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Chapter 5: One Month Later.

Minako yawned as she stumbled into the shrine doors looking for Rei. It was early morning and it had been decided that it was Rei's turn to pay for breakfast. Minako wasn't exactly a good cook and Rei, while she liked to cook, was only able to do so when she was wide awake. Breakfast normally remained out of the question unless a house fire was your idea of a good time. Minako was happy to say that it wasn't. The house was quiet, and everyone was likely still asleep.

She made her way to Rei's bedroom where a sight was starting to become quite the common thing. Not that Minako was fond of seeing Ami and Rei naked in bed together. It wasn't something she enjoyed, but she couldn't say she opposed it either. Ami felt much the same when she walked into the same situation. Minako still had a place in Rei's heart and it was sometimes hard for the girls to accept the facts that they had to share her.

Minako didn't love Ami, and Ami held no actual feelings for the blond either. They tolerated each other, became closer through their mutual bond with Rei, but they couldn't exactly call themselves lovers for each other. It just didn't fit right. The outers knew how to do that. Setsuna, Haruka, and Michiru held a very open ended relationship with each other, and Minako was happy to know that relationship worked out more fluidly.

Minako couldn't say the say that this arrangement was quite so open. That was something Rei disliked. Often she made it known that she felt guilty, placed between the two of them in such manners. Ami and Minako were so different and Rei often had to be careful in order not to hurt the girls. She was in a thorny situation, and Minako inwardly felt bad about that. Rei was quite obviously tired and Minako decided it best not to disturb the two, leaving to go to the kitchen.

The smell of coffee wafted into Rei's room and that roused Ami to look at the clock, realizing that oversleeping had occurred. "Rei." She shook the girl next to her lightly. "Get up; Minako's likely in the kitchen. You need to get up." Rei growled out into her pillow. Waking up was not on her current agenda and she ignored the wake up call. "Rei…" Ami tried to turn her voice into a warning.

It failed.

"Rei, you can't stay in bed." Ami tried again as the girl cuddled into her. It was a wonderful feeling, Ami had to admit, but the start of the new day made things complicated. "I need to put on a robe at the very least."

"Don't bother." Minako laughed bringing a cup of overly strong coffee to Ami. "Trying to get her up after a night of sex is nearly impossible. You'd have better luck trying to wiggle out of a bear trap that you would Rei right about now."

"I am starting to see that." Rei was like a clingy magnet after a nighttime frolic and Ami partly wondered if she had been like this in the past as well. She couldn't remember, but she did know she was going to be late for class if Rei did this constantly. It was the first time that she threw the care for the notion out the window. She could slack off if she wanted every now and then, it wouldn't exactly hurt her grades since she made sure to stay ahead. "You were right though."

"Oh, about what?" Minako wasn't sure what Ami was referring too.
"She is different." Ami answered as she allowed her fingers to run through Rei's hair. "I knew she would be; I just never knew how much."
"I'd imagine there is still a lot we both don't know about her." Minako nodded sitting on the bedside. "That's just how she is."
"I think we've upset her though." Ami's eyes rarely had an icy look to them anymore, now they held something else. "She cried last night."
"It happens more often than not." Minako shrugged. Rei was an emotional person, plain and simple. "What was it about this time?"

"She's upset because she feels guilty." Ami's explanation was halted by a momentary sip of coffee, trying to best think of how to explain. "In the shower last night she asked me why you and I haven't accepted each other and I told it that it wasn't that we didn't, it was just that we hadn't tried because we didn't see it fit to even amuse the idea." That was the complete and utter truth after all. "She said she loved me but felt torn because of all of this. She knows we aren't actually happy about each other being with her."

"She's broached that with me quite a few times actually." Minako agreed fully. It was making Rei rather conflicted. "We've tolerated each other because of Rei…we've gotten what we wanted." Minako looked on. Well she didn't want Ami pressed into Rei naked fully knowing what the implication meant. That didn't make her exceptionally happy, but the fact she and Rei had maintained their relationship was a god send. If anything this had made Minako and Rei closer lovers regardless of the difficulty of the added relations with Ami.

"She hasn't though, has she?" Ami knew Rei hadn't. The relationship was great, but Rei had to be running herself ragged. This likely wasn't good for her despite her protests of being overjoyed. In reality she felt guilty, even though both Ami and Minako wanted this, she couldn't help but feel sickened by her actions. It was as if she was committing adultery and often commented of the fact she would be burning hell for it. Catholic school had all but beaten the concepts of heaven and hell into her brain and as a result she couldn't help but speak the Ten Commandments constantly. Even if she was a miko, knowing the things she knew, following the faith she did, some things never left her mind.

Rei was more agnostic than a true miko. she often liked to look at, and pick apart religion to look at it. Her room alone held many books, and not all of them were of biblical natures. That aside, in many of the books, it was stated that adultery was a very bad sin, and Rei's guilt only helped to force her to know that it was true. Regardless of the fact it was what everyone wanted even basic morals called it out to be a bad thing.

"I went and spoke with Michiru about it. I was trying to figure out how they worked so well." Rei buried her head as Ami spoke. The talking wasn't bothering her, but she was falling in and out of sleep, not catching the conversation anyway. She found herself laying her head on Ami's belly. It was soft, warm, and away from the noise. "A few rather interesting points were made clear." Ami sipped her coffee trying not to spill it. "Turns out that they weren't much different from us."

"Really?" Minako always had a knack for enjoying gossip, but that particular fact always bugged her. Their relationship was open, yet enormously closeted. How it had even occurred was still a mystery for the Inner Senshi and a mere rumor for the press. No one really knew the full story but the people involved. "Did she dish?"

"This is Michiru we're talking about." Ami shook her head. "She's just as bad as Setsuna about being tight lipped when she wants to be." She could feel Rei's even breathe and she knew the girl was asleep again. "Still, she gave me a piece of advice at least." She looked down at the sleeping lump under the covers. "She said we are delaying the inevitable."

"She may be right about that." Minako knew the implication and she wasn't overly fond of it, but had resigned to the possibility that it could happen. "Rei's been asking me for a while why we haven't tried to further anything. She told me of her fantasies and somehow, though I'm not exactly fond of the idea, tend to think we will be sharing a bed soon. It really is what Rei wants, and not just on the sexual level."

"She's never spoken of that to me." Ami felt a little bit hurt by that. It was a common, unspoken rule. Rei didn't feel comfortable about speaking about what went on with the other girl. If they wanted information, they had to speak with each other. Very few topics were ever started by Rei in that regard. The only acceptations were outings that at least sounded platonic, or if she wanted to clear an action before she went along and hurt someone's feelings.

"You need to realize, that's mostly because whatever can be attempted between two girls within reason, we do often, or at least tried. You two haven't gotten to the boring stage of needing to broaden you're horizons. Plus, Rei knows she can say that to me and not hurt my feelings. We've been through all of that." Minako saw Ami frown at that. It wasn't an easy thing to deal with, and the blond knew it. "The fact is, she still isn't sure what she can and can't say to you. It's only been a month since this started and only two weeks since…well…that." Minako wasn't overly sure she liked addressing Ami and Rei's nocturnal affairs either.

Rei's ears caught that part of the conversation and she woke up almost immediately. Her mind went on auto pilot before her logic could kick in. She was speaking her thoughts. "I would feel like less of a jackass if I knew you two had something going on too. I feel like some two timing bitch since you won't let me choose one of you and I don't want to hurt anyone. Top that off I can't help but get lost with the way you two had pissing matches early on." Indeed, Rei wasn't the most eloquently spoken person in the morning. Ami had learned quickly that Rei had a foul mouth in the morning. She often cussed at many things, including her alarm clock or cell phone.

The two who were fully awake laughed at the crass terminology. Rei really was something else entirely. "We told you we can't make any promises." Ami sighed, trying to not show a blush as Rei allowed her hands to play with a particularly sensitive area just under Ami's breasts. "Stop that!" She thwacked the side of the blanket with her hand, slapping away the advances. Now wasn't the time. Rei ignored her, starting to nibble and chew lightly. "Rei!" Ami wasn't a fan of Rei's idea of early morning play time with Minako in the room.

The blond got the idea, getting off the bed going to leave the two alone for now. Rei wanted to have her way, and she would have her way. Sleepy Rei always meant playful Rei or very crabby Rei and right now it was the former. This of course had an unknown side effect as she flung the blankets away, chasing Minako down and pinning her down to the nearby wall. Rei was completely nude, her hair still bedraggled, not that she could care. Minako had to fight off her warring emotions as the woman in front of her made her view known. "You naked bed now." The orders were swift, one word, jumbled, but very to the point. Rei wasn't going to take no for an answer, already making short work on Minako's shirt and bra.

Ami scrambled to cover herself as well as her eyes. Whatever Rei had in her brain right now Ami couldn't be sure, but she knew one thing. Rei knew how to get her way, and this morning, the raven girl had an idea and she would go through with it. Minako was stripped bare within the minuet, Rei wasn't trying to seduce anyone but the glint in her eye meant one thing. Trouble. Scooping the girl up, she stalked over to the bed placing Minako into it before walking across the room putting on her robe.

"I'm going to make breakfast. You two play nice." Rei spoke with a risen eyebrow. A hint of authority lacing her amusement as she eyed the two women in her bed. She allowed a few less innocent images to cross her mind momentarily before continuing. "And I do mean play nice. I'll bring food in here; I don't want anyone leaving this room until this is resolved." Minako and Ami looked at each other and then back at Rei who was leaving the room, carrying the bottom two drawers of her night stand with her, and, in effect, all of the clothing the girls had at Rei's house.

"I blame you for this." Ami scoffed, further wrapping herself in a bed sheet.
"I blame me as well." Minako didn't even to bother covering herself. She had already been set on display thanks to Rei. Ami wasn't the looking type anyway.
The room was hushed for just a few beats. "Why did you kiss me that one time in the park?" It was a random question, but it had bugged Ami still.
"Dunno…come over here and find out." Minako's eyes could look just as troublesome as Rei's.
"How about no." Ami answered back nervously. "Just tell me from where we are."

"Put it to you this way." Minako answered, putting her current inhibitions aside. Michiru really was right after all. someone needed to call a truce and it may as well have been her. She had to admit she was the cause of why Ami was in bed with Rei in the first place. "I don't particularly like you sleeping with Rei. I don't think I could share a bed with all three of us together, however, I never stated anything about not wanting you to sleep with me." The blush on Ami's face was priceless as Minako allowed that information to soak in. Minako knew it wasn't going to happen, at least not right away.

Still Minako was Sailor Venus, and it was her job to embrace all forms of love, and that was something she fully intended to achieve do when the right time came.


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(Ex 2. Rei being a sort of Haruka equivalent/ Minako being more like Michiru/ Ami acting as a sort of Setsuna equivalent.)
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