"I'll see you tomorrow, okay?" He said as he ruffled Honey-senpai's head and bowed his head to Mori-senpai. What he didn't know was the sly look that Honey had given to Mori.

The taller teen nodded and then Haru knew no more.

Haru woke up slowly, and he groaned as sat up on a beach chair.


The boy looked up seeing Haruhi standing over him with a confused look on her face. Relief washed over him at seeing a friendly face.

"So you got captured to, huh." She stated moving a little bit away as Haru swung his legs over the chair. He held his head and groaned.

"W-what are you talking about?" Haru mumbled trying to clear his thoughts. Haruhi watched his eye widened as he looked around.

Haruhi had to admit that she was just as surprised as when she got here. They seemed to be at a beach that was complete with birds, trees, and water.

"This is a brand new theme park that my family the Ootori group runs." Kyoya spoke up as he leaned back on one of the chair. He lifted a glass of juice and had a contented look on his face, as Haru and Haruhi turned to look at him. "It's called the 'Tropical Aqua Garden.'

Haru froze as he heard Kyoya's voice. He did not have a crush on the other boy. He did not have a crush. He tried to kept on telling himself that, but seeing him with regular clothes just made it worse for him know that he realized he was actually attracted to the teen.

"I thought that the Ootori group ran hospitals and where focused on the medical business." Haruhi asked as Haru stood up, and ignored the man.

"It's a diversified enterprise and we like to try different things. This place also could be related to therapy." Haruhi looked interested and looked around the place once again. "Think of all the people who are overworked and don't have the time or money to take a vacation. This theme park could be used in such a way." Kyoya pushed up his glasses and smiled. "The Ootori group always wishes for the well-being of others."

Haru snorted and walked away. He needed to find a way out of here fast.

"Haru!" Honey-senpai shouted and started to run towards him. The older teen had a floating devise around his stomice and a pair of shorts on. "You're awake!" He smiled at them as he came to a stop. "I'm sorry we had to do that to you Haru." His eyes widened and gave him a very good puppy dog look.

Haru sighed and smiled down at him. Sometimes he kept on forgetting that Honey-Senpai was older than him. "It's okay; I know it wasn't your fault." He turned to where Kyoya was sitting and glared. The glasses-wearing-teen still had a smile on his face, much to his irritation.

See? There was no way he could have a crush on Kyoya especially when he kept on doing things he didn't like. Like kidnapping him and taking him to a privately own beach. Okay…that didn't mean they way it sounded.

Haru looked at the water. It seemed so inviting…

"You should get changed Haru-kun," Honey-senpai told him. He pointed to what looked like a shack on the other side of the building he was in. "You can get changed in there."

Haru shook his head, "Sorry, but I-"

"The waters really nice," Honey-senpai chirped.

"That's nice but-"

"I was hoping to play with you!" Honey-senpai said with large glinting eyes.

Haru leaned back from the insolent of cuteness and could feel his resolve weakening.

"We can play some-"

"There's going to be CAKE!"

Haru froze. He swallowed. "C-cake?"

Honey-senpai nodded happily. "It'll be the same that I gave you yesterday!"

That was true. For some reason Honey-senpai had given him some cake the other day. While he didn't remember having any cake, he never had any when he was with Severus and Lucien. Honey-senpai had somehow found out and made him eat some of his cake. Well… a piece of it anyway.

Since then Haru found out that he had a secret weakness that even he didn't know about. Though there was no way he could eat as many as Honey-senpai, that's for sure.

"Umm, I think I'll go change."

Honey-senpai grinned and ran toward Mori-Senpai.

Haru sighed in defeat before he started on his way towards the shake. The power of cuteness can be very scary.

When Haru got over seeing racks full of swimsuits, he chose just some plain black swim trunks. Haru looked at the scars on his chest, touching some of them. He looked around at the shirts and finally settled on a dark blue button shirt that had light fabric.

He walked out noticing Haruhi was talking to the twins. He walked over and noticed they were talking swimming. Haru had to think about that. Can he swim? He shrugged. He'll find out one way today or not.

Haruhi turned to him as he walked closer to be noticed. "We were just talking about the incessantly of being here." She sighed, "Do you want to help me look for a way out?

The green eyed teen shook his head with an apologetic look on his face. "I'm kinda looking forward to swimming before to it actually."

Haruhi shook her head in defeat. "But all you need to play in the water is a plastic pool."

All three looked at her in confusion. "A plastic pool," both twins asked. "What's that?"

"I guess there about this big," She moved her arms away from her to show the wideness and then lifted her hands a couple of feet up to show the height. "And to use it you have to pump it full of air."

Both twins shook their heads and lifted up a finger wagging it at her. "You dunce, that's an inflatable boat." They gave her a disbelieving look as they put their hands on their swim trunks. "There's no way something like that can be used as a pool," one twin said.

"Yeah." The other nodded.

Haru had listened to her explanation however with a shocked look on his face. "Is it true that there's a pool like that?"

Haruhi nodded after glaring at the twins.

"Wow." Haru said in amazement. "I'm going to try to find one of those," He muttered to himself.

"It's a small pool Haru," The brunette said to him. "Little kids play in them."

She turned to the twins and was surprised when Tamaki had swept in and kidnapped them both. They crotched down a couple of feet away so they couldn't be overheard, though Haru and Haruhi both could hear some words. Mostly 'pool', 'embarrassing', and 'commoner'.

Haruhi sighed and crossed her arms over her chest. "I have a feeling that I should be insulted."

"Maybe," Haru said

"…He made Haruhi put on that yellow pullover so that no one could see her in a bathing suit…" was the sentence that was heard a few seconds later.

The green eyed teen look at Haruhi's clothes and noticed for the first time she wasn't wearing a bathing suit, but instead a yellow hooded shirt and a pair of green plaid shorts. Haru then watched in interest as Haruhi clenched her fists in anger, before slowly backing a few feet away.

"You must be one of those jealous perverts," The twins said, their form seeming to grow taller and their eyes glowing with an evil like quality.

Tamaki reared back, a blush staining his face. "I-It wasn't like that at all!" The king started to wave his hands frantically. "I was just trying to p-protect her innocence as any father would do!" Tamaki tried to be stern. "After all wearing a swimsuit is not decent." He give the twins an innocent look that didn't succeed and shook a finger at them. "It's not right for a lady to run around half naked in front of boys and-"

The twins both pointed behind him, making the blond turn around to see Haruhi with an expression of 'I'm not buying it'. She intensified the look making Tamaki whimper.

"Haru! Haruhi!" Honey-senpai said happily as he clung to Haruhi's arm. She turned her attention to him as Haru watched Tamaki's soul leave his body. "Let's go play! You wanna try to swim in the current pool with me?"

"Nah, I'm not going to swim today." Haruhi told him before giving a final glare to Tamaki.

"I don't even know if I can swim," Haru said tilting his head. "I should probably swim in a shallower part." He clasped his hand in happiness. "And I want to have a piece of that cake that you said was here."

"That's not until we leave."

Haru froze and turned to Honey-senpai. "What do you mean?"

Honey-senpai smiled widely. "We have to buy them at the store near here after where done playing!"

Haru deflated. "I feel like I somehow got cheated," He mumbled.

The brunette in the group was looking at Honey-senpai's pink bunny float. "If you know how to swim, why do you need that float?"

"Just looks cuter this way!" Honey-senpai giggled and posed making everybody see hearts. He then started to run away cutely.

Haru had to rethink what he had just seen. He didn't really think that anyone could run away cutely, but Honey-senpai had somehow done that.

"Those bunnies are pretty cute," Haruhi said with a smile.

The twins also looked fondly at the prancing eighteen year old. "He's so innocent."

"No way! You got it all wrong!"

Haru blinked before narrowing his eyes. He knew that voice.

"Renge?" Haruhi said as she looked around.

A motor was heard, but no one could quite pinpoint the direction. Suddenly one of the buildings split apart. Renge appeared from below, laughing as she stood on a platform that spun her around slowly.

"It's like that rig follows us," Haruhi said with a sigh, suddenly looking defeated.

"And look at what she's wearing," A twin said. It was true; she was holding a purple umbrella and was wearing a purple bikini as she posed. She also had a light purple tattoo that was on her stomach and her hair was braided going down one of her shoulders.

"What's with the tattoo on your belly?" The other twin asked.

Renge smiled and her eyes shown in happiness. "Oh you don't know?" She pointed at them and clutched her umbrella tighter. "I'm cosplaying!"

Haru's eyes widened, very interested. "What's that?"

Renge gasped and looked at him in surprise and then smiled, happy that someone was interested. "It's where you dress up as your favorite character!"

Tamaki slapped both of his hands on Haru's ears.

"Ow!" Haru glared up at the taller teen. "What did do that for!"

"My son is not going to cosplay anything!" Tamaki cried out hugging the breath out of his 'child'.

Renge huffed as she rolled her eyes and turned back to the others, trying to ignore the struggle that was happening.

"As who?" One of the twins asked. They also ignored the struggle that was going on in the background.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Tamaki started to cry when Haru started to stomp on his feet.

"La-La!" Renge answered in song.

La-La? Like the manga Magazine?" The other twin asked.

Renge nodded and clasped her hands together, looking away from them with a faraway look in her eyes. Sparkles seemed to fly away from her. "White teeth, slender frame, those blue eyes that light up young men's faces, her singing voice…" Renge twirled and closed her eyes in happiness. "I am Kisaragi Quon!"

"I wouldn't have guessed," Haruhi told her with a twitch.

Both twins looked at each other with a dead-panned look.

Renge ignored them and started to pose some more.

"Hey boss," The twins turned and saw Haru being held in front of the King. Tamaki was standing behind the smaller boy and had his arms around him. "Are we interrupting something?"

Both teens stopped struggling and it took a few seconds to realize what was going on. Haru wrenched out of Tamaki's frozen grasp. He crossed his arms and huffed. "I didn't really believe you were actually a pervert!" He huffed and went over to Haruhi.

Tamaki gasped and large tears were filling his eyes. "Now my other child hates me!" he wailed.

"Never mind that!" Both red-head's shouted. Tamaki sniffed and turned to them. "Is it alright for Renge to be wearing a two piece?" They said in a whisper.

Tamaki looked over to the other girl before shrugging. "Well yeah I guess."

"And why is that?"

Tamaki placed a hand on his chin in thought. "Because…it's cosplay?"

"Listen up boys!" Renge shouted. She smirked and pointed to everyone. "You obviously need my help to understand Haninozuka-senpai hidden motives." She pointed to Honey-senpai. "Just look!"

Honey-senpai had jumped into the water, splashing the water as he called out Mori-senpai's name.

Mori turned to Honey-senpai. He watched the younger looking teen wave to him as he floated with the tide.

Mori-senpai then had a contented smile on his face.

"What are you talking about?" Tamaki asked as he crossed his arms.

Renge had a smug look on her face. "Just think of what he had said to you earlier."

"Just looks cuter this way!"

Renge smirked and narrowed her eyes as if she had a great secret that needed to be told. "He's not being as sweet and innocent as you think!"

"I agree." Kyoya said softly, surprising Haru. He glared at the older teen and moved away from him. "Just put the word 'I' at that sentence."

Everyone thought it over. 'Just looks cuter this way…'

'I look cute…'

Tamaki, Haruhi, and the twins had a shocked look on their face and turned to the smallest of the Host Club.

"He planned that!"

Renge nodded happily; glad that they could see it too. "That's Haninozuka-senpai for you. Apparently, he felt threatened in his position as the little boy type from last week, so he's taking steps to keep his rank."

The other host club members still had the shocked look on their faces.

"I should really give the little guy more credit," Renge told them as she was slowly twirled down, underneath the sand. "He's smarter then he looks."

Haru looked over at Honey-senpai, contemplating what Renge had just told them. "Well Honey-senpai does look cute." He said.

"Hey look at this everybody!"

Everyone turned and saw Mori swimming against the current in the pool with a smiling Honey-senpai on his back, waving. "Even though we're swimming as hard as we can, we never go any further!"

Haru gasped and waved at him. "That's great!" He never noticed the others looking at Honey-senpai as if they were wondering if it was true or not.

There was a squeaking noise, making Tamaki turn to look at where the noise was coming from. He spotted both of the red-heads holding water guns. One of the twins grinned and squirted him on the face. The twin who had done that, smiled, "I got you!"

The other continued to pump the water gun. "Come on boss; let's have a water gun fight." They began to walk closer. "It'll be me and Kaoru against you. If you get hit in the face you lose. What do you say boss?"

Tamaki started to wash his face with a towel. "Forget it. Why would I want to subject myself to a childish game like that?"

The twins both had the same smirking look on their faces. Haru started to walk away from them, knowing that nothing good came from such a look.

The twins grabbed Haruhi and hugged her close. "Haruhi I think it's time that we got married!"

"And we'll honeymoon in Atami!" The other twin said with a smirk.

Tamaki froze, his hair shadowing most of his face. He grabbed a water gun and started to pump the gun fast. "Do you really think," He said in a whisper. "I'd ever let Haruhi marry one of you guys!" He turned his head, his eyes flashing in anger.

He turned around fully with his water gun fully loaded. "Daddy says no!" He shouted squirting water at them.

Haru sighed and went to find Kyoya as Haruhi sat down at one of the tables. Haru looked around, finding it irritating that he actually needed to look for the aggravating man that he might have a crush on. There just was no way that could be true. Haru paused in his step. What if…he would just find things to hate him! After all how hard could it be to hate someone like Kyoya?

There was a loud shout, and Haru turned to see a big wave crash into Honey-senpai. It was all happeing so fast that before he knew it, Honey-senpai was being swept away. Haru stood in shock, then hurried along with the others, until Mori-senpai slipped on a banana peel, making him slid and fall.

Haruhi stopped and stood in shock at what she had just seen.

Tamaki stepped forward and pointed up in the air. "Gentlemen,' he said as Mori-senpai lifted himself off the ground. "We're going after Honey-senpai!" He pointed to a small river-like pool. "That looks like the quickest way! Chhharrrge!" He shouted and began to run with everyone besides Kyoya, right behind him.

"Wait, I wouldn't go tha…" Kyoya raised his voice to warn them.

Suddenly alligators sprang up, their jaws open.

The host club members, eyes widened in shock before running the other way. "There are alligators in the pool!"

Tamaki, thankfully still determined to save Honey-senpai, quickly regrouped them. "Okay we can't use that pool!" he pointed to the left. "Then let's try this way next!"

An alligator opened his mouth as he stood the route they we're about to take, making everyone run again.

"There everywhere!" The twins shouted as they backed away from a group coming from one of the pools toward them.

"And here!" Haruhi yelled backing away from a group lounging in the sun.

Haru took another deep breath. Must stay calm ."Why are their alligators in even here?" He looked at the smiling Kyoya. "Kyoya?" Irritation was clearly seen in his visible eye. "I thought this was to be a relaxing place?"

Kyoya smile widened and he pushed up his glasses. "Those animals were in the tropical animal area. I guess it is dangerous for them to run loose." He started to write in a brown notebook. "Although it's the current pool's switch location that's the problem right now. I need to have a little chat with the designers." He closed the book with a snap and gave them all a smile. "Thanks a lot you guys. I got some great data today!"

"You guess?" Haru muttered before he stood up. Well at least he had also found another reason to hate Kyoya already. 'Use's friends as guinea pigs.'

"You what?" Haruhi shouted angrily.

Kyoya ignored her and lead them to a large map of the park on a large board near the changing rooms. "This is the area map. This is our current location," He said pointing to a spot on the map. "We need to get here." His hand slid down to one of the large spots with a question mark on it. "I have a feeling that's where Honey-senpai got carried away to. It might be tough because we have to get pass the jungle area here in the southern block. We have to go about 800 meters to reach the point."

Haruhi already noticed something wrong with the map. "It seems there are a lot of indeterminate areas." She glanced at Kyoya. "Do you have any idea what might be in those parts?"

"Since there still being developed, I'm afraid I don't know."

"That means," A twin said worriedly. "there could even be something more dangerous…"

"…then alligators," The other twin finished for him.

"All right!" Tamaki shouted. "This is no longer just a rescue mission, but also a survival mission!" He looked at everyone. "I know we can go through this horrid jungle in one piece! It is our sworn duty to rescue Honey-senpai!"

I hopefully will see you all soon.