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Chapter 12

Haru had to admire the people who made this fake environment. It looked like a real jungle that Suiyaku had shown him in a book before he started to go to school here. But… the teen looked up and shielded his gaze from the blinding sun; they could have made it a little less hot.

Haruhi and the twin's voice's penetrated his thoughts and Haru tuned to the conversation.

"…all those animal sounds could they belong to the real thing?" The twins said.

Haru's face drained of color. Real animals?

"I'm not really sure," Kyoya told them. "But my family often strives for authenticity."

Haru grabbed Kyoya's arm startling the other teen. "Haru?" for once his voice didn't have the teasing note it usually seemed to have.

Haru shook his head to stop Kyoya from speaking some more and let the rest of the group walk a head. He didn't want them to worry as much as they already were. "Could there be a possibility?" He asked looking up at the teen. "Could Honey be in a lot more danger then it's expected?"

Kyoya's face seemed to soften. "Honey isn't in any danger." He moved his arm out of Haru's grasp and entwined his shorter fingers in his larger one. "I'll make sure of it."

A loud thudding sound made them look at the others. Haru gripped tightened on Kyoya's hand as he rushed over. Mori-senpai was lying on his back… with a banana on his face? Haru gazed at the scene, worried.

"Mori-senpai," The one in the green swim trunks started, "Is acting as clumsy as you are boss," The twin in the orange finished.

"What!?" Tamaki yelled, glaring at the twins.

Haru sighed in relief when Mori-senpai sat up, he glanced at Haruhi. She was looking at the tall teen concerned.

"He must be worried," Kyoya said softly making Haru look towards him.

"How do you get that from Mori-senpai falling?" Haru asked. He frowned at his hand still holding onto Kyoya's and yanked it out of the man's grasp.

Kyoya's glanced at him and then back to Mori-Senpai who was now standing, holding the banana peel. "I have never seen him to slip or fall." He chuckled. "It's amazing actually, considering he's so tall."

Haru frowned troubled all over again. Kyoya's reassurance had worked for a little while until now. If Mori-Senpai was worried, maybe there was something worse than he thought? He knew the two of them where close. He didn't even remember seeing the one without the other!

The teen started to rethink how everything had happened. When Honey-senpai disappeared he didn't think that the older teen was in much danger, and he knew he wouldn't drown with everyone there and that fact that they were in a safe indoor pool, but meeting the crocodiles after Honey-senpai disappeared, made the guilt rise inside him.

What if Honey was being eaten alive? What if bug's where eating him alive and they didn't make it in time?

He should have known that this could happen! He had just started to get to know Honey-Senpai, and he couldn't have another person die!

Harry blinked and frowned wondering where that thought came from. A few tears fell from his eyes, making his frown deepen. He wiped them off and shook his head. Why was he crying? There was still a good chance that he could still be alive…

He looked up as the sky started to darken above them. He glanced over to see Kyoya looking at his watch. "Uh-oh, the squall will be coming soon."

Haru blinked as droplets of rain started to fall. Squall? A rushing sound filled the area and the rain fell at a terrifying rate.

Kyoya grabbed his hand and ran forward. "Wha- What Kyoya!" He squeaked, trying to keep up the pass with him. He could hear the other's ahead and behind them as they ran. Soon a small building came into view and the group piled into the hut.

Gasping for breath, Haru sat down on the circle bench. Water dripped from his hair, annoying him as his tickled the back of his neck. He couldn't really wring his short hair and frustrated shook his head furiously.

"Ahh! Ahh!" The twins said covering their face's with their arms. "Tell us when you become a dog!"

Haru laughed as a memory nagged at his mind. Someone shape sifting into a dog… Haru rubbed his face. That was a strange memory. Maybe it was a movie he had seen?

"Mori-senpai, seems to be close to Honey-senpai," Haruhi said softly as she sat down beside Haru. "Did you know each other from childhood?"

"Those two-" a twin stated

"are cousins." The other finished.

Haruhi was shocked. "Really? You're related?"

Haru tilted his head trying to see the family resemblance.

"The Morinozuka family as severed the Haninozuka's for generations before they married into each other two generations ago," Kyoya answered as Haruhi turned to him.

She hummed, an image coming to mind of ancient japan with Honey-senpai as a Lord and Mori-senpai as a loyal servant.

"That seems nice," Haru said with a small smile bring Haruhi out of her fantasy. "Being so closer together they married into each other."

Kyoya coughed, bringing them both to look at him. "If I may continue…" Haru bit his lip to keep from smiling at the irate male.

"So the servant and master relationship should have dissolved, but Mori-senpai always follows and serves Hani-senpai even to this day."

"The ancient blood of a loyal servant and his lord must be surging," Tamika said softly while the twins started to cry into their tissues.

"It's so beautiful!" they sobbed.

"That sentence was anything but beautiful," Haruhi stated unamused. To her dismay when she glanced at Haru she had to sigh. He also looked like he was moved to tears.

"That is so wonderful!" His green was shining as he looked toward Mori-senpai.

Tamika eyes flashed and turned to him, making Haru freeze in terror. "You understand me!" He shouted, running over to him and hugging him tightly to his chest. He started to rub his cheek with Haru's making the small teen squirm. "Hey! Stop!"

Haruhi sighed and watched Mori-senpai looking out in the rain. He was standing there stoically and Haruhi didn't really know if he was listening or not paying attention. Whatever past his family had had with Honey-senpai wasn't really the point. The point was, Mori-senpai cared for Honey-senpai and he was worried.

And that made her want to help him even more. Standing up Haruhi walked over and placed a hand on Mori-senpai arm.

"Mori-senpai, it'll be all right. Honey-senpai is safe. He's stronger then he looks, and if he gets hungry, there are lots of bananas and other fruit."

In the background, Haruhi could hear the protests of Haru but ignored them.

"Uh…" The twins said. "Not the best cheering up I've heard."

To Haruhi's surprise Mori-senpai placed his large hand on top of her head ruffling it a bit with a smile.

"Yeah," he said.

"I guess it worked," The twins said as they looked toward each other shrugging.

"Can you let me go know!?" Haru grumbled as Tamaki squeezed him. He turned his pleading eyes to the twins and reached out for them. "Help!"

"Who are we to stop a lovely family moment?" They said with identical grins.

Haru glanced at Kyoya as the teen's phone rang, but ignored him as he had more important things to deal with right now. Tamaki just kept hugging him and muttering about perverts. A thought came to mind.

He stopped struggling and turned to Tamaki, making sure he wasn't looking at him. Then he sniffed getting the attention of the blond and he raised his face, making sure his expression as sad as possible. His visible eye was watery and as wide as he could make it. "I'm hurt," He whispered.

Frozen buy his cuteness, no one noticed Haruhi and Mori-senpai leaving as the rain finally stopped.

Sighing in happiness Haru looked around and then frowned. "Where's Haruhi?" He asked

"Where's Mori-Senpai?" The twins said at the same time.

Tamaki gasped with his eyes wide. "My little girl!" He cupped his hands over his mouth like a megaphone as he ran to the door way. "Come back Haruhi! You're too young to get married!"

"How did you come up with that conclusion?" Kyoya asked. "They're most likely looking for Honey-senpai."

"We have to go after them," Haru said.

"But we don't know where they could have went," a twin said while the other nodded.

Haru frowned then looked up determined and turned to the group. "But we can't just stand here!" He didn't want to think of all the things that could be happening to the three. If Kyoya's family wanted this place to be as realistic as possible, wouldn't there be other dangerous creatures in here besides the crocodiles?

Worry started to gnaw in the back of his brain and flashes of a girl with brown hair, her dead eyes staring up blankly at him. Haru breathing began to escalate and he started to tremble. He didn't hear his friends trying to talk to him nor hear them move closer. Bodies of Haruhi, and his senpai were staring at him and he started to cry as he hit the ground, covering his eyes with his arms, sobbing.

"I'm sorry," He whispered over and over. "I'm sorry!"

Then warmth. A soothing hand on his back. Soft spoken words. Haru shook his head and lifted his tearstained face into Kyoya's. He swallowed and looked around, trying to focus on where he was. "What happened?" His voice was horse he noticed.

The twins looked at each other worriedly, then at Tamaki who was frowning. But it was Kyoya who was slowly letting him out of his grasp who answered.

"You were hyperventilating."

Haru flushed, embarrassed and ashamed. He never wanted that to happen, especially in front of his friends. He stood up, refusing to look at the others. "L-lets just forget what happened." He brushed off imaginary dirt looking anywhere but at the people with him.

"Haru…" Kyoya's voice was soft and full of pity.

Haru turned and glared at him as his embarrassment turned to anger. "I'm fine, okay!?" He shouted. He huffed and marched out the archway. "I'll look for them this way." He gritted out then started to jog to the east.

"That idiot," Kyoya muttered. He clenched his fists then realized them. He turned to Tamaki and the twins who looked like they were about to go after Haru. "Go to the west and see if you can find the rest of the club." He ignored the protests and took out an extra cell phone and debated who to give it to. After a moment he gave it to the twin who had his hair slicked back to the left, whishing he could tell them apart like Haruhi. "I'll go after Haru, and I'll call you once I find him. You do the same when you find either of our club members."

The twins nodded and surprising didn't make a goofy comment as they started to leave.

Tamaki watched them then turned back to Kyoya. "Take care of him alright?"

Kyoya's glasses seemed to flash and he smiled calmly as he crossed his arms. "Why wouldn't I?"

It had seemed like a good idea at the time as he angrily walked into woods without a compass or a map at the time, but know… Haru was lost. The tree's just seemed to look the same and the ground didn't really help with it being so muddy. There were times when he almost lost his footing from stepping in a slippery spot.

Haru sighed as he fell again, wincing. "This might not have been the best idea I've ever had," He said with a sigh as he stood up, wiping the mud off where he could see it.


Haru turned and saw Kyoya walking toward him, and he glared at him. Haru started to back away from the taller teen, not noticing where he was going. "What do you want?" He growled out.

Kyoya frowned then a flash of fear crossed over his face. "Stop."

"Excuse me?" Haru said in a disbelieving tone. "I'm not going to stop because you say so!"

"Haru, don't-"

The mud beneath his feet disappeared and he fell with a yell. Branches and roots gripped at his clothes, tearing at his skin. Suddenly he stopped with a jerk when his arm almost jerked out of his socket.

Harry slowly opened one eye and gaped at seeing Kyoya above him holding on to him. "Kyoya…" he whispered.

The teen was gritting his teeth and trying to pull him up with both hands, and Haru felt his heart stutter. Kyoya gritted his teeth and was slowly pulling him up. "…almost there," He gasped.

Haru was about to sigh in relief when he noticed that Kyoya was kneeling on thin muddy ground. "Kyoya," Haru shouted fear in his voice. "Your standing-"

"I know!" He shouted. With a grunt Haru was lifted a little bit more and some more of the mud slipped down. Haru's heart beat faster as more and more mud slid down. They weren't too far off the ground below, but enough that he would still get hurt badly. As he felt himself move upwards, Haru thought fast. He knew that the ground will collapse once he was with Kyoya. Kyoya must know that too, but was still willing to risk himself.

And then... The ground gave away.

Haru twisted his body to try to take some of the impact, as they rolled down the hill. Roots and rocks hit his back, making him grunt and close his eyes tightly. Finally they stopped rolling and Kyoya's back crashed into a tree making him grunt. Slowly Kyoya mentally went over his body and determined if there was anything serious. After he decided nothing was seriously wrong he began to help Haru as he tried to sit up.

"I'm fine," Haru grunted trying to wave the man off ignoring the twinges of pain from his leg.

"We'll see once I make sure you're not hurt," Kyoya said with a chilling smile, making the other teen feel fear. Haru watched him wearily as he helped him away from the hill to a place farther away. "'You don't mind sitting on the ground, do you?" Kyoya asked as he made Haru do so without waiting for his answer.

Haru rolled his eyes, but closed them tightly when a muddy hand touched foot. Kyoya hummed for a moment making Haru open his eyes. The taller teen was examining his face and holding his hand. "What are you doing?" He blushed when Kyoya raised an eyebrow at him. "Well I know what you are doing, I got examined by Suiyaku before, but I didn't think you would know how to..." His voice trailed off.

Kyoya smiled at him, a true smile Haru noted. "My family is one of the top Medical groups in the world. Not only do we own hospitals but almost all my family are some way connected to medicine."

Haru was shocked. "So your family helps people, and doesn't scam them?!"

Kyoya stopped examining him to look at his face. He had a frown on it and confusion laced his words. "Scam?"

"Like what you do in the club with selling items." Haru frowned. "Well I guess it's not a scam sense you do give them what they want."

The teen chuckled. "Yes that is true." He went back to examining Haru enjoying the conversation. "I don't really scam people when I'm selling information or pictures. We don't have a big budget, so I want to make sure we have enough money in the funds." He glanced up as a look of understanding crossed Haru's features along with some guilt.

"I'm sorry," He said quietly. "I shouldn't have jumped to those conclusions." He looked down and flushed. "And I'm also sorry for earlier."

Kyoya smiled and leaned forward so close that he was almost touching Haru, nose to nose. "Its fine know. I also shouldn't have looked in your family history forms, and found out where you lived when I first saw you."


Haru's angry face was just adorable, Kyoya thought. His face would flush a charming red, his green eye would expand, and most of all it looked like he wanted to touch him. Well to strangle him, but either way Haru wanted to touch him.

Kyoya stood up and looked around, ignoring the muttering behind him. "You should be fine," He said taking out his cell phone. It didn't seem to be broken so he wasn't too worried that they were lost. "But I still want to make sure that you are looked at before you go home." He had noticed Haru not putting any pressure on his left foot. Kyoya turned around and spotted Haru looking at his leg.

"Are…" Haru seemed to swallow. "Are you okay?"

Kyoya looked down and watched a thin line of blood running down his leg. He smiled at the worried teen. "I'll be fine, how about if you come with me to get inspected, I'll let them examine me too."

Haru frowned but nodded. He then glared at him and pointed a finger at him. "And don't think I'll forget about all that stuff you said!"

Kyoya smirked as he flipped up his phone. "I wouldn't dream of it."

Several calls later a group of men all in black startled Haru from his spot as they all rushed in. Kyoya on the other hand just smiled and nodded to them. "I'm going to need some help with getting out of here with an injured person." His smile turned slightly feral and his eyes narrowed into slits. "I don't have to tell you to be careful with him, now do I?"

Though there was hardly any skin exposed, Haru detected the man's skin paling quickly. Bowing they nodded and picked him up slowly. "Um… thank you," He said to the man. Even though he didn't want to admit it, his ankle was throbbing painfully.

"Do you have any information about the others?" Kyoya asked looking to a man Haru assumed was the leader.

"Yes, our other group should be catching up with them in no time."

Kyoya nodded and flipped his phone open once more. When someone answered he started to speak. "Kaoru?" his face grew annoyed. "Fine," He hissed. "Hikaru, a group of-"

He paused listening, making Haru worried. "Is something wrong?"

Kyoya glanced at him and shook his head. "They just found the group and are fighting each other." He paused to listen, ignoring Haru's shocked look. "It seems that Mori-senpai is winning though." He looked at the captain. "You need to train your squad a little bit more. While he is the national kendo champion, your people must need to last farther than a minute with someone like him."

"The national…" Haru whispered his eye wide.

"Yes," Kyoya said. "Honey-senpai is meanwhile the national champion for karate and judo."

Haru gaped, and a feeling of relief surged through him. "So that's means they are safe then," He whispered.

Kyoya hummed then started to talk on his phone. "Everything done then? Oh? Honey-senpai was found? Good. We're mostly fine. Oh we fell down a cliff. Yes. Nothing too bad. I'm taking him home now." Then Haru heard the sound of the phone closing.

A shadow moved over him causing him to look up at Kyoya. "You don't have to worry about us Haru." Haru nodded, quite as Kyoya motioned for the group to follow them. Somehow he wasn't very convinced.

"We're going to my home to have you checked out."

Haru had to blink several times to figure out what the other teen had said. "What!? Why should I go with you?"

Kyoya slid his glasses up. "Either we go to my home and fix you up, or I'll bring you home and have your guardians pester you."

"Ugh," the teen muttered and knocked his head against the man-who-was-holding-him, chest. "Fine, fine," He said waving his hand. "I have to call them anyway and I might as well not deal with them just yet." He was to report if he had any 'episodes' like he had today. He would just rather forget it ever happened.

Kyoya smirked and once more his glasses flashed. Haru was starting to connect that to him being devilish. "I knew you would see it my way."

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