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" I can't belive this! " snorted Sam.

She and Freddie were at the Groovy Smoothie by themselves while Carly was on a date.

" I know! " Freddie drank his Strawberry Blitz " It's unbelievable "

" How can the audience of iCarly think that we should get together? " asked Sam, almost screaming.

" And Carly, instead of helping us, burst out laughing and agreed! "

" That girl lost her mind "

" Totally " Freddie agreed, looking at the blond girl drenching fries in the smoothie " I mean, we hate each other! It's not like I'm ever going to kiss you again! " he added, embarrassed.

" Yeah, and I'll never, I don't know, put my arms around your neck to keep you closer... " Sam went on.

" And I'm totally not gonna deepen the kiss! " said Freddie, blushing a little.

" Totally! " Sam confirmed embarrassed as well " And we'll never date... "

" Never "

" And we'll never go to the cinema just to make out or something... "

" Right! And we'll never become one of those sweety-sweety couple! " Freddie added.

" And we're surely not going on the same college to be together! "

" And I'll never, ever, ask you to marry me! Never! " Freddie blushed even more.

" And I'll never accept, duh! " said Sam as if it was obvious, blushing a bit, too " And we'll never sleep together! " she added, drinking her smoothie.

Freddie almost suffocated " Nev... never! " he coughed.

" I'll never wear the white dress " she went on.

" Right " Freddie agreed with her, still coughing and always redder " And we'll never dance together at the wedding! "

" And we surely won't have a kid named Nathan "

" Why not Nathan? Don't you like that name? " asked Freddie, smirking.

" I don't know, it's just dorky... " Sam answered, smiling as well " And then, I'd rather have a daughter named Jennette "

" Sam, we're talking about the things we'll never do. And then, I don't like the name Jennette... " Freddie reminded her.

The girl shook her head " Right. So we'll never have kids named Jennette and Nathan "

" Never. And we will never make out after thirty "

" Totally! It's too gross! "

" And we will never get old together and have tons of grandchildren "

" Absolutely never " Sam agreed " And, the most important thing, I'll never, ever, ever tell you that I love you "

" Right! And I won't tell you too! " Freddie hastened to say, blushing again " Because I'll never love you! "

" And I'll never love you, too! "

" I mean... I'll never love your smirk. Or your hair. Or the way your eyes shine when you're amused for something... or when you are eating ham. Or the fact I can't lie to you. Or... or our kiss... " Freddie almost sighed dreamily, but the he added with an high voice " I'll never love all this! Never! "

" Sure! And I'll never love your eyes. Or when you talk all techie Or your laugh, mostly when you laugh for something I said. Or the fact you understand more then anyone else. Or... you know... our kiss " she blushed " I'll never love all this! Never and ever! "

" Cool " Freddie smiled " Because I hate you "

Sam couldn't help but smile as well " Hate you too, dork. Hate you too "

You see? Sam and Freddie will never, ever, love each other! XD XD

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